3D Glass Screen Protector Installation Instruction - 181201

Published on Nov 30, 2018 6,475 views

  • Bert
    Bert 2 месяца назад Followed the steps perfectly and I accidentally made a sacrifice to the devil!?
  • TruthHurts 18
    TruthHurts 18 4 месяца назад Followed this video to the letter yesterday and today my screen protector is already coming off. Very poor product, I am going to arrange a refund and get one sent from a different company
  • Mike James
    Mike James 3 месяца назад well lets see how this goes for me. I bought the Otterbox Alpha and it pop'd off within a week.. apparently glass for the S9 is rocket science
  • ZhengJun Wang
    ZhengJun Wang 6 дней назад 你好,请问那个液体对人体有害吗
  • Renza M
    Renza M 3 месяца назад I can't speak to the longevity of this screen protector, however, their customer service is great. I goofed when I installed the first one, and they replied to the inquiry same day, and quickly sent out a free replacement. The replacement was a newer version than the one I had originally bought (which didn't have the back protecting sticker). 2nd application went well, glass adhered well. Looks good, and can type ok through the glass. Based on the customer service response only, I would purchase again.