5 Ways to Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2019 | How to be Healthy | Alex Costa

Published on Jan 1, 2019 190,784 views

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Topic of discussion: What are your goals for 2019

5 Ways to Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2019 | How to be Healthy
Here are 5 ways to start a healthy lifestyle in 2019 to make sure you start the year off right! Follow these steps and look & feel your best in the new year to crush your new years resolution.

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    Orveus 5 месяцев назад (изменено) 1) Clean diet Tips: Fruits/veggies in every meal, limit eating out, and limit sugars/simple carbs, bad fats, and fried foods. 2) Exercise regularly, at least 3x a week A good workout routine has both weightlifting and cardio. 3) Sleep for at least 7 hours and limit sitting for long periods of time Tips: Go to bed earlier if you are not getting enough sleep, and if you notice that you are sitting too much, take a short, brisk walk, maybe around your living room/bedroom, or wherever you are. 4) Practice positivity, being healthy isn’t only having a healthy body, a healthy mind is just as important. Tips: See the good of things, don’t complain about stuff that you can fix/resolve, and smile more! These tips will help you get healthier in 2019 👌
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