Most Insane Paint Job EVER! Step-by-Step Process

Published on Sep 13, 2017 5,010,135 views

This is the 4th and final episode of the AMMO 964 build. This video will show you the step by step process of a concours paint job and how this will allow you to clear bra, wax or seal your car in only 7 days! New custom wheels, headlights, roll bar, headliner, carpets, complete clear bra and so much more. This is by far the largest and most complicated film ever produced by Make Rain Productions. Hope you enjoy this TV worth episode. -Larry

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  • South Town
    South Town Год назад THE SECOND, Larry says"I'm still going to drive it..." I shout "MY MAN!!!" My girlfriend walks in to see what's going on... After I explain, she says "THAT is EXACTLY why we love AMMO!"
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    k k 1 месяц назад wtf lol
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    Con2Cool 3 месяца назад And then everyone clapped
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    james callaway 3 месяца назад Nice work fellas.
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    Shane Bennett 3 месяца назад Marcus and lucus
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    Kjell Svensson 6 месяцев назад Best paint job ever? Then why don´t show that? This is ok but.....naaaah.
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    bobus obus 7 месяцев назад r/thathappened
  • Joshua Ingram
    Joshua Ingram 7 месяцев назад If this job cost £400k then they must be laughing all the way to the bank. Very amateur-ish setup.
  • Joshua Ingram
    Joshua Ingram 7 месяцев назад Cheap over-branding, USA's backwards way of working in paint shops. Yeah, what's not to love? lol
  • whiteman withoutdark
    whiteman withoutdark 7 месяцев назад and thats why we love guns and shooting range in school
    19. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 8 месяцев назад @phixion. dont you dare tell his mother that.
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    Zonno5 8 месяцев назад That's some weird shit.
  • StellarBlue1
    StellarBlue1 8 месяцев назад "Money can't buy your happiness?" Bullshit.
  • Angus Mcleod
    Angus Mcleod 8 месяцев назад Justus Tucker Ae s retired painter no words can express my amazement at the professional and care I must congratulate all that we’re involved! That’s the best respray EVER Best Regards . SCOTLAND.
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    Aaron Anderson 9 месяцев назад South town seems to be trying too hard.
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    fopperer 9 месяцев назад nice fake story
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    FBI 10 месяцев назад South Town r u sure it wasnt ur mum who walked in
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    james mccutcheon 11 месяцев назад South Town lol
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    Bill Lang 11 месяцев назад That was so Dum!! Sorry!!
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    Alex Becerra Год назад Yah ammo !
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    William Francis Год назад didn't appen'
  • Son Lê Hoàng
    Son Lê Hoàng Год назад the greatest success that ive ever had was by using the Magic Painter Method (i found it on google) definately the no.1 info i've tried.
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    Number Eight Год назад South Town - Nice, proper artisans taking professionalism and quality to the highest level. It really shows through on the final product.
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    Kei Synester Год назад South Town In other news of things that didn't happen
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    Fake Name Год назад big scott "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" Hey, how much does that new burger from McDonald's cost?
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    jonas björk Год назад Lackborttagning
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    ZK SY Год назад Right. That happened.
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    Humza Uddin Год назад South Town you’re getting too excited gay boy
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    Yaritza Bermudez Год назад same here
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    Alfonso Morgan Год назад psicopatia
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    Brandon Bailey Год назад Work of Art, I'd be afraid to drive it 😂
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    410 Kane Год назад No. Your girlfriend just likes watching the muscular dude in this video then says that's why we use ammo
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    big scott Год назад if you have to ask, you cant afford it.
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    Running Man OG Год назад how much did it cost
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    Gregor Miller Год назад Ya gotta check out KC Paint Shop, and the International truck they did (bout a month ago). There are several posts on their paint process I'm sure you would appreciate. Plus I love the color. I'm gonna have to watch more J&B Body Works as well.
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    MrKomsta Год назад fajny czarny :P ale szyby nadal ujebane
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    tsr7198 Год назад Oops. girlfriend
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    tsr7198 Год назад Your wife is a keeper! I had the same reaction you did.
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    sidewayssam Год назад Discrete Society w👍
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    Discrete Society Год назад sidewayssam ikr
  • sidewayssam
    sidewayssam Год назад How much did that cost? Must be at least £400k awesome job
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    phixion. Год назад South Town Lies........ You don't have a girlfriend
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    Justus Tucker Год назад South Tow
  • Jason Atkins
    Jason Atkins Год назад Meh!
