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Taking My BENT $1429 iPad Pro to the Apple Store

Published on Jun 13, 2019 1,299,967 views










Part Two: UNBENDING $1429 iPad Pro with Cinder Block -
MY IPAD PRO WAS BENT SOMEHOW? I decided to take it in for repair at the Apple store. I didn't know what to expect, but I was a little surprised at the outcome. Did your iPad Pro bend? Be sure to let everyone know in the comments down below!

Do you think iPad Pro's are too easily bent? Too flimsy? Take the poll in my video!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my bent iPad Pro fiasco coming soon!

JerryRigEverything iPad Pro Bend Test:

  • ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn
    ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn 1 месяц назад "Was it in a backpack?" Are you supposed to never carry this device with you?
  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 13 часов назад Vincenzo Schifano True, but if the bag gets squashed, sat on or trodden on with other stuff in the bag then there’s a very good chance it’ll bend. My 12.9” is in and out of my back pack more often than a whore’s g string goes up & down and not any bends!! Yes the new iPad is thinner than the previous version however if looked after with proper care like any expensive device should be then it won’t bend. The way people are talking is that it just bends by itself while inside the bag. Sorry I just don’t buy it for one minute.
  • Dave W
    Dave W 19 часов назад “Uh you know typically stronger than normal gravity will know...bend most devices...and uh aluminium cars...uh yeh”
  • scotty morgan
    scotty morgan 21 час назад @South ßeirut Don't you understand it's a rich people thing. But your right it makes him seem like a self entitled asshole.
  • South ßeirut
    South ßeirut 1 день назад The apple employee should have asked him why the f is he wearing sunglasses indoors.
  • scotty morgan
    scotty morgan 2 дня назад @Vincenzo Schifano Vincenzo you fucking idiot to say something that is made out of something like Aluminum to throw in a backpack. You know that is what they made coke cans out of right? It is the most unexpensive and easy to break metals out there. To call it a metal is a fucking joke. Get over your fanboyism kid.
  • scotty morgan
    scotty morgan 2 дня назад @Oof Oof So how does it feel to get fucked in the Ass and monitored where ever you go?
  • scotty morgan
    scotty morgan 2 дня назад @Robert Hernandez You are 1 in 1 billion my freind.
  • scotty morgan
    scotty morgan 2 дня назад @Aric Bolf Keep waiting bro Apple is fucking shit and have been fucking people in the ass since 2000.
  • Joe Storer
    Joe Storer 5 дней назад Yuh
  • Michael K. Jensen
    Michael K. Jensen 6 дней назад @marcelfive1 Its very akward to drive your bike using a briefcase.
  • Acer Pacer
    Acer Pacer Неделю назад Serslystrong bitch
  • Hawthorne Jayne
    Hawthorne Jayne Неделю назад I have seen jerry rig everything’s video and I’m on this guys side like damn. I will never be an Apple person.
  • Mcjuggergamer Kid 2nd edition paul
    Mcjuggergamer Kid 2nd edition paul Неделю назад GizmoSlip, did u have it in a backpack
  • Luke Holland
    Luke Holland Неделю назад Pretty sure he's just trying to see what might have caused it. He could have out it in a full bag causing it to have little to no space which is possible. I never have my laptop or iPad in my bag if my bag is full.
  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C. Неделю назад I have abused my Surface 3 heavily enough that I cracked three tempered screen protectors. Yes, it's thick, heavy, and slow compared to this thing... ... but it also survived a year and a half of not exactly white-glove care from *me*. (My phone needed repairs from getting run over by a *car*)
  • mae gacha xO
  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion Неделю назад 🤣
  • Gg Nbnj
    Gg Nbnj Неделю назад can't even 'not' move(not exist). Linus made some vids on how the most resent iMac mouting holes at back got broken 3 different times when installing the APPLE stand. So i guess they are meant to NOT EXIST. GIVE APPLE MONEY for NON EXISTING EXPENSIVE DEVICES FROM ON.
  • Alexander Rosario
    Alexander Rosario 2 недели назад I know dumb question
  • jb gk
    jb gk 2 недели назад Dumb ass ur not supposed to sit on ur iPad dumb ass! Lol
  • Simon Emeralds
    Simon Emeralds 2 недели назад are u guys really thinking of a possibility making an invulnerable device? so sick of all u frustrated tech nerds!
  • Nighterlev
    Nighterlev 2 недели назад (изменено) @Vxhry Macbook Air built like tanks? LMFAO Oh boy you're so mistaken on that front... If you think Macbook Air's are built like tanks, take a gander in the actual Windows 10 Tank military grade laptops that exist which can survive drops up to 10 feet. Good luck having a macbook survive a 2 feet drop on concrete, much less grass.
  • Tomas Q
    Tomas Q 2 недели назад Steve Jobs envisioned people sitting on their couch in their living rooms using their iPads, kind of the way people were portrayed reading newspapers back in the day. Seems they haven't realized times have changed.
  • Suparichie123
    Suparichie123 2 недели назад Reminds me of when we had a plastic parking clock, which basically MELTED away on the dashboard. We took it to the store and all they told us was "Did you leave it on the dashboard?!". Where else am I supposed to put it lmao
  • Lonnie Meme
    Lonnie Meme 2 недели назад So True 👌🏼
  • chris w
    chris w 2 недели назад I doubt a backpack would be the issue. I throw mine in my gym bag, backpack, and many other places it would have been wrecked if it was that easy. This was obviously an accident the user is not copping to. That said, this is a $1400+ piece of tech. Treat it like one.
