A Day in the Life of a Harvard Computer Science Student

Published on Apr 20, 2018 9,053,917 views

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I'm John Fish, and this video is a day in my life as a Harvard Computer Science student. I'm a freshman at Harvard college that makes videos, video essays, and vlogs about my life.

I'm about to launch into a pretty entrepreneurially focused summer--I've got a notebook coming as well as a clothing line (see links below). I'd love for you to join me.

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    John Fish Год назад Growth books should be on Amazon in around 10 days. Be sure to be subscribed to https://goo.gl/31jEMe to get an email when they launch!
  • George Trump
    George Trump Год назад YESSSSS! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
  • Luke Fokker
    Luke Fokker Год назад Hi John, can these growth books be bought outside US (Europe)?
  • Alex Acosta
    Alex Acosta Год назад Are you gonna take partial differential equations? just finished that one for mechanical engineering.
  • Inevitability
    Inevitability Год назад A CS student with a Mac? I smell heresy.
  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris Год назад John Fish not aloud to talk about working out on camera?
  • Cl0uD TEA
    Cl0uD TEA Год назад whats the price gonna be?
  • OnFlow
    OnFlow Год назад varför studerar du svenska? lol
  • ava2045
    ava2045 Год назад MrUnexpectedname Swedish fish
  • vSweatz
    vSweatz Год назад You make me feel so organized now Im definitely buying 3 of them
  • Charles Bärnard
    Charles Bärnard Год назад Varför studerar du svenska?
  • Ninja k
    Ninja k Год назад What do you place in your planner under happiness? Where do i get this book?
  • PorKy
    PorKy Год назад Hey john. m too much motivated by your video.. can i get your email something similar to contact you. i have few more doubt regarding how to spend day in college. if you don't mind then please email me at arunporky3@gmail.com . i'll be eager to receive your mail.
  • Aseem Chowdhury
    Aseem Chowdhury Год назад John Fish
  • Ponyo Popi
    Ponyo Popi Год назад your S sound shooo cute :3
  • Mplx
    Mplx Год назад Hmm, I thought he would say something about how this video went viral’ish... Well, I’ll pretty sure that’s a good sign of a good youruber
  • George Watson
    George Watson Год назад Hey dude! You are probably not gonna read this... But here is a small request/suggestion. The idea of growth books is pretty amazing. But having a dedicated notebook for the same sounds a little overkill in my perspective for one simple reason that we need to carry it wherever we go. So, the idea that I had in my mind is that, along with the notebook that you will be launching it would be even better if you developed an Android or iOS application for it. With the help of the application, you can add some of the extra features which I believe wouldn't be possible with the notebook. Anyways, kudos to you for the launch. I am looking forward to it. But if the application existed, it would be much more easier to use and accessible.
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    Charmskyli's World Год назад Mustang Only that's what I'm trying to figure out
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    RosiePlaysVlogs Год назад John Fish I
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    AliceTooTight o3o Год назад Cutie Great job (。・ω・。)
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    yuppa as Год назад question, where did you get that planner @ 1:44?
  • John Adams
    John Adams Год назад yuppa as bro you literally replied to the comment that answered your question
  • yuppa as
    yuppa as Год назад lmao just realized that.
  • Advaita Dey
    Advaita Dey Год назад John Fish hey John I watch your Vedio s it is very fascinating and inspiring could you please make a Vedio on how to read a book whole with proper system way
  • Carlos Espinoza Hernandez
    Carlos Espinoza Hernandez Год назад Can someone please send me the link to where I can buy the growth book.
  • BlaZe iT
    BlaZe iT Год назад Panda Panda Same! I really want it
  • RullyisJRM
    RullyisJRM Год назад Where is it?
  • Jacob
    Jacob Год назад Where’s the book at?
  • M
  • Oumshka
    Oumshka 11 месяцев назад yo can you put a link for the growth link? thanks
  • santi paz
    santi paz 11 месяцев назад Hey! Check out Kevin Majeres's work about flow. He is a professor at Harvard Med and together with students from Harvard and MIT he has a project for students called Optimal Work, inspired by the book you showed in the video. Its quite similar to your growth books.
  • Steve Murphy
    Steve Murphy 11 месяцев назад That is really great. You are in Harvard School and that blows my mind
  • Steve Murphy
    Steve Murphy 11 месяцев назад Which handbook were u using, can u tell me the name ?
  • Ezzio Auditore
    Ezzio Auditore 11 месяцев назад (изменено) You dont know about happiness. The only place where i have really found a big and beautiful hapines, literally a perfect world is inside me. I wouldnt change it for anything from the whole world, its my biggest posession. But i like you, you are smart and you have a good energy. I thought i would find another stupid youtuber but i was wrong.
  • Erik Östling
    Erik Östling 11 месяцев назад John Fish o
  • Kirsten Asis
    Kirsten Asis 11 месяцев назад John Fish is the planner dated or undated?
  • suraj swain
    suraj swain 11 месяцев назад which laptop is best for programming and machine learning
  • DotCom Payworthiest
    DotCom Payworthiest 11 месяцев назад John Fish algerbra 4years mean lolz.
  • Lim Sruntek
    Lim Sruntek 11 месяцев назад hey John just one of my question . How old are you?
  • Dez Lotto
    Dez Lotto 11 месяцев назад (изменено) John Fish your such a neek dude lol
  • Charlie Fischer
    Charlie Fischer 11 месяцев назад When will more Growth books be available!!
  • AsztrikX
    AsztrikX 10 месяцев назад This is how you say his name :D https://translate.google.com/#hu/en/Csikszentmih%C3%A1lyi%20Mih%C3%A1ly
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    Stretched Dovidas 10 месяцев назад Nice video
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    Unusual Activities 10 месяцев назад P.o.S.
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    Andrea Guzzo 10 месяцев назад John Fish (
  • Luciano Ramírez garea
    Luciano Ramírez garea 10 месяцев назад John Fish Awesome, teach some coding seriously I wanna check that video
  • Marina Voigt
    Marina Voigt 10 месяцев назад John Fish okay so ive looked at harvard and itd be a dream to go there. Do you know the grades that a student has to acheiev to attend that school or does it depend on what u want to go into. Im a grade 11 student in canada and i want to become a teacher of the arts. If ypu could let me know thatd be awesome
  • Marina Voigt
    Marina Voigt 10 месяцев назад Cl0uD TEA if your parents make less than 100,000 a year than the university pays for ypur education. It might be 50,000 i dont remember
  • Trouba jets
    Trouba jets 10 месяцев назад John Fish how much debt do u have?😅
  • May Kanari
    May Kanari 10 месяцев назад Handsome! :*
  • Krishna Patil
    Krishna Patil 10 месяцев назад John Fish can I get ur insta..??
  • Rikin Patel
    Rikin Patel 10 месяцев назад Could you please make a video about what type of laptop you need in uni (computer science) please:)
  • Dance United
    Dance United 10 месяцев назад how can u manage these all things
  • gustavo lopez
    gustavo lopez 10 месяцев назад John Fish Why didn’t you film your workout?
  • Cynthia Shen
    Cynthia Shen 10 месяцев назад Get some sleep u look exhausted
  • M En la Red
    M En la Red 10 месяцев назад Tried to purchased one, when is it available? Thanks.
  • Leah Johansson
    Leah Johansson 10 месяцев назад John Fish I
  • Thiago
    Thiago 10 месяцев назад Did it launch? Can I buy it?
  • Savage 101
    Savage 101 10 месяцев назад MrUnexpectedname anyone know how old is he
  • Shania Jackson
    Shania Jackson 10 месяцев назад John Fish please don't turn into a liberal
  • Ahmad Abuhelwah
    Ahmad Abuhelwah 9 месяцев назад That author's last name is pronounced "six-cent-mihaley".
  • André Silva
    André Silva 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Hi Jonh, I just watch this video. The Growth notebooks will be available again any time soon? Cheers
  • Prabh Dhanju
    Prabh Dhanju 9 месяцев назад Nice.
  • Your Videos Are Fake News
    Your Videos Are Fake News 9 месяцев назад Another Jewish scam artist. To be exposed soon
  • BrianByonVlog
    BrianByonVlog 9 месяцев назад heard someone graduated harvard took 60 years full-time work to pay back his loan, I mean, I was an official dropout because I was the third on the school,
  • Divyansh Sharma
    Divyansh Sharma 9 месяцев назад John Fish possibilitiesfinder@gmail.com
  • a b
    a b 9 месяцев назад sure , its all about money , modern studies at best
  • Devin Fagsique
    Devin Fagsique 9 месяцев назад how boring.
  • DL L
    DL L 9 месяцев назад John Fish do you also deliver outside the US?
