I thought I'd share a Holiday House Tour with you all to wrap up my holiday series. I've really enjoyed sharing my holiday preparations with you and look forward to doing it again next year. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and wish you a happy new year! Thank you for being the best subscribers on YouTube!

Halloween House Tour - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqDuAR...

Thanksgiving House Tour - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGBnXX...

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  • Graytchel26 Music&Me
    Graytchel26 Music&Me 3 года назад Watched this several times since the very 1st day Jen posted it. Still watching it every time the Christmas season is approaching to get some ideas:)
  • CarolinaGirl76
    CarolinaGirl76 2 года назад I love going back and watching all of your older videos like this. Every year I go back and watch all of your holiday videos. They always get me in the spirit, and get me excited about decorating:-) They also give me Disney fever however....can't wait to go back to Disney for the Holidays!
  • Beth Edwards
    Beth Edwards 4 года назад i love the winnie the pooh & piglet. i love tigger best - he's my fav! ( :
  • mary granger
    mary granger 4 года назад Hi. OMG you have a beautiful home,you are truly blessed with a loving husband and family. You decorate for the holidays beautifully and your china ware is fantastic. I would love a home like your s . Anyway I wish you love,luck and happiness and most of all health.
  • Linda Curtis
    Linda Curtis 2 года назад Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.
  • Genoveva Martinez
    Genoveva Martinez 2 года назад I made your video get the 1K lol.
  • gatergurl22 courtney
    gatergurl22 courtney 2 года назад stunning, looks beautiful and comfy and so christmasy great job
  • craftywabbit
    craftywabbit 3 года назад wow...fabulous...!!! love it all esp that Disney tree :) getting inspired to get my decorations up... xo
  • Genine Cook
    Genine Cook 3 года назад Even though this video is older, I enjoyed it so much!  You are truly blessed :)
  • Pisces Networld
    Pisces Networld 5 лет назад Very lovely home Jen.. Thank you for sharing with us
  • carol hodson
    carol hodson 4 года назад Beautiful so pretty your house is so big.
  • Tristan I
    Tristan I 4 года назад <3
  • SharonLismanBaxter12
    SharonLismanBaxter12 3 года назад Hi Jennifer, im Sharon. Im new to watching all these videos of hauls, and decorating for holidays.. I love your holiday decorating!!! You have so many wonderful ideas!!! So hugs from Texas!! Bye Bye
  • HappilyOrganizedChaos
    HappilyOrganizedChaos 5 лет назад I know this post is old but I need to know your paint colors for the living room and dining room! Thanks :)
  • AylinsCandyLand
    AylinsCandyLand 5 лет назад Woww amazing <3
  • Yvonne Johnson
    Yvonne Johnson 5 лет назад There nothing wrong with being like a kid
  • Roof Spencer
    Roof Spencer 5 лет назад 3 months
  • Tori_Machan16
    Tori_Machan16 5 лет назад I love your ginger bread house SO AMAZING
  • sarah movie reviewer
    sarah movie reviewer 5 лет назад how did you do the lables ?
  • sarah movie reviewer
    sarah movie reviewer 5 лет назад Please do your holliday movie collecton