  • Shane
    Shane 3 недели назад well if you follow other youtubers that repair devices you will probably heard how great the apple service actually is. Even the authorized repair companies here, are just about as bad. I under stand dumb customers coming in expecting free repairs however this appears to be from using the device. Also take a look at snazzy labs with his mac pro, for the wonderful hackery that goes on with this shit.
  • Jack Lam
    Jack Lam 3 недели назад Can you bend a spoon by just looking at it? Probably what happened to the iPad.
  • Prot Eus
    Prot Eus 3 недели назад he was stowing it wrong
  • Peter W.
    Peter W. 3 недели назад @Oof Oof U sir made the worst trade in the history of trade deals.
  • Ali Hussein
    Ali Hussein 3 недели назад Robin Halligan ok
  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 3 недели назад It happens to that iPad only the iPad Pro previous one would bend but wasn’t as bad again that iPad they cheated out which is why I never boaght it
  • No they’re in Judkins Forsythe-Barron
    No they’re in Judkins Forsythe-Barron 3 недели назад ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn Voice to Casey.
  • protic4
    protic4 3 недели назад No one can see how cool you are with your iPAD if its in your backpack.
  • worr bros
    worr bros 3 недели назад he seid it was 1429 but he bought it for 1428 clickbait lol
  • Hunter Thorpe
    Hunter Thorpe 3 недели назад Jerry Rig did a really good job on this Product
    IMAIN SUPPORT 3 недели назад @J. Claudio J. Landeros wow a product that cant hold its own without a case?
  • Samuelarmas Gaming
    Samuelarmas Gaming 3 недели назад u made me yawn
  • Andrew Keys
    Andrew Keys 3 недели назад ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn id definitely answer, no it was in my pocket.
  • Julije Jelaska
    Julije Jelaska 3 недели назад Why are they PRODUCE A WEAK METAL PRODUCT ANYWAY?
  • Immortal
    Immortal 3 недели назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Michael T
    Michael T 3 недели назад ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn it's commonly known to bend and he backpack is the #1 culprit but it is discraseful that Apple didn't see this in testing!
  • zachJD
    zachJD 3 недели назад I'm sure he was just curious how it bent. I would be, intentional or not lol
  • I agree with you.
    I agree with you. 3 недели назад Ipads do not bend themselves. Clearly some forces were applied. SMH.
  • MajesticAcrid
    MajesticAcrid 3 недели назад @GizmoSlip hey an scammer app called fordeal took your video pretending its thiers
  • Trevor
    Trevor 3 недели назад @Barack Trumpyes it does it isn't an opinion it's just true that it bends man why do people defend a brand I mean wtf kind of sense does it make to defend a company that just wants your money
  • cool pro
    cool pro 4 недели назад @GizmoSlip love your videos
    BATMAN 4 недели назад You really pick my line
  • J. Claudio J. Landeros
    J. Claudio J. Landeros 4 недели назад Andrew L. You need to put it in a case if you sleep with it on your bed. Not just a cover.
  • Lantos Daniel
    Lantos Daniel 4 недели назад That's why I stopped buying over priced apple products. What Samsung had years ago on their products. So innovation died with Steve jobs
  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L. 4 недели назад @J. Claudio J. Landeros nobody cares about you, we care about facts
  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L. 4 недели назад @Serslystrong because iPad do not bend, right? Not even out of the box
  • Barack Trump
    Barack Trump 4 недели назад Mine stays in my backpack, and I'm not easy on it, so no, I does not bend easy.
  • Jogesh Gandi
    Jogesh Gandi 4 недели назад GizmoSlip lkkkjujj
  • Trevor
    Trevor 4 недели назад @Serslystrong that seems false if he fall asleep on it the screen wouldhave been cracked and the bend would have been way worse lol
  • r Negoro
    r Negoro 4 недели назад Well apple's motto, always blame the customer, my product is perfect.
  • Blue Fusion Gaming
    Blue Fusion Gaming 1 месяц назад Not gonna lie New ipads will have this problem because how thin they want it to be with the risk of having a bad frame so its realy worth the especially since they make you pay way more than its actualy worth but now apple is stabing themselves in the back because people are either buying a older apple product or an android which is my choice, and yes i have had a iphone 6s but since these people are nit buying their new products they are losing money so if i were you o would swich to a better company.
  • Hey You
    Hey You 1 месяц назад Bekon241, you can travel with a iPad, you “must” have two people, and your briefcase opened and waiting. When that is completed, both grown adults (preferred) “must” gently pick up the iPad and place it in the hardshell briefcase. Add protection in briefcase, and close. When at a place that conforms to the instructions, repeat in reverse order. See extremely portable.
  • Zupremo
    Zupremo 1 месяц назад Wtf? That's a completely legitimate question because he might have accidentally put force in it. I've had backpacks before like every human being in the world and I broke many things in it accidentally.
  • Liquid Mark
    Liquid Mark 1 месяц назад F you bring in anything with a problem to any manufacturer. They’re going to ask questions and examine the product to make sure YOU didn’t break it.
