How To Hide & Unhide A Folder Using "CMD" (Command Prompt)

Published on Jun 19, 2012 161,059 views

There r many ways to hide and unhide a folder. but many people use harmfull softwares to hide thier folders wich r compeletely unsafe. my this video will show you how to protect your personal datas,family photos/videos, ETC from the others.
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    Ashish Yadhuvanshi 3 года назад (изменено) No need of using single word named file ,You can use multiple name file like as Attrib <local_drive>:"mp3 song" +h +r +s +a Using " " double quote u can use any type of file name
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    Earl Vezzrav Barrera 3 года назад Please help me. I followed carefully your instruction but after hitting enter Its say access denied - G:\ System Volume Information Can you help me? Appreciate it big time Man! Thanks in advance...
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    Tech Zaada 3 года назад +Earl Vezzrav Barrera run CMD as Administrator.
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