Android Jetpack: Improve Your App's Architecture

Published on May 14, 2018 55,953 views

Announced at I/O 2017, Architecture Components are one part of Jetpack. These components include Room, LiveData, ViewModel, Paging, WorkManager and Navigation. Used separately they solve common but complex architecture issues, such as managing Android Lifecycle (LiveData/ViewModel), or handling background tasks (WorkManager). Used together, you can ditch the boilerplate, build robust apps faster, and focus on the code that makes your app unique!

Check out the docs and samples:
Architecture Components docs → https://goo.gl/guDBdr
Architecture Components samples → https://goo.gl/9AzUSz
Gradle dependencies → https://goo.gl/xD4evT
App Architecture Guide → https://goo.gl/j5Zztk
Guide to Background Operations → http://bit.ly/2wjVHZI

Check out the codelabs:
Room with a View Codelab [LiveData, ViewModel, Room and the architectural guidance] → http://bit.ly/2FS6YQD
Android WorkManager Codelab → http://bit.ly/2KGdQ7g
Android Navigation Codelab → http://bit.ly/2rs7jEy
Android Paging Codelab → http://bit.ly/2rmSqDk
Android Lifecycle-aware components Codelab [LiveData and ViewModel] → https://goo.gl/OBkIfC
Android Persistence Codelab [Room] → https://goo.gl/AMwWvx

Like videos? Check out these other DevBytes:
Room → https://goo.gl/1ePbRb
ViewModel → https://goo.gl/i6Xh8c
Paging Library → https://goo.gl/UmkLTG
LiveData → https://goo.gl/exEQbm

Watch more Android Jetpack videos here → https://goo.gl/kw8LPv

Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here → https://goo.gl/vLYDU

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  • Hamza Nasir
    Hamza Nasir Год назад Just a quick feedback: Kindly show examples for both Kotlin and Java, not just one. PS: Google is love.
  • Hamza Nasir
    Hamza Nasir Год назад Robin Richtsfeld Oh I see. I hope both these tech giants get to the same page.
  • Robin Richtsfeld
    Robin Richtsfeld Год назад They kinda have to. It's about the Oracle lawsuit. Android already uses a custom runtime (once Dalvik, now ART) not even compatible with JRE specs. They even transitioned to OpenJDK for all parts of the API. But Oracle is still suing Google for use of Java trademark regarding the language (syntax). Kotlin is not only compatible to Java bytecode but to Android DEX files. By promoting Kotlin as the primary development language, they're fixing the remaining part of their problem with Oracle.
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    axel9641 Год назад Please reduce the boilerplate required to create UIs.
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    Areeb Jamal Год назад Have you checked out Anko?
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    Jorge Escobar Год назад I wouldlove to make app navigation faster and consistent. thanks.
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    Mads Vium Asbjørn Год назад Looks great, thanks :-)
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    Jarvias Owens Год назад @AndroidDev @Google #AndroidP should Implement swiping up from the home screen displays the app drawer, while swiping up from the pill brings up recent app windows. Shifting the pill to the left acts as the back button. While on the recent app windows swiping up on an app toggles split screen and swiping down on the app trash it; plus add a clear all button.
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    Peter N Schjem 1 месяц назад Thank you for the video. Good walkthrough. The lecturer explained it very clearly. Sincerely from a computerengineer student in Norway.
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    John Tinashe Tsoro Год назад Just did this on Udacity #googleafricascholarship #alcwithgoogle 😊😊
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    Mohammad L Год назад awesome man, may you please tell me which course was?
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    Sieński Witold Год назад A very good set of tools. I use them all and development is easier.
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    eatthepi Год назад I wish the timeline was a little more clear on this work. Is the API not stable? I don't mind migrating code later... Does it work now?
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    B L Jangir Год назад (изменено) That,s really excellent one .
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    Alex Newman Год назад great stuff!
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    Upward Год назад please,say what happens when user in nav controller click back button?(fragment/activity)
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    Ankur Gupta Год назад Only networking library is missing now.
  • Horsecock
    Horsecock Год назад Retrofit is simply better in how it's structured. You move all the networking logic to interfaces, and calling those network requests is very straight forward with RxJava. With Retrofit, you can make a network call, and get the actual Object result in 3 lines of code. You could probably wrap the Volley logic in a class to hide their logic, and pass in a callback and all that jazz, but Retrofit already has it covered.
  • Yogesh Kurane
    Yogesh Kurane Год назад Seakleng Say Volley is the official networking library by Google. Why go retrofit ?
  • Horsecock
    Horsecock Год назад They said they won't work on anything like that, Retrofit already solves the problem. Same with libraries like Glide, there is already a great solution, no need for Google to do it.
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    Shakil Shaikh Год назад if I am Using Realm what is good LiveData Or Listener ?
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    Sitare Foundation 6 месяцев назад How to handle WorkManager in Doze mode? How to get the guarantee that work manager is going to run even it goes to Doze mode and comes back ?
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    vishnu neelancheri Год назад Nice video. Very helpfull for developers