  • UndertakerU2ber
    UndertakerU2ber 9 месяцев назад lmao no one cares about some shitty book written by a random college student living in his own little bubble, thinking he's some precious gift from God because he goes to an overpriced college.
  • syed bilal
    syed bilal 9 месяцев назад John Fish mr.john can u tell me thst csn someone become robotic engineer by studying computer
  • fly
    fly 9 месяцев назад BORING, PUT YA SELF DOWN LIKE A SICK PUPPY
  • Memow Games
    Memow Games 9 месяцев назад Hi Theeerre I'm a Nerd, and My parents payed for my college...
  • leon lei
    leon lei 9 месяцев назад someone recorded ur vid with out copyright heres da link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCn68lHVOcs
  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 8 месяцев назад Must be nice to be rich
  • Mækkel Montages
    Mækkel Montages 8 месяцев назад John Fish e du svensk?
  • Raju
    Raju 8 месяцев назад kan du faktiskt tala svenska?
  • Mækkel Montages
    Mækkel Montages 8 месяцев назад Papa Smurf nei, kan snakke norsk
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад is there good free speech on the campus ?
  • window eye when do i
    window eye when do i 8 месяцев назад I paused the video at 1:39 to write down that I need to get a growth book. I journal a lot, but this growth writing seems very healthy.
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад i see the guy at 1:39 . try mine for some better experience. btw Yale is better than Harvard (just opinion)
    BLXZE YT 8 месяцев назад Sometimes i dont think im smart and im in seventh grade last year my gpa was low (note: i have anxiety and i get stressed during math classes) do u have any tips on exponents and other math things
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад wisdom ?
  • Alea Jones
    Alea Jones 8 месяцев назад Ordered my growth book and have been using it the last couple of days. I love it !!!!!
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад :)
  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara 8 месяцев назад congrats! I had the same idea and have a similar system. I wanted to make it product but you beat me to it! very inspirational
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад hi i checked your content and found out that you have no videos , how you can be youtuber with no videos ?
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад hi u are on harvard too?
  • Charlie Hocking
    Charlie Hocking 8 месяцев назад John Fish still so confused on why you can't film in the gym but eh I like how you go into depth on the topics you are interested in definitely subbing
  • PhinkerPie
    PhinkerPie 8 месяцев назад what kind of youtube content do you like ?
  • Succ My Noodles
    Succ My Noodles 8 месяцев назад Take off your pants please
  • boner boy
    boner boy 8 месяцев назад Rename the video to "Consequences of sleeping 9 hours a day"
  • Gaylord Focker
    Gaylord Focker 8 месяцев назад Hello, I would love to have a look at your Swedish homework and projects. I’m from Sweden so it would be super fun if I could see what you are doing in other countries.
  • svaellmen
    svaellmen 8 месяцев назад I am just asking out of curiosity, what video editing software do you use for your video?Thanks :)
  • Cecilia Borjesson
    Cecilia Borjesson 8 месяцев назад Lycka till med svenskan😁
  • Yeshuas Return
    Yeshuas Return 8 месяцев назад John Fish if a school is not teaching anything JESUS CHRIST, and rather science, then it’s a BOGUS school. Don’t let yourself become indoctrinated with more LIES, amen!
  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Can you please tell me what external exams you've done and how you came into Harvard please? I also live in Canada and would really appreciate the help
  • Yeshuas Return
    Yeshuas Return 8 месяцев назад Hasan Nasir my question is, what exactly are they “learning” there? You couldn’t get me to “PAY” money to a school that’s not teaching anything about GOD, because that is all I believe there is to learn about the world. It covers everything because GOD is everything. Man made school and it’s false doctrines is nothing in my honest opinion. John Fish can you name anything you’ve learned in Harvard? Anything you can change in the world today, without using the gospel?
  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 8 месяцев назад @Yeshuas Return that's also a good point
  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 8 месяцев назад Hey bro, so when you're studying you just read the book? You don't take notes or do you do that just in class?
  • SPvGaming
    SPvGaming 8 месяцев назад I know I'm super late, but I love that wallet, where could I get one like that??
  • AV Cuber
    AV Cuber 8 месяцев назад Nice kanagama wave
  • Noah NT
    Noah NT 8 месяцев назад John Fish bh
  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 7 месяцев назад Its Jamie Davies how do you do video game development John Fish mate how do I develop 3D video games for my computer at home John Fish mate?
  • Yusef Baldeón Castro
    Yusef Baldeón Castro 7 месяцев назад John Fish Here we are guys , the new career in Harvard University, “Youtuber”.Thanks World!❤️
  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 7 месяцев назад Its Jamie Davies do you know how to develop video games Teddy Bear mate?
  • Thunder Rose
    Thunder Rose 7 месяцев назад Cool I love reading interesting books 😍
  • Google User
    Google User 7 месяцев назад Aren't they just bullet journals?
  • 남강종홍
    남강종홍 7 месяцев назад @George Trump 레이싱모데의사랑
  • J.Cooby
    J.Cooby 7 месяцев назад So sad that your Book is Not available out of the US😱
  • nimish Verma
    nimish Verma 7 месяцев назад First of all, great video! Secondly, can u give me some information about your iq and your SAT score? I would really appreciate that.
  • pa pt
    pa pt 7 месяцев назад Harvard please discriminate asians more(sarcastic)
    XADIENX 6 месяцев назад @MrUnexpectedname so he can talk to the bankers there of course when he learns to enter bank security system!
  • Mattsukaze
    Mattsukaze 6 месяцев назад Do you know Danielle Davis?
  • Dink Memes
    Dink Memes 6 месяцев назад John Fish what were your grades in school?
  • Cube Corner
    Cube Corner 6 месяцев назад why cant u talk about working out????
  • KW Runner
    KW Runner 6 месяцев назад John Fish Do you know Hugh Schader??
  • random dudes
    random dudes 6 месяцев назад Going to harvard seems worthless to actually help you later in life
  • Esra Ramirez
    Esra Ramirez 6 месяцев назад John Fish are you from sweden cause amerikan people don’t have swedish as a subject also from sweden
  • Esra Ramirez
    Esra Ramirez 6 месяцев назад Varför pluggar du svensk
  • Diego Valant
    Diego Valant 6 месяцев назад John Fish Do you have anymore planners?
  • sutemati
    sutemati 6 месяцев назад No planners an anymore on amazon, please bring them back!!
  • Mubarek Y
    Mubarek Y 6 месяцев назад John Fish why you sleep 9 hours? that is a lot
  • Whats9p10/P90
    Whats9p10/P90 5 месяцев назад bOoKs OOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF
  • Nicole Wolfe
    Nicole Wolfe 5 месяцев назад Can you add me on Instagram nicolewolfeceo
  • Whats9p10/P90
    Whats9p10/P90 5 месяцев назад @Nicole Wolfe who?! @john fish
  • Akshay Seth
    Akshay Seth 5 месяцев назад You should have been studying! I dont see much of a future for you
  • General Hellobi
    General Hellobi 5 месяцев назад SKRATTA DU FOLLORAR DU all I know in Swedish cuz of PewDiePie lol
  • expressrobkill
    expressrobkill 4 месяца назад how do you have time for friends and shizz with that scedual.
  • Gao XiangShuai
    Gao XiangShuai 4 месяца назад what kind of bloody hell of a liner algebra is that? I learned linear algebra in my school and Ive never once work with cosines or sines. It is all 100% system of equations and matrices. There is vector space, null space and stuffs but damn.... i have not seen anything about calculus or differential equations(eigenvectors do not count) in my linear algebra class
  • Benjamin Wallis
    Benjamin Wallis 4 месяца назад I'm just happy to know that I'm not the only one whose taken to the scheduled approach and sees college as a serious move for developing better members of society (not saying it's the only way, either). The check boxes are a nice touch in your schedule by the way. I'm going to nab that motivation section for my own use, too. Hope you don't mind.
  • diskutera mera
    diskutera mera 4 месяца назад Vad är det för nytta att med att läsa svenska ?
  • mohammad sahin bhuiya
    mohammad sahin bhuiya 4 месяца назад waking up late is so bad for health it's increase possibility of many dangerous disease including cancer
  • Aini Rajiyyah
    Aini Rajiyyah 3 месяца назад Can relate with you though cause I'm also a computer science student This video is nice!
  • Sudhir
    Sudhir 3 месяца назад i didnot understand how the angle between f(x)=1,g(x)=x is is 90deg instead of 45deg.am i wrong?
  • ·
    · 3 месяца назад Hey, what's up with your face? Are you tire?
