How to make a Savile Row Suit (Part 1) – with Anderson & Sheppard | FASHION AS DESIGN

Published on Oct 3, 2017 776,014 views

Follow the making of a bespoke three-piece suit in the style of Savile Row at the helm of one of the best British tailors, Anderson & Sheppard. – Behind a drawn curtain, a master cutter takes an initial series of 27 measurements: 20 for the jacket, 7 for the trousers. From these measurements, the cutter fashions a pattern in heavy brown paper. At the cutter’s table, the cloth is cut in using heavy shears, and the many pieces of fabric are rolled for each garment into tiny packages, which await the tailors.

Watch Part 2 of "How to make a Savile Row Suit"

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  • Anderson & Sheppard
    Anderson & Sheppard Год назад Thank you for coming to see us and for including everyone.
  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett Год назад Hi, your cutter says 4 before he starts measuring, could you tell me as to what this relates?
  • 01892_dad
    01892_dad Год назад This is amazing. The chap with the beard sums up what you expect a tailor to be. Competent, confident and a true craftsman. All I need to do is save up for about 25 years to make an appointment!
  • tyrannhosaur
    tyrannhosaur Год назад This is better than the Kingsman sequel
  • andrew tucker
    andrew tucker Год назад tyrannhosaur bullshit, the Kingsman suits were all made by Huntsman and Sons which is the dearest on Savile Row
  • ?,?,
    ?,?, 4 месяца назад No music thankyou very much , sick and tired of a documentaries with music .
  • Auto Math
    Auto Math 6 месяцев назад Any ASMR fans here?
  • Steven Biars
    Steven Biars Год назад I can appreciate the necessity of an expert on jacket fitting, and a separate expert on trouser fitting.
  • Depnialex Pakpahan
    Depnialex Pakpahan 10 месяцев назад It is actually really amazing that these guys actually wear suit while working at the cutting table...
  • Fnord Fnordington
    Fnord Fnordington Год назад glad these old trades and their local craftsmen still exist.
  • YoungManDub
    YoungManDub 1 месяц назад 1:15 he's ESTABLISHING sizes for a navy suit for war. Also, sandwich breath.
  • Metal Mac
    Metal Mac Год назад I tip my hat to everyone involved in the process of making fine suits. These folks simply amaze me. Thank you for sharing this video.
    JAZZ MAN 11 месяцев назад Savile Row is the first place I’d go if I won the lottery.
  • yang yunlin
    yang yunlin Год назад I actually find this clip very satisfying
  • ciroalb3
    ciroalb3 Год назад they should show cutting a check pattern, matching up all the checks
  • bonesman
    bonesman Год назад I love everything about this video
  • michael ratcliffe
    michael ratcliffe Год назад (изменено) What a Beautiful Shop. I am so grateful these fine People choose to continue to operate their Business with such respect. It’s time to slow down take a breath and contemplate how much we have devolved thereby removing so many of life’s pleasures. The Process of Purchasing a Suit is an opportunity to create a relationship,equate character,examine how we express ourselves from an aesthetic perspective. What a joy to take time and study the refinement of our shape. It should be such an enriching moment in life. The deeper you delve into various incremental aspects of this experience the more one realizes how many things we do at all levels to close rather than open doors to thought. Please continue to honor us with such excellence and respect.
  • Rafi Rahman
    Rafi Rahman Год назад i love watching these kinds of videos
  • ?,?,
    ?,?, 4 месяца назад Thankyou for letting us in your establishment.
  • audie2k
    audie2k 7 месяцев назад Pray robots don’t replace these skilled folks.
  • Erik From
    Erik From 3 месяца назад I love how the tailor smiled when he told the story about the pocket for the passport. Very genuine.
  • Blankface91
    Blankface91 Год назад (изменено) I think I could watch a two hour long movie of just mr. Malone (3:22) talking, his accent is extremely relaxing