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10 FASHION MISTAKES WOMEN ALWAYS MAKE! Many of you enjoyed my ’10 WAYS TO ALWAYS LOOK EXPENSIVE” video…so I thought I’d follow it up with 10 fashion mistakes I always see women making! Hopefully you enjoy these styling tips and tricks :)

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  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney Год назад Hey guys!! Just in case anyone is wondering - I will definitely go back to my normal background, but I thought it would be fun to switch it up to something white & clean. I love channels that switch up backgrounds, filming angles, etc! I really enjoyed editing this video too. So thanks for watching XOXOXO
  • Jill Ann Cooke
    Jill Ann Cooke 3 месяца назад Shea Whitney Hi Shea, I notice some of these things on “people” too. Myself included I’m embarrassed to say... And not just with women. However one of my pet peeves is the look of smeared and worn off make- up. I think anyone guilty of this, (including myself at times) would feel and look better to themselves and to others by glancing in the mirror and “powdering their nose” occasionally. Touching up make-up every few hours would help for sure but if one can’t bother with that because of being too busy, she is better off not wearing any eye make up at all. Also the use of an illuminating day cream/moisturizer can improve the complexion so well that foundation make-up really isn’t necessary at all. And a tan always helps. Am I right? I’m a new admirer of your You Tube channel. I have long been doing and noticing the same things with clothes, hair and make-up for years and was wondering if anyone else thinks that creatively (and yes, sometimes critically) like I do. It’s nice to know you do it too! I guess I’m just a girly girl at heart and I will always be... God bless you and yours. Keep up the good work! Jill Ann Cooke
  • Emilia TCG
    Emilia TCG 4 месяца назад Umm so I wear my boyfriends dog tags as a “necklace” 😅
  • Ally Katt
    Ally Katt 4 месяца назад I prefer the white background. And I have to absolutely agree about the chipped nails! It’s so gross. I always wonder what her personal hygiene in other areas is like too. Or that they look like a drug addict. I also clean my shoes before I put them back in my closet almost every time. God knows what they pick up.
  • Dwayne Beard
    Dwayne Beard 6 месяцев назад Cool Also see the top 13 women classic watches https://www.bestofthetop.com/top-13-women-classic-watches/
  • Neko Fenrir
    Neko Fenrir 6 месяцев назад @Figgie Jammer you make make a lot of amazing clothes with cotto crinkle fabric tho.
  • Figgie Jammer
    Figgie Jammer 6 месяцев назад I am very neurotic about wrinkly clothes and lint, so when you said "lint roller" I knew I was going to like this. 😊💕
  • Shelby Hutchinson
    Shelby Hutchinson 7 месяцев назад Lol! Soooo...hate to break it to you, but you DO NOT have a nice butt. There is nothing there. It's flat. You need to get off your pedestal. You are nothing special and typical looking. Move along chatty Kathy.
  • Neko Fenrir
    Neko Fenrir 7 месяцев назад As soon as you said "fur or lint" I looked at my fat orange and white cat 😂 Surprisingly tho I don't get much cat fur and or dog fur on my clothes even with my cats sleeping on my bed with me. My blanket may as well just be called my fur.
  • Monalisa Menno
    Monalisa Menno 11 месяцев назад Shea Whitney Shea, I heard a couple of times before that you should buy the shoes at the end of the day because otherwise they will fit tight on other evenings and if they feel a little I'll in the am you can just add a removable insole....I'm confused now
  • Sandra Peters
    Sandra Peters 11 месяцев назад Shea Whitney and
    GADE RAO 11 месяцев назад Shea Whitney
  • Graciela Leo
    Graciela Leo Год назад Shea Whitne
  • Person Ofaperson
    Person Ofaperson Год назад Shea Whitney hey for that first one with the shoe size look it up because a lot of women do by one size or half size larger to allow for swelling especially for work shoes I know in heels I have to get one size larger Because by the end of the day I won't have shoes on my feet lol there are really comfy gel stick-ons for the heel for during the first part of the day and then you just take them off the second part
  • Rodrick Hunter
    Rodrick Hunter Год назад Shea Whitney I hateeee when people wear print on print😂 like keep a solid pant or top
  • dorklo ermen
    dorklo ermen Год назад I deserve everything I ask for. And share this joy with the world > https://t.co/mfAuZU5B8n
  • Ella Hope
    Ella Hope Год назад Brenda Jimenez 😂
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney Год назад Thank you, Hash Curly!