  • Hooman Pouyanasab
    Hooman Pouyanasab 3 месяца назад @Inevitability so do i its kind of weired for an cs student cause it doesnt sound practical dont you agree
  • Siman akaJulian
    Siman akaJulian 3 месяца назад Very nice
  • shanelle ramage
    shanelle ramage 2 месяца назад can u give me onefree
  • Matthew Armbruster
    Matthew Armbruster 2 месяца назад Jesus loves you guys, let me know if you have any questions about God
  • Ivan Jens
    Ivan Jens 2 месяца назад Are you Canadian?
  • shanelle ramage
    shanelle ramage 2 месяца назад @Ivan Jens yes sir, hbu?
  • Ivan Jens
    Ivan Jens 2 месяца назад @shanelle ramage Guess
  • CraftingGen
    CraftingGen 2 месяца назад He literally forgot to put "masturbation" in his schedule ...
  • Luis Fernando Esquivel
    Luis Fernando Esquivel 2 месяца назад pink cheese green ghost
  • Sissi Wang
    Sissi Wang 1 месяц назад John Fish you’re so inspirational!!
  • Sprang Productions
    Sprang Productions 1 месяц назад This is amazing.
  • Pa-Desactivar -Inquisidores
    Pa-Desactivar -Inquisidores 1 месяц назад I wish you were my brother!!
  • #GodlyJuselabigCo
    #GodlyJuselabigCo 1 месяц назад How long do you medidate for? :D
  • Almiighty Ant
    Almiighty Ant 1 месяц назад Literally this is nothing compared to a student athletes average day lol... this is an easy day compared to student athletes
  • Bailey Castaneda
    Bailey Castaneda 1 месяц назад Why are you not able to talk about working out?
  • Garrett Rose
    Garrett Rose Год назад Notice the happiness section is empty.
  • idontknowthiscomment oww
    idontknowthiscomment oww Год назад Garrett Rose unfortunately thats missing from most individuals who take the education route.
  • Thea Leschnik
    Thea Leschnik Год назад idontknowthiscomment oww that’s actually not true. I’m taking the education route and I’m loving it. Pretty sure this dude is proud of his achievements and happy to be studying at one of the worlds leading university. I fill out my happiness section in my planner at the end of the day, as I like to write what made me happy this day in it. Not everyone that’s choosing to include university in their career is automatically unhappy and stressed out all the time. He seems pretty excited most the time.
  • Garrett Rose
    Garrett Rose Год назад I think it depends on what you are going through and how you handle it. Im in school and enjoying it.
  • PARCE93
    PARCE93 Год назад It's a challenging & tough time. But if you can make it, the rewards outweigh the effort.
  • Musa I of Mali
    Musa I of Mali Год назад I graduated college, but honestly I did not enjoy it. I mean it was better than high school, but only because I had more freedom. I like being in the "working world" more than I did Academia. I have learned more outside of school than in and the knowledge is actually "functional". Whereas the stuff I learned in school I have not even used. I have complete freedom to pursue what I want, the way I want, when I want. I'm currently transitioning into working for myself actually.
  • Ryder Wilson
    Ryder Wilson Год назад It's really hard to balance having fun with people, socializing when you also want to succeed in your education, it's not impossible to balance it, but it's VERY DIFFICULT I'm trying to balance that AND working..
  • Musa I of Mali
    Musa I of Mali Год назад Yeah, it is.
  • Night Prowler
    Night Prowler Год назад Ryder Wilson if I study and get high grades while still playing video games... does it mean that I am balanced? I don't go parties(I hate loud pop music).
  • ganda jarda oh maninho
    ganda jarda oh maninho Год назад Don't blame education for your lack of friends lol
  • Lekok
    Lekok Год назад Education system needs to change. All we have is a bunch of sad depressed students who just want to keep pushing forward everyday until that hell is over.
  • эмэй зинг
    эмэй зинг Год назад true , but to me he seems quite excited and inspired about the lessons and stuff he dedicates most of his time to which is really motivating
  • Musa I of Mali
    Musa I of Mali Год назад Amazing Lina For now
  • эмэй зинг
    эмэй зинг Год назад Musa I of Mali u're an optimistic one aren't u
  • ahmed bardi
    ahmed bardi Год назад That part will be in 5 years , when he will bring you his Ferrari to have a fresh clean
  • Ryder Wilson
    Ryder Wilson Год назад Night Prowler, it's not a good life, do more stuff like going out with buddies and if you a teen get a GYM MEMBERSHIP, probably the best thing I did in my life.
  • Emak
    Emak Год назад Happineff
  • Kim Kardashian Un
    Kim Kardashian Un Год назад Relatable
  • Cindy
    Cindy Год назад idontknowthiscomment oww Only if you're doing something you don't enjoy. Education is fun. It's great and I believe that we should all be grateful that many of us are given the opportunity to have a high education. It's a lot of stress and I've had way too many mental breakdowns, but it's worth it imo. Personally, when I find something that I love and I'm determined to work hard, I'll do anything to achieve my goal no matter the stress and workload. Just a matter of your will and ambition.
  • Cindy
    Cindy Год назад Ryder Wilson not true. Unless they're isolating themselves, if they're just an introvert and don't enjoy going out as much, it's fine. I'm living a great life and rarely go out simply because I hate it. Ofc going out with friends is awesome, but I don't enjoy being around a lot of strangers.
  • Jon C
    Jon C Год назад Nah. Happiness is derived from meaning and his life seems to give him sufficient meaning. Your source of meaning may be vastly different from his but it doesnt mean that he isnt happy. You just may not be happy in his life
  • thiam mariam
    thiam mariam Год назад Garrett Rose it didnt occur to you that the column "hapiness" is about the realisation of the goals of the day? So you cant fill it before the very end of the day
  • Red.
    Red. 10 месяцев назад I'm not sad or depressed. I enjoy it.
  • *LOL* I'm crazy popop
    *LOL* I'm crazy popop 9 месяцев назад Garrett Rose 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jenn The Gem
    Jenn The Gem 9 месяцев назад Sounds like something a dumb person would say
  • No One
    No One 9 месяцев назад ahmed bardi luxuries can only bring to you temporary happiness
  • abdulrahman fayoumi
    abdulrahman fayoumi 9 месяцев назад Lol he is way happier than u im sure u know why? Because im sure he is proud of himself and the fact that u dont understand this happiness make me think that u r not proud of urself or didn't achieve ur goals in life which is pathetic
  • No One
    No One 9 месяцев назад abdulrahman fayoumi just because I’m not rich doesn’t mean I haven’t achieved other goals?? Being wealthy will make you proud but it won’t make you truly happy if ALL you’ve achieved in life is being rich.
  • abdulrahman fayoumi
    abdulrahman fayoumi 9 месяцев назад No One first of all the reply wasnt for u second i dont even know that the guy in the vid is rich im saying that him studying and working hard to achieve his goals is the thing that makes u happy i dont even know if the guy is rich or not him being in Harvard doesn't necessarily mean that he is rich it could mean that he is a smart hard working guy
  • abdulrahman fayoumi
    abdulrahman fayoumi 9 месяцев назад No One and doing what this guy do is one of the reasons that could make u genuinely happy
  • The King
    The King 9 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww are you sure? This guy studies what he loves and he is going to find a job based on aomething he likes. So are we supposed to drop out od school to be happy?
  • Matias P. Garrido
    Matias P. Garrido 9 месяцев назад Garrett Rose jajajaja yeah, is sad
  • ayyy lmaoo
    ayyy lmaoo 9 месяцев назад Garrett Rose this is what bums say lol
  • IK1326
    IK1326 9 месяцев назад if u want to be educated then u go to school happily. However, if u dont like school and ur forced to go then u would be depressed. Since he intended to go to harvard he would be quite happy
  • Blaster Blahsamost
    Blaster Blahsamost 9 месяцев назад Thea Leschnik ....I don't get why people do like soemthing that will motivate me section or what made me happy section?Like what is the purpose of that?????That was something from the past!
  • Mr C
    Mr C 9 месяцев назад Being productive, having a reasonable control on you and your life (doing what you want, what you have to do, what you enjoy) can be a great source of happiness. It actually saved me from depression. It's a great source of happiness only if you do it because you want to do it. If you do it because school, family, society, money or whatever authority you can think of forces you to do it, then it can do the exact opposite: destroy your physical and mental health.
  • erik lans
    erik lans 9 месяцев назад Haha yeah but then you realise he’s going to be richer then any of us in the future😅
  • Poison
    Poison 9 месяцев назад He clearly misses it, I am studying information security and I’m not a nerd nor a try hard like him, I don’t even have an alarm, talk about goals and schedule lmao. Basically I enjoy my life and I’m happy
  • Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson 8 месяцев назад Bro give the kid five to ten year and I guarantee he will be happier than any of us when he's driving a 100k car making a few hundred k a year lol
  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 8 месяцев назад Modern public education is designed to take over your world negatively.
