this is our part 2 on her trying to do my makeup 😂

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  • stephanie moreno
    stephanie moreno 1 месяц назад (изменено) that makeup looked bomb but without liner 🤩! n those lips bomb on u 🤯
  • Joanne Le
    Joanne Le 4 недели назад Your sister did great!!! Do make up on her now
    LISZET RAMOS 1 месяц назад Bruh i was laughing so fkn hardddd when i saw the eyelinerrr😂😂
  • Aliyah Garza
    Aliyah Garza 1 месяц назад I love watching y'all together y'all make me laugh so much!!!💞💞😂
  • Tia Marrow
    Tia Marrow 1 месяц назад You and your sister are funny as hell, you both are so beautiful and gorgeous and the part where your daughter was about to start fighting her, so funny yet so cute 💖💖💖💞💞💞
  • Vanessa Palacios
    Vanessa Palacios 2 недели назад Still a 10 out of 10 👌🏼✨ What lip combo is that ?
  • Jennie Mirelez
    Jennie Mirelez 2 недели назад 1/10 I give her 8.75
  • destiny V
    destiny V 1 месяц назад We need a skincare routine!!
  • Yuliana Ponce-Garcia
    Yuliana Ponce-Garcia 1 месяц назад fish eyeliner lmao but paola's laugh kills me lol
  • stephanie moreno
    stephanie moreno 1 месяц назад ly guys 💗💗. ur sister should have her own channel ! whats her ig?
  • Alissa Peyrani
    Alissa Peyrani 1 месяц назад pa0la.melissa
  • Beeanka Gallegos
    Beeanka Gallegos 1 месяц назад Girl i feel you i dont know how to my eyeliner either 😂😂😂❤
  • ᅡMayte
    ᅡMayte 3 недели назад sis looks asian now😂 but your so pretty 🥵
  • lala x annge
    lala x annge 1 месяц назад I'd rate it 9.9 💕 cutee asf 😍
  • Esther Gonzales Montoya
    Esther Gonzales Montoya 1 месяц назад ❤PAOLA ❤
  • jazmine eileen
    jazmine eileen 1 месяц назад Always have me laughing love your videos 💛
  • Britney Alexie
    Britney Alexie 1 месяц назад I love your channel girl I wish we could collab but we live so far from each other 😭 you seem cool asf frfr! n I need mom friends. </3
  • Alissa Peyrani
    Alissa Peyrani 1 месяц назад Britney Alexie I know same! I love watching your videos 😭💗
  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 1 месяц назад Your material is really exciting.
  • Justice martin
    Justice martin 3 недели назад yall both are beautiful ❤️❤️
  • Sadie Hearell
    Sadie Hearell 3 недели назад For a second she looked liked Hannah Montana’s bestfriend on the show I think her name was Emily😂
  • Ayee Jessie95
    Ayee Jessie95 1 месяц назад Make another drunk Makeup challenge part 2 with your friend
  • Alissa Peyrani
    Alissa Peyrani 1 месяц назад Ayee Jessie95 the part 2 challenge is up already (:
  • Ayee Jessie95
    Ayee Jessie95 1 месяц назад Oh shit its lit