How To AVOID Buying a Replica LV Favorite! Authentication Tips

Published on Jan 18, 2019 118,071 views

Don’t be the victim of a scammer! It’s important to educate yourself on how to authenticate luxury bags before purchasing them on the resale market. I have been teaching myself what to look for and I hope this side by side comparison helps show the important differences between real and fake.



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  • Yas -Man
    Yas -Man 4 месяца назад If you "scaaaryly good" replicas cost only 10% of authentic why even bother buying authentic? It's ok to get scammed by LV for something they produce cheaply?
  • Swan Rivers
    Swan Rivers Неделю назад @Oogle at Luxury Now that I do agree with. If you sell fake bags sell for fake prices, lol. Not 300 and 400 bucks. That's crazy
  • Swan Rivers
    Swan Rivers Неделю назад @Bonnie Exposed When God shoulda bn klyde Nope, that's coated canvas. If you want 100% leather LVs that's $3200 and up.
  • Swan Rivers
    Swan Rivers Неделю назад Way down. never really like them anyway. My husband wanted me to get one so bad when we were in new york a few years ago and I was like uh no. I went right to sax on 5th and bought me a $1300 Christian Louboutin red bottom bag. You cannot replicate that. It's leather on the inside and the outside. I was not paying that much money for an over priced coated canvas bag!!!! That's ridiculous.
  • Jennifer Leigh
    Jennifer Leigh 1 месяц назад @mayralovesyu_ Wanelo. Its an app.
  • Jennifer Leigh
    Jennifer Leigh 1 месяц назад @mayralovesyu_ I have a few videos of my items also
  • Jennifer Leigh
    Jennifer Leigh 1 месяц назад @mayralovesyu_ Wanelo 😘
  • mayralovesyu_
    mayralovesyu_ 1 месяц назад Luxury Loves from where !!
  • Jennifer Leigh
    Jennifer Leigh 1 месяц назад I agree. I just bought a replica and its SPOT ON to the real one. I only paid $23.
  • Oogle at Luxury
    Oogle at Luxury 2 месяца назад I commented this above, but I think that one of the reasons I won't buy a replica is because I don't know what it's made out of. These super fakes cost hundreds of dollars... And for all I know, the chain is made out of lead and the canvas is going to start peeling in a couple weeks. For that amount of money, I'd rather go for a contemporary designer who I can go to if the bag ends up defective.
  • Bonnie Exposed When God shoulda bn klyde
    Bonnie Exposed When God shoulda bn klyde 2 месяца назад @Sarah S wait so they are not 100% leather ? like ythey advertise?
  • Cindy Crawfish
    Cindy Crawfish 3 месяца назад Yas -Man ur so right! People pay for the name brand! Who the hell have the time to look at stitches and all that color and #!! What has people come to? Lol... people on here talking about oh I can tell the difference! Yeah right! U can’t even tell the difference between a sweet potato and yam!! Lol.. like who cares... and yes we’re being scam cause they all go through the same factories... come on people!
  • Yas -Man
    Yas -Man 3 месяца назад @Miranda Leia Sure. But superfakes nowadays are so good that professionals usually can only tell them apart by the font on an inside tag or something irrelevant like that. Why lose sleep about authentic vs not authentic in that case anyways. It's like some sort of idol worship.
  • Miranda Leia
    Miranda Leia 3 месяца назад The problem is when people sell them at LV prices on ebay or something and pass them off as authentic.
  • Lady T
    Lady T 3 месяца назад @Yas -Man thanks for sharing!
  • Yas -Man
    Yas -Man 3 месяца назад @Vils Houton The quality is basically the exact same as you would get in a superfake, but the sheeple will just vehemently defend these mega rich corporations for no money...
  • Vils Houton
    Vils Houton 3 месяца назад LV quality has gone soooo far down...what are we paying the hefty prices for....I agree that the biggest scam of all is them (LV) charging us the same price for a much less quality item.
