How To Tuck and Tie Your Shirts

Published on Aug 21, 2017 1,475,213 views




Sharing a few easy ways to tuck and tie your shirts. Enjoy!

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  • Amrit Puri
    Amrit Puri Год назад This is so perfect, but wished you also showed how to tuck an oversized chunky sweater which I haven’t been able to keep in for long, because it is so big and heavy they keep popping out. :/ thanks x
  • Miao Nny
    Miao Nny 11 месяцев назад Amrit Puri use hair band or pins to secure it
    URSTANDINGONMYTOES Год назад Seriously, the best "how to tuck" video I've seen...THANK YOU! Rolling the extra fabric was the step I was missing, you just upped my tucking game! :)
  • Marjolaine Daudrumez
    Marjolaine Daudrumez 7 месяцев назад hanphil cho lol
  • hanphil cho
    hanphil cho 7 месяцев назад Marjolaine Daudrumez as an hater im not going to be trash about it
  • hanphil cho
    hanphil cho 7 месяцев назад @Marjolaine Daudrumez guess what your right
  • Marjolaine Daudrumez
    Marjolaine Daudrumez 7 месяцев назад hanphil cho you don’t like the look?
  • hanphil cho
    hanphil cho 8 месяцев назад No thank no tuck and sock there the worst
  • Shoua Yang
    Shoua Yang 8 месяцев назад I was missing the part where it has be be tight in the center. No wonder my tucked shirts always looked so sloppy and bulky.
  • hanphil cho
    hanphil cho 9 месяцев назад ewww
  • Kristan LeAnne
    Kristan LeAnne Год назад URSTANDINGONMYTOES I actually enjoyed it..
  • K P
    K P Год назад Can you make a video on how to wear belts with different style/rise jeans? I also think with tucked in shirts a belt worn with jeans looks much better
  • Suzanne Eriksen
    Suzanne Eriksen Год назад I did not know there was a trick to the tuck. Thank you. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow.👌🏻😊
  • hanphil cho
    hanphil cho 7 месяцев назад Tie shirt kinda necessary well I did not know tuck is necessary
  • 飯田正
    飯田正 Год назад dear mor
  • Adriana Torres
    Adriana Torres Год назад Omg yes 😍 I’m never wearing these shirts the same again! I always try tucking them but I love the first idea so much.
  • Estella Mobley
    Estella Mobley Год назад Girl where have you been. This was some seriously much needed info. Thx
  • Ging C
    Ging C Год назад (изменено) Awesome video and tips! Thanks so much! Off to stock up on clear hair ties now. 🤣
  • Carolina Azevedo
    Carolina Azevedo Год назад So good! I honestly didn't know how to tick or tie in an attractive /fashionable way so that really helps!
  • Samanta Ardon
    Samanta Ardon Год назад You've helped me figure out exactly what to do with extra fabric! Thank You Laura! Super helpful! loved it!
  • Leetal Tusia
    Leetal Tusia Год назад I would love to see a friendship question and answer video with Alexandra!
  • Susan Austin
    Susan Austin 2 месяца назад Thnxyou so much, you have explained this so well 🙏😍
  • Vivian Zegarra
    Vivian Zegarra 3 месяца назад Wow, your video was very helpful for me, thank you.
  • SamShade100
    SamShade100 Год назад New subbie! Thanks for the tutorial, the proper shirt tuck is a science! Total unrelated, but where did you get the tiered Purfume display?
  • Laura Beverlin
    Laura Beverlin Год назад SamShade100 I got it from Homegoods!!
  • Malu Guatelara
    Malu Guatelara 1 месяц назад Everything you did was BRILLIANT👌👌👌
  • Amanda Gonzales
    Amanda Gonzales Год назад love this! you make front tucking look so effortless
  • Laura Beverlin
    Laura Beverlin Год назад Thank you so much! Once you know how to do it, it's super easy!! I hope you found it helpful. xo
  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie Год назад Not even joking I was trying to tuck an oxford shirt into jeans and have it look cute Today. And messing w it forever. Such great tips. New subscriber and you have great style. Thx
  • Andrea HK
    Andrea HK Год назад Thank you!! The video is very helpful :)
  • Laura Beverlin
    Laura Beverlin Год назад I'm SO glad you found it helpful! Thanks so much for watching! xo
  • diab1580
    diab1580 Год назад I follow a lot of bloggers on instagram, you're my favorite!! Love your style!
  • Laura Beverlin
    Laura Beverlin Год назад Thank so much!! You are the sweetest!! Stay tuned for lots more videos!! xo
  • Helen Victoria
    Helen Victoria Год назад Awesome...appreciate the tips! 💕
  • Annie Lamoureux
    Annie Lamoureux Год назад just subscribed. great tutorial! I wondered how your tops always look so perfect!! :) Thank you!