Process: The Adidas Ultra Boost AKA "The World's Best Running Shoe"

Published on Jan 29, 2015 5,188,275 views

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In a previous post, we took a behind-the-scenes look at adidas' latest offering in the form of the Ultra Boost running shoe. Now, in an HYPEBEAST PROCESS video, we get to watch the entire process in the production of the latest sneaker. Despite living in the modern age where nearly everything that is created is done so by autonomous machinery, it's refreshing to see that there is some level of human intervention to produce the polished product. From the complete knitted uppers to boxing the complete pair, this short exploration in the construction of the Ultra Boost sheds light on the breakdown of the minimal, lightweight running shoe, and the attention to detail implemented by the workers.

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    fuckJuly 3 года назад there's gotta be a reason for them to be $189, this isn't Nike
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    Jimmy Stone 3 года назад +geoff this comment cracked me up.. its not funny that kids do this but i was just thinking of my kids being 5 making these
  • Adam
    Adam 4 года назад "worlds best selling running shoe" 90% of buyers don't run. 
    SRF NMA 2 недели назад Adam that’s 10%.... only... but it’s millions of people though....
  • Mikael NOSTRAMUS
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    Santiago Miranda 5 месяцев назад They are also good for walking
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  • Aliens planet
    Aliens planet 7 месяцев назад most of athlete can't afford these kind expensive shoes .... and whose can afford they are not athlete
  • Rindra Visuals
    Rindra Visuals 7 месяцев назад Pureboost should earn the title.
  • Furious_ _DNA
    Furious_ _DNA 8 месяцев назад Adam more like 60%
  • Kevin Jansen
    Kevin Jansen 10 месяцев назад so what its their money
  • Ohenhen Kelly
    Ohenhen Kelly 11 месяцев назад Adam
  • jhon bell
    jhon bell Год назад Adam true bro but they do be very comfortable I use them for work in kitchen lot of running abt
  • nick crimten
    nick crimten Год назад Lul
  • Alexandros Nikolopoulos
    Alexandros Nikolopoulos Год назад exactly. I am a 100m-200m sprinter and Longjumper and I can say that ultra boosts are ''bot even good'' for me. U got the energy boosts 3. They're a lot better.
  • Hilwa G
    Hilwa G Год назад I do!😃
  • Nathan Hoang
    Nathan Hoang Год назад Exactly, ultra boosts aren’t running shoes, there flex shoes that a comfortable to wear casually
  • Enrico Mohammad Fadly
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  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck Год назад well it's not so stable for running, I use them for everyday casual walking etc...they are more comfortable than my actual bare feet!
  • joe
    joe Год назад Adam, that doesn't matter lmao
  • RoNie Styles
    RoNie Styles Год назад Adam yes i dont😂
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    Maryam Balahwal Год назад Adam dr
  • Rick Cs
    Rick Cs Год назад While some as other comments have said surely do it too show off and try and get cres in buying these shoes i mainly watch these vids and sometimes buy some of these shoes to see the one i think looks the best and also is highly comfortable now thats a win
  • Chan Derek
    Chan Derek Год назад Very incisive
  • Lily Zeng
    Lily Zeng Год назад I agree with you
  • Lawrence Carilo
    Lawrence Carilo Год назад 70℅ of using adiboost only for fashion not for running.. Lol
  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar Год назад Adam
  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar Год назад Adam
  • spm
    spm Год назад Boost is comfy, certainly not a running shoe. I run and something like an ultraboost is not made for running.
  • Chrüterchraft Ricola TM
    Chrüterchraft Ricola TM Год назад experiment54 you kiding ?
  • experiment54
    experiment54 Год назад ...with the worst wearing sole
  • TheThreatenedSwan
    TheThreatenedSwan Год назад Fred Sessions Or watch as others live beyond their means, get easy credit and loans, and vote to steal from you
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  • Davian Cela
    Davian Cela 2 года назад im 12 and i bought them for running
  • Irwan Hernawan
    Irwan Hernawan 2 года назад LOL. Couldn't agree more!
  • Driving in New York City, NYC
    Driving in New York City, NYC 2 года назад Made in China.
  • Turtle Cake
    Turtle Cake 2 года назад It's mostly about comfort and aesthetic. I don't know if I'd want to run in the forest with these shoes.
  • Lost Loyalty
    Lost Loyalty 2 года назад Adam The same could be said about jogger pants haha
  • WulfMeister
    WulfMeister 2 года назад lul wut
  • my name
    my name 2 года назад i would never actually run in these, you're asking for injury
  • Ben Perkins
    Ben Perkins 2 года назад Xin Tan k.
  • Austyn Gambell
    Austyn Gambell 2 года назад Adam Uighur
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  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa 3 года назад @negi2u ok
  • Manoj Negi
    Manoj Negi 3 года назад +Above AverageJoe Yes, you're right. My high school business economic is better than harvard business school MBA program... :-) Peace!
  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa 3 года назад @negi2u I get what you're saying, but it's completely random and irrelevant. Probably just learned it in high school Econ. 
  • Manoj Negi
    Manoj Negi 3 года назад +Above AverageJoe Well, I wish I could explain it in details but it's topic in itself called demand curve and price elasticity (in economic)... HTH... :-) Peace!
