DHARAVI LEATHER MARKET | Mumbai | Leather jackets at a cheap price !

Published on Dec 17, 2016 1,384,770 views

In this video we have explored Dharavi,Mumbai's Leather market.Which is the second largest leather market in India.Get to know how to identify genuine leather from fake ones.Also get to know the price range and bargaining margin of this market.

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  • Ur IndianConsumer
    Ur IndianConsumer 2 года назад +Vishal Wadkar let's show the beautiful side of dharavi on a global scale
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    Navi mumbaiker Kunal 2 года назад bantai lot of bargains required..about 60%..recently visited
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    Lalit Tekwani DOP 2 года назад 4k is not cheap, better go amritsar only 800/-
  • RoN M
    RoN M 2 года назад Bhai 2 months back in Mumbai i bought a pair of shoes to which the shopkeeper told the price RS.1600 & i bought it for RS.600 & bargained like 15Min
  • Haseeb Nedarya
    Haseeb Nedarya 2 года назад RoN M ya that's what..... earlier we used to bargain hard n used to get things within half of the price they used to initiate the deal. .. but now bcoz of these youtubers they don't know how to bargain... the shopkeepers come down only by 300 to 500 for jacket bags etc. and avoid going there for ahopping on saturdays n sundays they don't reduce the prices in front of their regular high potential customers.
  • Sourav Kumar Sahoo
    Sourav Kumar Sahoo Год назад Gawwd
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    aquadevil2002 2 года назад You will find a wider audience if you convert the price to USD as well. Just saying'!
  • prakash bisht
    prakash bisht 2 года назад Pls Stop wearing leather because animals need to be treated this so badly for a fashion statement, This is why I'm getting rid of all the leather
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