How to recognize good vs. bad quality shoes | Justine Leconte

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How to find good quality shoes? What to look for?
What is good quality and what is bad quality?
This video tackles:
- Materials (leather, plastic, suede, fabric)
- Construction (upper, inside, sole, edges, heel placement, arch, lining, cushions, etc...).
I hope you'll find it helpful.

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  • Justine Leconte officiel
    Justine Leconte officiel Год назад HI everyone! After "how to recognize good vs. bad quality clothes", let's do the same for shoes :-) Any questions or further wishes? Have a great day!
  • Betty Sun
    Betty Sun 2 месяца назад How about athletic shoes? I am looking for a pair of sports shoes that is functioning but also stylish some. Also looking for a pair of fashionable shoes that looks like sports shoes but only go for the casual style not for the function. (more (business) casual purpose). Thanks!
  • M Bolis
    M Bolis 3 месяца назад Just like certain styles of clothing look good on certain body shapes, so do certain styles of shoes look good on certain foot shapes. I'd like to see a video on both shoes and boots. You did get into a little when talking about Greek, Roman, etc. feet, but I would like to see more. For example, assemetrical straps on shoes vs. straight across, and even color. I like wearing tan or beige shoes in the summer because it makes my size 9W foot "disappear". And that's why I do not wear white shoes because it just draws attention to my big feet. And what are the good boot styles? There are so many options...heel height, shaft height, what looks good with pants or skirts, etc. Thanks, Justine. I've learned a lot from your videos!
  • evelyn baron
    evelyn baron 4 месяца назад Shoes are a vexed question for me, largely because I'm 5'4", have had tall lovers or male co-workers and always wanted to be able to look them directly in the eye (I call it my Katherine Hepburn complex). Over time wearing high heels really did affect my back, so now I concentrate a bit more on a monochrome long silhouette that gives me confidence. However, those pointy Louboutin/Manolo B. shoes have to go. They are instruments of torture, and like excessively long nails are to my mind clothing items that promulgate the illusion of power for women while in reality entrapping us; how physically agile is anyone wearing those things? I invest every year, and it is possible on a modest budget, in hand-made shoes that are flattering but practical as well. Since I now visit a physiotherapist for sciatica due to my youthful excesses, I urge younger women to think twice about making the same mistake I made; when I was 22 I could walk a couple of miles comfortably with 4 inch heels; I can't even contemplate doing that now. As usual, excellent video.
  • Daniel Roy
    Daniel Roy 4 месяца назад You are right about that not all leather is created equal
  • M. S.
    M. S. 4 месяца назад Hey Justine. Was wondering if you are familiar with the French “Laura vita” shoe and bags brand? I came across their designs and am I love with their uniqueness! But for the quality they promise their prices seem a bit low 90-150 euro. And I worry they are not as good as promised, and that for that price they may use factories that do not treat their employees well. I was hoping you may have some info about them?
  • creatrixZBD
    creatrixZBD 5 месяцев назад (изменено) how about good-quality/bad-quality "junk jewellery" or paiste, i think it was called? it probably has a different name now, but i am talking about the stuff you don't need to insure/lock away..cheaper, imitation accessories or non-precious stones and gold-silverplating. this stuff is everywhere, both quality and prices vary widely, but it is difficult to know what is worth your money, and what will just fall apart or leave dirty marks on your skin. today's lifestyles have made it acceptable to wear 'junk' jewellery without the snobbery of the past, but the range of quality in materials, construction, ethical practices is so-o-o-o vast! How does One discern whether a piece is worthy of consideration, or is not? ty
  • MsTelperion
    MsTelperion 9 месяцев назад I just discovered your channel couple of days ago, very good content thank you!
  • LauriSolvb
    LauriSolvb 11 месяцев назад Thanks so much! What about children shoes? There it’s so much bad quality shoes for kids, and they change sizes like crazy- so people don’t want to use money on them. What should we look for so our children do not suffer? I have seen hard plastic princess shoes with heels for 7 years old! I will never buy those, but if they dare to produce that for kids, are they also sneaking other bad quality shoes for children and we are not aware of it?
  • Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera Год назад (изменено) Justine Leconte officiel, my feet grow and shrink by up to two sizes when I gain or lose weight. I'm very clumsy and tend to walk on the sides of my feet. Will good quality shoes still hold up to the beating I'd give them or is it not worth the investment? P.S. Love your aura! This is the first video I've seen and I think I'm going to subscribe!
  • Celia R
    Celia R Год назад hi ms justine =) I never had the experience of using any waterproof spray protection on any of my shoes and now I really would want to try it on my shoes so it would last longer and maintain its color. I don't know what brand to trust though. What do you prefer? I'm a new (legal) immigrant in the US. Thanks!
  • Vyvian Stevens
    Vyvian Stevens Год назад Great question
  • daisymomoyou
    daisymomoyou Год назад Hello Justine, thank you for your great video on how to recognise bad and good shoes. I wish the point on the arch importance was developed more. For some reason I find it more and more difficult to find decent shoes, beautiful but too often not supporting my arches, even when the price is quite high. Great work keep it on !
  • S. Lim
    S. Lim Год назад What are your thoughts on Jelly Bunny shoes. Made out of PVC plastic
  • Z Ahmed
    Z Ahmed Год назад A
  • D Bac
    D Bac Год назад Can you please tell us brands that you like for clothes and shoes ? Quality and ethical-wise ? It would be so helpful !!! Thank you, and looking forward to being able to purchase some of your clothing line when items are available again.
  • Carmen S
    Carmen S Год назад really useful!!
  • IvyBerry312
    IvyBerry312 Год назад Justine Leconte officiel I
  • MJade
    MJade Год назад Keshika Koirala tried a supportive sneaker ? Brooks Adrenaline? We have a place called Run On here that will tell you what type of sneaker you need based on stance , foot, gait 👍👍
  • sunny jim
    sunny jim Год назад I have super wide feet - it's why I learned to make shoes myself. I highly recommend Keen (although, they're discontinuing their wider sandals, unfortunately) and Munro (for business/work/more formal).
  • sunny jim
    sunny jim Год назад If your shoes are 100% leather (not vegan leather, or polyeurethane, or something else), you can purchase a product called "Shoe Stretch" at a shoe repair shop. Spray it on the shoes several times while wearing them, over the course of several times wearing them, and the leather will stretch a bit.
  • sunny jim
    sunny jim Год назад Doc Martens are a solid, good quality shoe that will last a long time. To prolong their life, maintain them with a shoe polish or leather conditioner, and have them re-soled when the soles wear out. They don't work for everyone, sure, and they do need a little bit of time to break in - they're very stiff right out of the box.
  • Sara Lima
    Sara Lima Год назад Love those Paraboots! Tres bon video! Merci!
  • Liv Melon
    Liv Melon Год назад shoe shopping is more difficult for me than findig jeans that fit. My feet are not very long (so not that big) but they are very wide (sideways) and therefore i never can find open Shoes like sandals or even High heels that are comortable because the cushion is shaped to narrow and my feet are protruding in the middle area
  • Samantha Peters
    Samantha Peters Год назад My two big toes won't fit into nice shoes. Because near the front of most shoes, the fabric pushes down on top of my toes. How can I get more room in the front of shoes to wiggle my toes a little bit?
  • Joe Angell
    Joe Angell Год назад A video for how to tell if a blazer/suit jacket fits well and when it's too worn to wear. I always wonder about shoulder fabric pulls or bagging: how much is ok vs. too much with examples, thanks Justine!
  • Justine Leconte officiel
    Justine Leconte officiel Год назад +Jaime Zuniga thanks for sharing 🤗
  • Justine Leconte officiel
    Justine Leconte officiel Год назад +akiyoshidai1231 ok, will see what I can do!
