Choosing paint colors for your home can be quite a challenge. Learn tips for selecting the perfect color that's right for you and your space from professional interior designer, Noelle Parks. More "how to paint" information may be found at http://www.dunnedwards.com.


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  • SelwynNRuelan ll
    SelwynNRuelan ll 2 года назад great now i know what color to pick in my sims wall ^^
  • Nikki JesusIsLord
    Nikki JesusIsLord Год назад Trollolol lol
  • Lhyne Alpha
    Lhyne Alpha Год назад Trollolol haha! Me too.. i play sims
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    justraegan 9 месяцев назад hahahhaa
  • Mirryn McWilliams
    Mirryn McWilliams 8 месяцев назад Actual same
  • Callie
    Callie 2 года назад my mom just painted all the rooms blue because she likes blue hahaa
    SUNDAY! 2 года назад (изменено) SodaPopJX LoL what about you room?
  • nada Alabbasi
    nada Alabbasi 10 месяцев назад Callie god bless her
  • Artisan Creations
    Artisan Creations Год назад (изменено) Never paint the sample on the wall people. The blue tape will leave a ridge when you pull the tape off that will telegraph thru any new paint layer. Plus it will have to be painted over by primer. And if you get distracted and don't paint, your stuck with those paint squares for months. Paint it on poster board and move the sample around the room.
  • Brady Wood
    Brady Wood 2 года назад I want to do all walls light grey and then one orange statement wall
  • Darla
    Darla 3 года назад I'm unfamiliar with this brand but the video helped me, thank you!
  • fabian herrera
    fabian herrera Год назад Dunnedwards is on the west coast . I have been using for 18 years
  • John Melville
    John Melville 2 года назад Helpful video, thank you, and Noelle Parks is very attractive!
  • David Smith
    David Smith Год назад Can you change the color of a living room set, I thought I was buying a living room set to match my carpet on my floor’ witch is between red& burgundy, when I got the when I got it home I found that it was brown, the store lighting was very low, it maid the furniture look a difference color in the store. Can I change the color.
  • Deepti B
    Deepti B 3 года назад (изменено) Very informative ad helpful. @Dunn-Edwards Paints, Could you let us know what is the color code of light green color used in bedroom that is shown in the video at 1min.19sec duration?
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 3 года назад +Deepti B The color is DE5561 Lazy Caterpillar and the trim and ceiling color is DEW325 Vanilla Shake.
  • Missbahsa
    Missbahsa 3 года назад recomend me a neutral color
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 3 года назад +Missbahsa Swiss Coffee DEW341
  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez 2 года назад She sounds like Megan from Family Guy, but the video was super helpful thanks!
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад Area rugs and artwork are great accessories to pull all the colors in the room together as well. It’s ok to purchase the furnishings first, however, have the full color palette with you when choosing the furniture by taking color chips from the paint store and go shopping with them. This way, if you decide on a beige sofa, you’ll know which shade of beige looks best. Or, if you’re looking at accessories, you’ll purchase the right shade of light blue or fuchsia.
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад Hi Dawn – a great start to putting a room together is to have a general color palette in mind for all the items in the room. For example, choose 3-5 colors within a room that you want – light blues, sandy beige, white, and a shot of fuchsia. Then take these colors and pull them through the room – light blue walls with 1 wall accented fuchsia, white trim color and sandy beige for the sofa, house ware accessories in white, light blue and fuchsia.
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад When looking at colors for your bedroom to make it feel warm and cozy, look at warm neutrals to create warmth in the room. Here are some warm, soft colors to test against the current furnishings, artwork, rug and lighting in your bedroom. Also, these colors will work with a variety of bedding choices should you want to change out your bedding over time. DE6192 Nomadic Taupe, DE6199 Pale Beach, DE6206 Desert Suede, DE6129 Rustic Taupe, and DEC716 Stonish Beige. Happy painting!
  • Carrissa Tammy Williams
    Carrissa Tammy Williams 5 лет назад I am re-decorating my room, new furniture and all. at the local ( bunnings) there are all different types of paint to choose from. But I do not know what my furniture will look like. do I buy the furniture fist? I was thinking of light blue, violet purple, or a nice dark shade of pink! please help
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад And as a fun twist, add a pop of hot pink paint as an accent wall. Test DE5069 Cherry Hill, DE5048 Pink Punch or DE5083 Deep Hibiscus against your hot pink décor to see which works best. Happy painting!
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад With the color combination of hot pink, black and white furnishings and décor, here are a couple of directions. One, if you want to keep your walls white, we suggest a cool white to better complement your color scheme. Here are 3 to try – DEW379 Igloo, DEW380 White or DEW383 Cool December. Another option is to paint a light neutral backdrop, here are 3 colors to try – DE6312 Fine Grain, DE6220 Porous Stone & DE6227 Muslin.
  • chloe cherry
    chloe cherry 5 лет назад i was wondering what color should a paint my bedroom i spend most of my time in it so i would like it to feel warm and cosy though i don't think cream is enough it may be to plain! whats your top advice?
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад When choosing your dining room area rug, suggest looking at multicolored rugs with a warm neutral background. Also suggest pulling in the blue from the tiles and this should be one of the main colors in the area rug. A last suggestion is looking at the architecture of your home and the flooring already in your dining room. Many rug companies section off rugs by style so for example, if you have a Spanish-style home, review that collection first to capture the full breadth of styles and colors.
  • VButterfly kite
    VButterfly kite 5 лет назад Thanks for the colors. I wanted to add a large rug for the dining table; I was wondering what are the best color to choose?
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад And...Option 3 – go with a cool neutral color for a coastal vibe. Three options are DE6226 Foggy Day, DEC786 Miner’s Dust or DE6296 Sculptural Silver. Lastly, if the blue tiles and architecture are Spanish-inspired, go bold with terracotta or orange walls. Try DE6103 Copper Lake, DE5256 Soft Leather, or DE5214 Tawny Amber. Happy painting!
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints
    Dunn-Edwards Paints 5 лет назад For your dining room there are several great options to pair with blue tiles. Option 1 – go with a warm neutral color such as DE6128 Sand Dune, DE6142 Floating Feather, DE6149 Cream Washed, or DE6191 Exclusive Ivory. Option 2 – if the blue tiles are Tuscan or French inspired as well as your architecture, yellows are great to pair with blue. Three options are DE6164 Canary Island, DEC728 Madera, or DEC742 Cameo.