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DIY How To Make Tiny House With Slime River Front Of- DIY Miniature Craft

Published on Aug 9, 2018 3,292 views










Today, I’m going to show you how to Tiny House With Slime River Front Of- DIY Miniature Craft from a few simple supplies. This is such a fun DIY project and just uses slime, clay and plastic. This is all in 1/200 scale so all the pieces are super tiny. It's a tiny doll house with tiny river and trees. It's colorful video for your kids!
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  • Elly Tran
    Elly Tran 11 месяцев назад How can we make that liquid??? 🤣🤣🤣
  • Mmm Mmm
    Mmm Mmm 11 месяцев назад thanks i
  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan 11 месяцев назад Colorful video. I really love the way how that lego can move! :D
  • Paula Church
    Paula Church 11 месяцев назад wow. Awesome, How to make Slime so beautiful???
  • Danielle Tamburro
    Danielle Tamburro 11 месяцев назад Pretty interesting, I think I'll try doing it
  • TIKTOK nosila
    TIKTOK nosila 11 месяцев назад So cool😍 I love your channel 💕
  • Ramirez Natalie
    Ramirez Natalie 11 месяцев назад Little house and a cool blue river....
  • Jasmine Mason
    Jasmine Mason 11 месяцев назад They used something special to make water in the river
  • Alie Nguyen
    Alie Nguyen 11 месяцев назад Do they have names??? :D
  • Victoria Kelly
    Victoria Kelly 11 месяцев назад You have a colorful field
  • Lan Phan dich
    Lan Phan dich 11 месяцев назад So cút
  • Caddie clinton
    Caddie clinton 11 месяцев назад ???