  • Emily Park
    Emily Park 8 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww Most but not all 😄 I love learning
  • Sina Shahriary
    Sina Shahriary 8 месяцев назад Of course it's a factory for making Zuckerbergs
  • PepsimanOnDrugs
    PepsimanOnDrugs 8 месяцев назад abdulrahman fayoumi You're taking something that was meant to be a small joke to sometime much larger than it is. Like an insult. Chill out and take a joke
  • Sole Survivor
    Sole Survivor 8 месяцев назад You can't know that. Being more intelligent than the everyone else in the room wherever you are, must feel nice
  • Navi
    Navi 8 месяцев назад Garrett Rose boy that section is very subjective, dont u think? yours n his probably like earth n sky, far away from each other
  • noal s
    noal s 8 месяцев назад Garrett Rose SCREAMING
  • noal s
    noal s 8 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww UR KILLING ME SHZJZJ
  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang 8 месяцев назад Lol why? People who go "the education route" are unhappy? Lmao bullshit, for many of us, we are happy because we are fulfilling our goals here every day
  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang 8 месяцев назад Well it's not being a college student itself that allowed you to end up with an unsatisfactory job. This is the real world, and you need to navigate yourself best you can.
  • Chatom Longcha
    Chatom Longcha 8 месяцев назад Thea Leschnik, sigh*,u should know, different strokes for different people
  • Samuel Shen
    Samuel Shen 8 месяцев назад Garrett Rose Notice how your wallet is empty...
  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 8 месяцев назад I was in the Army for 4 years and loved it and hated it at the same time. There were great things about but also some shitty things. Then I decided to go get my Bachelors. I did graduate. But let’s just say it’s not for everybody...lol
  • João Vicotor Volpato
    João Vicotor Volpato 8 месяцев назад Bro he is doing what he like
  • Elias Yazigi
    Elias Yazigi 8 месяцев назад so you missed the entire portion of the vid where he talked about happiness and how to make yourself happy?
  • tonbonthemon
    tonbonthemon 8 месяцев назад Makes sense. He's a meditator. An empty mind tends to be a happy mind ;]
  • Cloeren Jackson
    Cloeren Jackson 8 месяцев назад I quit university. It was too boring, too much of it had no realation to what I wanted to do in life and most of it doesn't translate into work skills. You get a degree then you get a job and you start again.
  • FoundationsofPause
    FoundationsofPause 8 месяцев назад Happiness comes from within school. Wait. I mean yourself. Damnit. Fucked that up.
  • Eddie
    Eddie 8 месяцев назад My parents never went to school, except elementary and middle school, they dropped out because they had no money and then both illegally immigrated here from China. They both ended up opening restaurants and businesses and are making a lot of money, I don't know how my parents did it, but damn, I respect them. I don't even have to go to college, I can just drop out of highschool and then have a feelsgoodman until I die hehexd.
  • Madison
    Madison 8 месяцев назад I think the box is empty because he probably already sees himself as "happy." He also may view happiness as a destination, rather than a temporary emotion. Although, that's likely because he spends the majority of his time feeling happy, so it's not anything to concern yourself with. I think I would be more concerned if he had it full, while everything else was nearly empty. That would show a lack of motivation and passion for the path he chose, and could even be a sign of depression if accompanied by other behaviours. However, with that being said, a box being empty doesn't point to anything on its own. The empty box could mean he's either content or neglecting his emotions--which I seriously doubt since he partakes in regular meditation and exercise. Overall, he seems healthy. There's no hidden meaning, really. He might see that all of the other boxes being full equates to his idea of happiness in the end, or whatever. There are so many possible reasons he could have left that box empty.
  • Zee Captain
    Zee Captain 8 месяцев назад ChOCKING
  • Lyudmila Graph
    Lyudmila Graph 8 месяцев назад Damn so much. I never get into college but managed to work in an IT company as a system analyst and make massive cash in a year and now im 25 year old, i never gonna touch college or anything like that ever. I was homeschooled also
  • Deimu's Clips
    Deimu's Clips 8 месяцев назад I noticed my anxiety levels increased watching this video.
  • NickTaylenValera
    NickTaylenValera 8 месяцев назад Garrett Rose LMAO I just noticed🤣 The life of a "top uni" student. Mostly stress I hear
  • Lyudmila Graph
    Lyudmila Graph 8 месяцев назад NickTaylenValera, it dont matter, i dont even go to college and making alotta money. i learn at home for the rest of my life and homeschooled too back then and digging about computer science by myself and now i work in it companies as a system analyst and programmer without having a degree.
  • Karen Sanchez
    Karen Sanchez 8 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww really wrong. Pursuing a challenging and long journey means you need to have guts and passion to make it. I’m studying to be a doctor, I love things I study, and I find meaning in my daily life along with learning how to help others in the future.
  • Dazzy Z
    Dazzy Z 8 месяцев назад (изменено) First of all, I think the education here and in general is very valuable, that said I have come to find the same as you. If ARM creates a new cpu architecture, or Samsung brings out it's latest phone OS, why would they share this very real applicable (advanced) knowledge with a school (on American soil) . Even the president ain't getting free tech/knowledge from another country if he asked for it, but with tech companies in particular. People who worked at such leading companies, are often not allowed to take or use code even if they wrote it themselves, to other companies. The real 'profitable' knowledge by the leading companies is behind bars, sometimes quite literally. Even if it's not, to pursue advancement, one needs capital, but no one wants to invest, if a major company holds a gazillion patents on certain technologies, which also is very real, especially in the tech industry.
  • Rafii Guasp
    Rafii Guasp 8 месяцев назад @Garrett Rose did u just answer your own comment? Weirdo...
  • Yogi Fenech
    Yogi Fenech 8 месяцев назад I didnt go to college... but you will always use what youve learned not directly maybe but youve thaught youre brain to work in certain ways which people like me didnt... maths taught problem solving... languages broaden your horizons with certain work comedy, speaches, or so
  • Hasan Nasser313
    Hasan Nasser313 8 месяцев назад I am pretty sure he will be happy when he makes a lot of $$ in the future working in a company
  • Dagim C
    Dagim C 8 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
  • j patel
    j patel 8 месяцев назад No matter what you do, how much you earn, it doesn't matter if you are not happy... I've seen some handicapped people but all I see is smile on their face and I thought I've everything, I got my meals, I'm not handicapped, my parents love me, I should be grateful about it instead of looking for happiness, that's when happiness comes... Be grateful for what you have, you have everything, you are everything
  • T - Gay
    T - Gay 8 месяцев назад Where
  • Yeshuas Return
    Yeshuas Return 8 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww any normal brain function is missing from kids that were indoctrinated with the public FOOL system. What ever happened to learning about GOD & his infinite wisdom? I remember a time where the Bible was TAUGHT to students, and a time where we at least had some common decency to respect each other, since GOD is love amen.
  • G i a n n n a t h e R a t
    G i a n n n a t h e R a t 8 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww that’s true but in the future they make $$$$$$$ and they also get to retire early and both of those things r greeeeaaaaattt
  • Benjamin Cheng
    Benjamin Cheng 8 месяцев назад as empty as my soul
  • solidmoni
    solidmoni 8 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww It depends how you set up your school life. Computer science is already incredibly stressful with all the coding so it must be very hard to implement happiness into his routine
  • Enrique Jareth Martinez Medina
    Enrique Jareth Martinez Medina 8 месяцев назад lmao
  • Bare Mac
    Bare Mac 7 месяцев назад Happiness is only missing from individuals who choose to take the education route in an effort to please. If you genuinely like learning and have passion it's harder to get stressed out because you're learning about something you love.
  • Christian Kjeldsen
    Christian Kjeldsen 7 месяцев назад happiness is the death of duty
  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown 7 месяцев назад he looks pretty happy to me. Dont assume something about someone because you don't understand them
  • Isabella Adams
    Isabella Adams 7 месяцев назад Garrett Rose lollll
  • Tareq Kelany
    Tareq Kelany 7 месяцев назад this comment is lit AF
  • Muchas
    Muchas 7 месяцев назад nerd
  • Thomas
    Thomas 7 месяцев назад what do you know about happines kid?
  • Roxana Banana
    Roxana Banana 7 месяцев назад I’m prettty sure it’s because he is ALREADY happy.
  • JW J
    JW J 7 месяцев назад Nope. There is different between ur happiness part and his happiness part.