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney Год назад Thank you, Li Chen!
  • cherry fe santolon
    cherry fe santolon Год назад Shea Whitney hello,!!
  • cosmetics enthusiast
    cosmetics enthusiast Год назад I think white background is nice and clean.
  • Alrasser Arpa
    Alrasser Arpa Год назад From Philippines anyway! 💖
  • Alrasser Arpa
    Alrasser Arpa Год назад I love your fashion statement! It's my first time to take a glimpse to your channel but hey, you're freaking awesome! 💕
  • monique danas
    monique danas Год назад Love your stuff it's so amazing
  • Brenda Jimenez
    Brenda Jimenez Год назад Shea Whitney your hair is a fashion mistake
  • sangei eisang
    sangei eisang Год назад subscribed!!
  • Sara-Ann Edwards
    Sara-Ann Edwards Год назад Shea Whitney love your blouse!!!
  • Lesa D
    Lesa D Год назад Shea Whitney j
  • Charles Justin Enteria
    Charles Justin Enteria Год назад Shea Whitney Isi
  • eunrod4
    eunrod4 Год назад (изменено) Shea Whitney , yes change is good! loved loved the variety of different things you did in this video ☺️
  • Jennifer McGee
    Jennifer McGee Год назад It was a great video! I liked the background. Lots of good advice here too.
  • lacey hansen
    lacey hansen Год назад Shea Whitney you worry way too much about what people think of you, yes some people like to be perfect, but if someone criticizes your look, either an understanding person would accept it or someone who is so insecure that the person flips out Seriously, it's what makes a person human and to not always look like a barbie is alright, you know that right? If someone judges you that makes you a person, pry should check themselves Don't be so hard on yourself
  • Hassina
    Hassina Год назад Thanks for this amazing video. Love 😘❤️
  • Lii
    Lii Год назад I like this background!
  • Allaissa
    Allaissa Год назад Shea Whitney i loved this haha ill definitely make sure i never have diaper butt now
  • manikame
    manikame Год назад (изменено) for me "less is more" when it comes to jewelry.
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney Год назад Yes I agree!!
  • The Questing Librarian
    The Questing Librarian Год назад The shoe tip is totally wrong. The best time to shop for shoes is at the end of the day because that way your shoes will not be killing you all day as your feet swell.
  • Mrinmoyee Mandal
    Mrinmoyee Mandal 2 недели назад You're absolutely correct
  • Loner Laura
    Loner Laura 5 месяцев назад That's a good idea. Never thought of this.
  • Jefflania Jiffy
    Jefflania Jiffy 7 месяцев назад Yeah the shoe tip is totally wrong. If the shoe fit like a glove, your feet would be covered in blisters
  • astralvenus
    astralvenus 9 месяцев назад Yeah, the shoe should be .5 size bigger than your size because of swelling. Just like the hand finger swells and to remove rings is hard af same rule for shoes. If you buy the exact shoe size without swelling consideration for sure you'll get bunion
  • Jamie Lambdin
    Jamie Lambdin 9 месяцев назад I generally buy a bit snug so that when they stretch out they'll still fit my feet.
  • Aubree Hesley
    Aubree Hesley 10 месяцев назад Well... There is this thing called material stretching...
  • Imorimen Ewli
    Imorimen Ewli Год назад Wtf you don’t have to wear the new shoes you shop?
  • just me
    just me Год назад good point. I thought of that too
  • just me
    just me Год назад good point. I thought of that too
  • Me Me
    Me Me Год назад I was thinking the same thing. Although, I would follow her advice if buying special occasion shoes--something I'll wear for a couple of hours and be done.
