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Seth at Essential Watches takes us through some of his top selling time pieces and shows you which are the best investments at the moment.


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  • Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz 5 месяцев назад detail........ $4000 20 years ago is not the same as $4000 today.
  • Rob B
    Rob B 1 день назад Correct. 1960 GMT Master, first edition was $ $65,000.
  • Andrew Vallozzi
    Andrew Vallozzi 5 дней назад @Grant Ruffinengo umm... absolutely incorrect
  • Myoknow
    Myoknow Неделю назад Ok, bedroom 20 years ago for $4000, today $0. !!!!
  • Hollywood Scentstory
    Hollywood Scentstory 2 недели назад Rob Diaz there’s something VERY untrustworthy about that jeweler, I would never go there if I needed a used watch
  • Hollywood Scentstory
    Hollywood Scentstory 2 недели назад Benjamin E. Breitenbauch ru feeling ok ??? Lmfao
  • Geoff Handsome
    Geoff Handsome 3 недели назад @Lane Mendenhall Nope. Savings account interest rates have been well behind inflation for the last 20 years. They have crept up in recent years and are still well behind inflation.
  • Lane Mendenhall
    Lane Mendenhall 3 недели назад @Geoff Handsome it's not because you gain interest from it
  • Geoff Handsome
    Geoff Handsome 3 недели назад It is if you held $4000 in your savings account.
  • Lane Mendenhall
    Lane Mendenhall 1 месяц назад It's almost $20,000 today
  • Paul Koller
    Paul Koller 1 месяц назад @Grant Ruffinengo Not true. Google Paul Volcker.
  • Ajax
    Ajax 1 месяц назад I guess he calculated for inflation
  • Ajax
    Ajax 1 месяц назад @Rob Diaz sad.
  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui 1 месяц назад @Sjwatts Probably some one who doesn't know what 2000$ is, probably some young person
  • raymond leon
    raymond leon 1 месяц назад @killerstephen I was referring to the inflation rate...
  • killerstephen
    killerstephen 1 месяц назад @raymond leon so in 20 years my $2000 will be worth $4000 no chance buddy
  • killerstephen
    killerstephen 1 месяц назад @raymond leon dont know what country your in but generally you are 100% false
  • raymond leon
    raymond leon 1 месяц назад "prices going up 3-5 % a year" ... ... ... ... ... ... uhhhhhhhh
  • PJ Dexter
    PJ Dexter 1 месяц назад agreed, if I buy a house 50 years ago for 100 grand, and it's still only 100 grand today, then i've lost out big time with rate of inflation.
  • killerstephen
    killerstephen 1 месяц назад The most he talks about is 10 years and price inflation does not move that quickly idiot
  • Casey Porter
    Casey Porter 1 месяц назад Benjamin E. Breitenbauch lmao true statement
  • Robbie
    Robbie 1 месяц назад @David Kwong Yeah buy a property for 7k.... i think you forget, most of these people with hundreds of thousands worth of watches, probably also own lots of property aswell
  • David Kwong
    David Kwong 1 месяц назад Go and get a property for investment .... If i have that kind of money.
  • David Kwong
    David Kwong 1 месяц назад That's very very true.
  • Robbie
    Robbie 2 месяца назад $4000 20 years ago is about $5800. So technically its still worth more than it was before by a considerable amount. Considering you've used it for 20 years
  • Chen Liu
    Chen Liu 2 месяца назад @Rob Diaz most of the watch collector would and actually vintage watches demand has been increased recently
  • apv
    apv 2 месяца назад You are absolutely right. I would say about half, without calculating or using tables...
  • Oliver Sættem
    Oliver Sættem 2 месяца назад Rob Diaz eeee if you have invested in a sick Rolex i think you would wear it 20 years later. Unless you were born with a silver spoon up your bum
  • mongo mongo
    mongo mongo 2 месяца назад So is that a Rolex wig he is wearing?
  • Sjwatts
    Sjwatts 2 месяца назад @Captain Obvious I'm 6"2, I'd more be compensating for the fact that I'm fat and unhealthy as shit
  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 2 месяца назад @Sjwatts Found the guy with a Napoleon complex.
  • 乔一
    乔一 3 месяца назад but rent a beautiful watch for 20 years also cost okak?
  • nGAhGENVH0Ul
    nGAhGENVH0Ul 3 месяца назад @Lou Clifton the big difference being you don't know Google's future price whereas you have a good probability with the watches.
  • simplex
    simplex 3 месяца назад new watch fashion men quartz waterproof MEGALITH Gold Dragon Watch
  • muffemod
    muffemod 3 месяца назад @Sjwatts lol best comment
  • Beyoncehadoneofthebest musicvideosofalltime
    Beyoncehadoneofthebest musicvideosofalltime 3 месяца назад jayceh wrong
  • Beyoncehadoneofthebest musicvideosofalltime
    Beyoncehadoneofthebest musicvideosofalltime 3 месяца назад TheDrMilkman this isn’t true though. Check the prices
  • Steve K
    Steve K 3 месяца назад @Grant Ruffinengo you're misinformed. Inflation was much higher in 70's & 80's. Ever heard of a WIN button?