  • Hannibal
    Hannibal 7 месяцев назад ahmed bardi Yeah except even most of the highest paid harvard graduates will only make 200,000, whole most will make much less. The cheapest ferraris can be purchased by almost everyone who saves. 200k a year isn’t enough to buy the more expensive ones
  • Tiek woah
    Tiek woah 7 месяцев назад Omg
  • Silas Boyden
    Silas Boyden 7 месяцев назад @Thea Leschnik notice how they said most not all
  • Carlos Rodríguez
    Carlos Rodríguez 7 месяцев назад Uhot
  • - aesthetic_boi -
    - aesthetic_boi - 7 месяцев назад mood
  • Joel Top
    Joel Top 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Thea Leschnik (to your first comment) I agree, but I also partially disagree. The part that I disagree with is that education can be very frustrating and overwhelming, but the part that I agree with is that it can be very very rewarding to know that you have surpassed those challenges in your life. In less words, it's short term disencouraging, but long term encouraging, but that is learning. I believe that at childhood, if we are taught in a fun way, and we are then taught to apply the fun to work and learning, we can have a desire and grit for more, which is what everyone needs. I thought I would hate running start for college, but then it turned out to be quite refreshing to be constantly able to think more effeciently (which might sound weird, but) because I'm constantly warmed up, verses not really "using" my knowledge. Aquiring momentum is difficult, but speed is envigorating.
  • Daredevil
    Daredevil 7 месяцев назад I think completing all these tasks in a single day, every day is the key to happiness and feeling accomplished. Rarely I have one of those productive days where I spent all my day on my studies, I don't do anything related to "fun", yet when I go to sleep I feel happy!
  • Damian Reloaded
    Damian Reloaded 7 месяцев назад YOU DON'T PLAN HAPPINESS YOU MRON ^_^
  • Joel Top
    Joel Top 7 месяцев назад You can, you can plan to get everything that you want and need to get done, knowing that you will be happy in the end, getting everything done.
  • Damian Reloaded
    Damian Reloaded 7 месяцев назад That's not how happiness work.
  • Joel Top
    Joel Top 7 месяцев назад Believe what you want to believe, but you can work it out through accomplishments.
  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man 7 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  • Le Cobra
    Le Cobra 7 месяцев назад For me this guy loves what he is doing and he is enjoying sharing a day in his life as a student with other people. Everybody finds his way to be happy in this life. Stop bitching and go find something worthy to do and you will find happiness.
  • TR0J3NH0R5E
    TR0J3NH0R5E 7 месяцев назад Until he gets his dream job and is making bank 😁
  • Kifter
    Kifter 7 месяцев назад Garrett Rose although I agree with you, I think it’s their, but only he can feel it.
  • Solo
    Solo 7 месяцев назад Thea Leschnik ok then. Good for you.
  • L'sean Armatrading
    L'sean Armatrading 6 месяцев назад Winner
  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 6 месяцев назад Notice the jealousy section on yours is full
  • Kajnake
    Kajnake 6 месяцев назад FOR SCIENCE
  • constel- lations
    constel- lations 6 месяцев назад He doesn't need it cause he's happy with his life.
  • Lacey Jade
    Lacey Jade 6 месяцев назад deep
  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 6 месяцев назад @Garrett Rose I'm glad you are enjoying it. I was enjoying it before I had to leave college, ran out of money
  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker 6 месяцев назад Bars
  • Shawn Benoit
    Shawn Benoit 6 месяцев назад i smoke crack in between lectures
  • :3 wow
    :3 wow 6 месяцев назад Notice theres not a mad section
  • i got mad respect
    i got mad respect 6 месяцев назад @Thea Leschnik yea wait until ur 30,000 in debt
  • Thea Leschnik
    Thea Leschnik 6 месяцев назад Red Kennedy sorry to disappoint but seeing as education is free where I’m from, I won’t be in any debt. But thanks for your concern lol
  • ThisIsShapes
    ThisIsShapes 6 месяцев назад Garrett Rose Robots don't feel emotion
  • Jamie Watkins
    Jamie Watkins 6 месяцев назад Thea Leschnik well as a student, I can confirm that I’m not happy
  • CPU FANS Page
    CPU FANS Page 6 месяцев назад эмэй зинг you have to qualify what you mean by education. Simply buying and reading books is education. You don't have to go to school
  • Chrissi Reusch
    Chrissi Reusch 6 месяцев назад @Emak my god i cant stop laughing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD
  • Bryceyboy 58
    Bryceyboy 58 6 месяцев назад 😂😂
  • Azurealms99
    Azurealms99 6 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww happiness is the most important thing. You dont want to become an old man looking back at what could of been, chasing money instead of happiness.
  • Stephen Yutuc
    Stephen Yutuc 6 месяцев назад Lmfao
  • Theorist
    Theorist 6 месяцев назад I'm his age studying computer science at a similarly sized private school. My day is pretty similar to his, and I'm happier than I've ever been. Happiness is different for everyone
  • Michael Mischko
    Michael Mischko 6 месяцев назад ?? Uni is the best, you just dont have to fucking plan your whole day and do fucking trash activities instead of chilling out...
  • Phil Nopoint
    Phil Nopoint 6 месяцев назад His complete life is the happiness section. Finding happiness in your work and being productive is the biggest goal one can achieve in life, happiness is the sideproduct of getting shit done.
  • FrostbiteXD Gaming
    FrostbiteXD Gaming 6 месяцев назад He'll be happy happy when he's a millionaire
  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen 6 месяцев назад Obviously, you have to live the day before you can write the Happiness of the day. He said he would fill that blank at the end of the day in another vid.
  • william Larsen
    william Larsen 6 месяцев назад wonder how his social life is then
  • Paescl H
    Paescl H 6 месяцев назад Garrett Rose deep
  • T-Series BitchNumberOne
    T-Series BitchNumberOne 6 месяцев назад Notice he's white
  • Pig Just A Pig
    Pig Just A Pig 6 месяцев назад Loooool
  • Raiden TANG
    Raiden TANG 6 месяцев назад that's my life.
  • me.need.more.brain
    me.need.more.brain 6 месяцев назад you, including all your answering bros, are obvsl not able to conclude the most simple shit, the happiness thing is to be written after the day or the morning after, since he included sleep, last time i checked, you can better rate the happiness of your previous day in the the morning .
  • Harshit Pandey
    Harshit Pandey 5 месяцев назад What if he likes doing what he does ? Happiness dosent mean parties and videogames , there are many ways to have fun
  • theone melika
    theone melika 5 месяцев назад Being a Harvard stu is The REAL happiness , so what else does he need ?
  • Evol Love
    Evol Love 5 месяцев назад Haha I wouldn't even notice if I didn't read this comment.
  • Siraj9009
    Siraj9009 5 месяцев назад I study in Harvard medical school and its amazing
  • Taiygu
    Taiygu 5 месяцев назад the success section is full
  • Philix Peng
    Philix Peng 5 месяцев назад Goodness 20k likes, first time I saw so many
  • pancake D
    pancake D 5 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww Which also eliminates creativity
  • pancake D
    pancake D 5 месяцев назад Thea Leschnik Great scientific innovation cannot be produced by this style
  • J O
    J O 5 месяцев назад Lol it isn't a movie clue, as it is an aspirational task book, I think you should take it as he is actually very happy witg the tasks at hand and too busy to sit and dream about that section (;
  • zalo813
    zalo813 5 месяцев назад I'm in my last semester as an undergraduate student at Fresno State, and I can confirm that it's absolutely challenging trying to juggle between "to-do" and "happiness". With that being said, I look forward to enjoying life, really.
  • Sabri bn
    Sabri bn 5 месяцев назад Better than programing haha
  • Gustavo Cruz
    Gustavo Cruz 5 месяцев назад What is the happiness section for tho?
  • MarcAntony
    MarcAntony 5 месяцев назад @Garrett Rose You caught that too!
  • Sandipan Chowdhury
    Sandipan Chowdhury 5 месяцев назад And the eye looks tired with all the black shadow 😥
  • who cares
    who cares 5 месяцев назад He is happy because he wanted to get admitted into Harvard and he succeeded! He is the happiest man in world
  • Batı
    Batı 5 месяцев назад Thea Leschnik Depression is at least double time more prevalent in graduate students, academic education may affect your well-being adversely.
