How to Repair a Scuffed or Damaged Car Bumper for less than $100

Published on Dec 29, 2016 1,370,503 views

I will take you through all the steps to repair a scuffed or damaged bumper on your car for less than $100. Everything from sanding and repairing the bumper to priming, painting, clear coating and polishing it. I even go through how to remove orange peel which frequently occurs. Check out below for all the individual products I used in this repair.

I got all the painting supplies from AutomotiveTouchup.
This link will take you straight to the page to match your car's paint color.

Some of the other supplies I purchased locally and from Amazon.
Painters Tape: https://amzn.to/2So5p3V
Tack Cloth: https://amzn.to/2VdgRRS
Bondo Bumper Repair Kit: https://amzn.to/2RoEb00 or for larger repairs https://amzn.to/2Alwde2
Bondo Spreaders: https://amzn.to/2LAtH8k
Sandpaper Kit: https://amzn.to/2CBVdPN
The Random Orbital Sander I Used: https://amzn.to/2PKxZLA

  • Barf
    Barf 3 недели назад First off, always use a block when sanding otherwise the sandpaper will cut more material under your fingertips. Prep sol is essential before painting. It promotes adhesion by removing oil and grease. When you use tack rags, work in one direction. If you work back and forth like he did, the captured dirt will be left behind on the panel. Rotate the tack cloth so the inner surfaces are used too. When you squeeze the trigger on the paint can, don’t start painting in the middle of the panel. Always start off the edge and finish off the other edge. Mask those areas you don’t wish to paint. If you use newspaper, be wary of the small holes found in newspaper. I use butcher block brown paper. If you paint the first coat in a horizontal direction, paint the next coat using vertical strokes. On a metallic job, the final coat is known as a fog coat and is not directional. Wear a painter’s mask. Cancer is not fun. Don’t paint outside. Orange peel is caused by too much material applied too quickly. The first coat of rubbing compound is coarse. You can also use 1500 grit wet sand.The second and third application of rubbing compound uses a less abrasive compound.
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 1 день назад Griffon 327 Yep, 3M makes one or at very least wrap sandpaper around a firm sponge.
  • Griffon 327
    Griffon 327 4 дня назад You dont use a block on rounded surface you use a pad
  • ohh geee
    ohh geee 2 недели назад Awesome info!
  • Tam Trinh
    Tam Trinh 2 недели назад OK o
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 3 недели назад Thank you for all the great tips. I will pin this to the top because I think it highlights a lot of things I could have done better.
  • Mark Spudich
    Mark Spudich 2 месяца назад “I won’t call anyone’s name but obviously someone backed into some concrete...”
  • Wise One
    Wise One 6 дней назад I won't ( my wife ) call anyone's name ( my wife ) but obviously someone ( my wife ) backed into ( my wife ) some concrete ( my wife ), other then that the repair job looks great, just takes some time.
  • Julio Alvarez
    Julio Alvarez 4 месяца назад As a BodyShop owner you did an amazing job with this. Although this job would cost 200 and in one day of work itd be complete. Thats not the point, its about learning a new skill set, and for that i applaud you.
  • Paul Thibodeau
    Paul Thibodeau 2 недели назад $200... LOL. I cannot imagine what a $200 job would look like...!
  • Anthony Norbury
    Anthony Norbury 3 недели назад Well done, to get praise off painters too........ Brill
  • Choncord
    Choncord 1 месяц назад @Bruce Burns In UK that would be only around $150... About £100.
  • TheAfroboy1990
    TheAfroboy1990 1 месяц назад @Bruce BurnsJust buy new car.
  • Jim Mski
    Jim Mski 1 месяц назад @Elwood Blues same here, for my daughters 2012 Ford Fusion
  • Khoa Le
    Khoa Le 2 месяца назад (изменено) Is ur bumper plastic? Coz I had some small scratches on my car n took it to a panel Shop to get it fixed n they said that they have to replace the whole thing coz they can't repair if it's plastic, older cars they can coz older cars were built with aluminium newer cars are built with plastic. So can I fix it with a plastic bumper? Good job btw, looks like new, well done.
  • IBRanger
    IBRanger 2 месяца назад @Clint Holland P & C Enterprises ?
  • Andrea Wood
    Andrea Wood 2 месяца назад Great job but I too was thinking I'd rather pay a little more for all the time it took him. Brave guy for trying though 🤗
  • Captain Kaos
    Captain Kaos 2 месяца назад Bruce burns. I’m from Melbourne and that car would’ve been stolen before it was painted by a gang of suddanese scumbags. Then rammed into the first police car that attempted to pull it over. 👍🇺🇸🇦🇺
  • robert santiago
    robert santiago 2 месяца назад Biz Hacks my neighbor told me he buys the OEM matching color online from a company in florida , google it
  • C L
    C L 2 месяца назад @Elwood Blues That's great you have the know how and physical ability. I used to do all my work on cars too up until four years ago. I even helped on a total ground up rebuild of a 1955 Chevy when I was sixteen. Now I have COPD so I can't even wash them, and others can't do the work either for various reasons.
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 2 месяца назад @Brandon Scott Thanks for the tip. I hope to not ever do this again but will definitely remember to next time.