  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa 3 года назад @negi2u doesn't even make sense. 
  • Manoj Negi
    Manoj Negi 3 года назад +Adam I would say that because of 90% population which does not run after wearing those shoes, make them available to those 10% who actually runs... :-) If this would have been wore only by 10% population then price would be sky rocket high. Peace!
  • wetlknbouteskimos
    wetlknbouteskimos 3 года назад @Mrutubenerd buy me a pait
  • Mrutubenerd
    Mrutubenerd 3 года назад +AManWithAPlan4 I'm not sure what your talking about, I have two pairs... One has over 400km and the other just over 150km and neither is showing signs of wear in the sole
  • Unam469
    Unam469 3 года назад 90% or more of serious runners don't even use this shoe.
  • AManWithAPlan4
    AManWithAPlan4 3 года назад The sole wears out crazy fast if you run long term in them. To the point where the foam starts to get damaged.
  • wetlknbouteskimos
    wetlknbouteskimos 3 года назад +SoleofMischief how much did you pay? buy me a pair size 11 since you're balling
  • 张欣
    张欣 3 года назад +Barry Obola chinese
  • SoleofMischief
    SoleofMischief 3 года назад +Fred Sessions HAHAHA "i got mine on discount but I still spend hella money because I'm a baller" thats what I read. You the guy walking around with a stack in his pocket but you'll never afford an AMEX or know what a 401k is. But keep doing you....you lil' hustler you.
  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa 3 года назад @Barry Obola fuck...that's gross haha.
  • Barry Obola
    Barry Obola 3 года назад @Above AverageJoe dont doubt so much..because they dont take loans just for some sneakers..i know a guy that took a loan to buy a fucking boxer dog.
  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa 3 года назад @Barry Obola doubt anyone is taking out loans to get the ultraboost bro.
  • Barry Obola
    Barry Obola 3 года назад @hoodedknight360 i saw then for 110 in my country...now that is a much better price.
  • hoodedknight360
    hoodedknight360 3 года назад +Fred Sessions where did you get them for 140
  • Tapabrata Ghosh
    Tapabrata Ghosh 3 года назад @Fred Sessions Cool man, your choice. I think they're overpriced, you don't. Alright, have fun.
  • Fred Sessions
    Fred Sessions 3 года назад got mine for $140 shipped and i'll let you know how overpriced they are.... to me if my feet are happy anything under a g is fair game. but then i ball out and yalz bitches
  • Tapabrata Ghosh
    Tapabrata Ghosh 3 года назад @Fred Sessions but most people DO buy other shoes, these ones are just overpriced tbh, some good ones like the speedform geminis or the saucony kinvaras
  • Barry Obola
    Barry Obola 3 года назад @Fred Sessions I'm not hating shit who needs this expensive overpriced stuff when you can get a good pair of runners for a quarter of the price? I don't hate and i don't want others to hate but i don't want to be a fucking fool either...Proving your expensive and special by wearing costly stuff is fucking stupid! Even worse when you can't afford and you end up taking loans from the bank to buy useless fucking stuff!
  • Fred Sessions
    Fred Sessions 3 года назад @Adam adam... you are a broke ass d*bag living out of his mom's house....
  • Fred Sessions
    Fred Sessions 3 года назад @Barry Obola y'all are pretty bent over $180 running shoes. if you can't afford, work harder. quit hating or go buy something you like... but of course whatever you think is cofortable and good looking actually is, as where everyone else is just a lemming. maybe if i wore supras id be more independent and cool in your eyes... or do i need to sew my own socks and just wear those around because i made them myself?
  • Adam
    Adam 3 года назад fak off you sneakerhead. You can wear the shoe as you please, but those in the know are laughing at you.
  • Nick J
    Nick J 3 года назад @Adam surely it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a very comfortable shoe and is easy on your feet. OY VEY I HAVE TO BE JOGGING FOR A PRIVILEGE TO WEAR ADI BOOST
  • Barry Obola
    Barry Obola 4 года назад @Adam yes indeed.
  • Adam
    Adam 4 года назад that's retarded
  • Barry Obola
    Barry Obola 4 года назад @Adam its all about making others envious by showing off you can afford expensive useless stuff..some even take loans from he bank to go beyond their means and somehow they think they own the stuff!
  • Adam
    Adam 4 года назад whatever brings in the street cred i guess. 
  • XtarShoter
    XtarShoter 4 года назад @Adam Well, that applies for a lot of shoe brands bro. I mean, only retards would think that athletic shoes are used only by athletes. Just look at the Nike/Jordan users. 80% of Americans from what I've seen wear them. Talk about irony.
  • TrenTonStackZ
    TrenTonStackZ 3 года назад This is basically Adidas' way of saying, "See guys, children don't make our shit like Nike does"
  • Christ Harding
    Christ Harding 2 недели назад Hahahahaha Nike’s bad.😂
  • Raku KumarRAJUKUmar
    Raku KumarRAJUKUmar Год назад RAJUKUMAR
  • tarasdead
    tarasdead Год назад huh?...adidas IS german, so why would they have anything to do with american workers?
