This video is a gentle introduction to Reactive Programming. Using a number of real-life examples that show why it is a good idea and how it can make your life easier (and your code better).

Sherlock: https://github.com/politie/sherlock
ReactiveX: http://reactivex.io/

André Staltz has a nice intro from a different perspective: https://gist.github.com/staltz/868e7e...

  • Fahad Shah
    Fahad Shah 10 месяцев назад This was amazing. Can you please do more, Paco?
  • Oskar Helling
    Oskar Helling 6 дней назад This is a great video. Finally some tools on how to think about and visualize all of this. The Excel-analogy was an eye-opener for me.
  • kim92se
    kim92se 4 недели назад Sir what a way to elaborate using awesome examples !!!!!!
  • djstr0b3
    djstr0b3 3 месяца назад This is concise, clear and explain the subject really well. Looking forward for more videos from you!
  • David Yew
    David Yew 3 месяца назад This is a professional animated presentation I had seen so far. Keep up the great work!
  • Jun Li
    Jun Li 7 месяцев назад Thank you for a great video, really liked how you break down the problem and then put the solution together using visual examples.
  • Musobar Media
    Musobar Media 5 месяцев назад very good explanations, thank you sir
  • Xiao Feng
    Xiao Feng 7 месяцев назад Great job! But now I'm wondering when you take us up to eleven?! Thanks!
  • Jon Do
    Jon Do 3 недели назад It's very good, maybe you should also explain what could go wrong if you use only switchmap or combinelatest but not both together. Because at the moment it looks for me that switchmap would solve the bug but Im still thinking about it.
  • Paco van der Linden
    Paco van der Linden 3 недели назад SwitchMap is used to make sure you have the correct exchange rate, combineLatest is needed to combine a stream of exchange rates with a stream of chosen amounts.
  • rajankit911
    rajankit911 2 месяца назад This is very intuitive video. You are a very good teacher and I would love to watch more lessons from you.
  • Arman A.
    Arman A. 9 месяцев назад beautifully expained. Thanks Paco
  • Qian Bang
    Qian Bang 4 месяца назад love your explanation. Very easy to understand and relate.
  • Hitesh Rana
    Hitesh Rana 3 месяца назад Thanks for the informative video.
  • Diego Hidalgo
    Diego Hidalgo 11 месяцев назад Well Explained! Keep on doing this! Thanks
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    gowan rohit 3 месяца назад thanks sir for this nice explaination
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    Vishnu Dutt 11 месяцев назад Thanks, very well explained
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    iman bhlool 6 месяцев назад very useful. thank you dude.
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    sreid70 4 месяца назад Great visualizations and explanations!
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    Hesam Gholami 11 месяцев назад Very nice, thanks for this great vid
  • Patrick Luy
    Patrick Luy 5 месяцев назад So, outside of User Interfaces, what are the practical use cases of Reactive Programming? Or is it just a UI paradigm?
  • Paco van der Linden
    Paco van der Linden 5 месяцев назад Definitely not only UI! Most introductions cover UI because it solves a lot of the problems that have plagued UI programming for decades. Any piece of software that reacts to events or deals with asynchronous behavior could benefit from this paradigm. Note that that is such a broad definition that almost anything qualifies. Events could be incoming requests, responses to outgoing requests (to any async operation really), updates from a database, changes in a filesystem, time (passing), etc. An example: calling a third-party service on updated values in your database, but debounced to not exceed your quota.