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How to install multiple softwares automatically with Universal silent switch finder & Command prompt

Hi guys f&D is back with another video In this video i'm going to show you how to install multiple software's automatically with cmd using universal silent switch finder this is also called silent installation you can install 100+ softwares using this method automatically with single click. if you are using this method i am sure that it will save your precious time without any doubt enjoy the video thanks for watching link for universal silent switch finder

Customize your Windows 7 Image(iso) by adding softwares,updates,tweeks

This video teaches you how to customize windows 7 image to integrate tweeks,customize it,add drivers,updates,manipulate services and make unattended installation

Create Silent Install Pack

How to Create Silent Install Pack,

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How to create multiple software install

Sometime you want to spend a few time on installation the software on computer. OK just watch this video together

if you haveInstaIled you have installed a fresh copy of windows, you might need to install several other softwares of daily use. Here is a simple trick to avoid the old boring way of manually downloading and installing each and every software.

Just Follow the video and with one click all your required softwares will be downloaded and installed automatically.
So you can sit back and relax.
A simple guide on how to download and install alll required softwares on a fresh windows installation.

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