  • Adriana Diaz
    Adriana Diaz Год назад I just came from the channel teachingmensfashion and the guy does similar videos like this teaching guys fashion and grooming. And the comments there from all the guys who watch are so supportive and positive, saying “oh this helped me so much” and “I got a girlfriend now, thank you” and so on. Then the comments here are so rude and negative. Clearly you all with these negative comments came on here and searched for fashion advice or tips, then start hating saying you don’t have the money and its so superficial to be like this and putting down this woman’s fashion advice 🙄 Especially no where did she say these were “cheap” style tips... How about women need to stop being so judgmental. Start there first, then fix your outfit later bc that is way more unattractive than what you got on. To Shea Whitney: girl the video is great, you made really good points💞
  • Liliya Lapik
    Liliya Lapik 1 месяц назад Except the one or two points that are actually flawed. I wish she had done some research before making generalized statements. Otherwise I have no problem with the video. Although I do think this video talks more about being put together then being fashionable.
  • Llama Sugar
    Llama Sugar 6 часов назад It’s disappointing to see all the negative comments. I mean, what did people expect when they clicked on a video with the title, “10 Fashion Mistakes . . . “? Some of it may be hurt feelings because they found too many of these are things they themselves do. I shop about 95% secondhand (I have champagne taste and wine box budget), and I get compliments daily about my outfits. The one I do find myself guilty of at times is “diaper butt.” No more, promise. 😊 Well done video!
  • Starks, Quick tempers,slow minds
    Starks, Quick tempers,slow minds Год назад how about just wear what you want and be confident in it?
  • Prickly Pickle
    Prickly Pickle 1 месяц назад Riva Evans sure , but this is what her channel is about.
  • Phuket UFC
    Phuket UFC 4 месяца назад How can you feel confident in a diaper butt...all she is trying to do is help.
  • Meagan Boodoo
    Meagan Boodoo 5 месяцев назад yea she literally said that in the beginning 0:25
  • Midnight art Studios
    Midnight art Studios 5 месяцев назад Why did you watch the video?
  • TP
    TP 6 месяцев назад Lol then why are you watching this video?
  • dianerdey
    dianerdey 7 месяцев назад yeah if you believe you look great people will think so. you are looking great wear anything you love and feel comfy.
  • Letitia M
    Letitia M Год назад anime wuvu At no point in the video she said you shouldn‘t wear what you want
  • luckycat666
    luckycat666 Год назад (изменено) then why did you watch the video? to validate your bad fashion choices good for you but dont be a hating ass bitch because you dress bad and someone pointed it out
  • May Mamdouh
    May Mamdouh Год назад anime wuvu agreed I'm an art student and I have no time whatsoever to be a "fashionista " and i like my shoes dirty so 😛
  • Riva Evans
    Riva Evans Год назад anime wuvu That's right , fuck what anyone thinks .
  • Jennifer O'Brien
    Jennifer O'Brien Год назад It's actually better to try on and buy shoes at the end of the day BECAUSE your feet are swollen. If your feet swell that much in day that the shoes are noticeably too big when you put them on in the morning, imagine how tight the "right size" would be by the end of the day. An easy fix to that gap is to add removable foot pad inserts that will push your foot up/back.
  • Sapphire Camui
    Sapphire Camui Год назад some people have wider feet and simply can't find fitting shoes because most are too narrow. but a bigger size will fit better in the front. plus, i hear MANY experts that recommend buying shoes at the end of the day BECAUSE the feet are swollen - this way you also avoid getting blisters...
  • Optimism 111
    Optimism 111 Год назад Is it just me that hate nail polish?
  • Liliya Lapik
    Liliya Lapik 1 месяц назад (изменено) Nope. And ironically I know the difference between jell and shellac. Lol she clearly doesn't.
  • Allanah Hasty
    Allanah Hasty 3 месяца назад I Hate Makeup it self it's not my style I'm a tomboy I'm a girl though
  • Patricia Martin
    Patricia Martin 3 месяца назад Not on my nails, but my toes have to be done at all times lol
  • Karimay lovesavacados
    Karimay lovesavacados 4 месяца назад @Cindy Snow OMG so true
  • Cindy Snow
    Cindy Snow 4 месяца назад No I like it but I hate how it never lasts more than 2-3 days without chipping.