  • Pigeoneer Toy
    Pigeoneer Toy Год назад @Tristian Green that's an easy one. Most of those labeled "genuine leather" that tear apart are GROUND leather leftovers, glued back together and mounted on another material. So when you see them falling apart you see like a cardboard-like material poking thru, which is the body/structure in which they glued the ground leather. I see even expensive "designer name" belts do this, I don't know why. What I did is I went to a leather shop, took with me the belt that was falling apart and told them to make one just like it, but with a real full piece of leather. I even chose another color so it was basically custom made. Of course, my new belt wasn't designer made, but who cares? I prefer quality over a brand name, plus their buckles lately are massive and super shiny, like the ones rappers wear. Nothing wrong with rappers, but I don't like flashy things like that or to be advertising "MK" "CH" "YSL" and the like in my outfit. A belt like this will last you probably over 10 years (or more) without breaking into pieces. Hope this helps :)
  • Larissa Deomondes
    Larissa Deomondes Год назад (изменено) Love you video, really good. You should make another video talking about good and bad quality bags. 🌸🌸❤❤
  • majestic roar
    majestic roar Год назад Please would you do a video on how to know good vs bad quality bag, that would be really helpful
  • Adria Banks
    Adria Banks Год назад (изменено) Hi Justine! I would love to see a follow-up video on this one about the elements of the shoe's design, what to look for if you have specific foot concerns (long toes, bunions, roof toes, shallow heels, etc.), and the design elements to look for that may address them. As someone who possesses long toes, I have found that most shoes have toe boxes that are too shallow and/or too narrow for my feet. Thank you for all of your hard work!
  • MConcertPianoPlayer
    MConcertPianoPlayer Год назад Hi from Texas! Another great video, very helpful! Would you do a video on brands that produce good quality shoes? Thanks :)
  • Pilar Bértolo
    Pilar Bértolo Год назад Hi Justine! Great video, very useful! Could you recommend some brands that sell ballerinas online? No much of them in Sweden where i live. Thanks!
  • gmac4sure
    gmac4sure Год назад Thanks so much Justine, you more than delivered on this one ^_^
  • Pastyblob Pastyblob
    Pastyblob Pastyblob Год назад Justine I loooooveeee YOOOOU. Your videos are the best. Please review handbags. I m looking to buy an investment bag and it's befuddling. Too designery- most functional ones are not the sought after brands. Been searching for ethical real leather bags that aren't too heavy too.
  • Estefania Boujon
    Estefania Boujon Год назад Justine Leconte officiel hi justine, I would like to know what do you think o dr.martens shoes? I know they are made of leather but are they good quality?
  • akiyoshidai1231
    akiyoshidai1231 Год назад Please video on real quality HANDBAGS regardless of blogger fashion trends, brands or luxury. An objective perspective from you would be really inspiring. Thank you!
  • tvsma
    tvsma Год назад The rubber sole is glued on top of the leather, so it never comes into contact with your skin. Also when you store the shoe or get it out to put it on, you are touching the leather on top or the part of the sole that is still leather. Just saying it shouldn't be a problem for you.
  • Kat Hart
    Kat Hart Год назад Justine Leconte officiel are there any shoe brands that you could recommend?
  • Hikaru 3104
    Hikaru 3104 Год назад Hi Justine, absolutely love your channel! Since the colder days are coming, could you do a video specifically about boots? Boots style, height, and how to pair them with different types of skirt and jeans? And how to wear boots that matching your body shape?
  • maria
    maria Год назад thnx for the video . plz do videos on good and bad quality sweaters ,coz even if u buy expensive one it starts to lint.
  • Patrycja Sieniuc
    Patrycja Sieniuc Год назад Very good video. I discovered a great brand for ballerinas. Most comfortable ones I have so far: pregnant clothing brand Seraphine. They are very well padded, vert nicely finished and they have them in many colors and patterns.
