Carrier compressor vibration dampener mounts - show-n-tell

Published on Apr 28, 2013 35,770 views

I went to another property where they had a noise complaint from a Carrier commercial RTU.
I have used these cool compressor vibration dampeners before and decided to do a show-n-tell.

  • Duane Barry
    Duane Barry 3 дня назад The air conditioner for the apartment building next door sends out a persistent irritating low-frequency hum which resonates in the area between the two buildings and penetrates right into my apartment. It is impossible to tune out this noise and it has disrupted my sleep and made my home life miserable. The noise doesn’t sound like the loud rattling you hear from a typical air conditioner and the unit isn’t much louder than the larger ones next to it. Can anyone advise me on what to do?
  • hackfreehvac
    hackfreehvac 5 лет назад Yeah but this makes all the difference in the world when it comes to isolating vibrations in a rooftop unit. The compressor feels like it is on springs.
  • wilsh6969
    wilsh6969 5 лет назад i like the genuine copland mounts that are have the sleeve all the way through the rubber and bolt not a flimsy rubber with 5/16 shanks molded to the ends ! i think they are pretty cheap.
  • hackfreehvac
    hackfreehvac 6 лет назад I've replaced these compressor mounts for about 10 years now. No leaks. Nice troll account. Did you just make the Bill Smith one up to reply to yourself? I see that it was just created and used to troll a bunch of my videos. Speaking of videos... where are yours?
  • hackfreehvac
    hackfreehvac 6 лет назад Oh, we just lift them up with the pipes still attached. I did unbolt the accumulator from it's mount while lifting.
  • Xplicit7d9
    Xplicit7d9 6 лет назад Did you have to recover the refrigerant and cut the suction and discharge lines? Or are you able to get enough play to put them in while the compresser is still brazed in??
  • substance
    substance 6 лет назад Cool video. I have a couple of questions. 1. How did you move the compressor with the copper lines connected? 2. If the compressor is allowed to vibrate a tiny little bit on those new isolators, won't it eventually induce a crack in one of the copper refrigerant lines? Even a seemingly unnoticeable vibration, over years, could eventually cause a failure in the rigid copper line correct?
  • hackfreehvac
    hackfreehvac 6 лет назад They take these cars to the grease monkeys of their choice. And when I drive it I am usually busy doing what I do. Cops typically can just give a repair order for such a thing. Unless they are operating in pig mode. Which many do, in that pyramid scheme based corporation. The pigs love broken lights so they can make a stop (probably cause) and hope they find some marijuana or something to further fill our for profit prison system with non violent people convicted on victimless crimes.
  • hackfreehvac
    hackfreehvac 6 лет назад It's a company car, not mine. Just something we drive when we need to leave the facility. Such as when I get parts or when I go to another facility to do hvac for them.
  • Pierre Ruff
    Pierre Ruff 4 года назад Did u have to recover the freon to do job?
  • hackfreehvac
    hackfreehvac 4 года назад No. I just carefully lift the compressor just enough. The copper tuning will allow some flex.
  • Ned Goldsmith
    Ned Goldsmith 9 месяцев назад Found the part number: Carrier KA 75 UG - post how it works for you if you try it!
  • Laserblue
    Laserblue 6 месяцев назад Thanks Ned! Did you happen to use these? I'm wondering if the rubber is soft enough to dampen vibration with these.