  • Karimay lovesavacados
    Karimay lovesavacados 4 месяца назад nope i hate nail polish because it makes my fingers heavy and smells nasty
  • Dewi Kania
    Dewi Kania 4 месяца назад I hate it .. My nails cant breath..
  • Anca Daniela Moraru
    Anca Daniela Moraru 5 месяцев назад I do like it, but dont have the time, energy and the job type for nail polish so id rather not having it at all. Rather keep it cut and clean
  • Loner Laura
    Loner Laura 5 месяцев назад I like basic nail polish like clear, French, light pink, or light colors. I know people love crazy designs and stuff which I guess is fun but it's tacky IMO.
  • Jessie Shang
    Jessie Shang 8 месяцев назад Benefits of Sports Bras: The sports bars/yoga bras for women ,it's very Soft, Stretchy, And Super Breathable,This Is An Awesome Saturday Bra. Tough Enough To Handle Hot Class, Then Slips Seamlessly Under Your Favorite Tank Or T-Shirt For Whatever Else You Want To Get Into That Day. Built For High /Medium-Impact Activity And All-Day Comfort. ? http://amzla.com/1ibh16htle3hs
  • Rai yan
    Rai yan 8 месяцев назад You are not alone
  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross 8 месяцев назад (изменено) I hate when it chips. HATE THAT. I'm not at all OCD it just looks terrible! I immediately get the urge to take it all off once it chips. I only wore polish at graduation because my mom wanted me to. Never again. I work hard, I'm not getting polish just for it to chip the same day.
  • Anita Blount
    Anita Blount 9 месяцев назад i hate nail polish that won't go on smooth or that chips badly; totally gets me out with nail polish. i prefer to were none at all.
  • Monica Sanchez
    Monica Sanchez 9 месяцев назад nail polish is alsome
  • Lora Gibbs
    Lora Gibbs 9 месяцев назад I hate nail polish and I hate fake nails. I love beautiful hands and nails tell a lot about health. Fake and covered nails just signals poor health in my mind.
  • Neha
    Neha 9 месяцев назад Beauty Addict nope , u have me
  • Leslie Lawrence
    Leslie Lawrence 10 месяцев назад Like manicured nails. Buff, trim and file them, but nail polish & worrying about your nails is a waste of precious time!!! Also, I have family that go to nail salons all the time and sit in there inhaling all those toxic chemicals, which do tremendous damage to you!! Awful stuff!!
  • Cassandra Etc
    Cassandra Etc 10 месяцев назад Beauty Addict same. I prefer natural nails, gel nails damage your nails
  • lin_suck_at_vlogs
    lin_suck_at_vlogs 11 месяцев назад Beauty Addict I hate the nail smell
  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 11 месяцев назад I hate the feeling of nail polishes on my fingers!
  • machi mochi
    machi mochi 11 месяцев назад I hate nail polish
  • K Foster
    K Foster 11 месяцев назад beauty - no, I buff my nails only....I cannot stand nail polish
  • Sofiya
    Sofiya Год назад Nail polish isn’t even classy. Hence why royals aren’t allowed to wear nail polish unless it looks natural or nude.
  • Adriana Perezz
    Adriana Perezz Год назад Ur not alone
  • Mariah F.
    Mariah F. Год назад No. Not just you. For myself an outfit looks neatest with well manicured natural nails on hands and feet. Nail polish ruins nails in 24 hours, thins them, destroys them and basically makes them unattractive. Natural healthy skin, nails and hair are beautiful. Simple, clean, sleek.
  • Gold Jewelry Dealer
    Gold Jewelry Dealer Год назад Beauty Addict I
  • Maddy Hackett
    Maddy Hackett Год назад Beauty Addict I hate it !
