In this tutorial, learn how to draft a shirt/blouse from a bodice block.
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    Off The Bespoken Path 2 дня назад This is the second video I watched at work and can’t hear. This video looks legit.
  • Off The Bespoken Path
    Off The Bespoken Path 1 день назад @Flairbeat Mix-ups always occur when I'm up to my tricks. lol.
  • Flairbeat
    Flairbeat 1 день назад @Off The Bespoken Path oh! LOL, got it)) 😂
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    Off The Bespoken Path 1 день назад @Flairbeat Woops, I meant that it is really loud at work and can't hear it. Your sound is just fine. Great work.
  • Flairbeat
    Flairbeat 1 день назад Don't know what the problem might be, it sounds ok from my end. Am working on sound in future videos. Thanks so much for watching) 💕