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  • Woke
    Woke 2 года назад I wear sunglasses to block all my haters , indoors and outdoors 😎😎
  • Jordan Valentine
    Jordan Valentine 2 года назад Woke preach!!!
  • theGadgetLab
    theGadgetLab 2 года назад Hahaha! Get you some!
  • Victor calabrese
    Victor calabrese Год назад whos the douche
  • Børn Å Legend
    Børn Å Legend Год назад Woke Real niqqa! 💯
  • George Espinoza
    George Espinoza Год назад That actually means that you're all íntimidated by your haters. You're weak.
  • theGadgetLab
    theGadgetLab Год назад George Espinoza Or, you can just take the humor of the comment and not take things so seriously. Happy Friday!
  • Breven Jackson
    Breven Jackson Год назад Woke .
  • J Carson
    J Carson Год назад Obviously you're the one who is a hater. So sick of pretentious people like you. Take your glasses off and smile at everyone around you, and I guaranteed they'll smile back!!
  • Nexelity 2.0
    Nexelity 2.0 Год назад J Carson It's a joke
  • bilel temnik
    bilel temnik Год назад to block the wind and dust from hitting your eyes
  • david M
    david M Год назад theGadgetLab fact
  • Lemii King
    Lemii King Год назад and you're become the hater
  • ashish mathur
    ashish mathur Год назад Lemii King nice English
  • Dewey AI
    Dewey AI Год назад Woke lol
  • mogbaba
    mogbaba Год назад Does also Sun hate you?
  • J La
    J La Год назад Try a beautiful clean simple smile to shine away the hate inside them.
  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar Год назад may be u hate yourself too
  • SLYTECK187
    SLYTECK187 Год назад I do it to cover my dilated pupils or when my eyes are red af.
  • Abilez Yturriaga
    Abilez Yturriaga Год назад haha, love it
  • Dyl Connaway
    Dyl Connaway Год назад Or to hide your insecurity-
  • Nigga Sock
    Nigga Sock Год назад Woke its 2017 lets dab on the haters where all the birdmanners
  • jesse clarke
    jesse clarke Год назад +George Espinoza That means he doesn't care about his haters because he's blocked them out, Why do you care so much? You must be one of them he blocks out.
  • jesse clarke
    jesse clarke Год назад +J Carson The world isn't friendly you don't just smile at random people, Why'd you care so much it's his life..
  • kirisutegomen12
    kirisutegomen12 3 месяца назад I'm the type of zuniga who watches these videos and goes to work wearing a t shirt and sneakers lmao
  • El Tigre
    El Tigre 2 месяца назад Exactly.
  • Dark Inquisitor
    Dark Inquisitor Год назад Real men don't wear anything, they cover themselves with manly chest hair.
  • noel demeulenaere
    noel demeulenaere Год назад barechest is the best , or only with a thank-top
  • M.K.V.productions
    M.K.V.productions Год назад noel demeulenaere ye dey don't wear anything.. but still it's UN stylish
  • noel demeulenaere
    noel demeulenaere Год назад M.K.V.productions yes bit nakend is well healthy must not accepted nu conservative people sure in usa
  • Muhammad Faizan
    Muhammad Faizan Год назад Dark Inquisitor agree
  • Scooter mcgee
    Scooter mcgee Год назад i only wear a leaf
  • Dragan Dangubić
    Dragan Dangubić Год назад Nice video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered - Lammywalness His Happiness Guide (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind guide for understanding what men really want without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate at last got excellent success with it.
  • CaptainCheetah
    CaptainCheetah Год назад thats barbaric
  • Rosy A.
    Rosy A. Год назад Dark Inquisitor don't get it.
  • Rosy A.
    Rosy A. Год назад Nah y'all he is right papichulo, knows his game👍👏
  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan Год назад Dark Inquisitor 300th lykk
  • Ludwig von Falkenhausen
    Ludwig von Falkenhausen 11 месяцев назад There is always a troll looking to be fed...