  • Yas -Man
    Yas -Man 3 месяца назад @Sarah S At a Website called Italic you can buy 4K designer bags without the logo for $250 legally. All this "real" "fake" craze is the biggest scam of all.
  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 3 месяца назад Huh, that's a good point actually. I don't like LV because I think the colors/patterns are ugly, and they are made of mostly PVC canvas that probably costs a few dollars of material.
  • Cithlaly Jaime
    Cithlaly Jaime 1 месяц назад that just goes to show that LV is overpriced bc a replica can “feel” the same and “look” the same. but u bet i still wanna real one 😂
  • Mia Carter
    Mia Carter 2 месяца назад Wow...replica looks better and more expensive than the original. lol
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 1 месяц назад I spot the replica the real is wider.
  • Shirley K Way
    Shirley K Way 1 месяц назад Lol😜.true
  • Silent Essence
    Silent Essence 4 месяца назад Very helpful information! Thanks so much for the fine details. 😉🌸
  • Chloe
    Chloe 4 месяца назад (изменено) Shucks to my eye the replica looks a lot better a little smaller but nicer. At the price of these bags I will settle for a replica with money left over to put in the bag. If I get the real bag there won't have be any money to put into it for a long time so bag would be empty as would my wallet. I am for replicas. Thank you.
  • Maria Abundez
    Maria Abundez 5 дней назад Eliza Stoner Eliza yes I myself as a Bilingual Certification Specialist For the Colorado Department of Health And Environment have also,a very great job along with that my husband is a Neurosurgeon I again don’t bother buying fake goods.
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 6 дней назад If you don't like it ,don't watch . Lol . Calm calm ,lol
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 6 дней назад (изменено) @Maria Abundez correct we are talking luxery . I been watching those people owned a real lv has a money and have a good job . I'm not jealous at them it's their money it's not mine . They work for their money.
  • Maria Abundez
    Maria Abundez 6 дней назад (изменено) Loveless Pesamino WOAH…I want you to STOP in your tracks because unless you know that person in real life you do not have the right to make assumptions. Also, how dare you have the daring audacity to you yourself (a woman ) Call another woman a “Materialistic bitch” that is A. Something adult women do not do because that is not only incredibly rude but also un-class full. You must enjoy to belittle women on the internet. I presume you are either a depressed widow or a pedophile hating on young women. Most of the time I do not sink to such a low level but when necessary I can put someone’s something in place!
  • Maria Abundez
    Maria Abundez 6 дней назад Chloe but what you don’t see is that most people who purchase Louis Vuitton handbags are wealthy and have money to both buy the Bag and put money in the bag.
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 1 месяц назад @Loveless Pesamino it's their choices if they can afford why not . I don't have Lv . Why you call them "B "? what they did to you ?
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 1 месяц назад @Chloe they have money that's why they can afford . It's their choices .
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 1 месяц назад @teresa kramercorrect. I don't have one no way I will buy fake ,what's the point?
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 1 месяц назад @lovely safi correct
  • Loveless Pesamino
    Loveless Pesamino 2 месяца назад (изменено) @teresa kramer you probably one of those materialistic bitches who still live with her parents lmao.Mommy and Daddy pay all your bills
  • Loveless Pesamino
    Loveless Pesamino 2 месяца назад Why buy a 3000 bag?I don't understand these bitches..Are you gon eat it throughout the week lol
  • Oogle at Luxury
    Oogle at Luxury 2 месяца назад I kind of felt the same way! But then I realized that I don't even know what these are made out of! The coating on the canvas could start peeling, the hardware could rust, and inside could be made of cardboard... And the good replicas are pricey - hundreds of dollars. For that money, I'd rather get a coach or Michael Kors bag that I know is made out of quality materials and that I can get serviced/repaired if it ends up being defective!
  • Jacquline Pauley
    Jacquline Pauley 2 месяца назад Yesss so true😃😄
  • Chloe
    Chloe 3 месяца назад @teresa my fake one costs a few dollars to your thousand dollars, looks authentic and I still have money to put in it and wear it well mostly to impress myself. I love that!
