DIY Window AC Thermostat

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How To: Bypass a Thermostat in a Analog (knob based) A/C

This was a video request from "MainA/C Dude" who wanted to know how to bypass a thermostat on a window A/C. So in this video I show how to bypass thermostats in these A/C units. We use a EQK and a Kenmore as a model example.

How to Bypass an HVAC Thermostat

How to bypass a thermostat. Do you think your thermostat is bad, defective, or malfunctioning and that is the reason your AC or furnace is not working? In this video I will show you how you can bypass the thermostat to see if the problem really lies in your thermostat or not. Also, here is a list of what the thermostat terminals mean: G= Fan Y= Cooling W= Heating R= Power Rc= Power to Cooling Rh= Power to Heating C= Common Here is the meter and jumpers that I had in the video: UEI Multi Meter: Magnetic Jumpers: Mini Alligator Jumpers: Check out my "How to Fix Your AC" playlist for more videos on how to diagnose and fix your air conditioner yourself! :) And The following.. Is a giant list. :) The parts and tools I list would be the ones I would buy for myself. BUT it's purpose is more to steer you in the right direction then show you the exact part you need. So please do your due diligence and do some research to make sure the part you are ordering will fit your unit. Parts that I mention in my AC videos: 1 Pole 30 Amp Contactor: 2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor: SPP6 Hard Start Kit: 30+5 MFD Capacitor: 35+5 MFD Capacitor: 40+5 MFD Capacitor: 45+5 MFD Capacitor: 50+5 MFD Capacitor: Qwiklug Compressor Wire Repair Kit: 3 Amp Fuses: 1/4 HP Blower Motor: 1/3 HP Blower Motor: 1/2 HP Blower Motor: 3/4 HP Blower Motor: FM55 Blower Motor Bracket: 5 MFD Capacitor: 10 MFD Capacitor: 15 MFD Capacitor: 30 Amp Disconnect Fuses: 25 Amp Disconnect Fuses: 20 Amp Disconnect Fuses: For those who are interested. Tools in my bag that I use the most: The Best Flashlight: UEI Multi Meter: The Best Drill: Magnetic Drill Bit Set: Multi Tool Wire Stripper: Magnetic Nut Drivers: Knipex Cobra Pliers: 4" Crescent Wrench: Magnetic Tray: Screw Drivers: Fuse Puller: Flexible Drill Bit Holder: Angled Drill Bit Holder: Drill Bit Extensions: UEI Temp Probe: Zoom Spout Oiler: Hex Key Set: DeWalt Drill Set: Wire Connectors Set: Wire Nut Set: Voltage Pen: Pocket Extendable Mirror:

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HVAC Installation: Brazing Refrigerant Lines

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Using a thermostat to control a window air conditioner is easier than it sounds. Just go to radio shak and get two 10 amp relays that can be triggered by 12 volts. Wire up the fans and the compressor to the two relays and hook them up to the thermostat. The yellow terminal usually means compressor and the green therminal usually means fans, but check online to make sure.

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