  • Joshua Rivers
    Joshua Rivers 7 месяцев назад Shiid shave that stinking caveman shit.
  • Goh Gene
    Goh Gene 7 месяцев назад That's gross
  • Benedict Umeunegbu
    Benedict Umeunegbu 6 месяцев назад 😅😅😅😅
  • GdayGnight !
    GdayGnight ! 3 месяца назад I prefer clothes
  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 1 час назад Scooter mcgee haha
  • Andrew Keener
    Andrew Keener 3 дня назад I wear a watch as a part of my everyday attire. Who knows when my phone's battery will die. So, I find that wearing a watch to be quite helpful.
  • Sebu T
    Sebu T Год назад We do the "muffin top" because we don't have a skinny waist like yourself so we employ visual trickery to make it seem like the extra weight is due to the incorrect tuck
  • Troll Handsome
    Troll Handsome Год назад Sebu T ok cool
  • Ivan M
    Ivan M Год назад Sebu T Have you thought about going to the gym on a regular basis?
  • LeoTooDope
    LeoTooDope Год назад Ivan M Not the point.
  • Joshua Cashen
    Joshua Cashen Год назад Get Extra Slim Fit.
  • Saraswati Limbu
    Saraswati Limbu Год назад Sebu T asmma
  • Call me V
    Call me V Год назад Wow that was oddly honest of you lol
  • Action Jackson!
    Action Jackson! 8 месяцев назад But it makes you look sloppy, regardless of your physique.
  • Thanos
    Thanos 5 месяцев назад Or just start living a healthy lifestyle and cut the weight off.
  • Jason Do
    Jason Do 4 месяца назад Relatable but it’ll only makes us look awk just lets loose weight together
  • kirisutegomen12
    kirisutegomen12 3 месяца назад There's nothing wrong with having some extra weight. Y'all are fucking dumb
  • Jeff
    Jeff 1 месяц назад @Jason Do learn how to spell before correcting others lifestyles.
  • Jason Do
    Jason Do 1 месяц назад @Jeff first of all, it was a typo, it was my mistake, thank you for telling. secondary, i'm not correcting others lifestyles, just giving some advice because i'm also an overweight boy, and man having a big belly is hard to wear the style that we want, so the best option is losing weight. As you can see, i did write "us" instead of "u", i'm trying to motivate overweight people also myself, don't need to be rude, live well.
  • Foberowsky
    Foberowsky Год назад (изменено) If you have no money, then yo can forget it all
  • heliguy73
    heliguy73 7 месяцев назад If you not gay forget it all,guys don't care
  • Leah M
    Leah M 2 года назад Am I the only girl who watches these videos? 😂😂
  • Usecriticalthinking
    Usecriticalthinking 2 года назад Why though ?
  • D. Batuhan Kurtçu
    D. Batuhan Kurtçu Год назад Know your enemy. LOL.
  • PunjabiKudiUK
    PunjabiKudiUK Год назад Lol so am I and I'm a girl 😂
  • Sara 123
    Sara 123 Год назад I'm a woman n I'm watching this video to suggest my husband some styles😂😁
  • Margaux
    Margaux Год назад leahdabomb isawsome no lol
  • sarai alvarez
    sarai alvarez Год назад I watch them to help my man look better 😂
  • Terrible Tanner
    Terrible Tanner Год назад Lol, that poor bloke. More nagging for the poor lad.
  • Ram Ram
    Ram Ram Год назад u might b looking this video to improve dressing sense of ur boyfrn or hubby... right?? 😂😂
  • YuNeedmaName4 stillAsking
    YuNeedmaName4 stillAsking Год назад leahdabomb isawsome im also a girl... really looooooov him
  • Amit Kr Das
    Amit Kr Das Год назад (изменено) are you asking her...if she's single....?? @rashaeshyam Hareram
  • Ina Tarau
    Ina Tarau Год назад No
  • Chantal Martell
    Chantal Martell Год назад leahdabomb isawsome I watch to help my husband style-wise...plus this guy is easy on the eyes! 😉
  • Simeon Black
    Simeon Black Год назад Thats Attractive AF
  • pats cookie
    pats cookie Год назад girl I'm here! can you recommend a channel like this for women?