  • Liudas Stonys
    Liudas Stonys 3 месяца назад @Benjamin E. Breitenbauch, today - 5940, will be - 5940. Normal inflation per year is 2%, per 10 - 21.9%, per 20 - 48.5%.
  • Liudas Stonys
    Liudas Stonys 3 месяца назад @Grant Ruffinengo, what is minimal inflation? The only known size for inflation is normal, which is 2%. Over 20 years, it's 48.5%.
  • lordsith8319
    lordsith8319 4 месяца назад @Rob Diaz fuk you
  • ASID Juan Suspicious neighbor Juan
    ASID Juan Suspicious neighbor Juan 4 месяца назад Benjamin E. Breitenbauch it isn’t
  • Emperor Sanders
    Emperor Sanders 4 месяца назад @@Snow Man------if I take your word for it then the watch lost 2K in value in 20 years. Rolex should only be bought for investment and it should increase in value. Other wise a $2500 watch from any other swiss brand is good enough
  • Bi Mil
    Bi Mil 4 месяца назад What kind of people buy watches like this? I could buy any of the watches they discussed, yet I never would. Are people nuts? This is all emotion/marketing driving this market. If you are trying to 'invest' in these watches, you need to learn what investment is. Watches don't generate income companies do.
  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 4 месяца назад That's defo a wig !!!! 😂 😂 😂
  • Ahmed Tofigh
    Ahmed Tofigh 4 месяца назад @999,999 SUBSCRIBERS yes!
  • 999,999 SUBSCRIBERS
    999,999 SUBSCRIBERS 4 месяца назад A 20 year old Cadillac, $40k new now $100 or less. Add to useless comments.
  • Ahmed Tofigh
    Ahmed Tofigh 4 месяца назад (изменено) the difference doesn't hurt when ur making a couple thousands every year on the watch.
  • 2Greenlid
    2Greenlid 4 месяца назад Grant Ruffinengo what are you talking about, last 10 years inflation less than 2% annually, lower than historical average
    JSPUBG 4 месяца назад @MAGICIAN totally right....
    JSPUBG 4 месяца назад @pabloshow stupid basterd
  • Sweet Costa Rica
    Sweet Costa Rica 4 месяца назад @g p You mean like a Rolex or Omega Seamaster 300 Anniversary watch.  YOUR ISSUES 1st You don't know any of these guys or how long they will keep their watches. So please stop assuming things bro. 2nd Investment watches & other investments like gold or palladium coins are stored in safety deposit boxes at the bank where it is protected and guaranteed ie. covered from loss. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE Brother g p why are you so sour & negative? Sounds like the stories you are telling have happened to you. Don't bring that stuff here, please.
  • g p
    g p 4 месяца назад Lmao!! You guys won’t keep the watch that long to see the investment pay off! It will get stolen, broken or the broad that you thought likes you ended up taking off your wrist after she gave you some when you were passed out and takes it back to her real pimp.
  • Sweet Costa Rica
    Sweet Costa Rica 4 месяца назад @iHearts Not sure if you are referring to my comment but if so... These are investments - precious metals do depreciate but in the long run they always appreciate. But you have to have a lot of gold, palladium or the like to see real money. With the limited edition vehicles (a Porsche, a Shelby Mustang, etc.). They will constantly appreciate. Stay safe & happy.
  • iHearts
    iHearts 4 месяца назад what about depreciation ? :P
  • Sweet Costa Rica
    Sweet Costa Rica 4 месяца назад I think for cheaper but wiser investment purposes precious metals (gold, palladium, platinum, etc) are much, much better. If you really want to get serious on investing anything other than precious metals, beside land you should buy a limited edition vehicle like a porsche or Shelby Mustang, etc. Of course you need money to make money in these cases.
  • F0rtysxity
    F0rtysxity 4 месяца назад @Benjamin E. Breitenbauch Only if you are using it to light fires or write messages.
  • F0rtysxity
    F0rtysxity 4 месяца назад ​@Snow Man Hahahaha. "Very minimum"? I can't even understand what your angle is. But it is not the truth.
  • doctornige1
    doctornige1 4 месяца назад @pabloshow You really ought to read more. And maybe graduate High School.
  • johnnyvirus1
    johnnyvirus1 4 месяца назад I was going to write exactly the same. $2k 20 years ago ago are maybe $10k now.
  • JSn00py
    JSn00py 4 месяца назад Condadode AlhamaHomes stocks dummy. Put 4000 in the market 20 years ago would probably be closer to 9000 today. Thats the definition of an investment.
  • Stratford1
    Stratford1 4 месяца назад If you bought a 100 dollar Rolex Sub or Daytona in 1970 its worth somewhere between 10k and $250K. You Honda analogy doesn't hold water to a Rolex.
  • Tony Yang
    Tony Yang 4 месяца назад True but if you bought a Honda accord 20 yrs ago it's now wothless
  • Stratford1
    Stratford1 5 месяцев назад Its called inflation.