  • Lily Zeng
    Lily Zeng Год назад I also want to see:)
  • tarasdead
    tarasdead Год назад where in this video do you see the ages (or even faces) of all the workers? Some of the workers could be 12 yo for all we know.
  • George Saluto Girsang
    George Saluto Girsang Год назад All superstars are made in a factory in Indonesia, wheres the video ?
  • qwerkaz
    qwerkaz 2 года назад Blind consumerism. Do you really think they're gonna show their dirty secrets to cameras? I bet you 500$ that if you visit Nike factory it's gonna look pretty much same as this. Dig a bit deeper and you'll find that not everything is as it seems. Adidas has also been in spotlight for controversial stuff many times as well as Nike. If you really think Adidas has some moral high ground in comparison to other companies because of this video i feel sorry for you..
  • Cody.J Pittman
    Cody.J Pittman 2 года назад Jesus Ruiz no more just a big fuck you to the American worker
  • Miriam E. Orellana
    Miriam E. Orellana 2 года назад LOL
  • Jesus Ruiz
    Jesus Ruiz 2 года назад TrenTonStackZ A big fuck you to Nike lol
  • Milk Bone
    Milk Bone 2 года назад Adidas and nike comes out of the same factory lol
  • Loco Domo127
    Loco Domo127 2 года назад TrenTonStackZ 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Craig VEVO
    Craig VEVO 2 года назад TrenTonStackZ yeah plus there factory is way fuckin better
  • Arun Nair
    Arun Nair 2 года назад Hahah, yehh, I was thinking the same that bet Nike would never release such a vid! lol
  • Daniel Starikov
    Daniel Starikov 2 года назад W
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад Just got a pair of Ultra Boosts last week. It was my first "premium" shoe after buying $30-60 shoes all my life. I can honestly say I'm never going back. I will continue to buy boost shoes as long as they exist.
  • Ji Cho
    Ji Cho 17 часов назад There are so many better shoes at half the price. Go live. Don’t get married to the first premium shoe you lay your eyes on.
  • Nasir Lakdawala
    Nasir Lakdawala 3 месяца назад I liked shoes pleass send me 42 nomber
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 7 месяцев назад All of you are suckers. You ought to try a true minimalist shoe, one that doesn’t ruin your posture, knees, or toes. So-called “barefoot shoes” are the only way to go.
    1 RIPxGREYxSHADOW 8 месяцев назад same
  • winston ledford
  • Knight Plays
    Knight Plays 8 месяцев назад You were broke as hell 😂😂😂😂
  • Mehbob Ponir
    Mehbob Ponir 8 месяцев назад https://youtu.be/7oV1mOYZW8E
  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 9 месяцев назад buy new balance 587
  • peewee3030
    peewee3030 9 месяцев назад U get what u pay for
  • roccorostagno
    roccorostagno 11 месяцев назад Jo-E never had any of my boost crack. Crease but no cracking. Not even my D-rose 7's i play ball in. My ultra's, pure's and eqt's have held up pretty good. Only problem ive ever had with any Adidas ive ever bought was the paint on the lowers on my v1 yeezys coming off after wearing them 6 or 7 times.
  • Jo-E
    Jo-E 11 месяцев назад roccorostagno well these are 200$ and i also have pure boosts which were 120 in 2015 (aq2073) & they have 0 holes, just cracking & theyre more comfortable but they dont sell them anymore and if they do never in my size.
  • roccorostagno
    roccorostagno 11 месяцев назад Jo-E no. I beat mine to death too
  • Jo-E
    Jo-E 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Does anyone have the issue of the top soft material getting holes in them & sole cracking?
  • Abuzer Ghori
    Abuzer Ghori 11 месяцев назад Same
  • roccorostagno
    roccorostagno 11 месяцев назад Colonello you didnt buy shoes with velcro straps did you?
    XRAXOS 11 месяцев назад Ur 1k Like
  • sneakers bot
    sneakers bot 11 месяцев назад Want to cop Yeezys, Supreme, NMDs, Jordans and more? Then you need the original Bot, the best sneaker bot out there! bit.ly/sneakersnew
  • Blain_10 Football
    Blain_10 Football 11 месяцев назад I have 30 ultra boosts there amazing
  • kjetit
    kjetit Год назад haha that is stupid. You would probably feel the same way for any premium shoes.
  • Sysnia Shan
    Sysnia Shan Год назад Colonello agree
  • Mux
    Mux Год назад same dude
  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck Год назад Same! first expensive shoes, I wear them everyday!
    SKULLS GAMING Год назад Sir where the factory is located ?
  • Vasiliki K
    Vasiliki K Год назад ritu kyo Vietnam*
  • ritu kyo
    ritu kyo Год назад made in china
  • Vasiliki K
    Vasiliki K Год назад Colonello What do you use them for? And are they ideal for simple daily use?
  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob Год назад it is premium. 180-220 is not cheap, that is a premium price, and that's because its a premium shoe. Even NMD's are premium shoes, anything over a hundred dollars I'd consider to be in a premium price-range. You can get a ton of shoes under 100 dollars, doesn't mean they're hyped like ultraboosts, but hey your still getting a shoe. Also, nationality doesn't have anything to do with it. I'm a white american man and I remember running on the track team in 20 dollar skate shoes bcuz we couldn't afford new shoes. Being poor has no nationality, no race, and no gender.
