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Published on Feb 25, 2012 175,209 views

The treatment of stains on natural leather is not easy. Cleaning and leather care instruction.

More information: https://www.colourlock.com/tip/misc/w....

  • Herbie Shapiro
    Herbie Shapiro 4 года назад Weird music... Great stain removal!
  • Jordan Sheppherd
    Jordan Sheppherd 4 года назад Wow.  These before and afters are amazing.  I have an old Louis Vuitton bag that could use some of this on the straps.  I'll check your website out.  Thank you for posting!
  • Jackie wilson
    Jackie wilson 4 года назад Hi thanks for your reply im from México i have little vintage coach bag and it has water marks i'll send you an e mail :) thanks again
  • Hanny Djajaputera
    Hanny Djajaputera 3 года назад Wow amazing... I will e-mail you soon :-) thank you so much for very kind respond.
  • Brian Adam P
    Brian Adam P 4 года назад I desperately need one of your product, but I guess you don't deliver it to the Asia Pacific area?
    LEDERZENTRUM 4 года назад @Brian Adam Pratama Hi, Asia Pacific is not a squaremeter on this planet :-) Where are you from? Please send photos of your leather problem to info@lederzentrum.de. We will have a look if our products can help and if we can ship the medicine :-) Have a nice weekend. Jörg
  • Guille Zelaya
    Guille Zelaya 4 года назад Hi :) after seeing your tutorial I feel like I have hope. I have a purse with some water stains but I would like if you could give me some advise, I'll send you some pics. Thank you ;)
  • Guille Zelaya
    Guille Zelaya 4 года назад @lederzentrum Hi ;) I just send you an email hopefully you are able to open this time the attachment, thanks again :)
    LEDERZENTRUM 4 года назад Dear Guille, the attached .dat-files of your email couldn't be opened and all answers came back. There is something wrong with your email address in the email. Please send again and attach jpg-files and please let us know an email address which can be answered. Sorry for that, but we tried to help.
  • Aeonbreak
    Aeonbreak 4 года назад Whats the name of that little product? Can I find it in the US?
    LEDERZENTRUM 4 года назад @Aeoncraft Please ask www.colourlock.it if they can provide you with it. It's called Leather Fixativ.
  • Kevin Escobar
    Kevin Escobar Год назад that is a gorgeous chair!
  • si h
    si h Год назад This clearly does NOT remove stains but instead darkens the rest of the leather to match and blend in with the stain. How can you 'remove' water marks and keep the original color ?
    LEDERZENTRUM Год назад It works the way like shown in the video and there is no "clearly does NOT work". The product is very inexpensive. We don't live from it! In case you have water marks, always contact a specialist firt to find out if in your case the product might work. We solved a lot of customer problems that way and some couldn`t be saved. There is never an easy solution for porous leather! Experience is very important. Herer are the partners to ask: https://www.lederzentrum.de/international.html
  • Lark
    Lark 3 года назад looks like someone had a little period action on the leather chair..blood is very hard to remove once set in!
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 года назад @Lyric WasHere We get about five requests a year with blood stains on leather for many reasons and about 10 times more with watermarks. We get thousands of requests a year with leather damages. However, 90% of the requests come from Germany, as we are a German company. Traditions with leather items are very different on the world. In Germany, about 30% have leather couches and many cars do have leather seats. But not open pore leather in the cars. Open pore leather is more typical on furniture (about 10% in Germany of the leather furniture) and shoes, garments and handbags.
  • Lark
    Lark 3 года назад lols i was only kidding about the period action but it did look like blood because of the pattern and where it was at. most people don't spill things on the chair where their butt would be unless it fell off a table or something next to it and landed on the chair.
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 года назад @Lyric WasHere Blood nearly never can be cleaned like this. Best is to let blood dry when open pore leather and to stretch the leather. Sometimes this removes most of the visibility. But never use hot water. This fixes blood and no removal without colouration is possible.
  • Marissa Pous
    Marissa Pous 4 года назад I have stained open pored italian leather shoes that my mom brought me from Italy, would you happen to know of any products I can get online (that are shipped to México), I haven't been able to find anything useful in México, the shoes are stained by water. Thank you
    LEDERZENTRUM 4 года назад @Marissa Pous Hola, necesito fotos del problema para ver, si tengo solución. jr@lederzentrum.de. Saludos de Alemania de un Aleman, quien vivió en Buenos Aires :-)
  • raulalbertoruelas
    raulalbertoruelas 4 года назад I have a 2006 ford f150 king ranch and it has sweat stains form the previous owner will your product work on my seats? im in San Antonio, Texas