  • Gregory Horvath
    Gregory Horvath Год назад The body shop's name is too short. It should be "J&B Body Works...of Art". A company to match Larry's demand of perfection in every detail. The demand for 964's just shot up.
  • Kevin Yech
    Kevin Yech Год назад I've never been so entertained to watch paint dry
  • Rafal Gladkowski
    Rafal Gladkowski 3 месяца назад Haha good one. I watched the whole video too.
  • slowgaffle
    slowgaffle 3 месяца назад Same
  • James Ooten
    James Ooten 8 месяцев назад @Kevin Yech + I used to work in a bodyshop. Being in the paint booth, then watching paint dry is. . . quite enjoyable. lol.
  • Umbrex
    Umbrex Год назад this comment is golden
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    tigergreg8 Год назад Lmao, FetB, I was thinking the same thing. I was going to just skip through and watch the highlights. I can't believe that much time passed so quickly.
  • fetB
    fetB Год назад i actually planned to skip through the video... i watched the whole thing
  • Callen Bray
    Callen Bray 1 день назад Great video, particularly seeing the body specialist skills on the concourse paint job 👍
  • obbzerver
    obbzerver 3 месяца назад This is what you can expect from every MAACO $499 special.
  • Mike B
    Mike B Неделю назад Hed rokka Orange peel gets removed afterwards
  • Johnny Jackass
    Johnny Jackass 2 недели назад No even close, maaco would never do anything this detailed lol.
    DWYS WYSD 3 недели назад Most appropriate comment ever
  • Hed rokka
    Hed rokka 2 месяца назад (изменено) You can expect orange peel whether you pay 500 at MAACO or however the fuck this much cost?
  • Timbo
    Timbo 1 день назад Just an amazing piece of work. I very much enjoyed your series. Thank you for Documenting just all that goes into a great paint and restoration. Cheers!
  • Tom McDonough
    Tom McDonough 3 месяца назад And later that day. his pissed off girlfriend used a key to destroy his $50,000 paint job. The End.
  • Chevyholic 18
    Chevyholic 18 1 месяц назад Tom McDonough And He Later Ended Up On The Tv Series, “How To Get Away With Murder”
  • Darrell Jacob JR
    Darrell Jacob JR 1 месяц назад Awww...ya beat me to it...lol.
  • Joao Vieira
    Joao Vieira 1 месяц назад :D , " I told you that if you value your car more than moi, you got ta go bac to the paint shop! "
  • Richard Harvey
    Richard Harvey 1 месяц назад @Polo Dont’a mess with the Pesci.
  • Polo
    Polo 1 месяц назад You look ....like you sound like..Joe pesce. Fucn hilarious 😂
  • Jonathan David William
    Jonathan David William 2 месяца назад That's why he put the clearbra bruh.....
  • Pierre Perk
    Pierre Perk 2 месяца назад Tom McDonough yeah I thought it was about 30,000 but after looking at your comment your right is probably about $50,000
  • Boywonderr71
    Boywonderr71 2 месяца назад Noooooooooooo
  • Ian Ashley
    Ian Ashley Год назад The point at the end about the tradesmen and their skill was the best part. Congrats
  • Johnny Jackass
    Johnny Jackass 2 недели назад @Uppity White Man this comment made me happy, I'm glad there are still people out there that have common sense and not just "smart" with a made up pointless degree.
  • John Cheves
    John Cheves Год назад You're spot-on. We've lost our attention to detail, precision, and pursuit of excellence. We're becoming a country that rewards mediocrity by lowering the bar, rather than putting in the effort to strive for perfection. Most people complaining that they're underpaid are really being paid all they're worth. If you're truly exceptional at what you do, people will generally seek you out and you will be paid more for your work. I'll bet all the guys in this video are well paid.
  • T4nkc0mm4nd3r
    T4nkc0mm4nd3r Год назад Made me quite happy to hear, and I'm an engineer.
  • Uppity White Man
    Uppity White Man Год назад Thousands of these good jobs go unfilled. While so many people are getting degrees in gender studies and urban literature. This is where they should put the money.
  • omega24242
    omega24242 Год назад Being constantly looked at funny or told to "Get a real job, and get out of the garage!" The dedication at the end was beautiful. A car is just a mode of transportation. It's the Brand's story and owners passion for their piece of that history, that brings every bit of this into existence.
  • Angel Banda
    Angel Banda Год назад Made me feel good about what I want to do
  • Rajeev Nair
    Rajeev Nair Год назад Agreed. That was truly the best statement from Larry. Respect to these master craftsmen.