  • Beth
    Beth Год назад Lol nope! I love the look of it but I just don't have the patience to keep it up myself, nor the money to get it done regularly. On the rare occasion that I do it myself I get super artistic and creative, but it just ends up looking awful when it starts to come off and I don't care to fix it. Plus I work with horses and play the piano, and I feel like it just gets messed up from the get-go. Give me clean, neatly trimmed bare nails and I'm good to go! One thing that I do use though, and I can't remember the brand name at the moment, but have you ever tried those 3 or 4 sided tools they make? they have a side for buffing, something else that I can't remember (it's been awhile since I've used mine) and a side for polishing. You use each side in a circular motion over each nail for 20-30 seconds, starting with buffing and ending with the polishing. Your nails look shiny exactly as if you were wearing clear nail polish but without the upkeep and feel of polish, and it lasts for about 3 weeks to a month. It's super easy and gets rid of those ridges and lines that you can get on your nails and makes them look healthy and neat without any nail polish.
  • OkinawaOwl0 0
    OkinawaOwl0 0 Год назад 1983IB it depends on what nail polish you use. Some professionals remove gel nail polish wrong, by ripping or scraping it off if your nail. Peeling nail polish will damage your nails because it peels off the layers of your nails. Pure acetone can dry your nails out, but applying a bit of nail oil or even lotion after( must be after to help your polish last) polishing will really help your nails get some of that moisture back. Pure acetone is much better than regular nail polish remover (the colored stuff that says it has special oils in it) because it works faster, and doesn't leave behind oils that will make your manicure chip or peel faster.
  • 1983IB
    1983IB Год назад No, I don´t use it either. Regardless if I use primer etc., it damages my nails for several weeks afterwards.
  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell Год назад Beauty Addict I like polish, as long as I am putting it on you. I hate self applying...
  • Tamme Jackson
    Tamme Jackson Год назад She seems shallow... ijs
  • nadia gerics
    nadia gerics Год назад Half of this seemed snotty. Not everyone can afford a new handbag or a nice designer shirt
  • Emily
    Emily Год назад I guess I just don't judge other peoples outfit this much…
  • Ana Raita
    Ana Raita 6 месяцев назад @Anita Dodaj So what does she expects when she clicks on a fashion video?It's obvious that you will see things related to look or appearance .If You get offended over these little things it means that you have a problem with yourself and the solution is a specialists who can help You,not commenting on youtube videos.Also, everyone judges people based on their clothes or looks,it is just they don't admit it.
  • Ana Raita
    Ana Raita 6 месяцев назад Do You even realise that in this comment you are judging her for being judgemental ,which actually turns you in a judgemental person? These double standards are kind of funny.
  • Dell Meowie
    Dell Meowie Год назад Emily Layne... At 0:22 she clearly says she is expressing her own opinion....she is NOT judging but trying to let us know how we can improve ourselves looks wise.. If we want to 😀😀😀
  • Molly Moko
    Molly Moko Год назад IKR .. so judgemental, fashion should be expression and whatever u want to wear
  • Nika N
    Nika N Год назад Emily Layne I was thinking the same! This is so stuck up to me
  • Lolly Ann
    Lolly Ann Год назад I love how all the "just do you", "be confident in yourself", "I don't care about this stuff and I look fine" women are the ones offended and hurt by her innocently given (and might I add very useful) advice, then feel the need to make snarky, rude comments where you are clearly judging her?!?! My point: how confident are you, really??? Based on your comments, not very, if you're gonna talk the talk then walk the walk.....I hate that these comment sections just highlight how awful women can be, especially towards eachother, now THAT IS sad!!!!! If you can't be bothered to apply these helpful tips, you might just be lazy, the little details absolutely matter, specifically for professional purposes, stop judging and spreading hate👎
  • THEwhimsical1
    THEwhimsical1 Год назад Mokkamalia Want a trophy?
  • Lex Morningstar
    Lex Morningstar Год назад The funny thing is, is that everything she says is unattractive will probably be fashionable in 20 years. Baggy pants on guys was the done with in the early 2000s and everyone had a tote bag in the mid 2000s. Plus, she'll be looking back on this video in several years laughing at how outdated her clothes and jewelry are. My point.... you do you!
  • Könige-Tochter Ü.
    Könige-Tochter Ü. Год назад how do look fine... that has to be an opinion.. you do nothing to upkeep yourself. dm
  • Könige-Tochter Ü.
