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How to Test Motor Start and Motor Run AC Capacitor of ac fan and compressor

In this video, I have tested a 440VAC 30 MFD start capacitor by using 4 different methods. So that if you don't have a Capacitance meter, still you can test the capacitors. Previous Video: How to Test Capacitors with and without Multi-meter. 01:13 [1st method:] In the first method, I have tested the start capacitor without using any multimeter. If you don't have the multimeter or any small DC source then you can use this method. But you have to take proper safety precautions. 03:22 [2nd method:] In this method, I have used a 20 volt DC source to charge the capacitor, and a small DC load to discharge it. 04:37 [3rd method:] In the 3rd method, I have used a multi-meter that has ohm scale, to test the start capacitor. with the above 3 methods, you can check the charging and discharging of the capacitor. 06:24 [4th method:] In the last method, I have used a multimeter that has capacitance (Farad) scale to test the capacitor. This is the most accurate method for testing the capacitor. If this video helped you out please don't forget to Subscribe, give it a Thumbs up and share it with your friends. Thank you very much for your support! Find us on Facebook: Other useful videos - How Capacitor work in AC and DC circuit? How to Test MOSFET transistor using Multimeter by some easy methods How to make Basic relay circuit and How a relay works

AC Unit Not Turning On - How to Fix It

Is your AC unit not turning on? Or maybe it's running but not cooling? This video walks you through a lot of the common fixes while explaining how it all works. We suggest watching the whole video so that you can understand the big picture of how your AC works and be able to figure out why your AC is not working on your own. But if you are looking for a walkthrough on something specific, here is a timetable you can use: 0:00 Sweet Intro 0:08 Introduction 1:07 Everything works but fan outside not spinning (easy fix) 1:41 Where to start first 2:20 A look at the thermostat 5:31 What to check for at the furnace 12:11 Condeser AC unit overview 16:36 Contactor (how it works and a quick test) 18:19 Capacitor 19:46 Dirty Condenser Coil 20:24 Mouse Nest 21:40 Condenser Fan Motor 25:08 Compressor 27:38 Freon 29:35 Questions or comments Check out my "How to Fix Your AC" playlist for more videos on how to diagnose and fix your air conditioner yourself! :) And The following.. Is a giant list that you can use as a reference. :) The parts and tools I list would be the ones I would buy for myself. BUT it's purpose is more to steer you in the right direction then show you the exact part/tool you need. So please do your due diligence and do some research to make sure the part you are ordering will fit your unit. Parts that I mention in my AC videos: 1 Pole 30 Amp Contactor: 2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor: SPP6 Hard Start Kit: 30+5 MFD Capacitor: 35+5 MFD Capacitor: 40+5 MFD Capacitor: 45+5 MFD Capacitor: 50+5 MFD Capacitor: Qwiklug Compressor Wire Repair Kit: 3 Amp Fuses: 1/4 HP Blower Motor: 1/3 HP Blower Motor: 1/2 HP Blower Motor: 3/4 HP Blower Motor: FM55 Blower Motor Bracket: 5 MFD Capacitor: 10 MFD Capacitor: 15 MFD Capacitor: 30 Amp Disconnect Fuses: 25 Amp Disconnect Fuses: 20 Amp Disconnect Fuses: For those who are interested. Tools that I have/use in my videos: The Best Flashlight: UEI Multi Meter: The Best Drill: Magnetic Drill Bit Set: Motor Hub Puller: Amprobe Psychrometer: UEI Dual Manometer: Multi Tool Wire Stripper: Magnetic Nut Drivers: Knipex Cobra Pliers: 2 Piece Crescent Wrench Set: 14 Inch Pipe Wrench: Magnetic Tray: Screw Drivers: Stubby 6 in 1 Ratcheting Screw Driver: Stubby Magnetic Nut Drivers: Fuse Puller: Flexible Drill Bit Holder: Long Drill Bit Extension: Angled Drill Bit Holder: Drill Bit Extensions: UEI Temp Probe: Zoom Spout Oiler: Hex Key Set: DeWalt Drill Set: Wire Connectors Set: Wire Nut Set: Voltage Pen: Pocket Extendable Mirror: Magnetic Jumpers: Mini Alligator Jumpers: ECM Service Tool: Klein Step Drill Bit #15: Color Coded Snippers 3pc: Refrigeration/Air Conditioner Tools: R22 and R410 Refrigerant Gauges: High Side Replacement Gauge: Low Side Replacement Gauge: R410a Refrigerant 25lb: Refrigeration Wrench With Hex Bit: Tube Cutter 1/4-inch to 1-1/8-inch: Tube Cutter 1/4-inch to 2-5/8-inch: Twin Cylinder Recovery Unit: Vacuum Pump: SuperCool Slide Rule: Ball Valve Refrigerant Hose Set: Low Loss Refrigerant Hose Set: HVAC Fish Scale: What I use to film my videos: Sony A6300 16-50mm: Sony 35mm Fixed Lense: 60" Tripod: Rode VideoMicro Microphone: Neewer Halo Light:

LOKRING Solder free tube connections for the repair and installation of refrigeration and air cond

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No AC Call Back Old Trane Another Company Sabotaged

I return on a no ac call to the Trane unit another company put a 20mfd capacitor to power the condenser fan that needed a 5 mfd capacitor. My first trip was sept 5 and here I am returning October 3rd. The condenser fan motor had power yet couldn't spin. the original video is

How to refill air conditioner by R22 (video 32)

How to refill air conditioner by R22

My multimeter→
This is the capacitor I show in the video. Check specs before you buy→
It’s a Titan TRCFD6075, Dual Run Capacitor, MFD 60/7.5 Volts 440/370


Remember to please please please know what you are doing when it comes to electricity. Triple check the power is off and confirm with a voltmeter. Be sure to educate and qualify yourself for the task before you begin.

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