  • Daniel Kintigh
    Daniel Kintigh 1 месяц назад Well that's what you get for fucking buying an over-priced apple product. Having a hard time feeling bad for people who buy into trends
  • Bekon241
    Bekon241 1 месяц назад (изменено) Yes this is so stupid question ppl use tablet only in room flat desk and if wont trawel with tablet must use android 25$ tablet coz apple 1k$ is so shity... Tablet is mobile device wtf with that shity firm... PS. Aluminum you can unbend in hand coz this work only in point of bend never try unbend aluminium on all surface... I do that meny time coz my pictures is in alu frame... 500$ for 0 dmg poor people...
  • Thats Way Past Cool
    Thats Way Past Cool 1 месяц назад My iPad bend inside of it's box
  • Jimmy Aguilar
    Jimmy Aguilar 1 месяц назад Apple just sucks
  • Gamer Jake
    Gamer Jake 1 месяц назад Lol
  • Teknik Bilgiler
    Teknik Bilgiler 1 месяц назад Tie it like a dog on your hone
  • Finn J. H.
    Finn J. H. 1 месяц назад Mine is bent too. It‘s an 11“, nur Apple didn‘t so anything about it and even canceled it‘s warranty.
  • filthy frank
    filthy frank 1 месяц назад @N1K i had a cheap friggin Lenovo tab and it even fell several times but nothing happened to it.
  • driftartist
    driftartist 1 месяц назад Just gotta buy it and put it up on a wall on display with an iFrame and never touch it as it is more of a status item than a practical use product
  • Evie _Samantha
    Evie _Samantha 1 месяц назад He was just evaluating what could have happened. No need to be a douche.
  • Arvin Ivan Canilang
    Arvin Ivan Canilang 1 месяц назад The costumers adjust lmao
  • Hey You
    Hey You 1 месяц назад marcelfive1 maybe otterbox? Na
  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L. 1 месяц назад you are supposed to frame it and put it against a (flat) wall
  • Hey You
    Hey You 1 месяц назад No, no backpacks, no carrying with one hand, no carrying with two hands, no purses, no sitting on seats, no sitting on coffee/end tables. You can put it in a hard shell briefcase, preferably in a aluminum, or metal material. Surfaces allowed are large desk (not small student types), dining room tables (preferably ones large enough for eight or more people), and on the floor (must have orange cones, with caution tape closing the area off from people, at minimum twenty feet squared). Source:
  • Ghostwalker CIA
    Ghostwalker CIA 1 месяц назад @marcelfive1 Yeah, that happened to my ipad.
  • Pau Gelabert Sachse
    Pau Gelabert Sachse 1 месяц назад Yeah it breaks if you press more than one button at once or if you look at it for more than 10mins straight
  • HisandHers 19
    HisandHers 19 1 месяц назад Yee
  • aaron_lw 123
    aaron_lw 123 1 месяц назад Looking for any excuse
  • Ionstorm
    Ionstorm 1 месяц назад Nope, You're carrying it wrong..
  • Ai Leen
    Ai Leen 1 месяц назад ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn but you also shouldn’t treat it like nothing. If you just put it like that in a backpack with nothing, and runs around and your tablet is without protection, that is your own fault. Not Apple.
  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 1 месяц назад (изменено) Yea. I want one. But my mini lives in a backpack. And I’m not gentle with that bag. Neither are my kids. They walk on it.
  • Bryan Buffinton
    Bryan Buffinton 1 месяц назад Perhaps the question should’ve been “Was it in a backpack with bowling ball?”
  • Askejm
    Askejm 1 месяц назад Apple's response to this would be: you don't put your desktop in your backpack right
  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 1 месяц назад @GizmoSlip You held it wrong, that is the only problem here. ;)
  • Marwan Salameh
    Marwan Salameh 1 месяц назад ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn D.C.
  • Ahmed أحمد
    Ahmed أحمد 1 месяц назад Look at the dude behind at 3:00 what is he doing????
  • Abaddan
    Abaddan 1 месяц назад @Blade VR You act like there's a purpose to ever buy and iPad.
  • Vxhry
    Vxhry 1 месяц назад (изменено) Vincenzo Schifano I just have a regular jansport backpack with nothing except a notebook or two, because I normally take notes on my iPad and use eBooks from Kindle. Which is probably why it doesn’t bend. I agree, I wouldn’t put a huge book next to the iPad since there is a chance it can bend. A $1,000 device shouldn’t bend as easily as the iPad Pro does. My MacBook Air is built like a tank but I guess Apple cares more about how thin the device but not about the integrity of how it’ll hold up.
  • Vincenzo Schifano
    Vincenzo Schifano 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Vxhry it depends on a lot of factors, such as your backpack's design, how much stuff you put in it, how heavy it is etc. The point is a device that cost 1500 bucks, designed to be carried around in a backpack, should NOT bend in any backpack, period.
  • Vxhry
    Vxhry 1 месяц назад (изменено) GizmoSlip I’ve had it in my backpack multiple times and take it to class, it has not once bent. The only protection I use is a gold colored folio. Also, I’ve have the 12.9 inch one and have had it since it came out in October.
  • Flamingo please watch
    Flamingo please watch 1 месяц назад That's true. If you sit on it, it bends. LOL
  • Nerio Zulberti
    Nerio Zulberti 1 месяц назад pat for the owner safety maybe?