  • money ruins
    money ruins Год назад You call this average shoes “premium”. Tell me your nationality
  • Nelson Herb
    Nelson Herb Год назад Waste of money in my opinion but I also have a pair
  • DBoy 37
    DBoy 37 Год назад leobbo591 Yep, the v1 pirate black looks sick!
  • Mufeed Khan
    Mufeed Khan Год назад Colonello sexy video
  • Henry White
    Henry White Год назад Colonello same
  • Ako si Bakulaw
    Ako si Bakulaw Год назад Got a pair of Uncaged shoes and I must say it is the most comfortable shoes! Bought mine in Melbourne Adidas shop on Bourke Street last August 2017.
  • tarasdead
    tarasdead Год назад Just bought my first pair of Boost (haven't bought any adidas in decades). Really impressed with the shoe AND with the impeccable quality control...something I've rarely seen in products manufactured in china.
  • kwon
    kwon Год назад Same most expensive pairs I ever bought were $120 but just bought the triple white ultra boost from adidas.
  • JayHowi
    JayHowi Год назад really that good? I spend most day on my feet and am now starting to suffer as even my most comfortable shoes apparently are not good enough, I can easily buy one I am just cheap when buying clothes/shoes why buy a 30$ t-shirt when I can buy 5 for 10$ you get me?
  • LMR
    LMR Год назад Colonello i got r2s qnd itbwas my first boost and yes im never going back
  • Cancer Cancer
    Cancer Cancer 2 года назад Well, the cheap shoes im currently wearing are also very comfy. And honestly I wouldnt want to spend 200-800 moneys for shoes a year
  • SYA Playz
    SYA Playz 2 года назад Cancer Cancer its for comfort and quality. durability is not constant guarantee different people wear and tear things faster/later
  • Cancer Cancer
    Cancer Cancer 2 года назад Do you really think so? I wouldn't be able to even joke about buying expensive shoes because even while I did, they brake just as fast as cheap shoes. After 4-6 months every shoe I buy no matter which one has holes in the sholes
  • The Steele
    The Steele 2 года назад Same here. I bought $30-60 shoes forever too; Puma, Reebok, Nike. After my 1st pair of Ultra's, Yeezy's and NMD's, I will never ever buy discounted shit again.
  • SYA Playz
    SYA Playz 2 года назад get yo energy boost(100 or less). its super comfy not yet pk level but its deffo worth the cash.
  • Ansel J
    Ansel J 2 года назад Himachal Daksh Dayal honestly boost lives up to the hype. even the NMD's
  • m d
    m d 2 года назад Colonello your just jumping onto the hype
  • AddQuotesHere
    AddQuotesHere 2 года назад Colonello I bought mine for $170 because they were the tri color
  • Suraj Mohapatra
    Suraj Mohapatra 2 года назад Hi bro
  • The Rlst
    The Rlst 2 года назад +leobbo591 did you just say v1 and v2 are good performers?
  • leobbo591
    leobbo591 2 года назад Colonello v 2 are trash I have them and v1 and ultra boost 1-3 ultra boost is better and Aimed for performance and yezzys are for fashion
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад @Omar Sidani I haven't tried Pure Boosts yet but Yeezys are great. I personally think the V2s are more comfortable than Ultra Boosts but they're pretty close. :)
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад @PMC05 So true
  • Polat
    Polat 2 года назад too
  • Omar Sidani
    Omar Sidani 2 года назад Colonello try the Yeezy boost or Pure Boost
  • PMC05
    PMC05 2 года назад Colonello u ain't lying this shits comfort level is ON the next level ☁️✨☁️✨☁️
  • Suraj Mohapatra
    Suraj Mohapatra 2 года назад I too love them
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад @HereFishyFishy Glad to hear you like them!
  • Carter Morgan
    Carter Morgan 2 года назад Just received my triple whites today after cheap shoes like yours can't ever go back
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад @Arnez Ferguson Tripe White. Hard to keep clean but they look really cool.
  • Arnez Ferguson
    Arnez Ferguson 2 года назад what colorway did you get
  • urstupidm8
    urstupidm8 2 года назад i got myself a pair since I could get a discount on them, can't wait for them to get shipped. also my most expensive shoe was a pair of new balances 996 and af1s and I feel kinda bad paying roughly 150$ for them but after trying them on in a store I just wanted to get them for myself
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад @dididaly12332 Amazing price for what I've heard is known as a super comfy shoe. I wish I liked the design more though.
  • Colonello
    Colonello 2 года назад @leo barrett-moses Straight from Adidas. Most colorways are in stock at stores like Footlocker, Footaction, and Champs too.
  • leo barrett-moses
    leo barrett-moses 2 года назад Yo where did you get yours? I'm looking for a pair
  • duMaurier
    duMaurier 3 года назад This would be a cool job if they didnt slave you and paid you a better salary. But this factory looks very clean vs the many many others.
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 7 месяцев назад duMaurier15 You would be cool if you’d be willing to buy much more expensive shoes so they can be paid a better salary.
