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  • sniperhat1
    sniperhat1 1 месяц назад My dad and i did a 30 mile overnighter when he was 81. That was almost 2 years ago. He passed last September. He loved to hike and could out hike people half his age. He carried a 30 to 35 lb pack. Great memories.
  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 4 недели назад Sweet
  • bringingtherukas
    bringingtherukas 4 недели назад (изменено) Me and the Misses got passed by an older couple going up a steep winding track, Looked at each other an thought " I want some of what there on"
  • Cody McCall
    Cody McCall 3 недели назад Summary 1 dont break the bank to save ounces in weight 2 let someone know exactly where and when you're going 3 think first about feet, not last. good shoes (& socks) also use body glide to prevent blisters 4 inspect used/borrowed equipment before leaving 5 lacking medical equipment [splint, sling, coagulant, etc.] Everybody knows where kit is. 6 try out packs and shoes before hiking -Loooong advertisement 7 underestimating food quantity requirements. Take less than what you think need on gear, not food. (do 1.25x to 1.5x what you expect) 8 underestimating weather [take a tarp] tarp] I missed one
  • Mark Vaske
    Mark Vaske 4 недели назад #1 should have been not knowing or practicing leave no trace principles...
  • Alex Swart
    Alex Swart 3 недели назад Yea, but by this guy's name and what he showed of him camping, I'm not sure he knows much about LNT. What the hell was that pit for at the end?
  • william jc
    william jc 1 месяц назад i always forget the mule to carry all my stuff!
  • Mehmet Emre Tiryaki
    Mehmet Emre Tiryaki 2 недели назад Well, RISK = PROBABILITY * IMPACT...
  • Adam Rogers
    Adam Rogers 4 недели назад I'm always the mule and get anything I want. Perk of being the mule
  • Craig Price
    Craig Price 3 недели назад The brutal truth - think less about gear and more about what you are able to do, build your ability not your sul gear Its about you and your fitness to walk and carry a pack. A 20 yo fit guy can hike an 80lb pack day after day; a 40 yo desk jockey not so much.
  • Michael Oneil
    Michael Oneil 2 недели назад Craig I agree to a point.I suggestBeing aware of your abilities as you select Appropriate Gear . On my first trip as a boy Without adults I packed 12 inch Iron skillet , Full length axe, Canned foods whole eggs, 22 rifle in a national park no map No first aid kit. Learned a lot the hard way. Talk to people with experience. Plan prepare pay attention. Use your head wonderful adventures await
  • BoxLid
    BoxLid 2 недели назад Exactly, lot of the ultralight bs is prohibitively expensive and likely won't last long anyway, may as well train harder and stick to shit that won't be money in a landfill come next year lol
  • James Barros
    James Barros 3 недели назад Craig Price as a 40 year old desk jockey who was 11b in his 20s, this is spot on
  • James Barros
    James Barros 3 недели назад Great to hear from someone who’s not a weight weenie. I’m helping a few newbs prep for the jmt and trying to convince them that 2-3 oz here or there isn’t worth something more important, like, you know, their feet (thank you!), food, or a good nights sleep, etc. Luckily. Break in/test hikes are helping them figure out the gear. This is brilliant! Thank you!
  • Jim Rodgers
    Jim Rodgers 1 месяц назад I've got a 30 year accumulation of backpacking and hiking gear. Over time I've come to similar conclusions as you, particularly regarding the ultralight craze. Now that I'm in my mid-50s getting a good night's sleep when backpacking is more important than ever, so my sleep system gets a lot of attention.
  • BoxLid
    BoxLid 2 недели назад @Calvin Lee long distance endurance cyclist, but same here. I carry a 1lb helinox ground chair because sitting on the ground, logs, hard af picnic table, or shitty little cut piece of foam is downright miserable and takes it's toll on you the next day riding. I consider the chair just as essential as a proper shelter setup that guarantees a good night's sleep.
  • MSHunter
    MSHunter 4 недели назад @Pauline Moira yes finding what works best for you is most important. I was just providing another option as it works best for me. Hiking is a lot like running in the sense that it doesn't matter which brand shoe you wear as long as it works well for you. Asics work well for me. My father prefers Nike running shoes. We don't argue we understand that foot health is important not brand loyalty.
  • Pauline Moira
    Pauline Moira 4 недели назад @MSHunter On the other side, if go with someone else you can share a tent, maybe that's lighter
  • MSHunter
    MSHunter 4 недели назад You may find a backpacking hammock will give you a better sleep. But you need trees. The funny part about ultra light is DIY will be lighter and /or stronger where it matters. Just make sure you know what your doing and test at home.