  • Nerio Zulberti
    Nerio Zulberti 1 месяц назад You may straighten it with the new 999 bucks iHammer 😉
  • Marauder
    Marauder 1 месяц назад They should make tablets thick but more powerful and durable
  • Marauder
    Marauder 1 месяц назад Nah bro you should store it in a vault
  • tushar suman
    tushar suman 1 месяц назад lmao the guy in the back at 3:00
  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 1 месяц назад Nicholas A Just switched from android 6 months ago and have a jailbroken iPhone 8 Plus and switching from android is the best decision I’ve ever made
  • marksapollo
    marksapollo 1 месяц назад (изменено) If you bent the iPad putting it in your bag that’s your fault and is damn nice of Apple to replace it for you! You also admitted to knowing how weak the new iPad is so again why throw it in your backpack?
  • Donut's World
    Donut's World 1 месяц назад Serslystrong So true, maybe if it was a slight bend I would believe it but that’s a massive bend that just appeared out of nowhere? Bullshit, he probably bent it on purpose for the views honestly
  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez 1 месяц назад Blade VR i keep mine in a backpack and I don’t have an issue whatsoever even when I keep it full of other stuff on a long day, i did however get an LCD crack putting on a screen protector which they replaced for free without AppleCare+. Ive always had the best luck taking my stuff into Apple and getting it replaced if there’s any sort of issue even without AppleCare plus. I would have approached this situation differently than the content creator here, i got my iPhone 6 replaced without issue out of warranty. IMO not having a solid story and not going into further detail explaining what your daily usage is and how this is apples fault was your downfall. You relied on bringing up Jerry Rig everything but what’s that to some random apple store employee, with more solid reasoning you could have convinced that employee it was on the company not user, i know this because I’ve done this many times, I’m clumsy as hell. :)
  • Felix Gabriel_
    Felix Gabriel_ 1 месяц назад LOL TRUE
  • Phone Shop
    Phone Shop 1 месяц назад @Oof Oof scrApple is SHIT .. ppl are only blinded with nice design dat's what scrApple had to do when microsoft saved them.. fool naive fools in the world an ddey succeeded and carry on fooling and fools buying it ..
  • Nicholas A
    Nicholas A 1 месяц назад Aric Bolf just stop buying apple they keep getting worse
  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 1 месяц назад (изменено) Phone Shop Has a major flaw and still moves more units than any android tablet that’s how you know Apple makes good products
  • Phone Shop
    Phone Shop 1 месяц назад @Oof Oof rig everything explained it best.. SHIT
  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 1 месяц назад He was asking that because it’s the most common way the iPad bends. He wasn’t saying don’t put it in a backpack fandroid
  • Phone Shop
    Phone Shop 1 месяц назад they will find any excuse ppl must stop buying their products..
  • marcelfive1
    marcelfive1 1 месяц назад I wouldn't call a backpack a suitable bag to carry an 11 inch flat thin/fragile device. If you put it next to a heavy book that is smaller then stretch the bag to put it on your back, it will put pressure on the i pad and bend it. Plus people throw backpacks around all the time without thinking about it. If it was in a briefcase, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have bent like that! People do not treat their devices properly. On top of that reviews say how fragile the i pad is, so if you buy it, that's on you LOOK AFTER IT!
  • marcelfive1
    marcelfive1 1 месяц назад @Blade VR clearly it should be kept in a pelican case for protection :-)
  • Joseph Shamon
    Joseph Shamon 1 месяц назад yeah it is totally legit the ipads bends on them selfs it’s magic he probably dropped the backpack and doesn’t want to admit it 😒
  • pat
    pat 1 месяц назад Yes, iPads should stay in the box and never be taken out for their own safety.
  • Aric Bolf
    Aric Bolf 1 месяц назад My first gen iPad Pro is a strong beast and i have a strong keyboard/cover on it. I have had it in my backpack hundreds of times. I wouldn’t even consider it a possibility that moving it around would cause it to bend. Considering that, there is NO WAY IN HELL i would buy the current iPad Pro. What a flimsy POS. Hopefully the next generation next year will be good again. If not, I’ll have to wait for one 2 years after that.
  • VintageToiletsRock
    VintageToiletsRock 1 месяц назад You're carrying it wrong. -Apple
  • Othmane Mahir
    Othmane Mahir 1 месяц назад Lol because they consider the iPad as a laptop Oh wait u can carry laptops
  • MARK 1
    MARK 1 1 месяц назад No it never happens
  • Dylan Law
    Dylan Law 1 месяц назад Don't be silly. You put it in your pocket
  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia 1 месяц назад Probing question, asshole. Just need to know. Sorry to try and make conversation with you. You all suck when a company is trying to be helpful
    DARK THOR 1 месяц назад try this lol
  • Malik Haidar
    Malik Haidar 1 месяц назад Maybe you should never buy it at all...
  • J. Claudio J. Landeros
    J. Claudio J. Landeros 1 месяц назад I never had an issue with my ipad. That case seems to suck.
  • ApexMike
    ApexMike 1 месяц назад @joo baggs Actually, he says it right there, it wasn't holding it that bent it, it was LOOKING at it! Maybe it wouldn't have bent if it had been and afternoon viewing, as opposed to when he just got up? These iPads are so sensitive that they can sense one's mood and bend accordingly.
  • Serslystrong
    Serslystrong 1 месяц назад (изменено) ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn , his fat ass fell asleep on it. Typical lying customer coming up with bullshit.