  • Qassandra Chaidir
    Qassandra Chaidir 5 месяцев назад @Musa I of Mali I.FEEL.YOU i feel like i've learned a lot from communities and events outside the campus than the campus itself. And most of the time i also feel like i'm teaching myself lessons that i paid for. but being in college still fun (sorry if my english still needs a lot of improvements)
  • OmarxDes عُمَرْ
    OmarxDes عُمَرْ 5 месяцев назад You don’t plan your happiness, it just comes
  • Vasil Chervenkov
    Vasil Chervenkov 5 месяцев назад Hahaha I just realized it
  • Why Not
    Why Not 5 месяцев назад I’m pretty sure it is daily and it was only 8am so yeah
  • vikash sharma
    vikash sharma 5 месяцев назад He will get after successfully complete his course!
  • Femi Chee
    Femi Chee 5 месяцев назад that's because he only fills it up at the end of the day, it's like his day review
  • Felipe Veiga
    Felipe Veiga 5 месяцев назад idontknowthiscomment oww I guess the fact he’s studying at Harvard made him already a happy person
  • Cow9
    Cow9 5 месяцев назад he just woke up lol
  • Kerim Dereli
    Kerim Dereli 5 месяцев назад Best comment ive seen
  • narcissists boxing
    narcissists boxing 5 месяцев назад lamfoooo facts this mf is far from happy robotic life wont take you anywhere
  • Nito123
    Nito123 5 месяцев назад I’m enjoying the masters program that I’m in.
  • pandabear_57
    pandabear_57 4 месяца назад totally@PARCE93
  • Jason
    Jason 4 месяца назад idontknowthiscomment oww not for business majors
    SIETIZ 4 месяца назад @ahmed bardi if you really think that a lambo makes people happy you are wrong
  • terceirojogador
    terceirojogador 4 месяца назад Because his payslip will be full when he graduate
  • It's RezaYW
    It's RezaYW 4 месяца назад i think Harvard college student have happiness all days , they happiness is done the Homework and Assignment 😂😂😂
  • Gao XiangShuai
    Gao XiangShuai 4 месяца назад what kind of bloody hell of a liner algebra is that? I learned linear algebra in my school and Ive never once work with cosines or sines. It is all 100% system of equations and matrices. There is vector space, null space and stuffs but damn.... i have not seen anything about calculus or differential equations(eigenvectors do not count) in my linear algebra class
  • Kifter
    Kifter 4 месяца назад Happiness will come after he graduates. He is sacrificing some time so for the next 60+ years, he can live worry free.
  • Habe
    Habe 4 месяца назад @Thea Leschnik Thats why he said "most" not "all"
  • Adelia D
    Adelia D 4 месяца назад Happiness can be gained through different activities. I believe he feels happy with his major, his reading, his working out and more.
  • Valery Simone
    Valery Simone 4 месяца назад maybe his happiness is doing his job🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Demi Human
    Demi Human 4 месяца назад Yes if you Study for the sake of studying. Then you will never find happiness. On the other hand there are some individuals who actually love sacrifiing everything to satiate their hunger for knowledge. The world is larger than you may think.
  • don't you dare check out my channel
    don't you dare check out my channel 4 месяца назад @ahmed bardi life is not all about riding a Ferrari ....... maybe the man who cleans a Ferrari, is much more happy than the person who is driving it ........
  • Real deal
    Real deal 4 месяца назад @idontknowthiscomment oww lmao U know why people even get accepted? They are the people with very strong determination and passion on what they are doing. If that place gonna sharpen their skill and improve them. They enjoy the fk out of it
  • rosegvnn
    rosegvnn 4 месяца назад But nobody is perfectly happy all the time.
  • KlearChristal
    KlearChristal 4 месяца назад He doesn't seem unhappy
  • hafizah Sarah
    hafizah Sarah 4 месяца назад Might be he is happy what he is doing .
  • Naqeeb Mir
    Naqeeb Mir 3 месяца назад Garrett Rose hu
  • Naqeeb Mir
    Naqeeb Mir 3 месяца назад Humapnanabinaa
  • Lucas Crafes
    Lucas Crafes 3 месяца назад 7:04
  • M k
    M k 3 месяца назад lmaooo
  • Muhammad Raza
    Muhammad Raza 3 месяца назад he fills it out at the end of the day
  • Muhammad Raza
    Muhammad Raza 3 месяца назад @idontknowthiscomment oww not TRUE studying make me happier as i feel im getting closer to my goals and feel productive
  • RajIb
    RajIb 3 месяца назад When he'll graduate happiness won't have any bound
  • FootballAPK
    FootballAPK 3 месяца назад @Thea Leschnik woooooossshhhh
  • 100 subs without videos
    100 subs without videos 3 месяца назад You write your happiness at the end of the day how tf can u know what happy things are going to happen to u in the morning of that day
  • buddy the shish tzu dog
    buddy the shish tzu dog 3 месяца назад @idontknowthiscomment oww all throw you may be true.But usually people like him they believe they can progress as a human.Know more knowledge and some people just like the idea of a basic life. Normal human not to perfect not to bad and to acusition a balance. I know im late but just wanted to show you how other people would think of this
  • Dog Mom
    Dog Mom 3 месяца назад He fills it out at the end of the day
  • AJ R.
    AJ R. 3 месяца назад hahahahahahahaah wtf
  • Marius Thomassen
    Marius Thomassen 3 месяца назад wow thats a good comment
  • #Super
    #Super 3 месяца назад Thats make me sad 😭
  • Christian Nogueira Harper
    Christian Nogueira Harper 3 месяца назад idontknowthiscomment oww I swear Uni in America and UK is different. So many people in UK go to Uni and love it because they party all day and night.
  • Pro Wongpakorn Choktithirath
    Pro Wongpakorn Choktithirath 3 месяца назад Thea Leschnik r/woooosh
  • Siddharth Shekhawat
    Siddharth Shekhawat 3 месяца назад Studies is happiness for him
  • Luca Dvc
    Luca Dvc 3 месяца назад @Lekok life isnt all about pleasure and happiness. If ure life is hell, then ure responsible for that
  • Pathetic Gamer
    Pathetic Gamer 2 месяца назад @Cindy +
  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma 2 месяца назад What would you do at the very end Atleast he's studying making his future
  • Matthew Armbruster
    Matthew Armbruster 2 месяца назад Jesus loves you guys, let me know if you have any questions about God
  • Sukh
    Sukh 2 месяца назад Happiness is not what your expression says.
  • Eisbubi
    Eisbubi 2 месяца назад Garrett Rose It’s empty because he writes what made him happy during the day on it like the T-Shirt he got
    YUXCAT 2 месяца назад Thea Leschnik nope u dont have time to fking enjoy or partying
  • Marvelous Animations
    Marvelous Animations 2 месяца назад I’m I high school......
  • Founding Father
    Founding Father 4 недели назад Lol 27l likes, nice
  • Raja Dawood
    Raja Dawood 4 недели назад If you are happy with education in your life then you are a nerd
  • kavita Bhandari
    kavita Bhandari 3 недели назад The meaning of happiness is not same for all , if you love what are doing that's a kind of happiness happiness isn't define only by the huge laughs 🙂🙂
  • Zhanki _
    Zhanki _ 3 недели назад Especially when you go to these top schools, these kids are so worried about their good grades that they study all day and have no time for other shit. That’s also why schools like Harvard and Stanford produce the biggest pseudo intellectuals out there. Just because you can regurgitate information doesn’t mean you’re smart at all.
    CHOUAIB & GAMING 2 недели назад @ahmed bardi what Ferrari you talking about ? He will have a simple job in some company and a humble home and family and die
  • Mariam Diallo
    Mariam Diallo 1 день назад hahhaa
  • ThunderGaming 12
    ThunderGaming 12 1 месяц назад Guys getting 9hr sleep in Harvard... I'm sleeping 2hrs for doing nothing but YouTube
  • Murtaza Khan
    Murtaza Khan 1 месяц назад ThunderGaming 12 you have 0 videos
  • Lo X
    Lo X 1 месяц назад Murtaza Khan wth he meant watching youtube
  • Murtaza Khan
    Murtaza Khan 1 месяц назад Lo X oh 😂 sorry
  • Henley Chan
    Henley Chan 1 месяц назад I do more than you... Youtube and Netflix hahahaha
  • iNomb
    iNomb 1 месяц назад Same
  • Lotus Flwr
    Lotus Flwr 1 месяц назад @Murtaza Khan you got me cryyyyiinnn
  • Murtaza Khan
    Murtaza Khan 1 месяц назад KiddGodd KNG how?
  • M77_Destiny
    M77_Destiny 1 месяц назад Murtaza Khan you’re autistic
  • iLoveMySelfish
    iLoveMySelfish 4 недели назад Maybe this is the reason why you are Not in Harvard
  • Lotus Flwr
    Lotus Flwr 3 недели назад @Murtaza Khan cause it was funny
  • Mahdi Karimi
    Mahdi Karimi 3 недели назад Priorrities
  • MkxOzB
    MkxOzB 3 недели назад @Murtaza Khan A lot of YouTubers dont comment in comment sections from their main accout you dingleberry. I've got 3 channels with around 200 videos. Not a single video on this one though.