  • Maureen Cullen
    Maureen Cullen Год назад I always like the way you give a large amount of interesting information but in a way that you still want to hear more.A brilliant vlog
  • velvetbat
    velvetbat Год назад That was a very informative video, thanks a lot! I learned a lot of new stuff. :) I have a question about the rubber sole thing that a shoe repair store can add to protect the shoe from getting damaged by the dirt and things from the ground... Do you know if there is also a rubber-free alternative to that? I am allergic to rubber so I prefer to avoid it but I would like some of my shoes to last longer and become less slippery.
  • Iownacoat
    Iownacoat Год назад Merci Justine!
  • moxiousch
    moxiousch Год назад Waffles I second bags. Perhaps accessories in general...?
  • Esther K
    Esther K Год назад Hi Justine, thanks for the informative video! Would you be able to do a part 2 for "troubleshooting" shoes that are already purchased i.e. too large, too small, cleaning them? Thanks!
  • Waffles
    Waffles Год назад I would love to see one on bags and wallets!
  • Tristian Green
    Tristian Green Год назад Justine Leconte officiel if you could do a video on how to spot quality accessories it would be helpful. I find my belts tend to fall apart a lot.....
  • Centro Cultural La Cupula
    Centro Cultural La Cupula Год назад You made this video at a perfect timing for me! Most of my shoes hurt my feet and I just can't seem to get it right when it comes to quality and comfort. Je suis sure et certaine que cette vidéo va m'aider à mieux analyser les chaussures avant de faire un nouvel achat. Grand merci, bravo pour le bon travail. Voici une suggestion (ou plutôt une demande ?) pour la prochaine vidéo : comment prendre soin de ses ongles, surtout lorsqu'on a des ongles fines et cassantes. Encore un grand merci !
  • A. T.
    A. T. Год назад I was wondering how much you would spend on a good shoe (not designer) but for example leather boots? What are certain price points in shoes I should invest and how high can a price be to be overpriced because there can't be better quality for a higher price?
  • Gold Wolf
    Gold Wolf Год назад Justine Leconte officiel Keep Smiling😁when I'm annoyed from annoying people and turn on your channel, I always get back into a good mood.
  • Jaime Zuniga
    Jaime Zuniga Год назад Keshika Koirala my Tieks brand ballerina flats are just about as comfy as my tennis shoes. I walk miles and miles in them with no trouble.
  • Nomad O
    Nomad O Год назад Hi Justine, can you do a series on styles and dress codes? Some of us maybe invited to events asking to adhere to a certain required dress code. For example, we all know what 'casual style' means, how is it different from 'casual elegant style'? How to look good and what to choose to look appropriate for a 'cocktail style'? What other styles are available out there that we can learn about and understand how to dress accordingly? It could be fun and educational videos (dress to the occasion sort of thing). Thanks for your amazing work :) Always fun!
  • Lexical Gap
    Lexical Gap Год назад Justine Leconte officiel how long should shoes last you?
  • Jessica Coppola
    Jessica Coppola Год назад Justine! You're my fashion teacher extraordinaire. Thank you for your videos! Are there specific brands or types you recommend for a classic fall boot? I'm always searching for a well made boot that can withstand tons of walking and that is well made (I live in NYC). Especially leather boots. I'm usually wary of leather with plastic soles. Can you talk more about wood as a material for shoes? Does leather work best with a preferred material? I've even considered getting custom made shoes because it feels so confusing taking a gamble on some fashion brands. Thank you for all your help!
  • Keshika Koirala
    Keshika Koirala Год назад Justine Leconte officiel how I wish I got to wear all these beautiful shoes as often? I'm mostly in scrubs and sneakers at hospital. Of late, shoes other than sneakers feel like they hurt. I love you darling :)
  • Jelena Ozgur
    Jelena Ozgur Год назад I worked in shoe industry for 12 years, I highly compliment on this video, very informative and true to the point. Bravo!!!
  • mary hershelman
    mary hershelman 3 месяца назад Jia Drisdom I have measured the vamps (upper) of 'wide' shoes compared to M width. The sole is wider but the vamp is not - making the depth shallower....horrible for inserts.