  • teresa kramer
    teresa kramer 3 месяца назад If you cant afford a real one why would you buy a fake? To impress others I guess. I would never buy a fake anything! I
  • lovely safi
    lovely safi 3 месяца назад Why would you pay that much money for a fake when you can just get an inexpensive nice looking non luxurious bag
  • momagarner
    momagarner 3 месяца назад (изменено) They won’t last though. There’s a video where the hardware started to turn silver. The authentic last for years.
  • Noreen Perez
    Noreen Perez 2 месяца назад They are going to pick up on the detail ,now that you mention it.🤔
  • Lila Morgan
    Lila Morgan Неделю назад Noreen Perez facts
  • Lorraine
    Lorraine 2 месяца назад its Crazy how Brands get away with charging so much for a bag, im delghted to see a Replica. There Probably made in the same Factory anyway
  • Eliza Stoner Eliza
    Eliza Stoner Eliza 6 дней назад @Jonas Kuo you have a point .
  • Jonas Kuo
    Jonas Kuo Неделю назад No one is forcing you to purchase their bags. Fakes are tacky and are often produced in poor labor conditions. How would you like it if someone copied your creative work? You're just faking yourself.
  • Swan Rivers
    Swan Rivers Неделю назад Pretty much. I'm not paying $1200 for coated canvas, when I get get 100% leather handbags. I think it's been overpriced and it's just the name and that's why it costs so much. So i'd be happy to buy a replica.
  • Luxurynewyorker
    Luxurynewyorker 3 месяца назад Great video 👏🔥💯👍
  • symmetricalastic
    symmetricalastic 5 месяцев назад (изменено) I cannot even afford a LV I’d rather buy ten wallets lol 😂 I bought a guess wallet today for $30 lmao I also have 25 purses but none of them are expensive
  • Yunan Jiang
    Yunan Jiang 3 месяца назад Nothing wrong with that, God bless :)
  • Linag33
    Linag33 3 месяца назад These replicas are really getting so good! It's really scary.
  • Vickie McLeod
    Vickie McLeod 1 месяц назад Your video saved me!! You are spot on! I recently purchased a LV favorite mm listed as authentic on eBay. I was not feeling very good about it because the listing said shipped from NY state but tracking of shipment said Hong Kong😮 I knew immediately after opening it it was fake!! Had all the fake details you spoke about! Date code in wrong place, sewn in upside down, stamped on wrong color leather, code not centered on tab! Measurements of bag were off! Stitching thick, wrong color stitching thread. eBay is standing by their money back guarantee! Yay😃 Thank you😘
  • Mama Beech
    Mama Beech 1 месяц назад So glad you were able to get your money back!!
  • sky dust
    sky dust 4 месяца назад (изменено) I'll tell you what's scary my SA told me 90 percent LV in the preloved market are fake!!! 😮😲 Don't forget the super fakes also have date codes that match!
  • Mom
    Mom 4 месяца назад greensun baked I feel fashion file is guilty of this !!
  • Arnette
    Arnette 4 месяца назад Thank you. Great video! Now I have to check my bags 😊
  • parraga21
    parraga21 2 месяца назад While I realize that your intention for making this video is to educate others about not getting scammed, I have to disagree with your responses to the comments here. Firstly, why should you scold a friend for buying fakes? Isn’t it your friends choice how she spends her money, and why should she be judged for her choices? That’s pretty condescending and if I were that friend I’d be looking for a new circle. Also, If you think you are avoiding support of gangs, trafficking, child labor, etc. by not buying replicas, think again. The electronics in your home are more likely to have contributed to these than a replica bag. Both the people who are buying LV and the ones buying replicas are doing so for the illusion of belonging to an elite group, to a class status. Please do not tell me that it is for the quality, investment, longevity, etc. We feel better about ourselves, we are finding our self worth in carrying a specific brand of bag, others admire it, suddenly we are important. The whole thing is actually so silly, and the minute we start taking it too seriously is the minute we are completely out of touch with reality.
  • BlueSky
    BlueSky 1 месяц назад @parraga Great points you made.