  • Mr G Productions
    Mr G Productions 5 месяцев назад Frank Lazy buy silver bullion or gold palladium watches are a hell of a waste
  • Lou Clifton
    Lou Clifton 5 месяцев назад Yeah the inflation is a huge factor as far as these being good "investments". 4:03 - The Daytona was $10k used now it's worth about $15k because Seth says he would buy it for $12-13k before reselling it. Over 15 years that is not a good investment. Inflation would make this value around $13.5k so really it didn't go up much, if at all. As a comparison... Google was pretty big in 2004... If you put $10k into GOOGL stock instead of this watch, that would now be worth over $162k (and about $139k free and clear after capital gains tax). Hmm, I think I just talked myself into selling a few nice watches... haha.
  • will west
    will west 5 месяцев назад @Sjwatts Ha Ha this is Great I get such entertainment reading the comments.
  • Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz 5 месяцев назад @Frank Lazy there are short and long term investment accounts that give you more interests, but the best bet might be the stock market. I don't care I was just pointing out that the money back then is not the same as money today as in worth.
  • Frank Lazy
    Frank Lazy 5 месяцев назад Very true. But this is still better than a savings account. These days they don't give you any interest at all with a savings account.
  • Commando Master
    Commando Master 5 месяцев назад The watches aren't even worth 4k. They are super overpriced.
  • Bio-plasmic Toad
    Bio-plasmic Toad 5 месяцев назад @Snow Man minimum?
  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira 5 месяцев назад @Benjamin E. Breitenbauch hard to tell,but we know the past,i give you an example from Europe,here in Portugal with the euro the prices almost doubled since the coin arrived 20 yeara ago.
  • Benjamin E. Breitenbauch
    Benjamin E. Breitenbauch 5 месяцев назад @Felix Tang Earning power is key unless you have a time machine.
  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f 5 месяцев назад There are plenty sites who tells you what was the value of $ 4 000 depends the year .
  • Twe Foju
    Twe Foju 5 месяцев назад @Rob Diaz i have 4 watches that i rotated for almost 10 years now ( Cartier Tank Solo, Frederique Constant Classic Moonphase, Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster ) and i plan to use them until the day i die. won't ever get bored
  • Felix Tang
    Felix Tang 5 месяцев назад @Eddie C Exactly, buying power is the key. Money is only an I owe you , and is worth shit.
  • Eddie C
    Eddie C 5 месяцев назад Back in my day I could get a galas of glon for 20 cents a gallon!
  • Thias Johannesen
    Thias Johannesen 5 месяцев назад @Mikhail Moseychuk my bid. 1500 :D
  • Benjamin E. Breitenbauch
    Benjamin E. Breitenbauch 5 месяцев назад @Miguel Pereira so how much is $4000 worth today and how much will $4000 be worth 20 years from now?
  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira 5 месяцев назад @Benjamin E. Breitenbauch no it was not,money worth more baxk in the day...nor only in U.S but all over the world.
  • jayceh
    jayceh 5 месяцев назад @Grant Ruffinengo this is exactly backwards. Inflation and interest rates have been coming down non-stop since the inflation in the 70s. Last 8 years in Europe and America everyone has been talking about deflationary risks.
  • Galuh Fathurahman
    Galuh Fathurahman 5 месяцев назад That's the point of investing.... Just like properties, gold, etc.. We Keep the value of our assets. Because the value of every currency will go down in years.. So we keep our money in any Things that will not go down in value (better go up)..
  • easter
    easter 5 месяцев назад and you have to include cost of service too
  • James Golden
    James Golden 5 месяцев назад Lol very important to remember you’re right
  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 5 месяцев назад Inflation
  • Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz 5 месяцев назад @TheDrMilkman could be what you say, but doubt it very much.
  • Davis Klein
    Davis Klein 5 месяцев назад Benjamin E. Breitenbauch lol for sure bud
  • TheDrMilkman
    TheDrMilkman 5 месяцев назад Rob Diaz would you believe that the man has been in the game so long that he is saying all prices based on the PRESENT values so that Michael understands.
  • S M
    S M 5 месяцев назад You’re totally right dude,,, 👍
    MAGICIAN 5 месяцев назад @Rob Diaz you and Pablo both don't understand inflation you need to read a book
    MAGICIAN 5 месяцев назад @Sjwatts agreed he doesn't understand inflation lol
    MAGICIAN 5 месяцев назад @john air bad investment
    MAGICIAN 5 месяцев назад it less fuck u retards inflation stupid retards lmao
  • john air
    john air 5 месяцев назад you can't really expect that the guy also takes the inflation rate into account. That would make it a bit too complicated for this video ;)
  • Benjamin E. Breitenbauch
    Benjamin E. Breitenbauch 5 месяцев назад $4000 20 years ago is actually the exact same amount as it is today.
  • pabloshow
    pabloshow 5 месяцев назад @Rob Diaz it actually is less
  • Condadode AlhamaHomes
    Condadode AlhamaHomes 5 месяцев назад Indeed, and what can you buy with 4000 dollar today so you can reinvest the money and make even more money ? = nothing..