  • Jeris Barber
    Jeris Barber 2 месяца назад U did a great job buddy. Wow!! I'm doing my girls car and watch ur video while I'm doing. U explained everything perfect. Great job.
  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott 2 месяца назад Great video, looks good. I have a business doing this for local car dealers. They are happy to pay $200-$300 depending on the damage for a bumper repair like this. I spray 2-3 bumpers a day outside right on the used car lot. One thing I noticed is you did not scuff the bumper, you should use a scotch brite on the area you plan to clear coat so it has a good bonding surface. Other than that, very cool to see someone give this a go on their own! 👍👍
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 2 месяца назад @LOREN Reece Yeah, it was pretty bad. It wasn't hard to remove it but it would have been easier if it never existed.
  • LOREN Reece
    LOREN Reece 2 месяца назад You did a very good job. Very good informative video. But , man, the over spray. Lol
  • ataneja2104
    ataneja2104 2 месяца назад That is not true no one does for 200 in dc area more like $800. Detail cleaning is more than $200
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 2 месяца назад @Biz Hacks It's worth $220 in my opinion.
  • Biz Hacks
    Biz Hacks 2 месяца назад this was an amazing repair. I was looking for a video to fix this. my mustang has a scuff like that. but my issue I can't get the paint match so I have to have a body shop repair it. they wanted $220 to repaint the whole bumper cover
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 2 месяца назад @Komainu I actually already did. If you watch until the end of the video, it should recommend it. Or just go here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9lny1uA_To&t=3s
  • Komainu
    Komainu 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Clint Holland Thanks for the video. Can you do an update to show how the repair has held up? OH you have one! nevermind and thanks again!
  • Julio Alvarez
    Julio Alvarez 3 месяца назад Did not expect this to go off lol, but yeah sorry that that's the case for all of you. Those prices are ridiculous, I charge 1,200 for a full car paint job dependent on the state of the car. I'm from Miami if that means anything to you guys.
  • Kenny Gee
    Kenny Gee 3 месяца назад @Clint Holland oh yes
  • Elwood Blues
    Elwood Blues 3 месяца назад I lost a passenger side mirror off a Nissan. The body shop said come back in a month and we will need your car for a week. Cost: $800. I bought a new mirror on Amazon for $22, and primer, basecoat, and topcoat for about $12 per can. $60...
  • ahmad barnawi
    ahmad barnawi 3 месяца назад wtf its so expansive hhh here in my country it will definitely not surpass 60 dollar the whole card painting is 300 dollar you guys come to morocco visiting and fixing at the same time hhhh
  • C L
    C L 3 месяца назад Interesting, because when I went to three shops for an estimate for a couple scratches and a 1/2 inch small gouge they wanted $600-800 to sand, repair, and repaint.
  • Ian Mack
    Ian Mack 3 месяца назад cool
  • 4x4Scout
    4x4Scout 3 месяца назад 200? LOL please move next door to me. Here in Vancouver WA that would cost A lot more than that.
  • Nikki Mcdonald
    Nikki Mcdonald 3 месяца назад @Cindy Gomez same here body shop wanted to charge me 1,100.$ The damage was no more then the white paint scuffed and scrapped reveling black underneath.
  • Cindy Gomez
    Cindy Gomez 3 месяца назад Julio Alvarez actually I had shot and run in my Optima just like his wife. Same left side number, they want to charge me $1,000, I’m glad he did this video, I told him I was following his steps to do mine as well.
  • gjmob
    gjmob 4 месяца назад Definitely $700 in Aus, but the best part is the pride in doing it yourself. Every time that you look at the vehicle you remember doing it. The only problem is that the clear coat will probably fail long before the factory job. These jobs are good to do just before you trade in the vehicle.
  • Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns 4 месяца назад In Australia that would be a $700 job without doubt .
  • Winning Grinn
    Winning Grinn 4 месяца назад I just bought a sweet one owner 2008 Ford SuV 3.5 litre with logged maintainance record . I has only 94 k in 11 years . The only skuffs are the bumper and one ding in the fender . I will be winging some repairs myself
  • Winning Grinn
    Winning Grinn 4 месяца назад True , Julio ....The best teacher is trying .
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 4 месяца назад Thank you. I wished I could have found someone locally to do it for $200. It would have been worth that.
  • MrVato53
    MrVato53 3 месяца назад From one clueless guy to another . Great job..
  • Nate dannels
    Nate dannels 1 день назад 7:49 Does anyone else see a mean ass looking "hell hound"? 😳 Great job btw!!! 👍🏻
  • SAM Cook
    SAM Cook 3 месяца назад Clint, No need to apologize for anything. If people send hate mail your way they are the ones who need to apologize. You did a great job first time out and if I ever think to be brave and do something like you did I will watch your video again. Thanks
  • benz merc
