LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioners - Live Demo

Published on Apr 16, 2014 168,505 views

Enjoy a sound sleep with India's first Air conditioner with Mosquito away technology & keep your family safe from mosquitoes. Not only that, it cools up to 28% faster and saves up to 53% on electricity bills.

Explore more here: http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac

  • MU6 - MusiX
    MU6 - MusiX 3 года назад I am truly appreciated with your new technology of mosquito away technology. More happy with yesterday's launch of Mosquito away TV by you (LG). Please keep a small request. If its 100% safe and does not costs extra to your products then from now on please launch all products with mosquito away feature. I truly appreciate your technology. Planning to buy both TV and AC! Would have been more happy if you launch Mosquito away technology with Smart TV! Waiting for your response. Then will buy Smart TV!
  • Allan christopher
    Allan christopher 3 года назад Its really so nice to see LG being so transparent in the business and service to its customers. I am really impressed after seeing the ultrasonic mosquito repellent in the latest ACs and really appreciate LG to give us a good explanation for it. Now i am satisfied mentally enough to go buy your(LG) product and testify the results soon... :-) Thank you in advance to release money&service value oriented products :)
  • Allan christopher
    Allan christopher 3 года назад :)
  • LG India
    LG India 3 года назад @Allan christopher Hi, we are truly thankful that you showed interest in LG AirConditioner. We ensure 100% satisfaction and hope for a long term relationship.
  • GreenTech
    GreenTech 2 года назад Nice feature
  • jeylful
    jeylful 2 года назад Fabulous!
  • ankit yadav
    ankit yadav 10 месяцев назад Nyc service provided by most trusted company LG
  • akhtar alvi
    akhtar alvi 3 года назад LG sensor air conditioning
  • shaik azaar
    shaik azaar Год назад (изменено) How to buy this product. What is the name of model. How much price in india.
  • Akella Srikanth
    Akella Srikanth 7 месяцев назад Waste of money
  • greg arevalo
    greg arevalo 4 года назад is this aircon inverter type?
  • joydeb143
    joydeb143 2 года назад greg arevalo yes
  • LG India
    LG India 4 года назад @greg arevalo Hi, please visit http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac for more details. Alternatively you can call our customer helpline number 1800-180-9999 (toll free).
  • Mohamed Riyas
    Mohamed Riyas 4 года назад I want to buy an LG air conditioning at the range of 30,000 can u explain me about the Ac products
  • LG India
    LG India 4 года назад @Mohamed Riyas Hi, please share your contact number here: bit.ly/LG_Assist. We will get in touch with you soon to address your concern. Alternatively, you can visit http://www.lg.com/in/air-conditioners for more details.
  • staniel haasan
    staniel haasan Год назад Its that inverter
  • 王昱皓
    王昱皓 Год назад SAMSNG
  • lubna humaira
    lubna humaira 11 месяцев назад khgojml
  • MV
    MV 3 года назад Is this a big deal ? Ultrasonic insect repellent devices are available in market starting from 500 INR range. ..I Could not find any innovation on integrating this with an A/c and hiking A/c price 5K extra for this..
  • naimul haque
    naimul haque 2 года назад this is animal cruelty :p
  • Sravan Kowshik A
    Sravan Kowshik A Год назад naimul haque so one day you will die because of malaria.
  • Pal virk
    Pal virk Год назад Nice
  • Chenta Suekasih
    Chenta Suekasih Год назад l have one
  • goyalayush16 goyalayush16
    goyalayush16 goyalayush16 2 месяца назад so are you satisfied with this feature, actually i am planning to buy this......waiting for the response