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30' X 30' HOUSE PLAN WITH CAR PARKING (100 sq.yard)

For Download PDF (नक्शा यहाँ से डाउनलोड करे) https://bit.ly/2CW8nY5 https://bit.ly/2KyfqZ9 https://bit.ly/2GSKEvP https://bit.ly/2CUGAqT यह प्लान खरीदने के लिए सम्पर्क करे: TERMS & CONDITIONS ( नियम और शर्ते ) ध्यान से पढ़े उस के बाद CALL करे:- इस Number पे Whatsapp कर सकते है, WhatsApp no. 08920953347 CHARGES ONLY FOR PLANING (नक्शा) TOTAL ADVANCE PAY with PAYTM 50 गज (450sq.ft.) PLOT नक्शा 1 Floor का Charges 500 Hundred (500 Per Floor Amount Plus + हो जायगा) 3D ELEVATION के लिए 3000 Thousand only. 100 गज (900sq.ft.) PLOT नक्शा 1 Floor का Charges 1000 Thousand (1000 Per Floor Amount Plus + हो जायगा) 3D ELEVATION FRONT FACING लिए 5000 Thousand only.

Small Modern 2 Level House with Interior Walkthrough

A Modern 2 Level House ideal for 7m x 15m = 105 sq.m. lot size. with 1 Car Garage, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Toilet & Bath, Kitchen, Dining, Laundry area 2 Living Area and Balcony. Complete Plan Blueprint Set available. www.housedesignerbuilder.weebly.com

Best Plan for your dream house || Low Budget Home Plan || Bangladesh

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SOLD: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath 500 sq ft Home to be built at Lot X-3 www.MyHomeInEdison.com

In Edison Mobile Estates we are always improving the community and the value of everyone's homes by removing older homes (trailer from the 40's and mobile homes from the 60's) and replacing them with quality affordable MANUFACTURED HOMES. All our homes are for sale and are owner occupied. We do not rent. Subleasing is not allowed. We do not have "low income housing". Our goal is to improve the reputation of Manufactured Homes by moving away from the traditional concept of mobile home and trailer expectations. In fact this unique housing industry has had an incredible evolution! in the 1940s they WERE trailers! And really were trailed around the country as Americans took to the highways and byways in their cars! In the 1960s they were mobile homes and were very mobile, hitched to the back of automobiles. But in 1976 the federal government created the HUD code and thereafter they were called MANUFACTURED HOMES because the building standards now met or exceeded state home building codes. At every manufacturing facility federal inspectors check every home for this high standard. Essentially MANUFACTURED HOMES are the same as an onsite home except the price is much lower because they are built in a facility where weather conditions do not affect progress and supplies are all on hand. It's an amazing process! "The BEST kept secret in Middlesex County" What's needed to buy a gorgeous new home? 1) 10 % down payment 2) Credit score of 650 or better 3) No more than 43% debt to income ratio STEPS 1) Visit Edison Mobile Estates at 852 US Hwy 1 North Edison, NJ 08817 by calling (732) 287-1839 or emailing us at maria@dolanhomes.com to make an Appointment to see or order your Gorgeous New Home. 2) Contact these three Manufactured Home loan providers: First Credit Corporation Rich D’Elia, Vice President 21 North Main St Gloversville, NY 12078 800-562-6036 www.Firstcreditcorp.com Key One Mortgage Inc. Joseph Esola, Owner 960 Ashley Ave Southwest Vero Beach, FL 32968 800-253-8018 www.keyoneinc.com Triad Financial Services Anna M Stewart, Internal Marketing Kevin Archer, Regional Manager (937) 205-2011 125 Mooney Dr, Number 1 Bourbonnais, IL 60914 888-936-1179, ext 2247 www.Triadfs.com 3) Complete the Resident Application for our Community. There is a non-refundable $35 filing fee per adult. All persons to reside in the home are to be listed including children. The application is available by emailing maria@dolanhomes.com. This application authorizes a criminal and credit check on each person. 4) If the houses we have are sold, you get the amazing opportunity to order your own Gorgeous New Affordable Manufactured Home. Once you know your budget or receive your loan approval from the Finance Companies you make an appointment to meet with Mr. Dolan to order your Home on one of our available lots. Monthly lot fee of $585 includes: City water and sewer, Garbage and recycling pick up, Mail delivery, property taxes and maintenance crew on site, office on site, care of common areas including streets (snow plowing and leaf blowing) Join us at Edison Mobile Estates 852 US Hwy 1 N Edison, NJ 08817 (732) 287-1839 maria@dolanhomes.com www.dolanhomes.com #DolanHomes #EdisonMobileEstates #manufacturedhome #homebuilder #quality

How to Install Exterior Stone on Wall ( Wall पर Stone कैसे स्थापित करें)

#HowtoInstallStoneonWall # StoneInstallationonWall hello dosto es video me main aap ko exterior wall pr stone ko kaise install kre ...kya best process hai stone install krne ka... mdf jali cutting with hand https://youtu.be/lfVKXTdumZs Beautiful stone work https://youtu.be/LzsoBuV7cmE 30'x45' residence plan https://youtu.be/2AzxwFnMrWQ what is pvc laminate ? 90 degree bend https://youtu.be/ox62l8K3YUI Charcoal Decorative Sheet for Interior https://youtu.be/wVTPwVgrhk4 Epoxy mortar for concrete (concrete Epoxy grout) https://youtu.be/i_v0BdbmmYM Best Roof Insulation method with soil and brick tile https://youtu.be/4a9qz8E9CaE Roof Insulation with Polyurethane Foam https://youtu.be/QEoufC_UMj0 How to Build a Glass Aquarium Box ( with uv glue) https://youtu.be/M5b9HT3IJmw Aquarium Installation on site https://youtu.be/-3MIpblLAaA What is Acrylic Laminate (High Gloss Acrylic Laminate) https://youtu.be/tewaoz1vpR8 How to Joint Acrylic to Acrylic (Acrylic Joint Adhesive) https://youtu.be/KKs6r701zFE Fevicol Heatex Good/Bad (कहां पर use करें,कहां नहीं??? ) https://youtu.be/6zjhHyjXtsY What is UV-PANEL https://youtu.be/DWAisrrES1o 10'X4' MDF JALI ( MDF JALI SIZE) https://youtu.be/n1HmiW94KNo Lakh Dana & Spirit Polish https://youtu.be/KRwryyGmBI0 Toilet Sunken Slab Construction https://youtu.be/gffzdUQU3yk Difference Between Plinth Beam and DPC https://youtu.be/7EW9OY6gWJA CONFUSION ABOUT PLINTH BEAM AND DPC .. https://youtu.be/9_FTjbuuC0M

30' X 30' with 600 square foot construction area house plan with car parking, Hey guys this is a 30' X 30' house design single storied house plan which I make a 3d view of this building inside and outside with 2 Bed Room, 1 Toilet, 1 kitchen, 1 dining, and 1 hall come living room.

Hope you like this video if you want to see your plot with our 3d vision then comment us first on the dimension of your plot and what you require on your plot we'll make this as soon as possible.

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