Decor A to Z Special - Living Room

Published on Jul 5, 2010 480,070 views

This is a special episode on living room of Decor A to Z by Eric Leong providing step by step tips to enhance your home, in association with ICI DULUX MALAYSIA

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  • Ma Loy
    Ma Loy 5 лет назад The feature wall is blank
  • Ghanshyam Kumar
    Ghanshyam Kumar Год назад Ma Loy
  • Clive Sarwon
    Clive Sarwon 5 лет назад it's really nice
  • qinky qinkqonk
    qinky qinkqonk 5 лет назад U can just use the old furniture and tv set... Just repaint if u want to, change the curtain like the new one.. Put some extra light as accesories.. Done.. U wont waste lots of money
  • nav3sux
    nav3sux 5 лет назад wow amazing Eric Nice work seriously amazing work of art !!!
  • kamaliana kamal
    kamaliana kamal 5 лет назад Wow!! I always love eric...love his design..less is more but yet look exclusive..for those people with bad comment down there,this is we call malaysian touch modern classic style i think.people in malaysia who have high taste,would love chandelier,and dim light...maybe we different country,we hv different weather,season and taste..but please dont simply judge people..tq
  • Highway540 Avantgarde
    Highway540 Avantgarde 5 лет назад WOW factor is missing......
  • lienca20
    lienca20 6 лет назад Whereis the paintings on the right hand side wall?
  • MacBryan Lim
    MacBryan Lim 6 лет назад like ur presentation as well...nice!..straight to d poiints hehe :)
  • lifeohlife
    lifeohlife 6 лет назад Nice! Love Eric's personality as well.
  • Lotat MTB
    Lotat MTB 6 лет назад Lousy english. It sucks
  • ciceryo
    ciceryo 6 лет назад there isnt much on the walls. its not a good job in my opinion but he did make some good points in decorating in which he probably should have taken his own advice in lol
  • Emanouela Vladimirova
    Emanouela Vladimirova 6 лет назад haresva mi
  • TakeTheBeat
    TakeTheBeat 6 лет назад saw his face everywhere, He wasn't the king designer, was actually a king marketer.
  • nyamskal86
    nyamskal86 6 лет назад Good job eric....!!! Amazing....
  • eltv asia
    eltv asia 8 лет назад @LdyxPaulinee Thank you. ;-)
  • Pauline Nguyen
    Pauline Nguyen 8 лет назад Wow the makeover was amazing. Great job!
  • Siti Maryam Osman
    Siti Maryam Osman 8 лет назад sorry owner, but you had such bad taste! =S
  • ciara ban
    ciara ban Год назад Siti Maryam Osman YOU HAD A BAD TASTE
  • JavaGirl
    JavaGirl 5 лет назад There is no refreshing ideas and the result is ordinary. Put some light in a room, it will always looking beter.
    HAO RAN 4 года назад laughed my ass out. come on man, if owner got that money for all thing you brought in. they can do better.
  • Mohd.Zalie KL.Mndapo
    Mohd.Zalie KL.Mndapo 4 года назад ici good (kl)
  • محمد فیض مهدوی
    محمد فیض مهدوی 2 года назад The music makes the presentation hard to get focused on.