    benz merc 3 недели назад Hate mail for something as simple as this...if such people exist, they are probably mentally ill, seriously.
  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 3 месяца назад Bravo! Sam.. you're right on. Clint - Thanks! I started using a rolling walker & wheelchair in the last two yrs. My car has a lot of scratches, especially in door opening. Body shops charge a lot to "chase down" those scratches. Now I feel much better I can protect my car from rust again. I can do this myself. Thanks again Clint!!!
  • David Sparling
    David Sparling 1 день назад Clint Holland...you’re a beast! I’m no pro body or paint guy, and I was LMAO as I watched you overspray your wife’s car. But...major props to you for not only doing this repair pretty darned well, but filming and editing for YouTube makes anything way more difficult. Very inspirational...btw greetings from a native Charlottean now in Dallas, TX. Saw your Toyota dealer’s name on back of vehicle. I used to manage the Volvo dealership across the street from there in late 80s early 90s. 😎
  • Error
    Error 11 месяцев назад I appreciate you for trying at least and posting a helpful video, it’s pretty damn good for someone who’s clueless
  • Amos Maphumulo
    Amos Maphumulo 3 месяца назад pr9 Po ml loop o no no I'm in loop no more no go,,b5 no vi no
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 11 месяцев назад Thanks.
  • Robert Applegate
    Robert Applegate 4 месяца назад Orange peel means the paint was drying on contact rather than flowing a bit before drying. It is a function of the temperature, the speed of evaporation of the solvents in the paint and the distance from which the paint is sprayed. Spraying in the sun on a hot surface promotes fast drying that also prevents the flow leveling of the paint on first contact.
  • Freddy T
    Freddy T 3 месяца назад Orange peel can be caused by not reducing/thinning the paint enough or applying too much paint.or air pressure too low. Spraying in the hot sun will cause a dry/gritty finish and poor adhesion..”
  • baileywhanau
    baileywhanau 4 месяца назад So if I read correctly... spraying in the sun (or on hot surface) is bad? Assuming we are painting the panel outside, what would be the ideal weather conditions and temperature?
  • Sticky59
    Sticky59 6 месяцев назад Happy wife....quiet life. Good job.
  • Ladosligese
    Ladosligese 3 недели назад @Bhatt Hole you say.. where is your husband i wanna kick his ass wich hopefully will leave permanent marks on his body and soul :)
  • Curtis Stapleton
    Curtis Stapleton 3 недели назад Exactly!!!!
  • Thomas Schoon
    Thomas Schoon 1 месяц назад (изменено) @PATRIOT MAN YEAH!😤 and you know why that is? Instinct, like in the genes, or the DNA, the chromosomes! Emotions! they know that works, why haven't they evolved after all these years? Men don't let their emotions get the better of them, I never nag my wife. Besides you know what they say it's easier to apologize than to asked for permission.......😉👍🤙
  • Bhatt Hole
    Bhatt Hole 1 месяц назад Question: What do you say to a wife with two black eyes?
  • Andre Towns
    Andre Towns 4 месяца назад True
    PATRIOT MAN 5 месяцев назад Good luck with that. They never shut up no matter what you do.
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 6 месяцев назад Exactly. And thanks.
  • Savannah Bananas
    Savannah Bananas 3 месяца назад Hahaha “I won’t call any names”
  • frauleinmona
    frauleinmona 3 месяца назад You did a beautiful job! You can't even tell that you did a repair on that part of the car! Awesome work my friend!😊👼👍🚗🌺✌🍀
  • Ladosligese
    Ladosligese 3 недели назад (изменено) my "new" favorite line .. if a little bit is good , then too much is better :D oh and nice job .. not trolling you now but .. please use a medium block next time sanding . and when doing the primer sanding get some cheapass black paint . and dust it on so you can see all the imperfections , just a tip not hate :D remember that please :)
  • D Mal
    D Mal 2 месяца назад If that's clueless, then I wish I was that clueless about alot of stuff. Great job!
  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 5 дней назад I think it looks pretty good. I've got 2 cars that I'm gonna do it on. I'll be using a lot of your video. Thanks!
    DENT ZERO 2 дня назад Great job ! But you really should be wearing a mask my friend ..Very dangerous
  • Neal Feero
    Neal Feero 2 дня назад Nobody backed into anything. "Those scratches just appeared one day".
  • TheObSeRvErTheObSeRv
    TheObSeRvErTheObSeRv 4 месяца назад From a PROFESSIONAL AUTO REPAIR MAN, You have done very well Remember PREPARATION is 90 percent of the EFFORT, And 10 percent PAINTING.
  • TheObSeRvErTheObSeRv
    TheObSeRvErTheObSeRv 3 месяца назад @drippingwax I presume that Maaco is a paint company or a auto repair shop. We do not have Maaco here in AUSTRALIA.:-( You would save heaps of money if you can spray it your self, because auto spray jobs from a auto repair shop are ... SUPER EXPENSIVE.
  • drippingwax
    drippingwax 3 месяца назад So, prepare yourself, and take to Maaco? :D
  • Clint Holland
    Clint Holland 4 месяца назад Thank you. Kind of like life I guess.
  • JasonECI
    JasonECI 3 месяца назад Damn good!
  • Amy Thomas
    Amy Thomas 2 дня назад Seemed like a lot of work, but you did great. Myself? I would just pay the pro to do it,lol.