  • billie bart
    billie bart Год назад Damn u guys, i actually worked in the indonesian factory office, shit doesnt really as bad as u guys think, workers are paid fairly well, and actually adidas have they own standard, in short big companies dont make their products in shithole as u guys think
  • Avera
    Avera 2 года назад @duMaurier15 Im with you on that. Ive been to factories in China before. But again whats there to say that this is indefinitely one of those few clean factories? You cant. Therefore my statements previously still stand.
  • duMaurier
    duMaurier 2 года назад Just because it is in Asia does not mean that EVERY factory is dirty. There are some legit factories that actually follow the rules when it comes to labor laws and safety. Yes there are many that do not. I've been to garment factories in Cambodia as a regular visitor and some were very clean.
  • Avera
    Avera 2 года назад whats there to say the factory looked only clean for the time of the film? What about daily or more so annually? Theres much to doubt about it looking clean in a video that was scheduled ahead of time to look more professional than any other excuse to consider dont you think?
  • ZommB0zZ (Bjarne Schneider)
    ZommB0zZ (Bjarne Schneider) 3 года назад +Angel Nicolas Lopez hahaha
  • suwo400
    suwo400 3 года назад +Angel Nicolas Lopez indonesia is in asia tf
  • Shane Laughland
    Shane Laughland 3 года назад +EpyonRoyal nike is based in Asia, there are very bad child labor problems there
  • EpyonRoyal
    EpyonRoyal 3 года назад +duMaurier15 You been to the factory?
  • nashy usa
    nashy usa 3 года назад nah bro it's Nike Nike treat employees just like slaves
  • Tommy Her
    Tommy Her 3 года назад +iAmKhanhh _ no, that's nike you're thinking of.
  • Kha __
    Kha __ 3 года назад .
  • Moier
    Moier 2 года назад Woman at 2:57 has the coolest packaging style
  • SkiDoodleBoi
    SkiDoodleBoi Неделю назад The ElementVEVO She does get paid
  • The ElementVEVO
    The ElementVEVO Год назад She should get paid for that lol
  • luvzlara
    luvzlara Год назад Moier yup she was awesome! I would have liked to have seen a few more minutes of her at work!
    F-ZERO GX Год назад She actually matches the background music at some points
  • Michael Cheng
    Michael Cheng Год назад it's a man...
  • C-Los
    C-Los 2 года назад Some people get into a rhythm while doing repetitive motions. She might do that as just something she does while boxing. Like some cooks or chefs do extra stuff with their utensils that they might not have to but it's just a custom
  • Scott Hines
    Scott Hines 2 года назад she didn't have to do all of that tho
  • Moier
    Moier 2 года назад +cringy Mc'cringface thats why it is so amazing
  • Monty Price
    Monty Price 2 года назад that isn't sped up, look at the guys talking in the background.
  • Moier
    Moier 2 года назад +sofia b ummm, even though the screen says "packaging" xD
  • sofia b
    sofia b 2 года назад she was checking for any defects
  • faboze
    faboze 3 года назад Was waiting to see how they did the boost material...
  • Caleb Stratton
    Caleb Stratton Год назад The boost is made from individual pellets that are then fused together with steam.
  • Ww Gt
    Ww Gt Год назад +怪汀 Quantin he
  • Jose Jeffery Mendoza
    Jose Jeffery Mendoza Год назад Boost pellets go into mold and fused together
  • Quantin怪汀
    Quantin怪汀 2 года назад THE BEST SECRET IS "NO SECRET AT ALL"
  • Hakim Touri
    Hakim Touri 2 года назад faboze WHO EVER SAID STYROFOAM, you are very wrong. boost technology is made out of TPU Pellets (thermoplastic polyurethane pellets) formed into a midsole. you're welcome.
  • zzvcxvz
    zzvcxvz 2 года назад faboze Easy, styrofoam put together
  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 2 года назад +Pakoro Fanblopo Styrofoam.
  • 00AlexK
    00AlexK 2 года назад +Pakoro Fanblopo just try on a pair if u see them
  • Leorio
  • John Carney
    John Carney 2 года назад True, true.
  • TheCultLeader
    TheCultLeader 2 года назад +Josh continental makes the rubber under the boost
  • John Carney
    John Carney 2 года назад Continental does not make Boost. BASF makes boost.
  • Josh - JDoofy
    Josh - JDoofy 2 года назад Adidas doesn't make the boost, Continental makes them. So my guess is that this adidas factory just gets shipments of the pre-made boost outsoles. Also i'm guessing there is some 'secret' recipe they don't want going out to the public.
    ORION 2 года назад +KillerKing I think they just melt the little white balls together. As simple as that
  • Sam Shi
    Sam Shi 3 года назад +faboze TPU by BSF google
  • Rafi khairullah
    Rafi khairullah 3 года назад *sole
  • Rafi khairullah
    Rafi khairullah 3 года назад Not making the boost but like making the boost to a solr
  • D3Mi G0DDED
    D3Mi G0DDED 3 года назад Or, something like that at least
  • D3Mi G0DDED
    D3Mi G0DDED 3 года назад From first glance, it looks like bunched up Styrofoam
  • Lilo Pasha
    Lilo Pasha 3 года назад maybe it's their secret recipe
  • faboze
    faboze 3 года назад @KillerKing true dat, true dat
  • KillerKing
    KillerKing 3 года назад They probably didn't because they don't want people to know the secret.
