How leather is made

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Leather is one of the earliest crafts, dating back thousands of years. The hides and skins come from many parts of the world to be used in realizing car interiors, sofas and armchairs. To keep it always smooth and nice, you have to take care of it.

  • John Marksman
    John Marksman Год назад haven't seen so many people look at the camera since wizard of oz
  • ion7
    ion7 4 года назад That's why leather is expensive, so many processes.
  • ben kerr
    ben kerr 5 лет назад I used to work in both a finishing and  a wet end tannery, i was working on the maintenance, not direcctly on production.this video brings back some memories, but you missed out the most notable thing in any tannery, especially for a first time visitor,  the smell.
  • Jeff Graham
    Jeff Graham 3 недели назад Oh hell yeah!!!! Gut wrenching. I sailed across from Gibraltar to Morocco and walked thru a tannery🤢. The stench was indescribable. You have vat after vat of animal skins soaking in horse piss , baking in the hot sun 🤮! Got the picture?
  • Kinga Grzesik
    Kinga Grzesik 3 месяца назад A smell of dead animals?
  • s. ashar
    s. ashar 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Does anyone know the filler used in scratch or damaged leather? What is it called "spooker"?
  • ben kerr
    ben kerr 5 лет назад @adaapadengansepender not exactly an expert, i just maintained the machines, you could have a look at the website of the company i worked for, andrew muirhead and sons .
  • Shah . Sultan
    Shah . Sultan 5 лет назад mind to help me ? i am from malaysia, doing some research on tanning. can help me with some advice ?
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    BewareTheIdes 3 года назад IS THIS WHAT JONY IVE USED TO DO BEFORE GOING TO APPLE. The announcer in the video literally sounds exactly like him.
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    Andres Silva 1 месяц назад BewareTheIdes that's exactly what I thought as well. I wonder if it shows up on IMDB! Lol i gotta check and see.
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    Tristan Wintle Год назад The complexity, intricacy, and perfection behind the leather making process is just strikingly beautiful.
  • K Bristow
    K Bristow 5 лет назад Brilliant video, thank you for posting - learnt a lot! 
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    Inhalin1514 3 года назад Much respect to the operators and to the engineers who designed those machines! Very cool!
  • Rant Time
    Rant Time Год назад I was thinking the same thing, the engineering behind the machines is top notch, aseptically the stretchers (Skynet is coming)
  • Inhalin1514
    Inhalin1514 3 года назад +Saith Farzam Sounded to me like they use a chemical process to tan here but of course I respect the tanners too lol..chill bud
  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 17 часов назад Probably Italian Tannery because you won't find many British ones I think there's a different environmental standards for this country
  • Alma Chroma
    Alma Chroma Год назад This is why I don't tan my own leather
  • SidewaysInTraffic
    SidewaysInTraffic 5 лет назад No wonder it's so expensive. 
  • John Ace
    John Ace 3 недели назад This video is very misleading didn't actually show you what grade the leather is and they all just put it together!
  • Faisal
    Faisal 4 года назад if animals skin is cost a lot of money if the shirt were not that animal that would be $10
  • Paragon of Design by Skrocki
    Paragon of Design by Skrocki 4 года назад wow... interesting... I make a lot of items from leather now I know how it's done!
  • Brenda Ramirez
    Brenda Ramirez 5 лет назад To clarify, this video highlights how upholstery leather is created. This isn't for garments, the leather is too thick.
  • Clifford Sikora
    Clifford Sikora 1 месяц назад @Mark Kent , I've heard some are split as much as twekve times.
  • Mark Kent
    Mark Kent Год назад In the video the leather is split in half once, however, for purses, shoes, wallets and other fine leather creations, it is split one or two more times to make very thin but sturdy leather products.
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    D R 6 лет назад This is the dullest narrator ever.
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    Aiyoukim 6 лет назад Lol. Watch out guys, we have an extraterrestrial over here.
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    Andriy 6 лет назад Wow, you must have a low capacity to think don't you? Insignificant human being.
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    nophoenixnobull 6 лет назад great work- like it -
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    serundipity 6 лет назад Having music play in the background, while making the video more pleasant for those who have no or little interest in learning, make it more difficult for those of us interested in the subject.
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    EZRIDER327 6 лет назад and THAT is why this video is about MODERN leather making in the "past" the leather was used at the thickness it came off at
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    EZRIDER327 6 лет назад EWWWWW squishy
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    Tyler Schmidt 2 года назад this is the best background music possible for a video about leather production