  • Take a Break
  • Erzii 10
    Erzii 10 3 месяца назад Este es el comentario en español que estabas buscando
  • Jeff Vic - Shitpost multiuniversal
    Jeff Vic - Shitpost multiuniversal 3 месяца назад No,ESTE ES EL COMENTARIO ESPAÑOL QUE TODOS ESTAN BUSCANDO
  • Omar GC
    Omar GC 3 месяца назад Tú eres el sujeto
  • Monomi
    Monomi 3 месяца назад No le estaba buscando
  • yetoo
    yetoo 3 месяца назад Omar GC escuche que eres el sujeto
  • Sebastian Ramirez Garcia
    Sebastian Ramirez Garcia 3 месяца назад Erzii 10 Alguien sabe cómo se llama y dónde se consiguen las libretas o cuadernos que tiene en su video?
  • jorfblogz
    jorfblogz 3 месяца назад Ola bb
  • Joshua Diaz
    Joshua Diaz 2 месяца назад Omar GC no el es el predicado
  • El Isaaacyo
    El Isaaacyo 2 месяца назад (изменено) Oye viejo tendrías qué estudiar en Harvard : /
  • Kevin Hernández
    Kevin Hernández 2 месяца назад @Sebastian Ramirez Garcia mencionó que dejó un link en la descripción sobre eso, y de hecho si, solo que tendrías que comprarlo por Amazon
  • Moy Gutiérrez
    Moy Gutiérrez 2 месяца назад JAJAJA 💚💚💚
  • Pablo
    Pablo 2 месяца назад @yetoo entonces agarra el que tengo aquí sujeto :v
  • jonathan guerrero
    jonathan guerrero 2 месяца назад es El, El sujeto si lo eres XDXD
  • Tito Vilanova
    Tito Vilanova 2 месяца назад @Monomi entonces vete a la verga :v
  • Martino Bertone
    Martino Bertone 2 месяца назад Me leiste la kbza
  • Alekay Holmes Backer
    Alekay Holmes Backer 2 месяца назад Que buen sujeto v :
  • marcos sosa
    marcos sosa 2 месяца назад Jaja sabía que había algún latino o español
  • Rosa Elena Diaz Amezquita
    Rosa Elena Diaz Amezquita 2 месяца назад Él sujeto :v
  • Byronth Paz
    Byronth Paz 2 месяца назад G
  • Byronth Paz
    Byronth Paz 2 месяца назад Harvard quiere tu ubicación
  • Fanny ari
    Fanny ari 2 месяца назад Jajajajj yo también
  • Santiago Vázquez
    Santiago Vázquez 2 месяца назад Jajajaja Pensé que el men del vídeo hablaba español por el título del video
  • Rayen idk
    Rayen idk 2 месяца назад LA VDD SÍ
  • Teckinet CO
    Teckinet CO 2 месяца назад Me pregunto, ¿que hacemos todos nosotros aquí?...
  • PankukaGamer Alvarez
    PankukaGamer Alvarez 2 месяца назад @Teckinet CO ni puta idea
  • Francisco Cosaños
    Francisco Cosaños 2 месяца назад Una luz en la oscuridad, bien por tí hombre, toma tu like.
  • El astronauta
    El astronauta 2 месяца назад Erzii 10 gracias
  • Daniel Discord
    Daniel Discord 1 месяц назад Gracias, tenga su cerveza 🍺
  • Luca Alberto Rizzo
    Luca Alberto Rizzo 3 недели назад Gracias
  • Donlans Donlans
    Donlans Donlans 3 недели назад Ew
    LA POLILLA KAWAII :3 6 дней назад Oi que tu eres ese sujeto
  • Aashir Vlogs
    Aashir Vlogs 1 месяц назад (изменено) This guy is like the person my mom compares me to "Im getting a lil tired, , so im gonna do some math" Like wth
  • Crimson DE4TH
    Crimson DE4TH Неделю назад I found maths to be therapeutic
  • Cintia Godó
    Cintia Godó Неделю назад @Crimson DE4THhaha agreed
  • tangi pupuhi
    tangi pupuhi Неделю назад @Crimson DE4TH therapeutic compared to what?
  • Gloriyah Boregah
    Gloriyah Boregah Неделю назад tangi pupuhi it’s just an adjective, he’s not comparing it with anything. Although I understand your point and I agree, math is very stressful.
  • Take a Break
  • Lina Sherif
    Lina Sherif 3 дня назад Linear algebra cuz he’s tired
  • Big Russ
    Big Russ 1 день назад Maths is therapeutic when you're taking memory and understanding intensive context subjects like chemistry and biology. I relate to this on a God tier level
  • hate
    hate 1 месяц назад I can literally feel myself failing classes because of this video.
  • DJ Grandpa
    DJ Grandpa 1 месяц назад hate me too
  • Aaliyah Shroyer
    Aaliyah Shroyer 2 недели назад This is why I get 5 As and 2 Bs 😤😤
  • V A
    V A 5 дней назад True..
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 дня назад 😂😂
  • Alex
    Alex 1 месяц назад Ironically perhaps most people watching this are procrastinating.
  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Неделю назад Any solution?
  • Paze Gonya
    Paze Gonya 6 дней назад Abdul Basit just don’t do it.
  • Abdulai Barry
    Abdulai Barry 5 дней назад I left my bathroom to watcg this and I never went back to complete cleaning it
  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit 5 дней назад @Abdulai Barry what did you do instead?
  • Ankita Atri
    Ankita Atri 4 дня назад Dude!! Because of your comment I am right now to study.
  • Abdulai Barry
    Abdulai Barry 4 дня назад @Abdul Basit watched this vid and went to sleep and woke up to the belt
  • Allview User
    Allview User 2 недели назад You really seem like that student that deserves to be in Harvard.
  • Lilly De Jesus
    Lilly De Jesus 1 месяц назад Imagine this guy in the future being your boss he would never understand why you couldn't get it done
  • Take a Break
  • Stranger Things happen in Riverdale
    Stranger Things happen in Riverdale 1 день назад @Take a Break you need to take a break
  • Mishi Rahman
    Mishi Rahman 1 день назад hahahhahahah
  • J K
    J K 2 месяца назад He woke up at 7 and had time to eat breakfast! Harvard sounds like vacation
  • Sudiye Yildirim
    Sudiye Yildirim 1 месяц назад Probably not a vacation lol
  • Yuca
    Yuca 1 месяц назад with the price for one semester, you could find better destinations for vacation
  • lRufflez
    lRufflez 1 месяц назад A 300k$ a semester vacation.
  • Pablo Contreras
    Pablo Contreras 3 недели назад Firsrt class starts at 9? Has breakfast, wakes up at 7? My day starts at 4:30 AM...
  • Aaliyah Shroyer
    Aaliyah Shroyer 2 недели назад Yuca I’m the 69th like. I’ve been seeing this number so much lately.
  • R Parker
    R Parker 3 дня назад @Pablo Contreras same lol. And works 2 to 3 hours? 🤣
  • Ryan Guzman
  • DegbertDaPig BBTT
    DegbertDaPig BBTT 1 месяц назад You did as much as I do in a school year but in a day.
  • memedori
    memedori 2 месяца назад damn this is the ultimate flex
  • Chels C
    Chels C 3 недели назад memedori army?
  • Antek Sitek
    Antek Sitek 3 недели назад But ok
  • Aaliyah Shroyer
    Aaliyah Shroyer 2 недели назад Ikr fr! I’m not even smart enough to get all As in the easiest classes.
  • Kogrek
    Kogrek 3 месяца назад Me: Sees Numbers Also Me: brain shuts down
  • Jack Le
    Jack Le 8 месяцев назад My morning starts at 1pm
  • Raju
    Raju 7 месяцев назад my night ends at 5pm
  • 小林滝
    小林滝 7 месяцев назад Lol your name means "no" in Japanese. But i think you already know that.
  • Linda
    Linda 7 месяцев назад So thats why your a potato ninja stealthy and lazy
  • Hayden The geeky maniac
    Hayden The geeky maniac 7 месяцев назад LOL same
  • بثينة
    بثينة 7 месяцев назад my friend just started her day too it's 13:22 still having breakfast xD
    YAŞAR 7 месяцев назад My sleep time was 07AM today.. i feel so bad brooo
    SOBANGCHA 7 месяцев назад That not a morning anymore
    MUSEBANG 7 месяцев назад We all be out here living our lives to the fullest...