  • Robin Halligan
    Robin Halligan 1 месяц назад Well you should read the warranty, which basically says “Along with the standard computer warranty agreement which said that if the machine 1) didn't work, 2) didn't do what the expensive advertisement said, 3) electrocuted the immediate neighbourhood, 4) and in fact failed entirely to be inside the expensive box when you opened it, this was expressly, absolutely, implicitly and in no event the fault or responsibility of the manufacturer, that the purchaser should consider himself lucky to be allowed to give his money to the manufacturer, and that any attempt to treat what had just been paid for as the purchaser's own property would result in the attentions of serious men with menacing briefcases and very thin watches.” Terry Pratchett.
  • Blade VR
    Blade VR 1 месяц назад it's so true because a tablet is meant to be a PORTABLE computer with no keyboard. but yet the iPad can't stand a backpack, this literally defeats the purpose of having an iPad.
  • joo baggs
    joo baggs 1 месяц назад nope he was holding it wrong so it bent!
  • This Is on yt
    This Is on yt 1 месяц назад Yes
  • GizmoSlip
    GizmoSlip 1 месяц назад Lol! So true!
  • James Welbes
    James Welbes Неделю назад "I woke up and my iPad was bent" ha ok you sound like my kids 🤣🤣🤣
  • South ßeirut
    South ßeirut 1 день назад @SpikedKillz _OG Cause you bent it.
  • James
    James 1 день назад 6:20 no shit they're calling you a liar you obviously ARE
  • James
    James 1 день назад @Omar Salah things dont just bend on their own LOL
  • Veshraine Games
    Veshraine Games 2 дня назад Doesn’t tell you he was sleeping on it.
  • joshua lucido
    joshua lucido 3 дня назад SpikedKillz _OG i like the part his mom called timmy a little shit 😂
  • James Welbes
    James Welbes 4 дня назад Yeah things don't just randomly bend
  • T Nelson
    T Nelson 5 дней назад He probably sat on it or fell asleep using it and woke up.
  • SpikedKillz _OG
    SpikedKillz _OG 5 дней назад Omar Salah no joke same my iPad Pro is bent
  • Omar Salah
    Omar Salah 6 дней назад I believe him because I got the same problem without doing anything wrong
  • SpikedKillz _OG
    SpikedKillz _OG 6 дней назад (изменено) Timmy: Mommy my iPad is bent Mom: tf you do to it you little shit Timmy: I woke up in it was like that Mom: * SLAP THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF TIMMY* Timmy funeral Dad: how he die😭😢 Mom: idk I found him like that
  • Amped273
    Amped273 6 дней назад James Welbes you sound like me dad😂
  • Billy Buttlord
    Billy Buttlord 6 дней назад James Welbes lol
  • chris w
    chris w 3 недели назад tip: sunglasses on while indoors reduces your believability. Significantly.
  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 13 часов назад I agree, it hides the tell tail signs your lying through your ass. Not even paper will just bend by itself unless it gets damp then it’ll go curly. More likely the bag got squashed some how or after having seeing the goon on YouTube bending his iPad, he thought he’d see how much force was needed to bend it, guess what, putting a reasonable amount of force on it’ll bend, but never just by itself. The excuse was just so lame.
  • Michael Ogstrup Andersen
    Michael Ogstrup Andersen 1 день назад PC principal begs to differ
  • XxDatManDontexX
    XxDatManDontexX 6 дней назад prone lol I wish I couldn’t agree with you bro
  • prone
    prone Неделю назад I’m sure the pickle rick shirt doesn’t help much either
  • coolkidex
    coolkidex Неделю назад If you're a jaded walmart or apple store employee maybe.
  • rilie weese
    rilie weese Неделю назад 2:59 nobody wants to talk about the dude in the background acting like his taking a selfie
  • JSquadNation
    JSquadNation 14 часов назад 😭😭😭😭 yo I saw it too!!!!
  • Matt Tadesse
    Matt Tadesse 15 часов назад 😂
  • lolguy adam
    lolguy adam 3 дня назад He probably just smoked crack
  • CJ Kraze
    CJ Kraze 6 дней назад If you look up skyviewray on YouTube that’s who the black dude in the back looks like
  • CJ Kraze
    CJ Kraze 6 дней назад I was just literally about to comment about that lol😂
  • TrOpIc Thunder
    TrOpIc Thunder 6 дней назад I literally came to the comment section just to say that lmao
  • zaftra
    zaftra 6 дней назад I was about to comment.
  • KungBoss YT
    KungBoss YT Неделю назад Ily no homo ur amazing
  • Joseph Cooper
    Joseph Cooper Неделю назад thank you for that.... seriously
  • Nova Clan
    Nova Clan 4 дня назад Guy who has Tesla: 1 hour parking My mom who has a 2007 Honda: 2 hours just in case
  • Coco 11000
    Coco 11000 14 часов назад Also he can just pay it with his phone
  • Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
    Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso 1 месяц назад Oh, sorry... Did you use your iPad? That's probably why it bent...🤔
  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 13 часов назад Marchito Alcantara correct
  • David M.L.
    David M.L. 2 недели назад Samsung should ask how to make foldable decives to Apple
  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 2 недели назад @Adrian Oz., Apple newton predates that.
  • Marchito Alcantara
    Marchito Alcantara 3 недели назад @Hayden Paolinelli eh apple is ok the prices suck
  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 3 недели назад Yeah I’m sorry sir, this product is only for showing people you own something expensive, we do NOT intend this to be used, picked up or carried.