  • Sjwatts
    Sjwatts 5 месяцев назад @Snow Man An increase of 50% is MINIMAL? Fuck me...
  • Grant Ruffinengo
    Grant Ruffinengo 5 месяцев назад @Snow Man Inflation of 50% over 20 years is not minimal. Historically, inflation rates have been rising year-per-year, which is also a contributor to the increasing wealth divide. Look back a few more years and you'll see inflation never used to be as drastic as it is today.
  • Snow Man
    Snow Man 5 месяцев назад uhm nope 4000$ 20 years ago would only be like 6 thousand today so the inflation is very minimum.
  • Tom
    Tom 5 месяцев назад Think they both know but it will make it much more complicated for the vid I think
  • Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz 5 месяцев назад @Mikhail Moseychuk who wears the same watch for 20 years? I'd get bored after a few years.
  • Mikhail Moseychuk
    Mikhail Moseychuk 5 месяцев назад You use it, enjoy it, try to sale after 20 years used everyday.
  • Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz 5 месяцев назад @pabloshow why are you telling me this? It's obvious that's the reason I said it.
  • pabloshow
    pabloshow 5 месяцев назад It's actually more
  • James H
    James H 2 месяца назад This guy looks like Donald Trump's eccentric brother
  • TheBluewaterBlonde
    TheBluewaterBlonde 4 дня назад @operationgnp Your hate comment is trash and I would like to permanently cancel you out without moving on.
  • TheBluewaterBlonde
    TheBluewaterBlonde 4 дня назад He looks more like Paul McCartney's brother. His face is almost the same.
  • Alex K
    Alex K 3 недели назад @Closeoutracer Talk about uninformed.... Holy shit.
  • Engaania Brightside
    Engaania Brightside 1 месяц назад Looks like David Hasselhoff also
  • ณัฐติธร เกี้ยวสูงเนิน
    ณัฐติธร เกี้ยวสูงเนิน 1 месяц назад Hahahaaa
  • kai'lonte canty
    kai'lonte canty 1 месяц назад U funny aslllll I'm cryinnnnn
  • FzN ShaMe
    FzN ShaMe 1 месяц назад Enrico L. Hell yeah bro
  • FzN ShaMe
    FzN ShaMe 1 месяц назад Closeoutracer HELL YEH HES AWESOME
  • operationgnp
    operationgnp 2 месяца назад @Closeoutracer dont run with politics on this one. hes trash. there, we cancel eachother out, moving on.
  • Gross Artig
    Gross Artig 2 месяца назад Gay
  • E L
    E L 2 месяца назад He is amazing, fantastic, briliant, if I were a woman I'd kiss him
  • Gladiator
    Gladiator 2 месяца назад RIGHT? HAHAHAHAHAHAH IM DEAD
  • Closeoutracer
    Closeoutracer 2 месяца назад @Timothy Paul Love Donald Trump's decisions for our country. At least he is not someone who will double our National Debt as Obama did. Or HRC who would rather commit treachery than breathe air. Or Bill Clinton who sold US Missile secrets to the Chinese.
  • TheSchmukk
    TheSchmukk 3 месяца назад If donald trump had a love child with austin powers. Groovy baby.
  • Fernando Martinez Reyna
    Fernando Martinez Reyna Неделю назад 😂😂😂
  • NorCal Luxury
    NorCal Luxury 1 месяц назад 🎯
  • Bad Larry
    Bad Larry 2 месяца назад Ha nice one
  • sportyrider72
    sportyrider72 4 месяца назад Something about this essential watch place just seems sketchy.
  • R M
    R M 2 дня назад @sportyrider72 its los angeles dude. You better have security.
  • Aamir Bedi
    Aamir Bedi 6 дней назад It aint not easy to sell replicas in the name of originals..
  • Sam Forshaw
    Sam Forshaw 3 недели назад the logos are so tacky
  • Floyd Escala
    Floyd Escala 3 недели назад Its just the room designed poorly.
  • NorCal Luxury
    NorCal Luxury 1 месяц назад The security guard is because there is millions of dollars of watches in that locker box lol. Just the RM was $160K and there are so many $20-$50k Rolex and APs in those cases. ⌚🤴👍
  • S H
    S H 1 месяц назад @Earned.... The shop is 1 block off Rodeo Drive. That one room shop probably has a rent payment - triple your home mortgage. To sell used watches, he doesn't need a 5000 sq ft showroom with a 20k monthly rent and 5 employees.
  • techstyle123
    techstyle123 2 месяца назад 70% off a brand new watch ....
  • Chen Liu
    Chen Liu 2 месяца назад these r vintage watches, personally this is the type of shop I would go find some gems
  • Barlyn Uribe
    Barlyn Uribe 2 месяца назад sportyrider72 lol
  • ThePedrom666
    ThePedrom666 2 месяца назад @BJPatty And the anti-semitism rears its ugly head.