  • Brendons Forehead
    Brendons Forehead 4 месяца назад @Jia Drisdom the shoes should be bigger than your feet if you wanna have inserts in them. I'm no expert tho so idk if it's the right thing to do
  • Jia Drisdom
    Jia Drisdom 7 месяцев назад Hello there! I was wondering if one should get a size larger when using the shoe inserts, I had never had gotten them until I found a pair of shoes I just Had to have, but they were one full size bigger than my foot. The saleswoman suggested I get inserts, and when I got them the shoes did fit much better. This heel and arch insert confuses me because of this. I hope someone can give me an answer. I’m also posting this comment in places throughout the thread to help ma get an answer.Thanks in advance!
    HOTNEWS Год назад https://goo.gl/82MtAZ
  • Justine Leconte officiel
    Justine Leconte officiel Год назад +Jelena Ozgur thanks! 🤗
  • hithisisme2009
    hithisisme2009 Год назад also sole should bend. and to check if heel is comfortable height you should be able to lift up to stand on the toes.
  • Alyssia
    Alyssia 3 дня назад @Lilith Nox Could you tell me where I can find them ?
  • ArtsyMark
    ArtsyMark 8 месяцев назад Rhonda  same here!
  • ArtsyMark
    ArtsyMark 8 месяцев назад not sure about heels (i'm a guy) but my podiatrist told me to wear shoes with rigid soles. Might depend on the feet.
  • artj
    artj 10 месяцев назад I do agree with you, the sole should be slightly soft to return extra pressing power to the ground, but importantly it is needed to be hard enough to support the heal from injury.
  • 4gma59
    4gma59 Год назад Wow. Insane.
  • tan nenottup
    tan nenottup Год назад Anitra Duke I just noticed something, you aren't even the person I was replying to in my first comment. You aren't even the one who brought up "ballet shoes." You weren't the one using the wrong terminology. You just said that the person I was replying to meant street shoes. Why are you so offended, I haven't even been talking about you this whole time.
  • Anitra Duke
    Anitra Duke Год назад tan nenottup 1st, my original comment was basically saying EXACTLY that. This video is about ballet flats not ballet shoes. I know this very well. In my brain fog I couldn't come up with the "correct" terminology. Had you have ended your comment without that last sentence, it wouldn't have come off as a cheap dig. That you were insulted because someone had the gall to try clarify your statement. Bless your heart.
  • tan nenottup
    tan nenottup Год назад Anitra Duke First of all, I hope you get better soon. Second, I was talking about actual ballet shoes, for dancing. I don't know why your taking this so personally though, I'm sorry your going through health problems, but I didn't know that and it has nothing to do with your using the wrong term for a shoe. Your comment mentioned "ballet shoes" to refer to "ballet flats" so I made a comments about actual dance shoes. That doesn't mean I'm a jerk, It makes you overly sensitive in this case.
  • Anitra Duke
    Anitra Duke Год назад tan nenottup your the one talking about dancing in street shoes. So I didn't use the correct terminology, woopee. Considering I'm in the hospital, starving to death from my stomach and intestines are paralyzed. It's amazing I wrote at all. Malnutrition kill's all organ's. Next time try not to be a complete jerk. You NEVER know what the other person is going through. Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas. Smh
  • tan nenottup
    tan nenottup Год назад Anitra Duke Those are called ballet flats. If you talk about "ballet shoes" you are not talking about street shoes. If you call ballet flats ballet shoes you are wrong. If you want to talk about shoes use the right terminology.
  • Anitra Duke
    Anitra Duke Год назад tan nenottup your talking about 2 different things. The ballet shoe here isn't a dancing ballet shoe. It just means that is flat like a true Ballet shoe.
  • tan nenottup
    tan nenottup Год назад (изменено) Strange Kat A ballet shoe has to be flexible! Otherwise you can't point your feet, and for Pointe shoes they always need to be broken in so they're soft and flexible enough to dance in, they still need to be supportive though, and properly fitted too.