  • Pauline Moira
    Pauline Moira 4 недели назад On the other hand, as a 19 y/o girl, I prefer to go lighter than 9 kg.
  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee 4 недели назад Same. I also bought ultralight chairs for myself and my wife. Nice to sit in something comfortable at the end of a long hike.
  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill 1 месяц назад Always take leather work gloves!  It protects your hands when processing wood for the fire and handling hot pots and pans when cooking.  Also as Aaron said take extra food, like snacks (Cliff bars or similar).
  • Brad Michaud
    Brad Michaud 1 месяц назад Yes please do a video on budget beginner gear!!!
  • gideonstactical
    gideonstactical 1 месяц назад Brad Michaud coming tomorrow
  • Steven Werth
    Steven Werth 3 дня назад Awsome Advice /Info . And Great Video 👍
  • R. Mercado
    R. Mercado 1 месяц назад The scenes are beautiful! Presentation is great as well! Semper Fi
  • sue zaple
    sue zaple 3 недели назад (изменено) good video great tip's I have to agree with you, water purification tabs are always good to have or the like
  • Hiker Marapese
    Hiker Marapese 1 месяц назад All good suggestions, I always bring a poncho to keep the backpack dry. The shoulder harness, hip belt and back padding can easily double in weight when saturated and take a long time to dry out.
  • Patrick Pugh
    Patrick Pugh 1 месяц назад I agree with everything, except the first-aid kit. It is really easy to go OVERKILL with those things.
  • Mike Robbins
    Mike Robbins 1 месяц назад I did several stretches on the App. Trail back in my younger days. Thank goodness I was going with a experienced packer and he warned me about a several of the things you talked about. Goof job...
  • Whispy Woods
    Whispy Woods 1 месяц назад Great vid! I enjoyed the information and presentation 👍
  • Darth Croll
    Darth Croll 1 месяц назад Great video, especially for the backpacking newbies like me! Excellent info and things to think about.
  • mateo1726
    mateo1726 1 месяц назад Number 1 is key. Don’t go ultralight, go workout and build a little muscle and stamina and then you won’t even notice carrying a few extra pounds
  • BlakeW5
    BlakeW5 3 недели назад You’ll still notice it over enough distance. I wouldn’t say I go “heavy” (I’m 25lbs total, water, food, etc) but it’s not ultralight either. Even being in good shape I immediately notice the difference if I’m a liter of water lighter. Ultra-light philosophy is a good thing, it just gets blown out of proportion. There’s a point of diminishing return with gear. Find the point you get the greatest value for the weight and cost and stick with it. I won’t spend an extra $40 to save an ounce, but I also won’t save $100 by choosing something 2 lbs heavier.
  • Adam Lea
    Adam Lea 4 недели назад It is not just the effort of carrying the weight, it is also about moving over very rough ground. Once it gets propry rocky, and you have to weave around or over boulders, that backpack is going to be moving around as well, potentially throwing you off balance, and it is easier to deal with that with a lighter pack.
  • Eric Hobbs
    Eric Hobbs 1 месяц назад Umm no. Going as light as you can within your budget is always a better plan. If you are worried about blisters, carrying less weight is a great way to avoid getting them. If you use less energy then you don't need to carry as much food. A lighter base weight is going to lead to less injuries as well.
  • Ovidiu Kilingher
    Ovidiu Kilingher 1 месяц назад “Few extra pounds” is very relative and depends of the combination distance/terrain/weather. “Build little muscle” also is relativ. Are you a powerlifter? Muscle are essential but training the gym is not always transfer to hiking. For example if you squat 150 kg for reps is not necessary you will able to do 3 days trip 60 km totally on altitude between 1000m and 3500m.
  • Jesse Thomas
    Jesse Thomas 1 месяц назад I rather carry 23 lbs for 15 miles than 39 lbs. Just saying.
  • MtnXfreeride
    MtnXfreeride 1 месяц назад That is not #1 at all.. i am 6 foot 130lbs.. im not carrying a 50lb pack
  • Sea Kayaker
    Sea Kayaker 1 месяц назад mateo1726 let’s see if those knees notice a few extra pounds! Lol
  • D&L K
    D&L K 1 месяц назад Thanks for the tips. Nice to see normal guys carrying real size loads. It is sometimes tiring seeing all the reviews of the ultra weight hiking with 40l packs for days on end. I prefer your style so thanks for the common sense approach.
  • Becky Poling
    Becky Poling 3 недели назад Boo boo kit, LOL, I might steal that phrase. Thanks for the great advice!