How to Style Bomber Jackets: FEAR OF GOD, FOG, Supreme + more

Published on Jan 29, 2017 41,352 views

In this video we will show you our favorite bomber jackets and how to style them dressed up and dressed down. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Nick and Stacy


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Supreme New York
Supreme NYC
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  • swzy V
    swzy V Год назад wait did she just say "this is very thick, so ill know it'll keep my cold"
  • Patrick Pham
    Patrick Pham 2 года назад Great video guys. Thanks for sharing and God bless :D
  • Mark Yeung
    Mark Yeung 2 года назад What size is your Fear of God jacket? Do they run big? Thanks
  • BaekAtChu
    BaekAtChu 2 года назад My Fear of God bomber from the third collection runs pretty TTS. Definitely not big/oversized fitting. Just get your TTS in bombers/outerwear.
  • Mark Yeung
    Mark Yeung 2 года назад So yours is Large? Thx for the reply
  • BaekAtChu
    BaekAtChu 2 года назад Yes sz L
  • Joshua Pang
    Joshua Pang Год назад Great video with some nice pieces! thinking about copping the bomber but unsure about the sizing, can i ask for your measurements?
  • Derek Leung
    Derek Leung 2 года назад damn i missed this vid.... Nick lowkey didnt show that HA maroon velour one doe lol
  • Dungsta
    Dungsta 2 года назад so are the fog bomber worth the $300? 🤔
  • BaekAtChu
    BaekAtChu 2 года назад That's a tough one. It's a good bomber jacket for sure, that somewhat replicates the Fear of God one. $300 is a little steep for what it is, since the materials don't really command that type of pricing. "Worth" is subjective though. If you really like it then it's worth it. If you're on the fence then don't buy it. If you can save more money and buy a used Fear of God bomber on grailed or a selling thread on Facebook then that might be a better route to go. Hope that answers your question.
  • Dungsta
    Dungsta 2 года назад BaekAtChu so would you drop $300 on another fog jacket?🤔
  • guannan
    guannan 2 года назад Hi really enjoyed the video but i would like to ask about the fear of god bomber jacket. I owned a piece and i usually check for flaws whenever i buy expensive clothing and on the armpit area of the bomber jacket, i realised mine has imperfections in the stitchings and everytime i lift up my arm wearing the bomber i feel that the armpit area might just tear open haha. I am wondering if you notice or had the same problem
  • BaekAtChu
    BaekAtChu 2 года назад Hey, no I haven't had that problem at all with my black Fear of God bomber. It's perfectly fine and I don't feel like it will rip at all. Too bad yours is like that, or maybe you're being paranoid with it ripping! lol
  • HEYBRODA broda hey
    HEYBRODA broda hey 11 месяцев назад gun n roses t shirt❤
  • J Gee
    J Gee Год назад I like the blue bomber in the intro.. where is it from ?
  • Lauren Glass
    Lauren Glass 2 года назад 👌🏻
  • Max Jerome
    Max Jerome 4 месяца назад Well done guys you're keeping me in the loop.
  • Xander Dior
    Xander Dior 2 года назад bro come swing by the channel
  • ur average hoe
    ur average hoe 2 года назад I fricking love it
  • Andre VR
    Andre VR Год назад Guys you have the BEST STYLE in all youtube literally!
  • datBula
    datBula 2 года назад that last fit _
  • Brandon Lukas
    Brandon Lukas 2 года назад Where did you get the black velvet corduroy bomber?
  • x2weeree
    x2weeree 2 года назад I got my bomber at ross for 15
  • Mantrailing
    Mantrailing 2 года назад Nice Video, love that Velour Bomber! You are so cute together :)
  • BaekAtChu
    BaekAtChu 2 года назад Thank you! It's definitely a very nice piece.
  • majo adamy
    majo adamy Год назад Song 5.40 ? Pls
  • El Cajon de Pepillo
    El Cajon de Pepillo 2 года назад It's expensive and it doesn't look expensive!...