    Könige-Tochter Ü. Год назад how do look fine... that has to be an opinion.. you do nothing to upkeep yourself. d
  • Mokkamalia
    Mokkamalia Год назад I also don't really care about looks. I basically mainly wear clothes to not be naked ^^ Never had my nails done, barely ever polished my nails, no make up except for concealer and brows, never dyed, straightened or really styled my hair, hardly ever buy new clothes, always wear the same handbag, only wear up to 3 different pair of shoes in a year,...And I look FINE!
  • jenny steward
    jenny steward Год назад hahahha.. yeahhh we dont have that much time...
  • Antaya Fairless
    Antaya Fairless Год назад Emily Layne there is a difference between giving tips? And her attitude towards it. Not everyone is this obsessed with their image I have horses and teach riding lessons for a living .I sometimes have to go buy stuff with my riding boots on, horse hair all over me ect...do I care? Hell no. Sure I will dress up like this for an event or something? But I am wearing jeans and a tank top most days.
  • Amanda G
    Amanda G Год назад Same. Alternate title: "10 ways to judge women based on their appearance"
  • wisam rohilina
    wisam rohilina Год назад Emily Layne yup i think giving hacks to improve and share good advice is one thing but the tone of this video is very judgmental and condescending.. i've unsubscribed.. when i want to get fashion advice i'll go to the pro and not someone who acts as if she's the authority of determining what's right and wrong
  • Erin Wilson
    Erin Wilson Год назад She posted this for people who want to visually improve their appearance. Obviously someone who isn't concerned probably wouldn't watch this video?
  • sharmika malwatte
    sharmika malwatte Год назад and my reaction was " wow! do people really care about those things? "
  • Sam S
    Sam S Год назад Emily Layne its maybe cuz she's older and works in a professional environment where looks are an important part of her job. Makes sense if you don't pay too much attention to what outfits, say, college students wear lol
  • TT
    TT Год назад Emily Layne I don't think this video is about judge other people. I think it's about little details that will make you look better.
  • Jenny Myers
    Jenny Myers Год назад Same here!!!! It's kinda sad
  • Sandy Christine
    Sandy Christine Год назад Same
  • Elie 0726
    Elie 0726 Год назад Materialistic 100%.. girls should never be afraid to be themselves even if that means you’re breaking “fashion rules”
  • Blossom and Bloom
    Blossom and Bloom Год назад (изменено) I feel judged... even though I take pride in my appearance and mainly keep things clean, simple and fresh I still feel like we are starting to breed a world of judgement people. I was at a wedding the other day, looking great of cause, and there where some really beautiful younger ladies sitting on a table and whilst the main course was being served unfortunately one of the waiters serving their table had tissue stock to his shoe and they where all pointing and laughing at him. And it started getting attention and making this young man feel self conscious so I walked over there bent down tapped the guy to lift his leg and removed the tissue I gave him a wink and a smile and walked away the guy felt better. please care about how you make people feel it truly is important.
  • Lauren Brady
    Lauren Brady Год назад Wow! Sigh of relief! I used to obsess over the way I look and after watching this...I'm glad I don't spend my time doing that anymore.
  • Tesha Miller
    Tesha Miller 8 месяцев назад Ikr. Lol
  • Kathleen Hemingway
    Kathleen Hemingway 9 месяцев назад Bahahaha
  • aprilinaz
    aprilinaz Год назад Dark-colored clothes do not ATTRACT more pet hair or lint! It just is MORE VISIBLE! I knew a person that wanted to know if she should get rid of all her black furniture (because it was MADE OF A BLACK MATERIAL), or if she could "fake it" by painting it white, because she heard someone say what you did. The only time color affects nature is in light reflection & heat absorbsion. Also in psychology: certain colors evoke certain thoughts. Also in vision tricks: black/dark colors in certain places give different looks.
  • LustyVictoria
    LustyVictoria 5 месяцев назад I have a brown tabby with weird multicoloured fur strands, and a Calico who's black on top with a white belly. I can't win either way with colours.
  • Lisbeth Bredgaard
    Lisbeth Bredgaard 9 месяцев назад aprilinaz hahaha. Pure logic!!!