  • Anam Noor Khan
    Anam Noor Khan Год назад Taleah M no...
  • Gautham sevar
    Gautham sevar Год назад Just doing it RIGHT
  • Shreya Simhadri
    Shreya Simhadri Год назад Taleah M NO I DO TOO
  • Mohammed Irfan
    Mohammed Irfan Год назад faleah M I'm also watching thz 😅😉😀
  • Alex A.
    Alex A. Год назад Nope, I watch em too, men really need to know how to dress like this. So much goody.
  • Rashmi Dubey
    Rashmi Dubey Год назад hahhahahahh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • amir afroz
    amir afroz Год назад Taleah M how old are u?
  • INTIZAR Mehdi
    INTIZAR Mehdi Год назад gud
  • Queen Amour
    Queen Amour Год назад Taleah M noppppeee
  • *ᎽᎪmᏒᎪᎪj*
    *ᎽᎪmᏒᎪᎪj* Год назад haha 😂😂😂😂trying something new
  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar Год назад 😆😆😆
  • rehman raja
    rehman raja Год назад Taleah M very good Taleah
    ABDUL QAYYUM Год назад nyc joke
  • yuri ahn
    yuri ahn Год назад Taleah M Mee lol
  • feroz khan
    feroz khan Год назад Ohh really
  • TàLhâ Khàñ
    TàLhâ Khàñ Год назад Taleah M
    NARENDER CHAUHAN Год назад Taleah M nj
  • Videos for u !
    Videos for u ! Год назад Taleah M hi
  • Paul Albert
    Paul Albert Год назад Probably not. The important thing is that you share this with your friends.
  • HaSaN FH
    HaSaN FH Год назад Taleah M 😆😂😂😂😂
  • julijakeit
    julijakeit Год назад watching this for the sake of my hubby.
  • jnr 24
    jnr 24 Год назад hahahahahah21
  • whatever I do
    whatever I do Год назад Taleah M Nope..Here's another one!
  • Subhash Soni
    Subhash Soni Год назад Taleah M i think you are looking for a new boyfrend...😂😅😆
  • mantosh singh fitness
    mantosh singh fitness Год назад me too
  • Shahnaz Mansori
    Shahnaz Mansori Год назад Taleah M ur no only one...woh what this video. ..
  • awais akrama ansari
    awais akrama ansari Год назад Shahnaz Mansori nice
  • abubakar salim
    abubakar salim Год назад Taleah M so pretty
  • abubakar salim
    abubakar salim Год назад pepe the haye symbol you too
  • abubakar salim
    abubakar salim Год назад pepe the haye symbol fuck off
  • Kachow Dmitriy
    Kachow Dmitriy Год назад You can tell what men look good
  • Mustafa Hussein
    Mustafa Hussein Год назад Taleah M that just means you are a woman of good taste :-D
  • Jiawei Fan
    Jiawei Fan Год назад Lol
  • Nilda Sugar47
    Nilda Sugar47 Год назад Taleah M Nahh I'm a girl too
  • Shivani Mhatre
    Shivani Mhatre Год назад (изменено) I m 19 n watching for my bf 😉who else? 
  • Chinnu Shaik
    Chinnu Shaik Год назад Taleah M , me too, I always wear jeans and shirts
  • Molly333
    Molly333 Год назад +Chinnu Shaik I never wear skirts or dresses and I will never do it again... maybe not even on my wedding 😂
  • Chinnu Shaik
    Chinnu Shaik Год назад Index , r u girl or boy
  • Samantha P
    Samantha P Год назад I am watching!
