Advanced Data Binding - Google I/O 2016

Published on May 25, 2016 29,265 views

Android Data Binding preview was introduced at Google I/O in 2015, and released later that Fall. Come and learn about new Data Binding features, including two-way data binding and lambda expressions. We will also talk about the design decisions behind Data Binding's architecture, how it works with animations, RecyclerView, dependency injection and the best practices you can apply while you are integrating it with your application.

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  • Sascha Wagner
    Sascha Wagner 3 года назад Jason Bourne is teaching me data binding. :) Btw: one of the better presentations from the IO. Thank you.
  • Eric De Wildt
    Eric De Wildt 3 года назад I was thinking the same thing about George when I first saw him.
  • Dawid Hyży
    Dawid Hyży 3 года назад Yeah! When it will be included in any documentation?!
  • Mitch Besser
    Mitch Besser 4 месяца назад Yup... Do you need v2 as still in docs.
  • Kaustubh bhagwat
    Kaustubh bhagwat 5 месяцев назад LOL
  • Dawid Hyży
    Dawid Hyży 3 года назад indeed :-/
  • deviantstudio
    deviantstudio 3 года назад Yep, docs are still obsoleted by a year or so
  • vibovitold
    vibovitold 3 года назад 25:28 this is clearly a bug, you got it backwards. you DO want to animate the texts if they are NOT equal. you'd like to exit early only if they ARE equal.
  • Ragunathan Pattabiraman
    Ragunathan Pattabiraman 3 года назад Databinding is super useful. Thanks.
  • Ed George
    Ed George 3 года назад Some documentation and examples of the 'new' functionality would be great. I am a tad disappointed that a company like Google do not release documentation along side these announcements
  • Eric De Wildt
    Eric De Wildt 3 года назад Love this video and the Data Binding library. All my future products are going to use DBinding.
  • Bryan Bryce
    Bryan Bryce 2 года назад Documenfreakingtation, please.
  • ajinkya badve
    ajinkya badve 3 года назад Need an space link anybody has it?
  • Abdulrhman Babelli
    Abdulrhman Babelli 3 года назад I think this is the link : https://github.com/google/android-ui-toolkit-demos
  • Thuong Le
    Thuong Le 3 года назад Thanks 2 guys. It is the best video I have watched about data binding
  • Vlad Gorlov
    Vlad Gorlov 2 года назад Feels like it useful only in simple cases. In complex UI I would avoid "XML-programming" ,)
  • Wouter de Vos
    Wouter de Vos 3 года назад I have limited experience with DataBinding and I'm a little unsure what they are referring to when they talk about "Presenter" in the talk. Are they talking about MVP or is this something specific to DataBinding?
  • vibovitold
    vibovitold 3 года назад I'm not affiliated with them, and I agree they could be more clear, but based on my experience and my understanding of these patterns, their Presenter is "what you would call a Presenter if it was MVP". so, an object that handles interactions with some model, be it an API or a database etc. in MVVM they aren't normally called "presenters", i think the equivalent would be "service objects" (which are passed to a ViewModel, often by DI). unlike Presenters in MVVM, they don't perform the responsibility of updating the View, as this is handled automatically by the "glue" between VM and V.
  • BoxingHacker
    BoxingHacker Год назад Still the best video on databinding up till date
  • h4m4k1r1
    h4m4k1r1 3 года назад I would love to see more examples especially with an ExpandedListView and how to add child views with databinding in an onclickeventlistener of a button in the parent group view for example. I didn't figured out how to "refresh" the child list when I add a new child to it.
  • Niki Izvorski
    Niki Izvorski 2 года назад Really think this time you are completely right no logic in the views! Most developers do that on purpose and you know what is going to happen when you go to that project after a couple mounts ^^
  • Brian Kang
    Brian Kang 2 года назад If there is an error like "cannot find a symbol", how can i find the clause of this problem?
  • Brian Kang
    Brian Kang 2 года назад (изменено) Finally I work it out. But i have another question here. I have a layout file called item_question.xml. And after compiling i find out there are 3 files in my build folder , such as ItemQuestionBinding, ItemQuestBindingImp, ItemQuestBindingLanImp. My data in the layout file is QuestionViewMode.However, when i run it on a device, there is a error "cannot find a symbol, symbol :ItemQuestionBinding.getQuestionViewModel() " . I check these three files and know this method exist. At last i find out that i use DataBindingUtil inflate a wrong layout file. So I want to know the detail of the whole process.
  • dali high
    dali high 2 года назад 와 한글자막
  • Mitch Besser
    Mitch Besser 4 месяца назад You can't click the link.
  • tignesboy
    tignesboy 2 года назад biggest challenge to tech now is understanding the bloody developers...thick ethnic accents! Indians are taking over the industry.
  • Johnny Shoes
    Johnny Shoes Год назад Neither of those two are Indians.