What is a Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 as Fast As Possible

Published on Jul 12, 2014 10,918,366 views

What the heck is the difference between a Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7?? What do these terms mean?

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Intel's Naming Scheme Guide: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/e...

  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад For those in a nutshell who are still confuzed: *HT = hyper-threading Pentium: 2 cores - For basic tasks and web browsing Core i3: 2 cores + HT (acts like 4 cores) - For advanced tasks, multi-tasking, solid performance Core i5: 4 cores - no HT (usually 2 cores in laptops with HT, acts like 4 cores) - For gaming, advanced tasks, very fast, Core i7: 4 cores + HT, acts like 8 cores (usually 2 cores in laptops with HT, acts like 4 cores) - For heavy editing, video editing, LOT of tasks at the same time ------------------------------------------- Help for CPU naming: Current generations start with 6xxx or 7xxx numbers + a letter Example: I3 6100U Desktop PC examples: i7 4790 (no letter means cannot overclock, normal), i7 4790k (k for overclock for enthusiasts/gamers) etc Laptop examples: i5 5300U (U means longer battery life, worse performance, less cores) i7 6870HQ (HQ and MQ means best performance, 4 cores for i7 and now i5 but less battery life) ------------------------------------------ Hope this helps.
  • Joen Gudiksen
    Joen Gudiksen 2 года назад You are a god, ty!!!!!
  • Solid Rapture
    Solid Rapture 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish ty m8
  • Solid Rapture
    Solid Rapture 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish i have intel i3 4150 .. is it good ??? gta 5 - very high settings , 40-50 FPS !!! :) (my graphics is very strong - Asus GTX 750 TI.)
  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад @CRYSPY Yes it's good. Graphics performance depends mainly on GPU not the CPU and that GPU is very strong. A lot of people would say you should use i5 for gaming but I think i3 is still good for 99% of modern games and continues to be enough for them for a while.
  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад (изменено) @JinJi glad it helped
  • supremezenkrom
    supremezenkrom 2 года назад Nice. Thanks
  • BuffaloWarrior7
    BuffaloWarrior7 2 года назад But what about those xeon's though
  • TyphoonBlade, TheRelaxedFlier
    TyphoonBlade, TheRelaxedFlier 2 года назад What about an MX at the end of the numbers, like for example an i7 4930mx?
  • TheDyingFox
    TheDyingFox 2 года назад Intels Product Line Suffix: C – Desktop processor based on the LGA 1150 package with high performance graphics H – High performance graphics K – Unlocked (allows for CPU overclocking. ) M – Mobile (supports mobile work and play without compromising visuals or responsiveness.) Q – Quad-core (Used on some Core 2 Duo) R – Desktop processor based on BGA1364 (mobile) package with high performance graphics S – Performance-optimized lifestyle (a little lower performance in exchange for lower power draw.) T – Power-optimized lifestyle (much lower performance, but also much lower power draw.) U – Ultra-low power (TDP as low as 7.5W, and no more than 15W) X – Extreme edition (Denoting the highest-end desktop CPU available from Intel in that generation.) Y – Extremely low power --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So.. MX = Mobile Extreme edition? (Take it all with a grain of salt though, I can not be 100% sure the sources are right, I built this using multiple Google searches)
  • Nicholas Whitcher
    Nicholas Whitcher 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish i7 can be used for FUCKING RUNNING 2 OS,S AT THE FUCKING SAME TIME
  • Soumya Mondal
    Soumya Mondal 2 года назад You're right and all but there are some exceptions like the Pentium G3258 which can be overclocked for a slight boost in the performance.
  • Shinesaur
    Shinesaur 2 года назад Can I edit and play games decently on a i3?
  • Tristan Kanha Ranade
    Tristan Kanha Ranade 2 года назад Thanks alot broski, you should also make tech videos, I would totally watch, maybe you could work with this guy above in the video...
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    Kim99 99 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish Thank you
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    Emil Nyg 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish thank you!
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    Captain Flanger 2 года назад Very helpful.
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    OCDTraci 2 года назад And just when I was about to rewatch the video again, you come along. Thank you! And thank you to Linus for getting my feet wet!
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    diko caballa 2 года назад Thanks.
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    Aleesha Speaks 2 года назад Thank you!
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    Hamid S 2 года назад this was more helpful and point on than the video
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    Rubash Magar 2 года назад Thanks
  • Joshua Sarsaba
    Joshua Sarsaba 2 года назад tnx sir
  • haider ali
    haider ali 2 года назад i am a student .. i5 or i7 better for me?
  • Lukekeš SK
    Lukekeš SK 2 года назад i5
  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад haider ali i5 will be fine.
  • công Hinh Phan
    công Hinh Phan 2 года назад Dude, I think we don't need to watch the video thanks to your comment.
  • yong kahoe
    yong kahoe 2 года назад is INTEL® Core™ i5-5200 (2.2GHz) with AMD R5 M330[2GB] and 4GB DDR3L suitable for gaming like GTA V or high graphic games? I hope you will reply my message,Thanks!
  • Dale D
    Dale D 2 года назад What if you want to drop a sick beat?