  • Whyfucking Not
    Whyfucking Not Год назад Ayyyee me too
  • Mr1sammyd21
    Mr1sammyd21 Год назад Quit treating your men like little boys.
  • 11kwright
    11kwright Год назад Taleah M He does look a bit yummy!
  • marcia adriana
    marcia adriana Год назад Taleah M Eu também! 🙋🎽
    MOHIT BEDI Год назад Taleah M i did
  • Raghu Nandan
    Raghu Nandan Год назад Taleah M hee
    ABHI VAMPERS Год назад Taleah M fuck u
  • 11kwright
    11kwright Год назад abhi bajracharya No one cares for your stereotypical male opinion from those stereotypical countries. Feeling hatred just cos women express themselves freely. You have nothing to offer the opposite sex other than misery. You are unhappiness to all women that cross your path. Your poor wife or wife to be - just a slave to inhuman person like you isn't it.
  • Whyfucking Not
    Whyfucking Not Год назад 11kwright I think you might be taking shit a bit too personally let's chill a bit cuz it's just not worth it
  • waloacme
    waloacme Год назад You should be practicing your cooking...
  • Chinnu Shaik
    Chinnu Shaik Год назад waloacme you do your work not others
  • 11kwright
    11kwright Год назад Aadhil Feizal Go back to fucking yourself (with your hand) and hating on women cos you are easily emasculated in their presence and the only way you can feel masculine is to be all puney testosterone. A real woman with fire would walk all over you - piece of I don't know what you are! Get in line at the bottom of male masculinity. They didn't notice you when when masculinity evolved in men. What are you any way?!!
  • Aadhil Feizal
    Aadhil Feizal Год назад +11kwright i'd rather eat a bowl of alphabet soup and will shit better arguement than this. Fuck off with your creepy feminism. Stop vomitting feminism and go make a sanwich bitch
  • Monika L
    Monika L Год назад Taleah M find me a female version of his channel. I love him 😀😉
  • referral madness
    referral madness Год назад Areyanna Leek what tips do you get from this
  • referral madness
    referral madness Год назад Monika Hernik there are loads if channels like this for women, hell society itself is even so obsessed with teach women how to better their appearance
  • Robin Wu
    Robin Wu 11 месяцев назад Leah M i
  • Celine Olaisen
    Celine Olaisen 9 месяцев назад Gurl, me too
  • Muhammad Imran
    Muhammad Imran 8 месяцев назад Thank
  • susian iotil
    susian iotil 8 месяцев назад I'm also female but like watching this
  • Madalyn 323
    Madalyn 323 8 месяцев назад I am here becouse I dress like a butch lesbian, partly becouse I am butch lesbian.
  • Ganesan P
    Ganesan P 8 месяцев назад Hi
  • Ganesan P
    Ganesan P 8 месяцев назад Poddi
  • mohamud said
    mohamud said 8 месяцев назад 😂😂
  • Talha Saleem
    Talha Saleem 8 месяцев назад https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycDjQLyUyzw
    MANJOT KAUR 7 месяцев назад Leah M lol no
  • Arleth !
    Arleth ! 7 месяцев назад Leah M I do too! 🤣
  • Daniel Gomez Drill
    Daniel Gomez Drill 5 месяцев назад Leah M no I don’t think so😂
  • Deb Murray
    Deb Murray 5 месяцев назад I love it
  • Dhruv Jat
    Dhruv Jat 4 месяца назад Why?
  • Foot Long
    Foot Long 4 месяца назад Leah M Watch these so you know what to look for in a guy.
  • Nasoro Amisi
    Nasoro Amisi 4 месяца назад Can I get your phone number please
  • Angela /AngieGirl Stoner
    Angela /AngieGirl Stoner 4 месяца назад *Leah M. Nope u'r not the only girl who watches these videos, i'm here too 👀💅💗👔👞👗👒👚👖🌸🦀🐚🌺🐊🐿🐾🐠🐢🐩🐒🐎👙📿💄👠👛🎩💍lol.. Always seeking the Best in Life from every angle.. ''Knowledge is power & having power is accomplishment in the highest.. U can Never know too much. I enjoyed subscribed & hit the bell i want more of what u got i'm dig'n ur vibe.. Found this link in another life hacks video now i need to go give proper recognition to the commenter that added ur video link.. Sweet..