  • Rafi khairullah
    Rafi khairullah 3 года назад yeah me too
  • D Reed
    D Reed 2 года назад Dang that lady @2:59 was straight cooking while she was packaging the shoes
  • hip360hop
    hip360hop 2 года назад "the world's best running shoe" that you'll never actually wear running because you just dropped like $200 for them
  • Diễm Quỳnh
    Diễm Quỳnh 3 месяца назад Mine is 80$ but is a kid size 😂
  • w.nelson ,
    w.nelson , 3 месяца назад I run in mine 😎
  • Ston Hou
    Ston Hou 8 месяцев назад Not everyone is as poor
  • anjali Tomar
    anjali Tomar Год назад hip360hop logical greatly
  • Emil Johansson
    Emil Johansson Год назад The Doyuk dude just stfu, either you are a spoilet brat or you’re just a stupid little kid that wants to pretend to be cool and rich because nobody likes him in real life
  • jr4chargers
    jr4chargers Год назад ASICS makes some pretty amazing running shoes as well. AND well they are also ugly as sin, but great for running. :)
  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson Год назад Hey if Imma drop 200+ on sneakers you can bet your ass im not running in them
  • Jason Zheng
    Jason Zheng Год назад Probably one of the running brands like Altra or Hoka but they're the ugliest shoes you'll ever see
  • tarasdead
    tarasdead Год назад (изменено) I bought my pureBoosts for the looks as much as the cushioning. I haven't run since high school x-country, but I think these would be pretty good for that (DPR, too). On the other hand, the ultraBoost would only be good for a flat track due to the ultra stretchiness/lack of support in the primeknit upper.
  • spm
    spm Год назад Thyassasin99 really? Huh. Personally I'd never run with boost. Its certainly comfy, but offers no support. I like the new balance fresh foam vongo. Really great shoe.
  • Anda Lu
    Anda Lu Год назад Those retarded looking asics nimbus and kayato are the best ones
  • Thyassasin99
    Thyassasin99 Год назад i just ran with my multicolour DPRs and they are hands down the best running shoes created.
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад Aguilas415sfc I have 4 pairs and they're awesome
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад Aguilas415sfc adidas ultraboost are $200
  • Aguilas415sfc
    Aguilas415sfc 2 года назад Birkes what shoes are you talking about? running shoes max out at ~$160
  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 года назад hip360hop this hypebeast type shits buying Running shoes but don't even run. Buy Basketabll jordan shoes don't even know how to play basketball. I get triggered
  • Riley Steve
    Riley Steve 2 года назад The Doyuk dumbass, I just said I've ran in them and that I don't like them.
  • hip360hop
    hip360hop 2 года назад i run everyday in some $50 nikes that I got at the nike outlet and they do me great. maybe not my choice if i were to do a marathon length run, but for 2-3 mi a day you do NOT need $200 running shoes lol
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад Birkes that's right.
  • Birkes
    Birkes 2 года назад People who say this isn't a running shoe have never been running. Decent running shoes usually cost more than 200 bucks. These shoes are on par with the price, but better, and can be worn for fashion.
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад 21 RB apparently me, im running and training with these, im buying new ones next week
  • nikko baron
    nikko baron 2 года назад The Doyuk who Tf would run with these?
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад Riley Steve maybe you cant afford them, you are poor.
  • Riley Steve
    Riley Steve 2 года назад Int3rSys yeah, everybody is different. For me they weren't great.
  • Riley Steve
    Riley Steve 2 года назад I knew what his point was. If you had reading comprehension, you would know I was adding an opinion to his comment as well as agreeing with him.
  • Wat
    Wat 2 года назад Riley Steve that wasn't his point lol
  • Wat
    Wat 2 года назад Int3rSys I bet you haven't even tried the ultra boosts tho, they're better. And plus that wasn't his opinion, he was just quoting the title.
  • Wat
    Wat 2 года назад hip360hop their actually $180, and its fucking stupid that you wouldn't wear them, they're only $180. I can understand if someone doesn't want to wear their yeezys, but seriously, shoes are meant for wearing.
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад Int3rSys just try adidas ultra boost
  • Int3rSys
    Int3rSys 2 года назад That's your own opinion. I'm running for more than 6 years, and I have never experienced shoes like these (been running with brooks glycerin and kayano for years). It's a whole new level.
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад those you see in the video, adidas Ultra Boost
  • Phương Trần Thanh
    Phương Trần Thanh 2 года назад then which pair of shoes is the best for running ?
  • grudiev14
    grudiev14 2 года назад he
  • The Doyuk
    The Doyuk 2 года назад i got them, my dad bought them i dont know how or where
  • Hector Alexander Torres
    Hector Alexander Torres 2 года назад como algo para conseguir las adidas nastas
  • Riley Steve
    Riley Steve 2 года назад Exactly, and they're not even that great as running shoes unless you're a beginner.
