Air Conditioner capacitors - Basic Info - HVAC troubleshoot & AC repair

Published on Jun 26, 2016 117,767 views

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It’s a Titan TRCFD6075, Dual Run Capacitor, MFD 60/7.5 Volts 440/370

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Remember to please please please know what you are doing when it comes to electricity. Triple check the power is off and confirm with a voltmeter. Be sure to educate and qualify yourself for the task before you begin.

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  • Curiosity
    Curiosity 2 года назад (изменено) Something also to keep in mind here is that capacitors are as dangerous as the 240 VAC coming into the unit. Do not touch the terminals unless you know the capacitor has been discharged completely. It may be defective or degraded but it may still have a high voltage charge on it that will make a bad day for some. These capacitors are high voltage batteries essentially.. I had not watched till the end where you show the discharge... This should be up front with the warning on 240V... Good video...
  • AdamDIY
    AdamDIY 2 года назад you are so right. Thanks for the comment!
  • Keep it Real
    Keep it Real 2 года назад Yes, I got shocked by one before and it was not pleasant. Safety first.
  • Curiosity
    Curiosity Год назад I didn't listen and have one on hand, mine failed the first run of the season today, ordered two on Amazon just in case. Didn't feel like running outside to get the spec off the cap at night, they don't make it real easy to look it up online either. Even the Lennox PDF on my model only says C12. Repairclinic had it listed as a 35+5 440. My model is the Lennox 10ACC-030-230-03 in case anyone runs into the same issue.
  • Ana Mendez
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  • Heidi S
    Heidi S 1 месяц назад Just to add my "you-can't-be-too-careful" suggestion.... I always discharge when taking a new one out the box. Someone could have returned it, and it COULD (although highly unlikely) have a charge.
  • محمد الهادي
    محمد الهادي 10 месяцев назад Perfect video Thank you very much sir From Sudan
  • surapon tirmariyabuit
    surapon tirmariyabuit 2 года назад very helpful for the one that 's not electrician on DIY hobby,thank you very much.
  • andre pimentel
    andre pimentel 10 месяцев назад Could you please tell me what if this capacitor will work for a armstrong concept 1000 model numberscu10g36a-1 serial number1605g06309?" The capacitor is rusted I can't read the details.
  • john smith
    john smith 3 месяца назад Nice video. What’s an affordable AC capacitor multimeter you are recommend sir
  • The greatest name ever
    The greatest name ever 2 года назад video explaining relay circuits?
  • Murray Segrest
    Murray Segrest Неделю назад While shorting the terminals is always a good idea when handling any capacitor, it should be remembered that capacitors store a charge only when charged with direct current (DC) . Capacitors used in alternating current (AC) circuits do not retain a charge due to the constantly changing polarity of AC. You are not likely to be shocked by the run capacitor from an AC motor. But your advice is sound; better to err on the side of safety. Good video.
  • Ferd Vega
    Ferd Vega 9 месяцев назад Great video. My question is, when so corroded, how do you know which is common or Herm?
  • Prasath Veluchamy
    Prasath Veluchamy 6 месяцев назад helo my dear friend you check multimeter to connect through prope on any two terminal which one difer two terminals high is this compressor .which one is very low this one fan .look like compressor test crs..
    GERAL BONNY 9 месяцев назад Can i use a 370 volts dual run capacitor to change 250 volts that’s is the original in wall air conditioner
  • rishi raj
    rishi raj 7 месяцев назад Gerald Bony yes even 440 Volt
    GERAL BONNY 7 месяцев назад rishi raj ok thanks
  • Rocket Rider
    Rocket Rider Год назад at 7:11 Just trying this out: Plus or minus 5% of 60 uF is 3. So, for this capacitor the OK range is 57 uF - 63 uF.
  • AdamDIY
    AdamDIY Год назад Rocket Rider Correct
  • LeQuang
    LeQuang 9 месяцев назад Great video Very helpful . Thanks Like it
  • Jd Toledo
    Jd Toledo Год назад you're awesome man thanks for sharing.
  • azimmey
    azimmey 2 недели назад Thank you much. I only have a tester with an ohm 2000 and 200 but do you have to remove all the wires to test?. I tested with wires on and it said 3 for herm and 90 for fan. Does not sound right.
  • ksmons
    ksmons 6 месяцев назад You should never touch the leads. Even new Caps, you never know if someone plugged it up, charged it and returned it to the store. Especially for tutorial purpose, you should always show and explain to "never ever" touch the terminals with bare hands regardless of status.
  • AdamDIY
    AdamDIY 6 месяцев назад Good point! thank you for posting.
  • ksmons
    ksmons 6 месяцев назад @AdamDIY And thanks for the video. It was helpful.... Just wanted to point out that one thing.
  • kaloian krastev
    kaloian krastev 2 года назад Hey that is the best video on youtube explaining capacitors! Well done! Can you make one more video in details for contactors, how they work, how to wire them ant etc. Thanks one more time
  • Hywel Paragas
    Hywel Paragas 2 года назад Yes that would be very helpful !