  • Edwin Duran
    Edwin Duran Год назад Agreed, its a lost art
  • MillerMotoring
    MillerMotoring Год назад True man.. much respect to their level of skill and work on this car! Love the ending photo w. the guys too.
  • mr7wi
    mr7wi Год назад Ian Ashley Came here to say ^THIS^ - leaving satisfied. +1
  • Dana Black
    Dana Black 3 месяца назад And I thought I was a fanatic for clay barring my car
  • Ray Essop
    Ray Essop Неделю назад Is that also how u got this video?😅
  • jleote
    jleote 17 часов назад You CAN have AMMO too much on a car.
  • A C
    A C 3 месяца назад 25:02 NOOOOOOO! Hell no. Get that dripping gasoline away from my new paint. Ahhhh!!! lol
  • devotidchannel
    devotidchannel 6 дней назад Are you people even car people? hahaha Gas will not harm your paint. Specially the "good stuff" that this guy is supposedly wasting all kinds of money on. lol.
  • jitsu222
    jitsu222 6 дней назад I saw that too. 😆
  • davidnmedford
    davidnmedford 1 месяц назад When I saw that gas drip I knew I was going to have a heart attack! I felt like a hungry pitbull and the guy with the leaky gas can was my next meal‼️
  • WorkingClassMan
    WorkingClassMan 1 месяц назад the car is wrapped
  • Max Jones
    Max Jones 3 месяца назад A C Spieshecker clear is different than most clears, the gas won’t hurt it. Used that paint for years, when it’s dry you can’t hurt it with gas!
  • Keith Rowe
    Keith Rowe 3 месяца назад dsruddell Bahaaa!! That dripping gas was the only reason I came to the comment section!
  • dsruddell
    dsruddell 3 месяца назад right. all that money and work but they show up with a 10yr old leaky gas can.
  • jeffrey hollenbeck
    jeffrey hollenbeck 17 часов назад best paint job i have ever seen was on a ta midnight back with blue flake and 10,000 dollars in diamond chips in the paint he won first place in every car show it was in
  • HollywoodF1
    HollywoodF1 9 месяцев назад OCD can be reeeealy expensive.
  • devotidchannel
    devotidchannel 6 дней назад A job properly done is now OCD? Damn people are easily impressed nowadays.
  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis 1 месяц назад Joe Mc Henry a gold bar is just a piece of metal too. At least this piece of metal gets you from a to b in a most satisfying way.
  • SirChristian100
    SirChristian100 1 месяц назад Its not OCD. OCD starts when you work on stuff and it wont get better and you dont learn something.
  • Joe Mc Henry
    Joe Mc Henry 2 месяца назад @VocalHero Acting the big man there, Yer only a mouthpiece!
  • Joe Mc Henry
    Joe Mc Henry 2 месяца назад @VocalHero Who are you, acting all intelligent and as if your yer mans bodyguard, why dont you mind your own fuckin business nosey!!! Its none of your business wat i say or do. And dont be so cheeky either ye muppet!
  • VocalHero
    VocalHero 2 месяца назад @Joe Mc Henry Oh and by the way, most normal people don't write comments for the "likes." Not sure what would compel you to even say that considering he hasn't gotten any likes on his comments, not even from me lol. There are a lot more important things in life than random strangers giving you a thumbs up on the internet; I'd like to think most people realize that.
  • VocalHero
    VocalHero 2 месяца назад @Joe Mc Henry Yo, reading through this little back and forth here, you DEFINITELY without a doubt have been the aggressor looking for an argument bro. You randomly picked a thread just to make a negative comment that was completely unrelated to the point of the OP, and the other guy you started arguing with hasn't said anything combative or provoking; hell, the closest he has come to an angry or aggressive tone is the first word of his first reply--that's it, and it's a stretch to call it that. Also your improper use of the word "your" in place of "you're" along with the myriad of additional errors/mistakes in your writing is giving what little OCD I have in me a slight tickle, just FYI.
  • Joe Mc Henry
    Joe Mc Henry 2 месяца назад @Jazz.MC.Muffins Here, your the one looking for an arguement, your just trying to impose ure idea in such a way that people will see your comment as ascertive, therefore getting u likes. I dont like the fucking car. I cant change how i feel!!!