  • jaykob
    jaykob 3 года назад Damn, did you see how quick that chick boxed those shoes?! She's like a "sneaker ninja" or something.
  • Nathaniel's Phone
    Nathaniel's Phone 5 месяцев назад @Rollo Larson Ninja is a compliment. Go to hell. Only disgraceful ninja is that Fortnite player. You fucking snowflake.
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 6 месяцев назад Pack Man Well not all Asians would want to be called anything associated with immoral assassins.
  • Pack Man
    Pack Man 6 месяцев назад Rollo Lawson What do you mean? I’m Asian and I’d love to be called a ninja.
  • ツ10Roundz
    ツ10Roundz 6 месяцев назад khemenut haha😂,sure
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 7 месяцев назад - Pᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ Cʀɪᴍᴇ - True, especially the person gluing the labels on the insole. That person deserves at least $15 per hour.
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 7 месяцев назад jaykob Calling an Asian person a ninja is racist. But then I really don’t care.
  • - ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴄʀɪᴍᴇ -
    - ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴄʀɪᴍᴇ - 10 месяцев назад What a shame that those Asians don't get payed enough for their effort and hard work..
  • West 182
    West 182 Год назад jaykob lol
  • Hoi!
    Hoi! Год назад Aixa Vazquez It isn't /sped/ up ... Haters will say its fake
  • Procyon Lotor
    Procyon Lotor Год назад *Woman
  • Akira Pascual
    Akira Pascual Год назад Its not sped up idiot
  • Evol_AF
    Evol_AF Год назад the flip was classic!!!
  • John Avi
    John Avi Год назад jaykob your profile pic looks like you just shit into an ultra boost shoe in the bathroom and got caught doing so.
  • oxysz
    oxysz 2 года назад John Neumonic how is it a garbage product?
  • Hella
    Hella 2 года назад dont think it is look at the guys in the background not too sure
  • John Neumonic
    John Neumonic 2 года назад more impressed in the wrapjob than the actual shoe...garbage product
  • Aixa Vazquez
    Aixa Vazquez 2 года назад jaykob It's sped up, but how she did it though lmfao
  • 何皮皮
    何皮皮 3 года назад she is chinese,fuck ninjas
  • Number1Levinator
    Number1Levinator 3 года назад +jaykob WELL DUH she does that thing everyday so obviously shes used to it
  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 3 года назад +jaykob i watched it all the different speeds and its hilarious
    SMPLCTY IIV 3 года назад +IndieCyborg dumb ass comment
  • khemenut
    khemenut 3 года назад Why you ask? Women are superheroes
  • Sam Beckett
    Sam Beckett 3 года назад I'd like to see the shoes the employees are wearing.
  • UUU U
    UUU U Неделю назад Probably some cheap shoes costing 30 bucks
  • Fluffy_ The_OG_Hellhound
    Fluffy_ The_OG_Hellhound 3 года назад Walmart 2s
  • domxthexdon
    domxthexdon 4 года назад was kinda hoping they'd show how they adhere the capsules together to form the sole but i guess that's too much of a trade secret huh
  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 1 день назад "Kung-Fu Boost Factory"
  • Angel
    Angel 3 года назад This was super dope to watch
  • Hardeep Singh kalyan
    Hardeep Singh kalyan Год назад Holy kicks 8872855129
  • Holly Poon
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 7 месяцев назад Holly Poon That’s racist! But then I don’t really care.
  • karloz
    karloz Год назад that shit was cool, Chinese people have skills man
  • Hoi!
    Hoi! Год назад Holly Poon wonder if she goes benhihana on the banana
  • Justificable
    Justificable 2 года назад haha she killed em with that spin Lol
  • Psyborg
    Psyborg 3 года назад +Holly Poon I thought I was the only one who saw her do that lmao
  • Psyborg
    Psyborg 3 года назад +Holly Poon I thought I was the only one who saw her do that lmao
  • Psyborg
    Psyborg 3 года назад +Holly Poon I thought I was the only one who saw her do that lmao
  • hunter seidler
    hunter seidler 3 года назад I thought I was the only one who saw her do that lmao
  • TheNoseyProductions
    TheNoseyProductions 2 года назад 1:45.... we get it you vape...
  • James
    James Год назад Sans stfu bitch
  • Kelv
    Kelv 2 года назад stfu minecraft kid
  • dutchdaedalus
    dutchdaedalus 3 года назад Funny how brands never show the faces of the workers in these making of videos when the shoes are made by asians in an asian factory. If however the shoes are made in germany (adidas) usa or uk (new balance) there are always reactions shots and close ups of focused grimaces of the men and women who make the trainers you don't play sports in. Marketing realities: White people with aprons: craftsmen and women creating shoes made by us for us: shoes must be high quality. Underpaid asian serfs with asian faces and asian hair: shoes must be trash, sweatshop rubbish.
  • Rollo Larson
    Rollo Larson 7 месяцев назад dutchdaedalus Interesting observation. It’s telling of our cultural perceptions... the silent racism which mostly still exists and is exploited by advertisers/marketers. However on the flip-side, rather than white craftsmen being shown, if low wage white factory workers were shown, it’s doubtful we’d have the same perception of quality. Rather than racism, most discrimination is due to social class.
