Quiet Installation for multiple programs with a batch-script

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AutoIt Scripting Tutorial 9 Automating Installers & Programs Part 1

In this tutorial I demonstrate from start to finish, the process of automating the process of installing software. This tutorial uses MouseClick function and covers the example of installing MalwareBytes anti-malware. This is not only useful for installing software, but also for performing actions on software automatically that you would otherwise have to do manually. Companies can use this to save time as well as individual people. In the next video I am going to show some other things that can be done in these circumstances such as directly interacting with buttons etc without needing the window to be on the screen at the tim (without using the mouse to click them). I will also cover typing information into boxes. So while this part 1 video shows the process of installing software, the next part 2 will be just showing these additional things rather than showing the whole process all over again. Please like and subscribe :-) Enjoy.

Episode #322: Batch Files for DOS Shell Scripting in Windows

In this episode Eli the Computer Guy shows you how to create Batch files in Windows for DOS Shell Scripting. This allows you to run a number of DOS commands on a Windows computer simply by executing a .bat file. Other Useful Videos: In Episode #321 Eli shows you how to map network drives using the Net Use command in DOS. http://youtu.be/tozfMBjwg2Q

10 Cool Command Prompt Tricks You Should Know

If you want to use command prompt on Windows 10 more efficiently, you should know some CMD tricks. Well, we bring you 10 hidden Command Prompt tricks & hacks you should know. Video Walkthrough and Tricks: 1. Encrypt Files 2. Change CMD color 3. Change prompt text 4. Change title of the Window 5. Watch Star Wars in ASCII 6. Create WiFi Hotspot 7. Hide Folders 8. Copy Command Output to Clipboard 9. List all installed programs 10. Open a CMD window in a directory Bonus: Some handy CMD keyboard shortcuts. Read our detailed article at: http://beebom.com/command-prompt-tricks-to-know/ Subscribe to our channel, as we post new videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/

Create Silent Install Pack

How to Create Silent Install Pack,

What do programmers actually do?

I left a physics job to do software engineering. Was it worth it? What do software engineers actually do? Thank you to YouTube for sponsoring this video! http://yt.be/jobsforphysicsgirls Subscribe to physics girl: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=physicswoman Software engineers and programmers code everything from virtual reality to artificial intelligence to unique instruments like engineer Ben Bloomberg made for musician Jacob Collier. Are you considering new job or career? Me too. http://physicsgirl.org/ http://twitter.com/thephysicsgirl http://facebook.com/thephysicsgirl http://instagram.com/thephysicsgirl PO Box 9281 San Diego, CA 92169 Creator: Dianna Cowern Editing: Jabril Ashe Animations: Kyle Norby and Jabril Ashe Thanks to Ben Bloomberg and Kyle Kitzmiller!

Quiet Installation for multiple programs


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