  • Jazz.MC.Muffins
    Jazz.MC.Muffins 2 месяца назад @Joe Mc Henry I understand that it is time consuming and can be a heavy load for a lot of people. I understand that. Just the way you worded it made it seem like it was a terrible idea and should have never had happened. Plus if you take the time it may give you a good understanding of the situation and I still think it could have been worded to where it may have not been made into an argument.
  • Joe Mc Henry
    Joe Mc Henry 2 месяца назад @Jazz.MC.Muffins well i know all about hard work for a start. I spent most of my life in gruelling, toil, sweat and blood at sea, being a trawlerman. But you can make too much work for yourself. eg. That car. Its obsessive. And im also entitled to speak my mind. I dont like the car ok. Its not my cup of tea. I have modified cars of my own and the effort thats been put into them was enough to turn heads. Trust me! If something has the power to make you strip paint after a final coat, well i think its insane.
  • Jazz.MC.Muffins
    Jazz.MC.Muffins 2 месяца назад @Joe Mc Henry ? What!!? it's nice to have a car beautifully created! Though it is a pain it still is nice get through it and get through it again. A heavy amount of work requires a heavy amount of will power. OCD is hard to deal with but not impossible. By the way I personally think the car is a beautiful choice and after days of work should still be used.
  • Billy Moyet
    Billy Moyet 2 месяца назад HollywoodF1 lol 😂 you just cured my ocd
  • Hob Goblin
    Hob Goblin 3 месяца назад @Stephen Macdaddy This is bullshit, you take pride in your work. The A.D.H.D fucks you work for need a chill pill.😉
  • BrewPub
    BrewPub 3 месяца назад Absolutely right. I have extreme OCD, the most severe case my doctor said he has ever seen. I was in machining classes at tech college and am now into automotive chassis repair and painting at tech college ; my OCD makes me obsesses over minutia and getting things near perfect. Which means I take forever to complete assignments.
  • soul wick
    soul wick 3 месяца назад @Stephen Macdaddy how much ur earning per month?
  • Peter V
    Peter V 3 месяца назад @27:23 There's dust under the Ammo shield badge... strip the paint and start over!!
  • Goodman Builder
    Goodman Builder 3 месяца назад You misspelled CDO (alphabetized, like it should be)
  • Joe Mc Henry
    Joe Mc Henry 3 месяца назад @Ray Bod man i dont even like that car. Its not that nice. I hate the wheels. And i worked for someone who had ocd, and they are a complete nightmare to please. You cant please them! Its their way or the highway! And that work of art cud be destroyed in a split second, dont forget that.
  • Ray Bod
    Ray Bod 3 месяца назад OCD can be a wonderful thing, otherwise no one would ever know what the best is. It isn't simply metal or a car, they made a shiny work of art.
  • Joe Mc Henry
    Joe Mc Henry 3 месяца назад Ridiculous amount of time and money spent on wats really just a piece of metal.
  • charles rylatt
    charles rylatt 3 месяца назад @Stephen Macdaddy become your own boss
  • 72Yonatan
    72Yonatan 4 месяца назад @Stephen Macdaddy - Slow is unfortunately not fully appreciated culturally yet. Better do it right the first time and save time later having to redo the work.
  • trader man
    trader man 6 месяцев назад @Stephen Macdaddy As one OCDer to another, I don't know how old you are, but if your 35 or so and you have a passion for painting I think you coulde be a Rock Star in the painting field!
  • James Ooten
    James Ooten 8 месяцев назад Tony Zasueta + I think the original OCD comment was directed at the owner of the car, who kept coming up with things to do to the car long after the job should've been done. I agree about seeing things never to do. The biggest of all - using paint stripper. I let a customer talk me into doing that once who wanted a body off restoration on a vehicle that had undergone 3 different color changes. He wanted to save time/money on prep hours. The person who had done the middle paint layer used so much hardener that no amount of stripper, not even the strongest available would remove it. Then I had to neutralize and clean all that mess off, just to sand, which is what I wanted to do to start with. The 2nd thing I noticed. A painter is an artist with just a different canvas. I would have been insulted to have spent all these man hours, material, and talent to give a mirror finish black paint job (which is the hardest color to paint), only to have it ruined by the customer wanting a body wrap over it. Make my paint job roll out looking like orange peel? I don't think so.
  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z 8 месяцев назад HollywoodF1 which I seen no where here I’m a professional painter also there was a lot in here I seen that I would never do
  • grizzlygrizzle
    grizzlygrizzle 8 месяцев назад Thanks. I got over THAT one self-indulgence, but I have plenty of other ones.