  • HDStudios
    HDStudios 2 месяца назад Jared Philibert except that nobody is trying to con you to invest in watches! He clearly said that if you’re looking to purchase your first “nice” watch, these are the kind watches that you will not lose money on or lose less money over some of the other ones he showed. I don’t know about you but I think that’s good information to have if you’re in the market for a watch. He also never said you have to purchase it there. Please at least TRY to use your brain a little next time before posting dumbass comments. You do have one, right?Thanks
  • Jared Philibert
    Jared Philibert 2 месяца назад Lol I love my last line here. I'm going to post it as a level one comment on the video as well.
  • Jared Philibert
    Jared Philibert 2 месяца назад @HDStudios Well, if you consider the fact that this video is trying to con people into "investing" thousands of dollars in a watch (one of the worst "investments" anyone could possibly make), yeah, just the video itself it sketchy. But even if you disregard that fact, the store is still cheesy and tacky AF. Not everything is created equal, even if it is on Rodeo Drive. This big douchebag is always hopping in and out of the tackiest stores in LA. It seems like his channel is actually a saga created to prove that money can't buy class, but it can buy fake friends in jewelry stores who will pretty much suck your dick for money.
  • Don Benjamin
    Don Benjamin 2 месяца назад reply expensive stuff dont need space
  • Tomas Ocampo
    Tomas Ocampo 2 месяца назад sportyrider72 this is in rodeo drive. If you dont know thats really expensive real estate so its not sketchy, they just deal with a lot of money and dont want to spend a lot to open up shop
  • Matt A
    Matt A 3 месяца назад sportyrider72 same thing I was thinking
  • BJPatty
    BJPatty 3 месяца назад sportyrider72 it’s the shiesty Jew behind the counter 😂
  • HDStudios
    HDStudios 3 месяца назад sportyrider72 there is a security guard that opened the door for him and stands outside the door. Besides this store is in an office building on rodeo drive in Beverly Hills which is really expensive real estate so no, not a sketchy place.
  • Jay
    Jay 3 месяца назад sportyrider72 lol that’s literally at any high end jeweler. There’s nothing sketchy about this place they just deal with a lot of money
  • Umar H
    Umar H 3 месяца назад It’s the guy
  • sportyrider72
    sportyrider72 3 месяца назад @EarnedMyResp3ct agreed. Every video I've seen theres a security guard that is always standing there and unlocks the door when somone goes in. Just sketchy to me.
  • EarnedMyResp3ct
    EarnedMyResp3ct 3 месяца назад Right, considering the stuff they have I would expect more than a one room chop shop
  • Acorn Tree
    Acorn Tree 3 месяца назад Just the prices
  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 1 месяц назад I have a submariner that was purchased by my grandfather in Switzerland in 1970 for $300 bucks. Its now worth $13K.
  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 2 дня назад @rambull Jr Considering my watch is twice your age, I'll give you a bowl full of dicks in return.
  • rambull Jr
    rambull Jr 2 дня назад CME4 Sheepdogs I’ll give you $100 and some pocket lint that I have in my jean pockets for it.
  • Jacob Critch
    Jacob Critch 2 недели назад Amazing!
  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 2 недели назад @Seven. I think what they are inferring is that it's an investment that you won't lose on.
  • Seven.
    Seven. 2 недели назад @CME4 Sheepdogs i wasnt specifically meaning you. just in general everybody keeps talking about how they can make money from buying a rolex
  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 2 недели назад @Seven. Ummmm.... I don't know. I didn't buy either of the watches. My grandfather bought them 40 years ago because he was a scuba enthusiast. Now they're just family heirlooms that are being passed down through the men in my family. My son just inherited the silver submariner as my dad passed away 2 weeks ago. I now have his.
  • Seven.
    Seven. 2 недели назад i make 13k in a month. why would i want to buy something and haul it around for 50 years to make 12 and a half k? if youre jst buying it because you like it then yeah ok. but buying it to make money is just a waste of time
  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 3 недели назад @h hefner Maintenance is basically soap and water. I have taken mine in once to have new parts installed and have it all fixed up. It wasn't cheap. Before that I think Rolex did work on it about 20 years ago.
  • h hefner
    h hefner 3 недели назад @CME4 Sheepdogs Out of curiosity, how often does a watch of this caliber need to be "maintained" by Rolex, and how much would that cost?
  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 4 недели назад @Tony Smith I think its because they call it "vintage". But about 10 years ago it was worth about $3K. So, it's gaining in value. Which is nice.
  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 4 недели назад $300 in 1970 is about $1,980 today, still a great buy ( or is it overvalued today? )
  • NorCal Luxury
    NorCal Luxury 1 месяц назад That's a keeper for sure
  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed 1 месяц назад CME4 Sheepdogs nice man 👍
  • CommeLePhénix
    CommeLePhénix 2 дня назад Take notes nerds. Watches are a great investment if you're rich and don't really care about making money out of it.
  • Brandt L
    Brandt L 3 месяца назад The more you spend, the harder it is to tell the time.
