8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

Published on May 14, 2018 9,674,194 views

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    Chavman Rush 2 месяца назад I am a police officer and I’ve had to wear shirt stays for about 2 years now and I will say they are a life changer!
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    Chavman Rush 5 дней назад Gilbert Hobbies what I was implying is even with gear on and how many times I get in and out of a car it helps my shirt stay in.
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    Mass Murda 413 47 1 месяц назад (изменено) Plot twist: Video sponsored by : “Shirt Stay” Edit: Thanks for 20 likes! Most I’ve ever had on a comment :) 4/22/19
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    Che Simmons Неделю назад "Shirt Stays" or Shirt Garters have been around forever. I remember when I was in Basic Training they recommended we get some to have a streamlined look when wearing our Class B uniform.
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