  • Coco Star
    Coco Star 11 месяцев назад I did my Degree in Fashion Design & Textiles and all I can say is fashion is hype, and there is no rules in reality..it is best to be unique and wear what you feel comfortable in, artists like myself like to pile on jewellery in bright colours and others do not. Different strokes for different folks, if we all copied the same rules it would be a very boring world indeed!. Be FREE people do what you like! xxx
  • Marcelina Einstein
    Marcelina Einstein Год назад Do less talking and show more outfits!
  • Hey123
    Hey123 8 месяцев назад lol I agree
  • Manuel Huerta
    Manuel Huerta Год назад Paloma Blanca p
  • Sakura pizza
    Sakura pizza Год назад Paloma Blanca ikr
  • Tessa Red
    Tessa Red Год назад Was hoping that this would be more for clothes and such. Not a bunch of tiny minuscule things that only rich people and those with far to much time on there hands would actually care about.
  • Egle Makar
    Egle Makar 4 месяца назад SAME. I guess this is how the upper class judges the other classes! Lol also - dirty shoes. I mean... personally I thought the purpose of shoes is to protect our feet from the elements??? Shoes are the primary way we touch and interact with the earth??? How dare they actually... get earth particles on them??? Excuse me next time I’ll just float in on my jet pack so my shoes stay clean.
  • nelly stepchin
    nelly stepchin 6 месяцев назад hmmm, I don't see how putting on lipstick takes too much time, or putting on a pair of nude heels, or being confident, or actually being interactive with people instead of living inside your phone. And you don't even have to get your nails done. What she's saying is don't have dirty or chipped nails. It makes you look like you don't take care of yourself. You don't have to be rich or have all the free time for this.
  • Maxine
    Maxine 8 месяцев назад @Lolly Ann screw off lady.
  • Haley Suzzett
    Haley Suzzett 10 месяцев назад I thought the same thing and then halfway through her list I was like, "do what? who cares about such frivolity?"
  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Год назад Lolly Ann funny how in another comment you’re calling two other people “mean girls” yet you’ve had tons of comments insulting people and calling them lazy, insecure, etc. Hypocrite much?
  • Lolly Ann
    Lolly Ann Год назад Tessa Red I'm not rich, nor do I have spare time on my hands, but these are things any person can do in minutes to elevate their look, if you are to lazy that's on you!!!
  • risha a
    risha a Год назад your husband kind of sounds like an a-hole
  • Angela Sublett
    Angela Sublett 2 месяца назад Look what he deals with...
  • joshmanmode
    joshmanmode 3 месяца назад 🤣
  • XxAnonymousXx XxGirlXx
    XxAnonymousXx XxGirlXx 3 месяца назад @Is mayonnaise an Instrument Yes Mayonnaise is an instrument
  • Harley And Rufus the best doggy
    Harley And Rufus the best doggy 6 месяцев назад So do you rishaa poopyarse
  • nelly stepchin
    nelly stepchin 6 месяцев назад He honestly sounds like an honest guy. Sounds like they are open and comfortable in their relationship as well as comfortable enough with themselves not to get all butt hurt about some teasing about wrong sizing. But I guess nowadays you can't even point out that someone has spinach in their teeth without being considered an a-hole?
  • Alexis Waller
    Alexis Waller 8 месяцев назад @Is mayonnaise an Instrument I agree they do they need as accessorie just like a belt or bag see I got this man cause I'm so pretty
  • Angel
    Angel Год назад Lolly Ann 😂 😂🙄 calm down. You scold her for an apparent “horrible bitchy” comment then do the exact same. ?? 🧐 it’s OpinionTube you realise. 🌟💫🌈🌺
  • Lolly Ann
    Lolly Ann Год назад You are horrible, leave her family out of it.....what a disgraceful, bitchy comment!!!!! I bet you're single
  • Is mayonnaise an Instrument
    Is mayonnaise an Instrument Год назад Not to be offensive because she seems nice, but girls like her usually let their husbands be complete assholes.
  • Kelly Forester
    Kelly Forester Год назад risha a Well look at her...