  • Aamir Bedi
    Aamir Bedi 6 дней назад iPhone
  • Z
    Z 2 месяца назад Brandt L if you’re buying a watch for the sole purpose of telling the time, why are you here
  • Friso Playz
    Friso Playz 4 месяца назад My dad always told me: "dont buy things you like and invest the leftover, but invest your money and spend the leftover on things you like"
  • Satchin Joseph
    Satchin Joseph 1 месяц назад Great advice
  • Tiim Smiith
    Tiim Smiith 1 месяц назад Michael, please can you do a video on how i can get money first?
  • RS2002
    RS2002 2 часа назад 1. A professional job with little to no overheads. Read: Living with the folks 2. Club together with a sibling and get into real estate. Auction. Purchase. Refurbish. Flip. Rinse and repeat. 3. Use gains from 2 to setup passive income streams. 4. Golfing and networking for investment leads. 5. Do the above at your own risk.
  • Collin Yip
    Collin Yip 1 месяц назад same question here
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 4 месяца назад Bought a 13000 Rolex, 8 years later sold it for 4500, wonderful investment
  • elperro1968
    elperro1968 Неделю назад Jay Home horrible choice
  • Jacob Critch
    Jacob Critch 2 недели назад Why would you sell it
  • Ninja Squirrel
    Ninja Squirrel 2 недели назад @Jay Home "work of art hand crafted by master watch makers". Not so sure about that Rolex are mass produced they literally manufacture over a million time pieces a year. They get by on great marketing and an image of yesteryear that they've managed to maintain in all honesty
  • John Saugen
    John Saugen 1 месяц назад @Jay Home Yacht master is a bad investment. Great looking watch if you fancy it but most people don't seem to prefer it. Subs, Daytonas, and less so GMT's always hold value when purchased preowned.
  • BradDaGodz
    BradDaGodz 2 месяца назад (изменено) My dad bought a full 18ct soild gold daytona with the red writing like over 12 years ago for like 12k or 14k and it's now worth about 22 to 25k also It's a black face. He's still got it and I sometimes wear it haha
  • tony guillen
    tony guillen 2 месяца назад @Grappler Baki just by that comment we know you don't know shit about watches or money. Keep rolling with your casio that's the maximum you're gonna get in this life
  • ZeeZoy303
    ZeeZoy303 2 месяца назад @Jay Home Because you sold it when the entire global economy had collapsed and a massive deflation was gripping the planet.
  • Perkin Warbeck
    Perkin Warbeck 2 месяца назад @Jay Home indeed mate, I feel for you though. I've been stung before myself :( you only make that mistake once though!
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 2 месяца назад @Perkin Warbeck safe to say my mistake was selling it back to the taking a car in to a dealer.....
  • Perkin Warbeck
    Perkin Warbeck 2 месяца назад @Jay Home precious metal rolex don't keep their value very well. Stainless steel sports models do however. I've personally never lost money on a rolex and I've only ever got stainless ones. That's where the markets at.
  • wallis34
    wallis34 3 месяца назад Give me a Seiko SPX009 any day, the existence of which just shows how over inflated some other watch brands are for what you get.
  • Bare Back Monger
    Bare Back Monger 3 месяца назад 13k for a yachtmaster!! you got ripped in the first place. I bought one in 2004 for £2.5k and doubled my money a few years later
  • Antonio Littera
    Antonio Littera 3 месяца назад Precious metal Rolex watches are better to buy used. Yacht Master scratches up if you look at it sideways so it’s not a usable tool watch like the steel sports models are.
  • lenspaulding
    lenspaulding 3 месяца назад @E1iTe NsD I agree with you that J Home is not a gentleman, and is a lover of money! Hope you do well in this crazy World of ours. Good luck to you.
  • lenspaulding
    lenspaulding 3 месяца назад @Jay Home very true!
  • E1iTe NsD
    E1iTe NsD 3 месяца назад J Home everyone knows not to trust a ungentlemanly guy like yourself sir I don’t own a Rolex because Im a 17 year old carpenter so whatever I do have I’ve worked hard for and I research about the watches I do buy and I know if they are going to work for me or not
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 3 месяца назад @lenspaulding Everyone knows you never trust a guy named Len!
  • lenspaulding
    lenspaulding 3 месяца назад money loving bastard
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 3 месяца назад ​@E1iTe NsD It's no one's fault dumb dumb. Do you think you're in a comment forum with people who give a shit about $10 grand? I bought the watch in Grand Cayman because I lived there awhile. Because I can live anywhere in the world I want. I got it because the bartender had one. So why not, I got it on a whim. Turns out the watch is shit as it only lasts a day or two. Very annoying, like you! These days I'm much happier with my $500 Galaxy Watch! Rolex watches are highly impractical. Being a practical guy, it wasn't the right fit for me. How many have you owned?
  • E1iTe NsD
    E1iTe NsD 3 месяца назад What do you expect you sold it during a recession if you would have waited a little longer you would have sold it for double that plus you tried to sell a watch that’s not in demand at the time of the recession as well so it’s your own fault really
  • Roman Hamilton
    Roman Hamilton 3 месяца назад @Grappler Baki Exactly.
  • Bill Latibay
    Bill Latibay 3 месяца назад J Home you sold it during the worst crisis. You probably got bankrupt and is desperate to get some money to pay your debt.