  • Rajveer Singh
    Rajveer Singh 4 месяца назад Or maybe 745 others
  • Jatin Mulagund
    Jatin Mulagund 4 месяца назад sarai alvarez marry me
  • Leah McGregor
    Leah McGregor 3 месяца назад What are the fucking odds
  • Exclusive Enraged Shaan
    Exclusive Enraged Shaan 5 дней назад Great...😑😑
  • Sourabh Soni
    Sourabh Soni 1 день назад @Sara 123 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • Adam B
    Adam B 3 месяца назад 2:21 it looks like it's cutting off the circulation!
  • Mayank Dey
    Mayank Dey 1 день назад This is awesome,brother!! Very very working tips for me. Hope you will grow more and more!! Thank you.
  • Big Bud Wiley
    Big Bud Wiley Год назад Good tips, wearing a watch is something you forget about when using your phone for the time
  • Olav Sanchez
    Olav Sanchez Год назад I almost always use my watch. The only times I check the time on my phone is when I'm out working and not wearing my watch
  • Henry Agassi
    Henry Agassi Год назад I never forget my wristwatch. I always take it off and place it with my wallet so that I will not forget it when stepping out. But honestly for me most times is more for style rather than time, because I use my phone most of the times for time lol
  • LukeAnthony Tillman
    LukeAnthony Tillman Год назад Kid Wiley I'm personally not a watch guy, so I don't wear them. although I like his tips tho.
  • Lavy Aisha
    Lavy Aisha Год назад trust me, if all of you "seek" to get good attention from females, i swear........ watches are very attractive and we don't care if you guys wear it every single day. just make sure it's cleaned
  • Henry Agassi
    Henry Agassi Год назад Lavy Aisha I love my watches but my favorite brand at the moment is the brand “police” Very clean and attractive, although very expensive to replace the straps because the brand is U.K.
  • Pragmatic Approach
    Pragmatic Approach Год назад My co-worker wears an out-of-battery wristwatch everyday! I ask him why you have do it - he said for beautiful. I talk to myself: Is it worth wasting time doing thing that you don't like to impress the other?
  • Warehousewale
    Warehousewale Год назад Ok
  • Gk Subramannnyam
    Gk Subramannnyam Год назад Kid Wiley
  • shashank rawat
    shashank rawat Год назад Kid Wiley 6uliu
  • Aditya Mudgal
    Aditya Mudgal Год назад https://youtu.be/4bPrM3WLoXE
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  • April paredes Paredes
    April paredes Paredes 10 месяцев назад Lavy Aisha 00pm
  • Chef Weakley
    Chef Weakley 9 месяцев назад damn I’m guilty
  • Karl Rovey
    Karl Rovey 8 месяцев назад I pretty much always wear a watch. The exception was when I worked in a kitchen. Hygiene rules prohibited watches (even though a watch would have been useful).
  • anish jangid
    anish jangid Год назад I'm good in my thug life
  • Ночь
    Ночь Год назад anish jangid Same
  • Troll Handsome
    Troll Handsome Год назад Stfu 9yr old
  • Marshall Amador
    Marshall Amador Год назад Yeah cuz 50 cent never wore a suit right
  • Diggz11
    Diggz11 6 месяцев назад Bro, you seen my hair after I've been wearing a hat? That shit stays on lol
  • Aarav Verma
    Aarav Verma 1 месяц назад This video was uploaded on my birthday Thnxxxx big broo 💗💗💗💗💪💪💪💪
  • Indian Footz
    Indian Footz 4 недели назад Good advice...keep it up brooo .....please making more videos 😜👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍
  • David Martinez
    David Martinez Год назад Like the Video! Great content, Practical tips! Just would work on your voice or delivery? Idk just a suggestion
  • Sudhirsingh
    Sudhirsingh Год назад longest watch commercial ever!