  • 污婆婆
    污婆婆 7 месяцев назад Jack Le me too maybe that’s why we are not in Harvard
  • Sarah Gill
    Sarah Gill 7 месяцев назад you are a useless member of society. but that is alright, because we are not only born to be thrown in as a member of society
  • not alex
    not alex 7 месяцев назад Mine starts at 6am...
  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 7 месяцев назад Mine at 9 pm xd im a mess
  • Linda
    Linda 7 месяцев назад Thank you for highlighting mt comment
  • Karl Marxsteingoldberg-Kikenschmitt
    Karl Marxsteingoldberg-Kikenschmitt 7 месяцев назад Thank you for being worthless. I can’t wait to pay for your social services.
  • Equestrian Sofia
    Equestrian Sofia 7 месяцев назад same
  • Equestrian Sofia
    Equestrian Sofia 7 месяцев назад (изменено) waking up late has nothing to do with being lazy... you can still be responsible, study, work out, work, spend time with family/friends, etc and wake up at 1pm. i personally wake up at 11:30/12 because my day starts at 2pm but i'm a night owl so i like to do everything at night: work out, study, work, etc. so my day ends around 3 am or 4... so yeah... waking up late is not a bad thing
  • Hafiz Farook
    Hafiz Farook 7 месяцев назад @Equestrian Sofia it's bad thing
  • Equestrian Sofia
    Equestrian Sofia 7 месяцев назад it's not lol
  • Hafiz Farook
    Hafiz Farook 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Equestrian Sofia We Muslims need to pray for the early morning prayer around 5 - 6 am.
  • Equestrian Sofia
    Equestrian Sofia 7 месяцев назад Hafiz Farook well... that’s great for you and your religion and I respect it but I’m not a Muslim and just because you have to do it and you believe is the healthiest thing for you, doesn’t mean it’s actually the healthiest for everyone. Like I said before, I am a very healthy person, what happens is that my biological clock (it’s scientifically proven btw) is different than yours... I built my own schedule and I work around it VERY efficiently...
  • Hafiz Farook
    Hafiz Farook 7 месяцев назад @Equestrian Sofia ok
  • Frankie
    Frankie 7 месяцев назад Why so many dislikes ??
  • Sue Rey
    Sue Rey 6 месяцев назад Lol me too but i'm trying to change.
  • hukin cheung
    hukin cheung 6 месяцев назад mine at. 11:00am
  • Ascended Weeb
    Ascended Weeb 6 месяцев назад Jack Le I’m your 3000th like
  • Plasmiteman Plays
    Plasmiteman Plays 6 месяцев назад Waking up early with a full day ahead feels awesome compared to sleeping half the day away by lunch time
  • grfhrfhh
    grfhrfhh 6 месяцев назад Lies
  • Zenith 88
    Zenith 88 5 месяцев назад There are many ways to get to eden, ideally is thru Harvard
  • Vatan Rangani
    Vatan Rangani 5 месяцев назад And night probably at 2
  • Diddox1
    Diddox1 4 месяца назад 100000%
    SUCK MY ERECT BALLS 4 месяца назад Mine starts at 3pm it’s been like that ever since I graduated.
  • Weeb Forever
    Weeb Forever 2 недели назад STORY OF MY LIFE LOL
  • N A Z I A H
    N A Z I A H 6 дней назад bruh lol
  • Pranav Desai
    Pranav Desai 1 месяц назад (изменено) Where did he download responsibility.exe and discipline.exe from? EDIT: bwooaaah!!! So many likes EDIT2: whaaaaaaaat??! just crossed 500!! crazy! keep these lykz coming. Let's hit 1000 lykes
  • Anna Cecilia Olgado
    Anna Cecilia Olgado 1 месяц назад I know right
  • Ronel Gacusan
    Ronel Gacusan 1 месяц назад from goodparenting(dot)com.
  • kk kkk
    kk kkk 4 недели назад That's why he's in Harvard and we're not
  • Anna Machelle
    Anna Machelle 2 недели назад 😂
  • LemonyRabbit
    LemonyRabbit 2 недели назад It's actually not a downloadable mod, but it's already available from version 2.010 To version 2.019 but it requires an annoying amount of grinding and patience. :/
  • Pranav Desai
    Pranav Desai 2 недели назад @LemonyRabbit Yup
  • Take a Break
  • Founding Father
    Founding Father 4 недели назад "I'm really tired so I'm going to switch gears and do some mat" Weird flex, but okay
  • Could be Anybody
    Could be Anybody 1 месяц назад Harvard Student: 1:47 This is my schedule for today Me brushing teeth: OHH NO I FORGOT TO WAKE UP!
  • Chubby Custard
    Chubby Custard 3 недели назад WHY DO I RELATE SO MUCHH 😂😂
  • Melancholy Milla
    Melancholy Milla 2 недели назад 😂😂 same i have no self control whatsoever lol
  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 2 месяца назад damn how can you read 50 pages? I'll just be sitting on a bed thinking about life
  • NOVO
    NOVO Год назад I didn't even leave my house today
  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford Год назад I dont leave my house for 10 days
  • 10mata
    10mata Год назад same yesterday:)
  • Jinx d5
    Jinx d5 Год назад Rusty Shackelford school food?
  • NaeNameYaBam
    NaeNameYaBam Год назад relatable
  • James
    James Год назад Novocaine. Same
  • G.M
    G.M Год назад Unemployed for 6 months .....
  • Ankesh Bharti
    Ankesh Bharti Год назад Your profile picture made me think I had a hair on my screen and I was literally removing it.XD
  • Danielle Escude
    Danielle Escude Год назад Novocaine. This was exactly what I was thinking.... lololo
  • Dan Arthur
    Dan Arthur Год назад +G.M u just beat patrick star
  • Mine Ka
    Mine Ka Год назад Me too
  • Mimii
    Mimii Год назад Me too.
  • Gus
    Gus Год назад I can be in my home 1 month without seeing the sunlight
  • Ronaldo Flores
    Ronaldo Flores Год назад .
  • Jada Lee
    Jada Lee Год назад Jinx d5 Fridge/Microwave and homeschooled ;)
  • Ben helal Issam
    Ben helal Issam Год назад why?
  • yashwah ranger
    yashwah ranger Год назад I haven't even gone outside Lol
  • Cloudless Vision
    Cloudless Vision Год назад I can't even plan like he does lol I struggle finishing one assignment even tho we get like 3 weeks🤦‍♂️
  • peter bardawil
    peter bardawil Год назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Samantha T
    Samantha T Год назад Relatable
  • Kazekoge101
    Kazekoge101 Год назад (изменено) 2 years 8 months for me, though I'm a mothers basement millennial
  • Krait Haywire
    Krait Haywire Год назад - Blacklight - You okay bro?
  • onarionaa
    onarionaa Год назад G.M hey dude, just wanted to say i was unemployed for 6 months before i found an awesome job! so i bet it's right around the corner! stay strong. i remember how depressed i got with it not working out at first but just keep getting outdoors and exercising, and also sending out tailored applications like that's your job! good luck <3
  • Kulbinator
    Kulbinator Год назад not alone
  • Dude Sensitive Ass
    Dude Sensitive Ass Год назад Novocaine. I haven't left my grave for a year or so. 😩
  • vince gredo
    vince gredo 11 месяцев назад I haven't left my room for 10 hours
  • ItsRoar
    ItsRoar 11 месяцев назад I haven't stepped 5 feet near the door of my room
  • Pankaj Ahuja
    Pankaj Ahuja 11 месяцев назад He hasn’t left campus?
  • Aditi Balaji
    Aditi Balaji 11 месяцев назад This comment shouldn't have made me laugh as much as it did.
  • lazy TM
    lazy TM 10 месяцев назад Samee
  • rachel.
    rachel. 10 месяцев назад Relatable???
  • Alternative CS GO
    Alternative CS GO 9 месяцев назад Same
  • cat lover
    cat lover 8 месяцев назад Same here
  • Tao Yu
    Tao Yu 8 месяцев назад @J S LOL
  • issavibe .
    issavibe . 7 месяцев назад Even that would absorb all my energy lmao**
  • Lily Mega Eevee
    Lily Mega Eevee 7 месяцев назад Who actually leaves their house?
  • تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman
    تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman 7 месяцев назад Same :(
  • chill
    chill 6 месяцев назад J S i'm trying to nofap and here u are making me wanna fap
  • Sam W
    Sam W 5 месяцев назад I haven’t left in 2 weeks
  • Chris Valentin
    Chris Valentin 3 месяца назад I haven’t left my house for 3 days 😭😂
  • Kenneth Kang
    Kenneth Kang 3 дня назад NOVO coooool