  • Strange Kat
    Strange Kat Год назад Rhonda I think it depends on the shoe and it's purpose. For example hiking boots shouldn't have a flexible sole because you need to be very well supported on rough terrain. However, a ballet shoe should have a very flexible sole to allow full flexibility of the foot. For your ordinary, pottering around shoe, it depends on what you find comfortable. It is worth remembering that a flexible shoe won't require a breaking in period that's as long as the breaking in period for harder soled shoes, however harder soled shoes will probably last longer and be more durable that the flexible sole.
  • dadahdah
    dadahdah Год назад I actually love walking on sturdy clogs (wooden soles)
  • Rhonda
    Rhonda Год назад I disagree,  the sole and heel (the back of the shoe) should not bend.  This means the shoe actually is supporting your foot as your walk.  This is advice from my Podiatrist and let me say, it has been really hard to find shoes that do actually support your feet.
  • gracefulvintage
    gracefulvintage Год назад hithisisme2009 yes I agree the sole should bend. More comfortable and you don't have to clomp around like Frankenstein!
  • Lilith Nox
    Lilith Nox Год назад (изменено) hithisisme2009 also plastic can be breathable. I have combat boots from vegetarian shoes and they are water resistent and yet breathable. I never feel hot in those shoes and i never have sweaty feet. And even thou i wear them Since 3 winter they smell neutral and the sole is almost as good as it was when i bought them. I prefer them over dr martens (leather boots) every day. They did not change the Form or the color as well. Even thou there is a lot of salt on the streets in germany.
  • Jessica L Townshend
    Jessica L Townshend Год назад Yes! This is another important tip. Make sure they don't wobble when you tap them. They won't be magically better with your feet in them.
  • webworkerone
    webworkerone Год назад Sometimes high heel shoes are not balanced correctly. If they don't stand upright on their own on the shelf, leave them there.
  • Justine Leconte officiel
    Justine Leconte officiel Год назад +hithisisme2009 true! Thanks 🤗
  • Amii L
    Amii L Год назад Please continue giving us tips about spotting quality of clothes and accessories! I am moving out and trying to purchase my first place so I would prefer to invest in stuff slowly. Thanks <3
  • Aminath Shama
    Aminath Shama 6 месяцев назад I do now what you said
  • lunarosa321
    lunarosa321 Год назад Amii L she has a video on this look it's in the DB or you can search on her videos
  • valgeronk
    valgeronk Год назад For those interested in vegan shoes that are also biodegradable, you can buy pineapple/mushroom etc "leather" shoes as well. That way you can avoid plastic 😃
  • Katherine Margeson
    Katherine Margeson 2 месяца назад valgeronk Great tip! What do you think about bamboo?
  • 100 Spoons on a Table
    100 Spoons on a Table 2 месяца назад @Graup I bought vegan cork shoes recently. They're very comfortable, not sweaty at all and waterproof. Probably the highest quality shoe I've owned in years.
  • Graup
    Graup 8 месяцев назад Do those natural leather replacements breathe? So far I couldn't convince myself to go for vegan shoes bc plastic doesn't breathe and I'd rather own three pairs of real leather shoes that I can wear every day for 10+ years than having sweaty feet all the time and probably therefore be buying more shoes.
  • Violetta Faulkner
    Violetta Faulkner Год назад Justine, despite not being a youtube follower/subscriber, I subscribed to your channel several months ago, just because I enjoyed what I saw at the time and wanted to see more. Since then, "thumps up" for every new video. Your work is impeccable, informed and informative, light hearted, in depth, and well organized (content wise as much as visually). Your sense of simplicity in delivery, as much as clear message, without self promotion, is admirable and works in your favor. My weeks are marked by your new videos, I feel like I have a good friend coming to visit me twice a week! My best wishes for all your endeavors. Whatever you decide to touch will work, follow your dreams.
  • Lies G
    Lies G Год назад Violetta Faulkner ññ