  • Raghavendra Ameen
    Raghavendra Ameen Год назад s chandar cc
  • Raghavendra Ameen
    Raghavendra Ameen Год назад s chandar
  • Val Beaumont
    Val Beaumont Год назад Watches are just fashion accessories nowadays with people's faces buried into celphone screens practically all day.
  • Mah Hooi
    Mah Hooi Год назад Val Beaumont j
  • Dv no
    Dv no Год назад I dont mind a long commercial, placed in a cool way on top of some actually GOOD content. Not like many other channels. The tips he gave were actually usefull
  • Chidore Chidore
    Chidore Chidore Год назад I usually skip in the video.
  • Sudhirsingh
    Sudhirsingh Год назад +Oside Sharky ikr! this guy is the biggest Jose-shaped dildo, right here..
  • Nelson Nong
    Nelson Nong Год назад s chandar lol
  • Milo Hajek
    Milo Hajek Год назад Seriously, many of the "Tips" just seemed forced, almost made up, to just sneak in that promo for vincero, i will be impressed if i get a response to my questions
  • Mwl Sama
    Mwl Sama Год назад hey sub on my channel... i sub on yours in turn... like and comment on one of my video
  • Mwl Sama
    Mwl Sama Год назад sure... sub on my channel i sub on yours too
  • Mwl Sama
    Mwl Sama Год назад sub on my chennel then i wll sub on yours too
  • minimal sounds
    minimal sounds Год назад video is stolen from Real Men Real Style and full of ads GG
  • Akash Topder
    Akash Topder Год назад So tell me which tip he gave is forced in this video?
  • Shravan kumar Shahjit
    Shravan kumar Shahjit Год назад He is just advertising vincera watch
  • Krishna 100
    Krishna 100 Год назад s chandar
  • I'm gonna eat you
    I'm gonna eat you Год назад Sudhirsingh I was the 666 like oh damm
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  • Bharath G
    Bharath G 10 месяцев назад Have you seen alpha m videos?
  • Alejandro Barberis
    Alejandro Barberis 7 месяцев назад and they are not even that good...
  • mackhomie6
    mackhomie6 1 месяц назад I have almost never noticed or considered any of these... and I'd have a hard time relating to a guy who did
  • Kavone
    Kavone Год назад I love your elegance style. Thanks for tips about shirt
  • Agatha Ling
    Agatha Ling Год назад DAMN! You look so fresh in your insta pics! These are great tips... forwards to husband
  • Rahul Solanki
    Rahul Solanki Год назад Congresssssss for 8.7 M view And thanks
  • Sven
    Sven 2 года назад Can you do a vid on how to stop being too nice?
  • Cesar Arcaya
    Cesar Arcaya 2 года назад Sven say "NO"more often. you can be assertive and confident while being nice. Remember being nice and letting people take advantage of you ARE NOT THE SAME
  • Jordan Sargo
    Jordan Sargo 2 года назад Cesar Arcaya couldn't of said it better
  • Sven
    Sven 2 года назад Cesar Arcaya well, my main problem regarding being too nice is that i'm a people pleaser. I feel like i need to be nice in order to keep friends. I guess in my case it's a form of insecurity.
  • Slim ps
    Slim ps 2 года назад Sven Well, odd question. I've always had a rebel inside of me, so I have a "natural" talent in being mean. But I don't think you want to be mean, you just want to be normal, am I right? So you say that you are way too nice, which isn't really a bad thing, I mean, I wish I could be nice too. But if you want to avoid being too nice, be cautious. Still have your manners and still pick things up for people whenever you can to maintain a good impression, but limit the compliments you give to people and limit how much you help people. Again, still help people and be nice to them, but limit yourself. Try to see what normal people are doing and just follow their lead.
