21 Houses You Won't Believe Exist

Published on Jun 29, 2016 2,086,030 views

Amazing houses from around the world that you wont believe until you see like the most narrow apartment and the house w/ glass walls.

  • Alesha Coats
    Alesha Coats 2 года назад Off the Grid, it's a HOBBIT HOLE, so cute!
  • Tumwebaze Edwards. rest in peace our dia one's
    Tumwebaze Edwards. rest in peace our dia one's 1 месяц назад Q '
  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer 3 дня назад I don't even Kno if my house was expected till I if there
  • Kaylena Rivera
    Kaylena Rivera 1 день назад 19. Looks like an Flinstone house only me......okay...
  • Maris Iyekoretin
    Maris Iyekoretin 1 день назад You will disine my my house in Jesus name amen
  • Sharon Lundmark
    Sharon Lundmark 23 часа назад Great video. Soooo fun
  • Third Vision
    Third Vision 2 года назад No. 19 I guess is owned by Cricket Legend Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
  • Pia JDo!kl
    Pia JDo!kl 4 дня назад yes you are right
  • Legend Muhii
    Legend Muhii 2 часа назад The upside down house is something else
  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore 2 года назад the house with a slide in
  • Oreo Cookies1
    Oreo Cookies1 2 года назад Vid: *shows a lot of beautiful houses Me: lives in an ordinary house 😭😭😭 😂
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    Aegis_Knight 2 месяца назад that is in no way funny at all
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    Lorea Mariz 3 месяца назад same
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    Lisa Wheeler 9 месяцев назад Oreo Cookies1 싸인
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    Ngô Thị Ngọc Yến Mrs 9 месяцев назад how can i download this video ? can you tell me the answer? i need it very much!!!
  • Ngô Thị Ngọc Yến Mrs
    Ngô Thị Ngọc Yến Mrs 9 месяцев назад bạn ơi cho mình hỏi download video ve kieu gi nhi???
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    Kanchan Kamble Год назад Kimberly Urbina xxx
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    Kimberly Urbina Год назад 👍
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    Essy Varghese Год назад Waylon Hambri
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    WAYLON Hambrick 2 года назад Oreo Cookies1 same 😭😭😭😭
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  • lulunxtic '
    lulunxtic ' 2 года назад Then me, l live in an extraordinary small home duh
  • Hjøshdun with you, yas
    Hjøshdun with you, yas 2 года назад at least you live in a house
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    Gesica Sargarovschi 2 года назад BE THANKFUL 😑
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  • Marcie Pollack
    Marcie Pollack 2 года назад Oreo Cookies1
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    Lexie Calvillo 2 года назад 😳 wow
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    Salome M. Williams 1 месяц назад Plain house
  • Elono Pats
    Elono Pats Неделю назад I want to spent one one night in all the houses
  • Anne Wachira
    Anne Wachira Неделю назад Glass house🔥🔥🔥👍
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    Ainembabazi Brenda Неделю назад Plane shape me Lol😘😘
  • Thulasizwe Sizwe
    Thulasizwe Sizwe 1 день назад An number 8
  • Samuel Gachoki
    Samuel Gachoki 4 недели назад Looking design to build a church...
  • Karen Adams
    Karen Adams 10 месяцев назад The Shell House with all the beautiful different colored glasses absolutely stunning !!
  • محمد عامر رضا
    محمد عامر رضا 3 недели назад yea i like that one two!!! :) nice comment~
  • zubeidu deen jannah
    zubeidu deen jannah 1 месяц назад looks can be deceiving😂..preety cool house...No(3)
  • Hamid 112
    Hamid 112 2 года назад looks can be deceiving house is the best
  • Jennifer Gill
    Jennifer Gill 1 месяц назад The"Shoe house" is 20 min from where I live. It's an ice-cream shop now. They give tours, but it's soo small only 4 or 5 ppl r allowed at a time to see the upstairs. And less than 10 ppl can actually fit in the main area, where u buy & eat icecream. I take my kids sometimes. It's in Pennsylvania.
  • Cris Brown
    Cris Brown 1 месяц назад Jennifer Gill ah i see