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At the end of each year I like to treat my executives with a gift, so I went to see Seth at Essential Watches in Beverly Hills to pick up a few pieces for my team.
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  • Sir. Karni
    Sir. Karni 6 месяцев назад Wow this man said, "lets start with some low priced watches, like $10,000/$12,000" i swear rich is a whole other language lol
  • weareone
    weareone 6 дней назад @Kyle Climer That is the game over for me
  • Obama Oh Yeah Yeah
    Obama Oh Yeah Yeah Неделю назад My parents make over 900 grand in a year and I make around 400 grand a year and still I don't think that 10 thousand dollar watches are cheap. Quite funny.
  • Reed Hyde '24
    Reed Hyde '24 2 месяца назад thats pretty cheap the cheapest rolex is 5.5k and is laced with diamonds. hes making an investment.
  • MuzzstepTV
    MuzzstepTV 2 месяца назад I mean or his market value is higher than yours, you never know he might have come from nothing?
  • 713 Fishing
    713 Fishing 2 месяца назад what a waste of money , who the hell wants to wear used watches, id rather buy some used pussy..
  • Shawn
    Shawn 2 месяца назад patek philippe rare watches can sell for millions
  • Max Connolly
    Max Connolly 3 месяца назад J.R. Brooklyn they are literally the same thing you nonce🥴
  • rizki faskia
    rizki faskia 3 месяца назад Haha
  • E1iTe NsD
    E1iTe NsD 3 месяца назад It’s when he said “ when they search it up and see 29,000 there gonna think I’m a cheapskate
  • BreadBanana
    BreadBanana 3 месяца назад @Vice City not always. Rich can means so much more than just money. Wealthy is the exact word to use when you do. If you have enough assets and you are set you are wealthy
  • Vice City
    Vice City 3 месяца назад @BreadBanana you can do that when you're rich as well
  • BreadBanana
    BreadBanana 3 месяца назад @Vice City it's not about being richer it's if you can afford to stop working taking care of your family in any shape way or form if your daughter get cancer you can pay all her treatment buy them stuff that's being wealthy. Being rich you can be rich of heart that doesn't mean shit.
  • Vice City
    Vice City 3 месяца назад @BreadBanana i refused to believe that wealthy means being richer than being rich
  • BreadBanana
    BreadBanana 3 месяца назад @Vice City no and no you can be rich but not wealthy. I guess you're too poor to know the difference
  • Vice City
    Vice City 3 месяца назад (изменено) @J.R. Brooklyn wealthy is a synonym for rich it doesnt matter how much money you have idiot
  • J.R. Brooklyn
    J.R. Brooklyn 3 месяца назад @Vice City having a million dollars is rich having Jeff Bezos money is wealthy. know the difference. facepalm
  • Vice City
    Vice City 3 месяца назад @J.R. Brooklyn rich and wealthy is the same thing facepalm
  • Third Shift Millionaire
    Third Shift Millionaire 4 месяца назад Sir. Karni 10k to 12k for a luxury watch is nothing.
  • ayy_itsme
    ayy_itsme 4 месяца назад I can't even afford a watch at the thrift store
  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown 4 месяца назад Sir. Karni lmaooo
  • It’s fissy
    It’s fissy 4 месяца назад its all relative.
  • Daniel Yin
    Daniel Yin 4 месяца назад yes after that I hide my Casio in my wash machine
  • J.R. Brooklyn
    J.R. Brooklyn 5 месяцев назад there's a difference between rich and wealthy. this man is wealthy.
  • Kucingd Terbakard
    Kucingd Terbakard 5 месяцев назад I got a Casio for 80 and I was like I'm the shit but app not
  • A Cat
    A Cat 5 месяцев назад The dude is flipping coins for thousands of dollars.
  • Kyle Climer
    Kyle Climer 5 месяцев назад Right! That is the high end for me.
  • Opera Singer
    Opera Singer 5 месяцев назад like Latin
  • Armando Sturzenegger
    Armando Sturzenegger 5 месяцев назад You are thirsty cityboi?
  • s aamir
    s aamir 4 месяца назад Mostly people get angry and jealous of seeing people rich buying watches.. But this guys personality is amazing.. His respect to others, I feel great watching dis guy
  • Tanner M
    Tanner M 2 недели назад I'm not knocking him but as a business owner myself all of this is a write with a good accountant. I buy a few of my clients $300 dollar bottles of wine no where near what he spends still a nice gift none the less.
  • PhilipB
    PhilipB 3 недели назад You're right. What bothers me is not his wealth. I know many rich people who don't even spend 2000 on a watch. Class is elegance. Elegance is tact/discretion. It is not only in how nice you treat others. it's also, how you make others feel. if you walk around dressed like a gay pimp at a mardis gras parade with a 200k USD watch, you're so flashy you make others uncomfortable. It shows your insecurity, your desire to be noticed (your success, your power, etc...). His desire to give back is really beautiful. His desire to show the world he is giving back is what i find ugly.
  • Parental Guardian
    Parental Guardian 3 недели назад relax with your assumptions..maybe thts what you think
  • Tom Requiem
    Tom Requiem 1 месяц назад His mascara work is fantastic.