  • Teddy/DarkMugiwara
    Teddy/DarkMugiwara 2 года назад Sven You know, to be very honest with you, I don't think it's a bad thing to be too nice. It's just that our society today has shown us that people have a tendency to abuse nice people's kindness and niceness. As a result, you have to control how nice you are. I'm working on that everyday. For now, I would suggest simply focusing on being a good, respectable human being. It will get you far.
  • Teddy/DarkMugiwara
    Teddy/DarkMugiwara 2 года назад Cesar Arcaya Preach it brother!!!
  • jay fawn
    jay fawn 2 года назад DarkMugiwara I think he's referring to jose being too perfectionist
  • Devvv
    Devvv 2 года назад its okay to be nice as long as you do it for yourself, like being nice to others makes you respect yourself. so imo, change your intentions. It would be bad to try to be less nice if you feel like shit about yourself because of it
  • Marcus De Villiers
    Marcus De Villiers 2 года назад Sven nothing wrong with being too nice. im a really nice guy. i just draw the line and respect that. Someone talks to me inappropriately. Be straight. hey i didnt like the way you spoke to me earlier i hope it doesnt happen again. someone ask u to do something u don't want to or will inconvenience you alot just tell them im sorry i cant do that. thats it. stand up for yourself bro dont worry about people. people suck. you rock.
  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 года назад Bro, yes. Story of my life
  • Christiaan Vonk
    Christiaan Vonk 2 года назад Read the book "how to be a 3% man" by Corey Wayne
  • Mateja Ercic
    Mateja Ercic 2 года назад Sven yesssssss
  • T McDonald
    T McDonald Год назад #1 rule don't treat her like a friend. Be exciting not plain and boring. If you can't do that you need to be exposed to the dirty part of life abit more
  • Robert Chavez
    Robert Chavez Год назад You are correct. It is a form of insecurity, and others can sense it as well. Rather than coming off as rude, when you are assertive you show others that you consider your input valuable even if it doesn't jive with the people around you. You'd be surprised how often others start seeing things your way if you interject with a differing opinion. On the same token, when you compliment or show appreciation for others, people will find it more genuine if they know you are not afraid to say things they might not always want to hear. Again, this can be done without being a rude jerk.
  • Olli
    Olli Год назад Be more specific: what is "too nice" and what kind of problems does it cause for you? Address those problems specifically, don't misattribute them to some generalisation of "too-niceness" that misses the point. It's always nice to be nice, and it's not un-nice to set polite but firm limits (to what extra work you can pick up, for example).
  • gagongflip389
    gagongflip389 Год назад if your nice because thats just how you are and she can't appreciate then she is not worth your time. you can be nice, just act uninterested and just act normally treat her like she is just common folk not like a goddess and she will fall for you. that's for the long haul though, but if you want to get laid fast you are going to have to step up your game. if your nice because she turned you into a slave, a butler, maid, a labor workforce like China because your naive enough to tell the difference well you're an idiot, a sucker and you deserve to be played. hope everything works out for you man.
  • Adedotun Krypton
    Adedotun Krypton Год назад Sven never stop being nice to people you don't know how far your kindness may take you . Instead keep fewer friends who appreciate and value you as a person
  • Zac Grimaldo
    Zac Grimaldo Год назад Read Give and Take by Adam Grant, where he proves that nice guys don't finish last. Don't confuse being a giver or taker with being agreeable or disagreeable. If you are an agreeable person and want to just please others, AND a giver, one who wants help others succeed and you give too much, then you become the pushover and everyone takes advantage of you. Learn to be disagreeable, analyze things and say no. And you become tougher on the outside, but you have other's best interest at heart. It may not be your first nature, but it can be your second nature. ~Adam Grant
  • Alfredo Barragan 502
    Alfredo Barragan 502 4 месяца назад Eat eggs