  • smajor188
    smajor188 3 месяца назад (изменено) So you're mad because you sold your watch at the most inopportune time? Next time do you're research on a watch that has a good appreciation value, because Rolex has many options, watch your market and make sure you're selling when it's beneficial to you (unless you did it because you too needed money after the market crashed), and finally research your buyer. There are plenty of buyers out there who give fair money or trade in value
  • ngana31
    ngana31 3 месяца назад @rayan wardoyo reseller goreng harganya gila2an
  • Andrew Blunt
    Andrew Blunt 3 месяца назад You brought the wrong Rolex. However unless I needed the money I would have kept it.
  • daniel barber
    daniel barber 4 месяца назад Don't buy rolex in precouis metal and diamonds pretty simple
  • Zoltán Kovács
    Zoltán Kovács 4 месяца назад Uhh...the saddest thing is, that the others are trying to sell the YM also for 4000-4500 $
  • WivernFX
    WivernFX 4 месяца назад bought stainless steel Datejust 41 with whitegold bazel and blue dial in october 2018 for $9700, and its price already increased to like $10200+ on greymarket
  • aeroAdvocate
    aeroAdvocate 4 месяца назад No surprise there. Platinum Yachtmaster isn't really a high demand watch. Heck even today you get a YM at every AD, that's all they have. Plus the fact that 2009 was the height of the financial meltdown with people losing their shirts left and right. You were able to pick up cheap luxury goods everywhere because folks pawned and sold all their stuff of value to pay the bills.
  • antisan
    antisan 4 месяца назад you bought a plat yacht master of course you lost your value lol@Jay Home
  • ocm506
    ocm506 4 месяца назад @Grappler Baki You are obviously not a watch guy. Lmao you think you can compare a yellow gold Rolex to a Casio f-15.
  • ocm506
    ocm506 4 месяца назад You just got ripped off. Watches are generally not good investments unless you have a lot of money, however the ammount of money you lost is just completely outrageous. There is no way you could loose that much money on a gold rolex.
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 4 месяца назад @rayan wardoyo preowned now you think its more, so sell it....its only worth what a buyer is willing to pay not what your inflated mind tells you its worth
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 4 месяца назад Comparing a work of art hand crafted by master watch makers that will survive hundreds of years to a Walmart special is retarded. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a golf cart you dumb nut! Like Bill Gates said, "Its my money I can spend it how I like" no one tells you how to shop
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 4 месяца назад Platinum bezel yacht master 2001, sold 2009
  • rayan wardoyo
    rayan wardoyo 4 месяца назад exactly what type rolex did u buy? bought 16710 coke (preowned) last august, and today's market price here in Indonesia already went up almost 80% @Jay Home
  • Grappler Baki
    Grappler Baki 4 месяца назад and all the motherfucker did was tell you the time and the date. You didn't even get the day of the week, a chronometer, a timer, dual-time capacity, the ability to wear it anywhere, anytime, any place, basically all the features my walmart casio is able to do. And if I lose it, or it gets stolen just get another one for......$15
  • Jay Home
    Jay Home 4 месяца назад Flawless condition, like is this what you do, you just spew lies based on no facts with your bumper sticker education. Your internet time is up adults are talking here
  • Ricardo Panadero
    Ricardo Panadero 4 месяца назад your watch was probably so banged up it did not carry the value any longer
  • Jakob Wångö
    Jakob Wångö 3 месяца назад It's funny they said "Not about the money...Which one would you recommend?" then talks about which will go up in price/loose a penny over time.. But not the actually reason which is the prettiest, looks the best, performs the best in a long time etc. that kind of questions. It doesn't seem like they buy it for the watch and use itself, more, which watch do i buy to either invest in it, or loose the least money with.
  • Lucas Marshall
    Lucas Marshall 4 месяца назад Always wanted a sub mariner ever since my grandad had one as a kid because he was a huge James Bond fan. My grandad kept his on the classic black and grey nato strap
  • Shahzeb Nasir
    Shahzeb Nasir 2 месяца назад Shawn Powers The newer Bonds wear seamasters but previous Bonds did wear Rolex.
  • Shawn Powers
    Shawn Powers 3 месяца назад James Bond wore Omega Seamaster, not Rolex
  • Thurman Merman
    Thurman Merman 3 месяца назад Your grandfather owed a Rolex as a child ? Iv heard it all now
  • leanderian
    leanderian 1 месяц назад Seth is such a Rolex guy. He never ever mentions Omega...
  • Manny Land
    Manny Land 4 недели назад Omegas don't hold its value
  • Brian Herren
    Brian Herren 1 месяц назад You can find seamasters for $1500 on eBay. About a 70% depreciation.
  • Lemtem Poktui
    Lemtem Poktui 1 месяц назад (изменено) For a reason. I'm an Omega guy and it's awesome that the brand is now back with full vengeance offering insane watches at a great price. Imo Omega watches are better than Rolex in terms of design and quality (within the same price bracket). But in terms of resale value, ALL Omegas will lose money. This is why some people like Seth won't bother with Omega.
