Blazer vs. Sportcoat vs. Suitcoat

Published on Feb 20, 2012 490,439 views

What's the difference between a Blazer and a Sportcoat? Tim Cornell tells us ...plus the history behind it. Check the Virtual Tailor at www.tomjames.com/the-virtual-tailor for more great content!

  • Nikhil Vetam
    Nikhil Vetam 4 года назад Damn. So simple, straight to the point, no bullshit. This is what I call quality content. P.S. You said it all like a boss.
  • 12496
    12496 3 года назад @Nikhil Vetam Right!?!
  • Kent Yammo
    Kent Yammo 5 лет назад What if I go swimming in my suit and a shark come and eats the lower half of my body.... When my body washes ashore will the police report say "corpse was found wearing a sport coat"?
  • Don Cankook
    Don Cankook Год назад No, because a suit coat is still a suit coat- you would just be dressed badly without the trousers.
  • Daouda Mar
    Daouda Mar Год назад Kent Yammo idiot
  • ZeroToEverything
    ZeroToEverything 3 дня назад very well said, together with the information from the other channel, i have a solid definition of what is a suit, blazers and a sports,. thanks a lot, this one gives me the closing information i need.
  • Jan Klosowski
    Jan Klosowski 4 года назад Too simple to be true. And it's not. Sport jacket – can be navy blue as well. It's more about casual details like patch pockets, cotton fabric, shorter fit, no shoulder padding etc.
  • LateToTheParty7
    LateToTheParty7 3 года назад +Jan Klosowski True, but I took this more as a primer to give you a solid introduction, then you can focus on the other details.
  • fullstrutn
    fullstrutn 3 года назад @Jan Klosowski and you can also get a sport coat with matching ''breeks and waistcoat,or a gamekeepers outfit that all 3 pieces match so still???????
  • Mandeep Baweja
    Mandeep Baweja 3 года назад Sport coats has Throat latch! Elbow patch! Loose fit! Sometimes it has suspender like braces in its shoulders for bike riding with ease! Also patch pockets and variety of colors, patterns and weights! Also can be solid velvet!
  • ted marshall
    ted marshall 2 месяца назад Nice and straight to the point with solid information. And he didn't try to sell me anything. Thank you!
  • Joe E Kennedy
    Joe E Kennedy 4 года назад Thank you for this very informative video. Straight to the point and just what I was looking for. Thumbs up.
  • freakjob0
    freakjob0 4 года назад Awesome video. Straight to the point and simple!
  • jerrxu
    jerrxu 5 лет назад So when I buy a suit, I automatically get a sport coat as well? Sweet...
  • 666miguel99
    666miguel99 7 месяцев назад @e james good insight.
  • e james
    e james Год назад suit coat is finer material. It would look odd if you tried to use it as a sport coat.
  • Don Cankook
    Don Cankook Год назад No, because the cut is a little different; a bit more spacious inside to move arpund, like for riding a horse.
  • Rex Erection
    Rex Erection Год назад (изменено) jerrxu He said not to but I'm doing it. Get more combinations.
  • Delkomo
    Delkomo 5 лет назад The video should start as such: "What we have here" is a very ugly tie knot!
  • h 2
    h 2 5 лет назад and that over long tie! couldn't get past 20 secs with that mess. sorry.
  • Luis Orosco
    Luis Orosco 5 лет назад i though I was the only one that noticed!
  • King mob
    King mob 5 лет назад Thank god someone else saw that!
  • papelase
    papelase 4 года назад Great video, Great back ground music, well explained
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    tlyfanic 4 года назад Perfect video 5 stars. Fast, Clean, and straight to the point.
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    Trey Smith 4 года назад Fantastic, simple explanation. Thanks!!!
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    Tony Wu 5 лет назад Astoundingly clear video. Thank you
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    Dev Ji 3 года назад It's a great video that enlightens us absolutely to the fashion.Please keep up the good work and thank you for providing us the knowledge on coats.
  • V Hase
    V Hase 4 года назад i really love the blazer because its really confuy and fits snug
  • Dawud AbdYAHU Bn-YasharAL
    Dawud AbdYAHU Bn-YasharAL 8 месяцев назад I like how they've got the Black music playing in the background
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    GoSimple 3 года назад definitely needed in your closet
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    Daniel higa 4 года назад thanks a lot!! =)
  • R. Scott Duncan
    R. Scott Duncan 4 года назад Really informative video. Thanks.
  • Tom a
    Tom a 4 года назад You forgot to tell people about their differences in pockets and cloth/material...