Men's shirt into Pretty shirt with ruffles 100%upcycle refashion idea

Published on Jul 12, 2017 881,916 views

Hi mutuals!
Im back with my new diy this week.This time i decided to transmake a men's shirt into a pretty shirt with ruffles and ive hanged some design on shirt.
I really hope you like it and enjoy watching whole video.
If you have any questionas please, dm me, you are welcome
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All you need for diy:
- Men's shirt
- sewing tools: scissors, cotton thread ,pins, ruler etc
- mannequin (optional)
- Great mood for a great result (necessity)

My sewing machines:
Janome - SW-14 ( Japanese brand)
Overlock - Janome MyLock 087DW

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Nostalgia by Tobu https://soundcloud.com/7obu
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Final transformation :
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  • Magali Heitling
    Magali Heitling 9 месяцев назад Muito lindo. É uma pena que vc faz muito rápido.impossivel acompanhar. Mas ficou muito bom. Parabéns 🎊
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn 9 месяцев назад obrigado, farei o meu melhor da próxima vez
  • sahar abbasi
    sahar abbasi 3 месяца назад She is Ultra-Exteme gorgeous Love you from KASHMIR .
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn 3 месяца назад thank you Kashmir, its so sweet from you <3
  • flanmaryj
    flanmaryj Год назад I really like how neat you folded the ruffles! Different from many other videos I've seen with ruffle sleeves!
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад Ooh really? OMG im so glad that you like it, i have no words how can i explain my reaction to your comment. Thank you <3 <3 <3
  • Dani Carvalho
    Dani Carvalho Год назад Love this! Thank you for sharing it! You're very talented.
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад Thank you for watching, am really glad that my videos are not useless <3
  • Julia Palencia
    Julia Palencia 4 месяца назад Beautifull t.shirt confection lmy like thank you.
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn 3 месяца назад Thank you Julia
  • Motivation With DerrickHudsonVlogs
    Motivation With DerrickHudsonVlogs Год назад Great video 😀 ... by the way I subbed your channel. I look forward to watching more of your videos.
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад thank you
  • Pink Marshmallow
    Pink Marshmallow Год назад Wow! That is so pretty. Love it!
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад thank you Tina
  • Jill Bass
    Jill Bass 1 месяц назад Sooo cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing, you're very creative and talented. Jill 😊❤
  • Krislynn Antão
    Krislynn Antão Год назад super cute but maybe a lower neck line would also be cute.
    ANI LEGAZPI 11 месяцев назад I like the music who sing??? Nice job
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn 11 месяцев назад thanks btw music is by Dj Quads - dreams
  • Wakana Vki Rachel
    Wakana Vki Rachel Год назад Is that EVER pretty!!! And, what a Different look.. Thanks!!!!
  • kerlourein gepaya
    kerlourein gepaya 2 месяца назад So pretty! Viewing from Philippines🇵🇭
  • Rashi Rashi
    Rashi Rashi Год назад wow you are just amazing n your diy's super amazing 😍😍 will try for sure...❤❤ thanks for an awesome video 😘😘
  • tabs ali
    tabs ali Год назад post some vedios more.. I m waiting ....please
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад Thanks you, im tring to upgrade my channel, so i think soon i will be back
  • tabs ali
    tabs ali Год назад super cute and beautiful
  • tabs ali
    tabs ali Год назад you deserve this
    SEW ALDO 11 месяцев назад I love the pleated ruffle sleeves, so pretty!
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn 11 месяцев назад girl i love it too, thank you so much for watching and for ur comment <3 Stay tuned, im planning to come back and do more interesting diy projects
  • H281
    H281 Год назад So pretty💘 loved the top..
  • getshee peter
    getshee peter Год назад Can you put another video on how you did the neck part alone. Plz
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад Its requested right? Now problem, soon i will do it, just stay tuned
  • kismet bridgeforth
    kismet bridgeforth Год назад Beautiful Work!
  • Abby Essn
    Abby Essn Год назад thank you <3