  • Mr Fanboy
    Mr Fanboy 3 недели назад Lol
  • Alex Jaeger
    Alex Jaeger 3 недели назад The new Apple u bend iPad
  • Team insane
    Team insane 3 недели назад 😂😂😂
  • Papangkorn Apinyanon
    Papangkorn Apinyanon 3 недели назад lmfao im dead haha
  • I agree with you.
    I agree with you. 3 недели назад I have the 12.9 and the 11. This is user error.
  • M S
    M S 4 недели назад (изменено) Actually apple confirmed it that they come out the box like this and is perfectly normal
  • Adrian Oz.
    Adrian Oz. 4 недели назад @PRIME RIB Actually, Microsoft Tablet PC was the first, so, Apple didn't invent the tablet
  • StiKz
    StiKz 4 недели назад sorry sir we cant help you with that...your fault :D
    PRIME RIB 4 недели назад damn you poor stop hating on apple the invented he tablet
  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 4 недели назад Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso you’d think people would realize it’s a billion dollar company for a reason
  • Richie Dren
    Richie Dren 1 месяц назад So its not supposed to be used
  • Xxcrystal kitttyxX
    Xxcrystal kitttyxX 1 месяц назад @no brah 🍪chill out take this cookie
  • bill Niko
    bill Niko 1 месяц назад Ha ha ha LOL
  • Galva Tron
    Galva Tron 1 месяц назад this is why I bought the 2017 ipad pro fro 550 dollar
  • Hayden Paolinelli
    Hayden Paolinelli 1 месяц назад Lol apple sucks
  • no brah
    no brah 1 месяц назад Stroking your ego
  • Xxcrystal kitttyxX
    Xxcrystal kitttyxX 1 месяц назад Here is a mirror SAY IT AGAIN
  • Sinister Senpai
    Sinister Senpai 1 месяц назад 😂
  • Terddy Birddy13
    Terddy Birddy13 1 месяц назад Omg best comment yet 😂😂
  • Pixel Puppy
    Pixel Puppy 2 недели назад this whole conversation sounded a lot like a doctor's appointment...
  • Og Bbq
    Og Bbq 1 день назад Pixel Puppy hellllllllllllll yea
  • Bryan
    Bryan 5 дней назад BS lol. "I woke up and it was bent... I did nothing to it"
  • Sam Osborne -Reefing.evo13.5
    Sam Osborne -Reefing.evo13.5 3 дня назад Well obviously you did something to bend it, it won’t just bend over time😂😂
  • icymeow
    icymeow 8 часов назад @Steve 127 - Once again. Watch JerryRigEverything. He applies pressure and it instantly cracks without much effort at all. What's the point of making a powerful device if it's so fragile? You can't tell me they couldn't have included more metal in the back to make it more structurally sound - it doesn't have to be thick to be strong.
  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 13 часов назад icymeow You are kidding right? I accept that Apple and some other phone manufacturers deliberately slowed devices down with the latest updates at the time but making a device deliberately bendable by reducing its structural integrity would be like shooting their own foot off. It’s people that crave for the biggest bezel less screen and the thinnest device possible. If these iPad were bending with minimal force or even just by looking at them, then no one would buy them. I pre ordered my 12.9” pro to be amongst the first to get one and yes mine gets carried around in my back pack but not even the slightest bend/.
  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 13 часов назад icymeow Why the hostile language bro? You could have made your point without the expletives. I’m quite sure you have a much wider vocabulary than that?
  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 13 часов назад ajbreezy11 Any thin device will bend given sufficient force. Nether mine or several work colleagues have managed to Ben their iPad.
  • icymeow
    icymeow 1 день назад @Sam Osborne -Reefing.evo13.5 - It's not about softening. When things heat up, the particles vibrate on a molecular level, making the structure less sturdy. Yes, it's not fire so it won't melt, but because it's so thin, it is enough to make it bend very slightly, and over a period of time this would accumulate.
  • icymeow
    icymeow 1 день назад @Alex G - All I meant (and this really wasn't hard to interpret) is that Apple recently made a pocket sized product which barely has any structural integrity. It breaks with one simple bend. So how can they argue that something as wide and thin as the new iPad Pro shouldn't be bending unless you step on it? My theory is that they purposely made it extremely easy to bend, to force people to pay for a replacement, bumping up the price of the product by either $499 or $49 depending on whether you have Apple care.
  • Alex G
    Alex G 1 день назад I think the point here is that the build quality of the newer iPad is disappointingly, not as sturdy. iPads, generally, are more breakable due to their size, as any tablet might be. Especially compared to the previous generations of the iPad and iPad Pros, the new iPad is a lot more malleable due to Apple wanting to cut down on weight and thickness. Agreed, you really shouldn’t compare an iPad to an iPod/pocket sized product in terms of damage and how much the devices can withstand, but the newer iPad still has that significant downside to it.
  • icymeow
    icymeow 1 день назад @James - That's why I included the NEW iPod you dumb fuck.
  • James
    James 1 день назад @icymeow "Yes it's not as big as a tablet" thats exactly the issue with your comparison dude
  • Sam Osborne -Reefing.evo13.5
    Sam Osborne -Reefing.evo13.5 1 день назад I not enough to soften aluminium even a bit
  • I
    I 2 дня назад Heat can make it bend over time and electrical devices can produce a lot of heat.
  • icymeow
    icymeow 2 дня назад Watch JerryRigEverything's video on the S10+. Yes it's not as big as a tablet, but he tried to bend it very forcefully and it wouldn't break. He also tried it with the new iPod which is way smaller than a tablet and the screen broke immediately.