    LEDERZENTRUM 4 года назад @raulalbertoruelas Please send good photos of the damage to info@colourlock.it. They will check and send products to the USA.
  • D L
    D L 2 года назад Hi, can it remove mold stains on Hermès Barénia leather? Thank you in advance
    LEDERZENTRUM 2 года назад I`m not optimistic. Mould is mostly inside the surface. But send photos to info@colourlock.com with information, what already has ben tried.
  • Justin Bloomer
    Justin Bloomer 3 года назад Can't find it in the US either..
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 года назад +Venus Cardoza Please send an email to info@colourlock.com. Send a good photo of the problem. Complete bag and details. Please also send were you come from.
  • Venus Cardoza
    Venus Cardoza 3 года назад +lederzentrum I have louis vuitton will it remove the water stain on the vachetta?
  • Justin Bloomer
    Justin Bloomer 3 года назад @lederzentrum email sent
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 года назад @Justin Bloomer Try to order at www.colourlock.net. If you want to be sure before, if the stain you have is removable, send an email with the photo. Not every stain can be removed this way. It must be a water mark on completely open pore leather.
  • Sean _
    Sean _ 3 месяца назад Will this work on top grain aniline stains?
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 месяца назад It is depending from case to case. Please send photos to your dealer: https://www.lederzentrum.de/international.html#partner
  • Double R Channel
    Double R Channel Год назад Hi, I am from Singapore. Where can I get this product in Asia?
    LEDERZENTRUM Год назад Please send photos of your leather damage to info@colourlock.com and we will check if we can provide you with products.
  • Martha Drozario
    Martha Drozario 3 года назад HI.... Can I use the product on my Louis Vuitton vachetta leather? Please advice. Thanks.
  • amazing amie
    amazing amie 4 месяца назад i came here for the louis vuitton questions ;) and answers!
  • Arenita.LB
    Arenita.LB Год назад Hello there, did you get those water marks off? I'll be getting a pre loved bag soon and would really appreciate your feedback.
    LEDERZENTRUM Год назад Were do you come from? http://www.lederzentrum.de/international.html are our partners. Send a photo of the problem and we will see what can be done.
  • Radar Luv
    Radar Luv Год назад same here. I am getting one that has water spots and would like to know as well
  • Gaylene Sanchez
    Gaylene Sanchez Год назад (изменено) Martha Drozario Hi did you ever get an answer on the Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather, I am getting a Louis Vuitton Babylone tote and it has a few water stains and I was just trying to find out different ways to even the Vachetta out! Looks like it may work........ Please Let me know if you ever found out! Thank you!!
    DIANE WRIGHT Год назад I found the produce on Amazon.com.
    LEDERZENTRUM 2 года назад Were do you come from? http://www.lederzentrum.de/international.html are our partners. Send a photo of the problem and we will see what can be done.
  • Coleen Cho Jensen
    Coleen Cho Jensen 2 года назад Hello, I also have a Louis Vuitton that I would like you to look at to see if I should use your product and how I can order.
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 года назад In some cases yes. Were are you from? I could tell you who to send photos to have a look if this treatment can saver your leather.
  • Jackie wilson
    Jackie wilson 4 года назад Hi can i clean a vintage leather coach purse with your products? My bag has water marks
    LEDERZENTRUM 4 года назад Dear Jackie, some questions: Where are you from? Can you email photos to jr@lederzentrum.de to see how the damage looks like? Best regards, Jörg 
  • Paloma Carvalho
    Paloma Carvalho 3 года назад Hi, i had pen ink stain on my car's beige leather seat. To remove it, I rubbed alcohol. But I probably rubbed it too hard and made a stain on the seat. Does that work to remove the alcohol stain?
  • Paloma Carvalho
    Paloma Carvalho 3 года назад Thanks for your reply. I sent you the email
    LEDERZENTRUM 3 года назад +Paloma Carvalho Bon dia Paloma, no, this product wont solve this problem. Where do you come from? Please send photos of the problem to jr@lederzentrum.de. I expect you will need Leather Fresh (colouration) to solve the probelm. Cumprimentos da Alemanha, Jörg Rausch
  • Berthenia Fuentes
    Berthenia Fuentes 10 месяцев назад Does anyone know how to get rain spots out of a leather jacket?
    LEDERZENTRUM 6 месяцев назад Depending on the country you come from. We can only help, were we are present: https://www.lederzentrum.de/international.html#partner
  • Meme B
    Meme B 6 месяцев назад LEDERZENTRUM , what’s your email do I can send pictures of my LV bags with water spots?
    LEDERZENTRUM 10 месяцев назад Please check who can help you and send photos of the problem. Ther are so many different types of leather and therefore not one answer what could be done.