GORE-TEX Products Test #1: Waterproofness

Published on Sep 22, 2011 379,075 views

The GORE-TEX Product Testers Tempting the Water Gods: GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ - 'The Promise' Episode 1: Waterproof. Or: The Wizards of Water.

Waterproof and windproof as well as breathable -- the GORE-TEX membrane is unique in its functionality and is quite simply GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™. This has been a promise for more than two decades! But how do you prove such a strong slogan? Exactly, let others, and especially their actions, speak louder than words! In the first of the three video episodes of 'The Promise', the GORE-TEX product testers will put this promise to the test -- while having a really great time.

  • Kevin Knutson
    Kevin Knutson 2 года назад I appreciate the effort, but the execution is cringeworthy. Also, you devalue your results from the firehose when you dont immediately show the jacket being removed. Whats the point of doing a "clinical test" if you just cut away and say "Yep, it worked, trust us".
  • MrVolodus
    MrVolodus 2 года назад Yes, test is complete shit. But we already know Gore-tex works for years :) It's used everywhere by everyone ... so this is more like entertainment.
  • Can Metan
    Can Metan 2 года назад Yeah... the collar of the green tshirt also went magically dry.
  • cfcreative
    cfcreative 1 месяц назад I will never buy Teflon or gore tex read up about the scandals surrounding Dupont.
  • greedyangelll
    greedyangelll 4 года назад don't know why but my salomon goretex boots get moist they are new and if i walk trought wet grass my socks get wet,same on melting snow shame on goretex!
  • Lucius Cornelius Macro
    Lucius Cornelius Macro 5 лет назад Hey Goretexnews, want to know something that's even more dry than Gore-Tex? Your jokes.
  • Tadeusz Wielgos
    Tadeusz Wielgos 5 лет назад Hi Everyone, promise to keep you dry….hmmmm….really? The only thing guaranteed when wearing Gore-tex jacket, is that your sweat will never mix with rain. The Gore-tex is either waterproof or breathable….not waterproof and breathable. Why? Well…. all Gore-tex suppose breathability is "proven" by diffusion test MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate). Diffusion do not occur in rain condition as the moisture level outside is greater than this inside created by evaporating sweat on the surface of wearer skin. That sweat eventually will get condensation point and…. yeap, wearer is wet outside and inside, feeling cold and miserable. So much for "….promise to keep you dry….."
  • profd65
    profd65 9 месяцев назад Fucking noob. If you're sweating, take some clothes off. Idiot.
  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson 2 года назад YES! Nikwax is amazing stuff. It has helped dozens of my aging pieces of equipment. I am unsure why DWR costs so much yet fades after a season or two but hey...NIKWAX saves the weekend!
  • Christopher Symes
    Christopher Symes 3 года назад +push buttons what you need is Nikwax Analogy, now that's a great system
  • push buttons
    push buttons 5 лет назад Hi I could not agree with you more...2 years ago I purchased A L.L.Bean Gore- tex heavy long coat on line..they promised and guaranteed  absolute waterproofing and dryness.. I leave in Vancouver Canada and here we get as much rain as Palm Desert gets sun!! well every week  I go hiking with my dog and guess what? After the first 2 minutes I see the rain penetrating my jacket and after 1/2 hour I am freezing!! like you mentioned in your post  sweat and rain!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Gore-Tex does not work...period ...and I should have got my refund from LL bean.
  • dane hardy
    dane hardy 5 лет назад Do yall make the GORE-TEX in the waterproof Marine Corps combat boots that we wear?
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад If it is Gore-Tex, then yes. Much military clothing, such as Rothco watch-caps ("beanies") for example, use genuine Gore-Tex (in this case, the membrane is layered between wool).
  • love2beach247
    love2beach247 5 лет назад A water molecule is much larger than a vapor molecule. You could compare a water molecule to a volleyball trying to get through a chain link fence. You can compare your body vapor to a marble trying to get through the fence.The fabric that is used in GORE-TEX products has over 9 billion pores per square inch. The pores are 700 times larger than a vapor molecule allow it to escape. The membrane is also 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, which means water droplets can’t pass through.
  • Macovei Tinel
    Macovei Tinel 11 месяцев назад Yes, in theory does sound very nice. BUT! BUT! BUT! in reality that would work, maybe, if you would have some space between your body and the goretex garment. Which, in most cases, and in areas we most sweat (underarms, on the back or on the belly) the garment is in close contact with the skin. So the vapours do not pass through the fabric, but get to be droplets of sweat and you get to be...yes, WET!
  • Mind Fever
    Mind Fever Год назад love2beach247 bizarre material alien like sci-fi shit
  • Billy Morley
    Billy Morley 5 лет назад eVent FTW!!!!!
  • Absconditus Veritas
    Absconditus Veritas 5 лет назад So Gore-Tex is showing up on some of Merrell's new running shoes now. Running shoes that are barefoot and market themselves as thoroughly breathable with plenty of airflow for your feet thanks to their mesh whatever... That shoe claims to be both breathable enough to feel the air on your feet when you run and 100% waterproof up to the collar. How is water 100% not allowed in but it retains this airflow claim?
  • william furness
    william furness 6 лет назад berghaus
  • MatterIsNotSolid
    MatterIsNotSolid 6 лет назад Gore-Tex when it first came out was awesome stuff. It still is but the truth of the matter is there are now better less expensive alternatives on the market today. GoreTex just has the market cornered because its been around so long and everyone knows the name.
  • GORE-TEX Brand
    GORE-TEX Brand 6 лет назад Hi Chesiremol, The GORE-TEX® Products are all completely waterproof. That's what the GORE-TEX® brand promises - GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®. For further information have a look at our website. Best regards Your GORE-TEX® Team
  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson 2 года назад Yes but in the early days the promise was BREATHEABILITY...
  • Eagle.
    Eagle. 6 лет назад i got some boots called tcx jupiter something it says its goretex stuff but i still get wet!
  • executionerofgod
    executionerofgod 6 лет назад that's a nice jacket aint it. The best gore tex jackets i've seen are made for snowboarding. theyre loaded with features and have more urban styling.
  • GORE-TEX Brand
    GORE-TEX Brand 6 лет назад Hello Mr. Vanchu. Thanks for your question. To better answer this question can you let us know details of this lab experiment or which commercial this is exactly? Thank you.
  • Vannarith Chhim
    Vannarith Chhim 6 лет назад Hello! I saw one comercial of Columbia jacket that its omini dry is better that Gore tex for air breathablity and lightweight base on the lab experiment . . I am confused now. which one is better than?
  • CSMedia
    CSMedia 6 лет назад I bought a Berghaus extreme Gortex, the water just came straight through!
  • cowofthemonth
    cowofthemonth 7 лет назад I'd like to see 2 gallons cradled on the back of the jacket, and see if any drips through
  • domwoo
    domwoo 7 лет назад The hosing down part has already been done by this guy and he gets it much harder. He even goes through a car wash. Check the video Gore-tex vs event
  • dvr1337
    dvr1337 7 лет назад was is an goretex so toll? is nur gummi...