Linux Lite vs Linux MINT for NEW Users

Published on Sep 24, 2017 4,119 views

Hi all here I demonstrate why Linux LITE is so much better than Linux MINT for new users, many thanks to Sudo Reboot for his opionions and debates during his live streams, I hope you all post your comments and thoughts under this video.

  • Linux Lite
    Linux Lite Год назад Thanks EB. It's rare to see such a bang on comparison that absolutely nails what we set out to do for people who are new to Linux. In other words, you get it. You get what we are trying to do here and for that, i appreciate your content. K.I.S
  • English Bob
    English Bob Год назад Linux Lite Cheers very much thanks for all your hard work I believe many many users benefit from it
  • Johannes Peter
    Johannes Peter 3 месяца назад @English Bob Yes, we do! Thanks, Linux Lite! 😊💕
  • Ghost 67 Linux
    Ghost 67 Linux Год назад Very good points. Also a 'brand new' everyday ex-windows user would probably not even know that they even need drivers. Many wouldn't even know what they are! We mustn't forget that most Windows users have never even set up a Windows installation, let alone a Linux one :)
  • rmcellig
    rmcellig Год назад This is why I switched from mint to lite when recommending a distro for my friends and family coming over from the PC world. They understand how to use lite compared to mint and zorin and that to me is the real test because I see first hand how they get along with lite compared to mint and zorin . They already know the cocept of what a restore point is, coming from their PC world.
  • Joseph Hechavarria
    Joseph Hechavarria Год назад Great video explained here concerning best Linux for Newbees to start off with. Linux Lite is very much my cuppa tea in terms of getting started with new OS. [ x2 Thumbs Up ] and Subbed to your channel :)
  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox Год назад Personally, I've never really liked Mint for some reason. Don't even know why I don't like it, I just don't.
  • Charles H. O'Brien
    Charles H. O'Brien 2 месяца назад Dear EB, I been using MS products since 1982 (DOS 2.11. ) You are correct, new users are overwhelmed by where to start with Linux. Good video, good logic and deeply appreciated. Thank you.
  • Shane Boylan
    Shane Boylan Год назад @English Bob I have to agree with your first point about updates, as if your helping someone migrate over, from an OS like Windows, where they've learnt to (settings -> Update and Security -> Check for updates). They'll want a similar method on Linux, to help them before they wish to learn to use tools such as terminal, to bring down updates, or even compile software.
  • Perciwell
    Perciwell Год назад (изменено) I agree, that LL is very nice for users, which are not just familiar with Linux. In fact LL is currently my favorite Distribution and I've written the German Wikipedia Article about Lite. But I do not agree what concerns the backup tool. I've bought my first computer in 1983, an ATARI 800XL, and I'm quite experienced in personal computers, but the backup tool in Linux Lite is aweful for me, even I have not understood what the mess of buttons in the dialog window of this backup tool means. It's honestly the first computer programm in the last twenty years which has made me helpless and perplexed and nearly desparate for several minutes.
  • Dermott Connolly
    Dermott Connolly Год назад Hi bob been asking myself the same question mint v lite for newbies for a few years now. You managed to answer it in eleven minutes and i can now get on with my life. nice one. However i do miss the update reminder that was in the lite 2 series that does not appear to be in the lite 3 series or have i missed something. I think it could be difficult for new users to have to get up the welcome screen to keep the system updated .
  • Marcus
    Marcus Год назад Very valid points EB. Mint's update options would be particularly confusing for the new user as they likely wouldn't know or care about reviewing kernel updates if they choose "Just keep my computer safe". I know from personal experience because I realised I was using an older unsupported Linux Mint kernel and was only made aware of it by accident after watching a Linux Mint video which mentioned it.
  • Renard Moreau
    Renard Moreau Год назад [ Smiles ] Although I am a Linux Mint fan, I am deeply impressed with Linux Lite, because it has the ability to rollback a particular setting.
  • R K
    R K Год назад For me yeah i would agree lite would be a better choice for a new user however personally the Kernel supplied with lite is from the time of steam, so is no real use for my Kaby Lake setup.
  • Mark Zajac
    Mark Zajac Год назад Good one! This is a tough one EB. I use both and they are about even in my opinion. But what the hell do I know.
  • Jonathan McGuire
    Jonathan McGuire Год назад nail it! English Bob
  • frank392
    frank392 Год назад EB if you "like people to agree or disagree with you" then why you turned off the thumbs up or down from your videos??
  • English Bob
    English Bob Год назад frank392 That's to stop idiots abusing the system
  • dragonballjiujitsu
    dragonballjiujitsu Год назад Honestly if you can stumble your way through something as screwed up as Windows you will easily be able to navigate either Lite or mint. I personally like both and run them on my personal systems.
  • John sweda
    John sweda Год назад you like your butt loads don't you Steve will fill your boots then lol
  • darren nuttall
    darren nuttall Год назад I would agree with you Ive always said Linux Lite is the easiest,however secondly I do think its Mint second.
  • TheDoctor66
    TheDoctor66 Год назад EB Could I have a Copy of your system please
  • Shane Boylan
    Shane Boylan Год назад All you've to is if you've something like VLC on your PC, you can input the link to this video as shown at the top of your preferred browser, click play, then record it to your desktop/laptop PC.