droidcon NYC 2017 - Reactive, Clean Architecture and Android Architecture Components..

Published on Oct 31, 2017 8,609 views

Reactive, Clean Architecture and Android Architecture Components, a solid formula for a MVVM based architecture.

Lucia Payo, N26

Reactive development that links long-lived objects with pure functions is hot for good reason. Clean architecture helps with the separation of concerns making our code unit testable and separated from the framework. The recently released Android Architecture Components, and more specifically, the LiveData and ViewModel, make it easy to connect to the framework. If we mix this three and add some sparks of Dagger on top we get a solid formula for a Model-View-ViewModel based architecture. The talk starts with a reminder of the characteristics any good architecture should have. This characteristics include: testability, separation of concerns, modularity, among some other good practices. The next step is to cover the three layers from clean architecture: - Data: This is the layer that keeps the entities. We’ll show how to create a fully reactive data layer that serves the entities in streams. - Domain: This is a connection layer that holds the business logic to create use cases. We’ll show how to make it stateless and 100% free of framework code. - Presentation: This is the layer where the new LiveData and ViewModel classes come into play. We will show how to transform the use cases from the domain layer into view specific models using the new android architecture components. The goal of the talk is to provide insights and guidelines on how to build a solid MVVM based reactive architecture. There will be links to meaningful resources that will cover the topics of the talk, like a GitHub example project and blog posts.


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  • Oussama Hafferssas
    Oussama Hafferssas Год назад One a of the cleanest Android architectures that I've ever seen, Thanks for sharing Lucia :)
  • Oussama abdallah
    Oussama abdallah Год назад Simple and straightforward talk. thank you Lucia
  • Dushyanth Maguluru
    Dushyanth Maguluru Год назад Thank you Lucia. Great talk!
  • cilveti
    cilveti Год назад This is really helpful
  • Jamie Kalloe
    Jamie Kalloe Год назад Wow great idea and presentation!
  • Stefano Gramantieri
    Stefano Gramantieri Год назад Very interesting and clear explanation!
  • Vladislav Bogdashkin
    Vladislav Bogdashkin Год назад Yeah, very nice idea!
  • Jose Alcérreca
    Jose Alcérreca 8 месяцев назад Great.