LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioners - Live Demo

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How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle - Easy life hacks

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SAMSUNG Triangle Design Wall Type Residential Line (Features) ~ Redefining A/C Standards [by ESE]

Check out some of features in our 2014 Brand New Product Line for Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Equipment (both Split and Multi Applications). Some of our key features are: 1). BRAND NEW Triangle PREMIUM Design for significantly larger Air Flow (Faster Cooling and Heating due to larger openings and Fan) and Decreased Noise Levels. 2). Smart Wi-Fi which allows you to control your Samsung Air Conditioner from anywhere in the world (Wi-Fi Router and Mobile Data Connectivity is required). 3). Digital Inverter Technology for greater Energy Efficiency and Decreased Energy Consumption. 4). Virus Doctor (S Plasma Ionizer) AND BRAND NEW Easy Filter Capability. With Virus Doctor you can eliminate almost 99% of all known Virus and Bacteria and with Easy Filter you can clean your A/C filter without opening any cover part. 5). Triple Protector Plus which has our improved FIN AND CHASSIS PROTECTOR from corrosion, COMPRESSOR PROTECTOR (protects compressor from Low Voltage Shock) and CONTROLLER PROTECTOR (protects the power controller for High Voltage Discharge). Thank you for watching. Think S Think Smart Think SAMSUNG Energy Systems ERGOVA LTD Albania

Multi zone solution for Entire home, LG Air Conditioner Multi Split

It only takes one outdoor unit to have multiple rooms full of coolness and heat. The Multi split system of LG Air Conditioner is a simple and stylish solution for your home. For more information visit▶ Brand Site: http://www.lg.com/b2b http://www.lghvacstory.com YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/LGHomeApplianceAirSolution


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LG Smart Inverter Low Noise

Enjoy a sound sleep with India's first Air conditioner with Mosquito away technology & keep your family safe from mosquitoes. Not only that, it cools up to 28% faster and saves up to 53% on electricity bills.

Explore more here: http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac

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