  • ajbreezy11
    ajbreezy11 3 дня назад Sam Osborne -Reefing.evo13.5 Even if he did "something" to bend it, it shouldn’t be bending in the first place. 😂😂
  • Koborzán Róbert
    Koborzán Róbert 2 недели назад Tesla + ipad, and worries about parking ticket!
    MAGA MAGF 3 дня назад why would you not worry about it?
  • Isik A.
    Isik A. Неделю назад Tickets go on your record idiot
  • Elijah Brownell
    Elijah Brownell Неделю назад Tickets go on your record so .....
  • King D - Mind
    King D - Mind Неделю назад True Lmao
  • Kiing milli
    Kiing milli Неделю назад Who wants to give money to the city for free ?
  • Alex Robles
    Alex Robles Неделю назад Koborzán Róbert that’s how you stay rich
  • Adam Fatah
    Adam Fatah 2 недели назад How to make sure your Apple products don't break: Don't buy them
  • stamisme my other account
    stamisme my other account 3 дня назад Chaos OR COULD GET A FUCKIN IPAD AIR OR MINI
  • Dank Lxrd
    Dank Lxrd 5 дней назад @Simon Emeralds broo apple is shit, Huawei is 20 times better its cheap yea, but if I buy that Ipad in the video I can buy 5 phones and I have a Huawei for 2 years now and it has no problems so 5x2= 10 yers worth of phones soo stfu IPhone is like gucci you can only flex because u have money I have friend who loved IPhone soo hes IPhone 7 plus broke by just a small fall it just fell out of bed that's it and now he bought a Samsung for 300 euros and he loves it he said fuck IPhone and all my homie with IPhone say the same that Huawei is better the ther shitty IPhone they just bought it because they like the looks, soo don't talk trash if u have a trash phone like IPhone
  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza 6 дней назад How are they yours then?Bad joke
  • theRtardHouse
    theRtardHouse 6 дней назад @Simon Emeralds No honest tech lover would say "Apple is on another level" Apple is cheap shit with a hype beast price tag.
  • Tom Toma
    Tom Toma Неделю назад @Simon Emeralds yeah that's why a fucking stand cost 1,000 $
  • Tom Toma
    Tom Toma Неделю назад @Larry Hernandez or mabey apple is just an expensive piece of shit company
  • Haha haha
    Haha haha Неделю назад Might as well throw my ipad
  • Haha
    Haha Неделю назад Weird that the newer ones bending. I'll stay with my 2017 ipad pro 9.7 lol
  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry Hernandez Неделю назад Dam... People here who can’t afford 😂
  • Simon Emeralds
    Simon Emeralds Неделю назад David M.L. buy cheap, buy twice!
  • Kiing milli
    Kiing milli Неделю назад Gamer Caleb you’re a damn lie... apple has never been bad...
  • David M.L.
    David M.L. 2 недели назад @Simon Emeralds another level of scam me I will like products if they are not over priced bc what is that of buying a pen for 150 dollars?
  • Simon Emeralds
    Simon Emeralds 2 недели назад David M.L. nope have both and also two samsung devices...its just trash produced with ressource killing factories...i need every device for my job so i use a lot of android and ios is just another level
  • David M.L.
    David M.L. 2 недели назад @Simon Emeralds they are not made from plastic you are confused with Apple expensive trash
  • Simon Emeralds
    Simon Emeralds 2 недели назад David M.L. plastic crap
  • David M.L.
    David M.L. 2 недели назад @Simon Emeralds huawei products are cheap but still being better than apple
  • Mexximus
    Mexximus 2 недели назад 100% Apple sucks ass
  • Marwan Ghoneim
    Marwan Ghoneim 2 недели назад shut the fck up
  • Simon Emeralds
    Simon Emeralds 2 недели назад Adam Fatah or you could just stop treat ing them like your cheap huawei products...
  • Gacha Layla3481
    Gacha Layla3481 2 недели назад @Gamer Caleb phew atleast I bought tab s4 I got worried
  • Gamer Caleb
    Gamer Caleb 2 недели назад Apple has ALWAYS been bad lol
  • Chaos
    Chaos 2 недели назад and why would anyone pay that much for a tablet in the first place... might as well buy a new laptop.
  • *Rubi-Playz*
    *Rubi-Playz* 2 недели назад (изменено) 3:00 just look at the dude in the back lol 😂 couldn’t stop laughing! Edit: WTF OMG SOOO MANY LIKES!!! 😮😲😮😲 thanks soooo much 💖
  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming Неделю назад Quality content
  • Baconstriiper
    Baconstriiper Неделю назад Made my day lol
  • *Rubi-Playz*
    *Rubi-Playz* Неделю назад Thanks <3
  • Wyatt Matkin
    Wyatt Matkin Неделю назад @*Rubi-Playz* Rubi your vids are awesome keep it up!
  • *Rubi-Playz*
    *Rubi-Playz* Неделю назад Ha yeah
  • Ezra Redgwell
    Ezra Redgwell Неделю назад Ikr lmao
  • evilmarius
    evilmarius 4 дня назад "They are calling me liar" .. no man.. you're just so naif that you can believe people will believe that bent's been occurred by itself. god these youtubers..
  • James
    James 1 день назад yeah this guys video just popped up on my recommended, and my god is he obnoxious. "theyre calling me a liar" NO SHIT DUDE! YOU ARE!
