How to Make an Overgrown House for D&D

Published on Sep 14, 2018 598 views

This video shows you step by step how to make an old overgrown and abandoned looking house for your tabletop RPG! I play 5e D&D, but it's really perfect for any tabletop gaming.

I use a proxxon hot foam cutter when working with foam, but you can use a knife and get pretty close to the same results!

This doesn't need to be expensive by any means. I think if you only counted the parts of the materials I actually used, this came out to less than 5$. Of course there are a lot of up front costs, but if you have most of the materials already on hand, this is a pretty cheap build!

I used XPS foam, paints from walmart, mod podge, hot glue, a single leather rivet, PVA glue, and some woodland scenics coarse grass turf. I sealed everything in a thin coat of polyurethane at the very end to make sure that the house was protected once I was all said and done.

For a custom piece of terrain like this, I am extremely happy with how everything turned out. This was a first for me in a lot of way, so I am proud of the work that I accomplished.

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  • Keiei H
    Keiei H 7 месяцев назад Be careful wearing rings while using machinery, glue and similar crafting/carpentry. I don't want you to lose a finger or worse the ring could rip your flesh off of your finger.
  • Rybonator
    Rybonator 7 месяцев назад If I ever had a band saw or anything I would take them off. This is just a hot wire, worst it could do is singe a hair or two on my arm haha. :) Thanks though!