  • Antonio Buedo
    Antonio Buedo 2 дня назад Can I pay with Bitcoin there? as with AT&T using BitPay
  • FV4030
    FV4030 2 месяца назад Richard Mille... Great looking watch... Yeah, if you're going for that whole "Legoland gift shop" look.
  • fyhfb ass
    fyhfb ass 1 месяц назад As a reference, Michael thinks Jacobs are nice lol. Flashy dresser with tons of money, but not really one that falls under 'traditional class'
  • esreverni ytilaer
    esreverni ytilaer 3 месяца назад $3500 in 1999 to $6500 in 2019 is a profit of only $1200. Do that a mere 100 times to buy a meager home.
  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu 4 месяца назад $4000*1.02^20=$5943, you would have lost $1943
  • Black Coffee with ICE
    Black Coffee with ICE 5 месяцев назад Michael I love you but I can't even afford a new battery for my Fossil watch HAHAHA
  • simplex
    simplex 3 месяца назад new watch fashion men quartz waterproof MEGALITH Gold Dragon Watch
  • Vincent Syzemore
    Vincent Syzemore 3 месяца назад I like Fossil watches, I think that they make some beautiful watches.
  • Black Coffee with ICE
    Black Coffee with ICE 4 месяца назад @jacc88888 LOL atleast you understand the humour !!!
  • jacc88888
    jacc88888 4 месяца назад You just made several uptight people even more uptight. No room for humour here my boy, this is serious business. 😉
  • Black Coffee with ICE
    Black Coffee with ICE 4 месяца назад @Richie Roo LOL damn never though of that
  • Richie Roo
    Richie Roo 4 месяца назад Give up the black coffee, stick with the ice, you can afford a new battery in a few days, ( I should have been a financial adviser ).
  • mrn
    mrn 4 месяца назад @Jaden bourne who the f wears watches now a days
  • Dev 97
    Dev 97 5 месяцев назад @Jaden bourne I have a gorgeous Fossil watch with a SS mesh, i dont ever wear it anymore but it is gorgeous..Actually had more compliments on it than my datejust ii, but i was younger then so maybe that was why.
  • BrandonD
    BrandonD 5 месяцев назад @Jaden bourne whats wrong with fossil, they tell the time well dont they?
  • El trockero solitario
    El trockero solitario 5 месяцев назад $10 at the swap meet, been wearing my watch without one for months
  • White Knight
    White Knight 5 месяцев назад Get a solar powered G-shock n you'll never have to change batteries again. LOL
  • Sam Kingston
    Sam Kingston 5 месяцев назад Edgar Heredia if you go to a fossil store and buy something while you’re there they will swap it out for you
  • Edgar H252
    Edgar H252 5 месяцев назад Don’t they come with lifetime battery replacement ?
  • James Punting
    James Punting 5 месяцев назад Are you able to get a second job?
  • Sam Kingston
    Sam Kingston 5 месяцев назад You can buy a battery for about $10 but you’ll need the tool to pop the back. Should be about $10 for the tool as well.
  • Donato Felicella
    Donato Felicella 5 месяцев назад if you genuinely cannot afford it and this isn’t a joke get the fuck off youtube and get your priorities straight. you have to put in all your attention and energy into getting away from the bottom.
  • jay upp
    jay upp 5 месяцев назад I just bought a watch battery on sale at CVS! Ha!
  • KracOmi Music
    KracOmi Music 5 месяцев назад For those concerned. He most likely was telling a JOKE. No hard feelings :)
  • Jaden bourne
    Jaden bourne 5 месяцев назад you sound like a kid , who tf wheres fossil watches anyway lmao
  • 243wayne1
    243wayne1 5 месяцев назад @Black Coffee with ICE - Not really a joke and you know it.
  • Black Coffee with ICE
    Black Coffee with ICE 5 месяцев назад LOL obviously a joke... HAHA
  • ByThePixel
    ByThePixel 5 месяцев назад Woosh
  • LUKA V__
    LUKA V__ 5 месяцев назад I cant afford for casio poor problems hahahahahah
  • B M
    B M 5 месяцев назад What a shame
  • TheLicewine
    TheLicewine 5 месяцев назад If you can’t afford a battery, you probably don’t have a job and you probably have no fix appointments so what do you need a watch for? Use the device that you uploaded your comment with :)
  • OllE I
    OllE I 5 месяцев назад Well if it is a joke then it is fine but if it were real life, i think you should reconsider what the fuck have you been doing all your life to not afford a fucking battery
  • Jakob Wångö
    Jakob Wångö 5 месяцев назад That's really bad haha
  • lunasearevived
    lunasearevived 4 месяца назад who thinks this dude looks like donald trump but the watch man version
  • E J Gallo
    E J Gallo 4 месяца назад Rolex is holding back production to increase and inflate the prices of those already on the market! Rolex is too much hype! Best value and better than Rolex is Omega Seamaster Diver 300M
  • RS2002
    RS2002 2 часа назад I agree they are reducing production because it is near impossible to get onto the list for a Daytona or GMT II
  • Andrew Vallozzi
    Andrew Vallozzi 1 день назад Lol