  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion Неделю назад (изменено) Down to $49 not bad but if you already paid for Apple Care it should be a free replacement
  • RadarDash
    RadarDash 1 день назад Applecare is intentionally cheap so that it is enticing to the customer for security purposes and the fees are relatively fair priced for a $1300 unit.
  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 1 месяц назад 2:59 that guy in the background lol
  • jaswant singh
    jaswant singh 2 недели назад Hha
  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 2 недели назад Mr.E 😂
  • The Ranger
    The Ranger 3 недели назад He was thrilled by the development going on there.. a bent ipad pro at the care..
  • mikes gt
    mikes gt 3 недели назад Retarded?
  • Tuấn z800
    Tuấn z800 3 недели назад That black nigga
  • danilo pesic
    danilo pesic 3 недели назад Etf he bugged
  • 123 Game_s
    123 Game_s 3 недели назад I wonder what he’s on
  • RAY NL
    RAY NL 3 недели назад He looks like his brain had not enough oxygen in the womb.
  • TheRulleskoejten
    TheRulleskoejten 3 недели назад Mr.E what a niggah!!!
  • Supercars of Lancashire
    Supercars of Lancashire 3 недели назад I was like WHATT
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    Nightmare [WR] 3 недели назад 1900 like
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    Kimo Hanif 3 недели назад Kevin Hart
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    Ace 3 недели назад DENİZ DORA KARAKAŞ only on the web would your bitch ass run your mouth like this.
  • Ace
    Ace 3 недели назад John Doe and you, dumbass dumbassing. Freakshow!
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    DerMax_HD 3 недели назад hahaahahhahah
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    Evade_Padamleen 3 недели назад Jaswinder Bansal teri bhen chood
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    Armando Mateo 1 месяц назад What’s more bent, that guy in the background, or the iPad?
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    DENİZ DORA KARAKAŞ 1 месяц назад That nigga surprised af.
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    John Doe 1 месяц назад Hood rat hood ratting.
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    Estonianrebel 1 месяц назад Hahaha, what the fuck :D :D
  • Lomares_ 73
    Lomares_ 73 1 месяц назад Mine is bent as well
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    Giancarlo Rodriguez 1 месяц назад just came to the comments for that
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  • Martin Bremermann
    Martin Bremermann 3 дня назад 4 commercials? Guess for the new tint on your Tesla.
  • austin baker
    austin baker 2 недели назад "The total 1428" title says "$1429" clickbaited
  • jmh4ggg
    jmh4ggg 6 минут назад @Sky Ann more like $100...
  • ZuperXFlow
    ZuperXFlow Неделю назад sunny_ menu ikr
  • sunny_ menu
    sunny_ menu 2 недели назад (изменено) Can nobody tell that he is joking
  • Sky Ann
    Sky Ann 2 недели назад FYI everyone saying taxes, for an expensive item like that, it would be over 200 dollars maybe even over 300 dollars in taxes
  • SimpleMations AJ
    SimpleMations AJ 2 недели назад Taxes have you ever heard of that
  • Fred583
    Fred583 2 недели назад Taxes screw you
  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C. Неделю назад (изменено) "What's going on with your iPad?" "It's bent." "Oh, I can see that..." No disrespect, but I can't help but feel like JerryRigEverything called this one. Lew from UnboxTherapy talked about it too.
  • Chad Jackson
    Chad Jackson Неделю назад 12 minutes and calling out your yawns... dude that's not even that long when waiting for service
  • Cody
    Cody 2 дня назад @icymeow Especially when he shows up 10 minutes late....
  • icymeow
    icymeow 2 дня назад Yeah. That really made him seem arrogant and obnoxious. Counting his yawns because he waited a couple of minutes? Doing it loudly and obnoxiously so that someone will "finally" serve him?
  • Thi Henry
    Thi Henry 1 месяц назад It not bending a foldable ipad. This guy is from the future.
  • Sasuke
    Sasuke 2 недели назад They've been trying to make foldable phones sibce iphone 6 came out
  • Tuấn z800
    Tuấn z800 3 недели назад What sub Arkham knight!?
    JONATHAN BANSHABAT 1 месяц назад Zainjal26 tf wrong with you u fucking racist piece of shit
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    Zokersghost 1 месяц назад Nimesh Shrestha can you smelly Indian ass even afford an iPad.?
  • Don’t Drug Kids
    Don’t Drug Kids 1 месяц назад Remember when Samsung came out with the flip ? Apple did say this “Apple: hold my beer”
  • Spicycaleb2017 O
    Spicycaleb2017 O 1 месяц назад Lmfao
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    Leander Herman 1 месяц назад It's the Ipad fold the future Ipad 😆
  • 赵家明
    赵家明 1 месяц назад @Shah Rezza more like a iBad Pro
  • Shah Rezza
    Shah Rezza 1 месяц назад its not an iPad, its an iBend from future
  • waisem the crab
    waisem the crab 1 месяц назад Thi Henry lol
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    Nimesh Shrestha 1 месяц назад @Apple Unboxed try it ,it does that's an hidden feature of iPad 😂😂
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    It's All Kamen Rider 1 месяц назад @Apple Unboxed Vsauce music starts to play
  • Apple Unboxed
    Apple Unboxed 1 месяц назад It looks the same as mine tho... mine doesn’t bend... or does it?
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    that's ok 1 месяц назад lol
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