  • saya g
    saya g 7 месяцев назад Made in tangerang... Indonesia
  • robin jattan
    robin jattan 7 месяцев назад Jus don't buy dude
  • John Carlo Lipa
    John Carlo Lipa 10 месяцев назад (изменено) There's what we called "manual cheap labor". The minimum wage here in Asia is so low that one employee's salary in Europe is equivalent to 3 or 4 employees' salary here. I don't know who to blame.
  • Homunculi
    Homunculi Год назад "stop being racist." Dude... are you brain damaged?
  • Tamcat 21
    Tamcat 21 Год назад dutchdaedalus all your 'high quality' things and everyday items are all made from China. You should quit whining because the sad truth is that they have to do so much to earn their money because of bad job choices. They earn so little that they cant even buy luxurious things like $200 shoes, only enough to get them through life and maybe feed them and their family. All your phones are made in China with underpaid workers, must be trash? They were forced into this life, you were not, so choose better judgement next time and stop being racist. Remember, they have nothing, you can choose to have the things you want. If they do a decent job out of it, stop fucking complaining.
  • joe
    joe Год назад dutchdaedalus, no ones here to see the workers faces and thats not what the video is about so it doesn't matter
  • occultdestroyer
    occultdestroyer Год назад You can clearly see in the vid all workers are Asians. Most likely underpaid Chinese factory workers.
  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar Год назад dutchdaedalus .....
    GALACTICBOI 2 года назад Thank you for your opinion, i was hardly interested in.
  • Evan Watty
    Evan Watty 3 года назад +dutchdaedalus we're not here to watch them make the workers. they're giving us close ups of how the shoe is made. get your sensitive ass out of here
  • Jessica Di Escobar
    Jessica Di Escobar 3 года назад +dutchdaedalus You shouldn't blame Adidas. It's comparative advantages.
  • apex pros
    apex pros 3 года назад +dutchdaedalus italy btw
  • dutchdaedalus
    dutchdaedalus 3 года назад +Philipp X Not anymore. Back in the day all Adi shoes were made in Germany, France and Yugoslavia. Nowadays they do produce limited runs in France and Germany. Like the 250 euro made in France Superstars and Stan Smiths. Or the made in Germany Porsche Design collab range.
  • Anti Lope
    Anti Lope 3 года назад @dutchdaedalus Ugh, adidas doesn't produce shoes in Germany... According to their website, more than two thirds of their production is done in Asia. Only the materials are produced in Europe, shipped to Asia for manufacturing, and then sent to a shoe store near you.
  • Demosthenes409
    Demosthenes409 3 года назад truth man
  • Shane Worrall
    Shane Worrall 4 года назад Excellent video but i cant help but think in real life they have sweat shops like every other sports company
  • pegaSus_
    pegaSus_ 3 года назад +Brock Samson Thats the dumbest logic Ive ever heard.
  • ___
    ___ 3 года назад +Brock Samson Yeah shut up, THAN-MAN :)
    KIDSSEEGHOST 3 года назад +Brock Samson wanna stop posting this comment everywhere?
  • DeVante Lewis
    DeVante Lewis 4 года назад @212teddy idc about who's worst, I know out the number of shops they have, only .05 percent look like this just like nike
  • 212teddy
    212teddy 4 года назад @DeVante Lewis You say that but these are the actual conditions of the adidas factories. Nikes are worse.
  • DeVante Lewis
    DeVante Lewis 4 года назад this is a sweat shop it was just cleaned up for the filming
  • ___
    ___ 4 года назад The music makes us chic and lifestyle, but the fluorescent light burn my eyes and I have to pee. 
  • By'tl Solomon
    By'tl Solomon 2 года назад 186 thumbsdown are from nike fly lovers
  • young KOMA
    young KOMA 3 года назад If there making that many pairs how come they are always sold out... t (-.-) t
  • Damuel Denny
    Damuel Denny 6 месяцев назад XD
  • G-zuz
    G-zuz 10 месяцев назад jr4chargers I think he was referring to that specific colorway, they're sold out only way you can buy that OG Colorway is to drop 300+ dolalrs
  • jr4chargers
    jr4chargers Год назад You can find them pretty much everywhere now.
  • lilphil
    lilphil 2 года назад WheyTooManyGainzz house of hoops is for basketball shoes lmao, you need a running store to find them
  • Huhu Jono
    Huhu Jono 2 года назад cause they r sold faster then they r made lol
  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen 3 года назад +Ettie Bowling They fake though, no way they are selling them for that cheap
  • suwo400
    suwo400 3 года назад +Ylpunkt they are i have a house of hoops and they dont have any bruh
  • 30m3
    30m3 3 года назад +young KOMA Some colourways go on sale at big discounts, but those are the colourways no one wants, the others always sell out.
  • EpyonRoyal
    EpyonRoyal 3 года назад +young KOMA marketing
  • P
    P 3 года назад +young KOMA Because of a big world :u
  • Tamarau A
    Tamarau A 3 года назад +young KOMA they are never sold out. just a form of marketing.
  • Andrew’s Closet
    Andrew’s Closet 3 года назад They aren't easy to find and aren't restocked much