Don't Trust Suit Labels - Differences Between A Cheap Suit & An Expensive Suit

Published on Nov 30, 2014 1,398,074 views

The differences between a cheap suit and an expensive suit can be sometimes very hard to spot while at other times be quite obvious but, for those of us who are not fashion experts it's always useful to have a little extra knowledge and advice when we go out to purchase our next men's suit.

That's why we headed out to Rossini Menswear & Formal Wear in Modesto, California to speak with a real men's fashion expert about how to tell the difference so you know exactly what your buying the next time you head to the store to make that big purchase.

Rossini's Menswear has been in Modesto, California for decades and employees some of the areas most experiences people in the industry to help you with any purchase and alteration need you may have. They also rent the best tuxedos in the area.

To find out more about Rossini Menswear and Formal Wear you can give them a call at 209-529-6860, stop by in person at 3224 McHenry Ave. in Modesto, California or go to their website at http://www.RossinisMenswear.com .


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    xav B 2 года назад I'm about to go check my suits n see how cheap they are... Yep all glued up suits 😔
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    The English Gentleman Год назад SicSeb Yes, ideally I'd get one tailored, but as I am still growing, I'm going to wait for me to reach maximum height. No point shelling out $700 on a nice suit when I'll be out of it in a year. I have a cheapish department store sports jacket and a 3 piece suit. They look decent (the sports jacket especially as it is Navy with cream buttons) but the material quality is significantly lacking. But, someday, when my ship comes in, I will go to a tailor and get myself a fine quality suit made for myself. And maybe a sports jacket. But I don't like blazers. I think they look a bit misshapen and square. I prefer a tighter and slimmer fit. Also, I often think the patterns are a bit loud, certainly the striped ones.
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    SicSeb Год назад xavi Bon I have my suits and sport jackets made. More expensive but more bang for your buck
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    JaVaughn McGregor Год назад The silver lining is that 90+% of the population won't be able to tell the difference between a $200 suit from $2000 suit to justify the price difference.
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    Brinner Dang 3 года назад "Horses for Courses". I had to look that up. I knew it was a good answer to a really penetrating interview. Not many in the trade will so willingly "share secrets". Fewer yet realize that through exposure and education a whole new market will reveal itself. Brilliant video, thank you both for making the time and effort.
  • David Wilder
    David Wilder 5 месяцев назад Excellent advice. I am a veteran of Manhattan's stodgiest menswear store.
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    A man 9 месяцев назад It actually makes sense if you know what which word means, and how the words relate to each other...and you ended up not actually giving the meaning...and it's not some trade secret lol, it can really be used anywhere...you know, horses for courses!
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    eric salles 2 года назад Brinner Dang Epsom has Tattenham corner and a steep uphill before the finishing line an ex jockey told me that the horses legs scissor going around Tattenham corner ..he went round it a lot
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    onee 2 года назад Brinner Dang Unfortunately a lot of people are very lazy. Even if you share all your secrets. If it takes too much effort. People don't want to do it. They would rather give you their money. And collect a part of your profit instead.
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    mrmocisse 3 года назад This video was actually helpful to me! Thank you for sharing
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    Kyle Schlapkohl 3 года назад Wow, you learn something every single day...that part about the stitching around the lapels is probably pretty important and something I just was never made aware of.
  • Yago Usera
    Yago Usera Год назад The stitching only comes in more expensive suits because it's used to give the lapel form in standing up and around. The term for that is "Structured Suit" where a commercial made suit or assembly line has a layer of inner interface that's not fully "structured and is considered "Non Structured" with only a machine herringbone stitching at the top lapel. Winter and summer suits have different interface weights with also different addons.When you want a quality suit just ask for a structured suit and that will separate most designer suits from the tailored pieces that have a ton of more stitching than in the lapel.
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    Jesse blanklastname 3 года назад I thought this was Richard Branson from the thumbnail
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  • mountainlegend1
    mountainlegend1 3 года назад Never purchase a suit for the name! some great advise from the video,also not a snob,he comments on the fact if you want a "Workhorse" suit chose sintheic,not wool,me just mindful of price,not getting ripped of by a posh name!
  • Young Fire Old Flame
    Young Fire Old Flame Год назад (изменено) If you want a long lasting suit just buy a thicker wool like super 100 not 120 or 140s; buy two pairs of trousers and swap on each wear. Most people take the jacket and hang it up when the get to the office. Give your suit at least a couple of days off between each wear. I have four good suits for work and they have lasted me over 10 years, I have a couple of summers suits for June/July...
  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez Год назад mountainlegend1 sup. some of the best suits i own aren't from your typical designer label. its a weird misconception people have
  • Wing Ho Samson Leung
    Wing Ho Samson Leung 2 года назад Quality of a suit is representing by the materials of fabric. It is more than 50% cost of a suit, then, it is the methods of construction of suit: fusible type, semi-construction type and traditional construction. That is the working steps of labour cost. Finally, it is the cutting and pattern of suit matching with the body shape.
  • Chevelle405
    Chevelle405 3 года назад What a great guy and great video and great tips too! true point on the fact of the branded kinds of suits does'nt really matter if its cheap or whatever its all on the fit really how it looks on you and such, bought a fairly priced suit thats even better than an expensive branded one custom tailored much worth it. in the end of the day you'l realize buying an expensive suit that you'll only wear few times and by time will wear out is to me not worth it to get exp one or such, unless if its required in your job to wear suits etc and depends on your interests really.
  • Chevelle405
    Chevelle405 3 года назад Thankyou again