  • Google Pap
    Google Pap 2 года назад Core i3: 2 cores + HT (acts like 4 cores) No it doesn't. HT doesn't equal +Cores. It's just 2 powerful cores.
  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад Never said it equals or same as 4 cores. That's why I used the word "acts like" because it looks like 4 cores in task manager etc and can handle 4 threads like a normal non-HT 4 core processor. A normal 4 core processor is more powerful of course.
  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад yong kahoe No, that video card is a low end card which would probably hardly play GTA V on medium settings and I'd go with minimum 8gb RAM for newest games with best graphics. A laptop i5 like that wouldn't be the best decision either. That U means the processor is low power therefore it wouldn't run new games smoothly. If you want best graphics, choose a 4 core i7 like i7 6870HQ if money is not problem. if you want a cheaper laptop i7-6650U would be probably fine (but definetely with a better video card).
  • công Hinh Phan
    công Hinh Phan 2 года назад @DreamWarriorFish I have an Intel Celeron (2.5 GHz max) with no graphics cards, but just on-board Intel HD Graphics. What games can I play?
  • Mik D
    Mik D 2 года назад @công Hinh Phan Return to castle Wolfenstein
  • Breezy Pranksters
    Breezy Pranksters 2 года назад none
  • công Hinh Phan
    công Hinh Phan 2 года назад @Breezy Pranksters Wow. Such a sad answer for my weak PC.
  • Daniel Eugenio
    Daniel Eugenio 2 года назад such a huge help.
  • Patriot 7
    Patriot 7 2 года назад What about an x at the end of the numbers? I've seen i7 "x" CPUs.
  • công Hinh Phan
    công Hinh Phan 2 года назад @American Anarchist It stands for "Xtreme", bro.
  • Joni Oden
    Joni Oden 2 года назад hey I was watching this,video then noticed you were the actual smart one on the page. I own a Sony Vaio a few years old: i7 q740 multi core (4 total) hyper-threaded (8 total) bus click 133 mgz windows 7 64 my question is, am I able to overlook it? and...is this a fairly decent laptop?
  • deviildogg1
    deviildogg1 2 года назад Nicholas Whitcher My lenovo g50 is running 3rd Gen dual core i5 w/ 16GB RAM and I usually run up to 5 vms at the same time...
  • deviildogg1
    deviildogg1 2 года назад BuffaloWarrior7 The Xeon processors are usually found in servers and tend to be a little pricier. The Xeon e3 is a quad core w/ hyper threading so a total of 8 (4 physical, 4 logical) the e5 come in quad core and six core w/ hyper threading. The Xeon e7 I belive comes in quad, six , octocore, and ten core variants. I'm not 100% sure on these tho... I currently use a lenovo ts140 thinkserver w/ a quadcore Xeon e3 which easily out performs an i3 and an i5 but slightly under the i7.
  • Nolan Orff
    Nolan Orff 2 года назад Can you edit with an i5
  • Erblin Beqa
    Erblin Beqa 2 года назад Nolan Orff you can but it is gonna piss you off pretty bad
  • Nolan Orff
    Nolan Orff 2 года назад Erblin Beqa what is the lowest costs for the i5 and i7
  • Erblin Beqa
    Erblin Beqa 2 года назад Nolan Orff I don't exactly know but it also depends a lot from the other computer components like the screen battery etc. but the core i5 is the way to go if you don't do heavy stuff
  • deviildogg1
    deviildogg1 2 года назад Nolan Orff it depends on which i5 or i7 and also on what generation chip. just look on amazon. the latest is the Gen7 Katy Lake
  • DreamWarriorFish
    DreamWarriorFish 2 года назад Joni Oden Yeah that's a nice laptop I have one with i7 720qm in it, it's still working altough I'm not using it anymore cuz it's quite old. It's about as fast as a low power i7 now. By "overlook it" I don't really know what you mean, if you meant overclock, then I heard it's possible to overlock some laptops but I'm not sure as I have never done that.
  • RS1
    RS1 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish what does cores mean?
  • Anthony Annamanthodo
    Anthony Annamanthodo 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish I love you.
  • MrZombie
    MrZombie 2 года назад (изменено) oops wrong person soz :)
  • David George
    David George 2 года назад no wonder my computer sucks, its a normal laptop but it has a pentium in it
  • edboss
    edboss 2 года назад Legend!
  • vinny p
    vinny p 2 года назад +DreamWarriorFish - Helped so much bro, Thanks!
  • Hard to Miss
    Hard to Miss 2 года назад Actually the Pentium N3700 is a quad-core and the G4560 is a dual-core with HT.
  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Fuck my keybaerd brekern
  • why RU knechtel
    why RU knechtel 2 года назад kabylake roasted your thesis since the pentium can hyperthread now and is basically an i3 for half the price just without AVXX
  • nickleics
    nickleics 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish this comment is better than the video
  • Ray Sills
    Ray Sills 2 года назад Thanks. That does help explain the differences.
  • Dr.Mahmoud ElMasry
    Dr.Mahmoud ElMasry 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish realy helps a lot
  • Lil 57
    Lil 57 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish i have a core i3 5005u
  • Deano
    Deano 2 года назад thanks
  • warre de gendt
    warre de gendt 2 года назад (изменено) DreamWarriorFish wat is a i5 6500 ddr4-2133 good for?
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад warre de gendt there is not such thing as i5 6500, i7 6500 u exist though. any laptop processor (regardless of i3, i5, i7) that has "u" in the back is just a low power (15 watt) dual core with hyper threading (check i3-6100u, i5-6200u and i7-6500u if you don't believe me). what about laptop for gamers? well they use "hq" not "u" in the back (i5-6300hq, i7-6700hq) which specs is comparable with pc counterpart (with the i5 i mention having 4 cores and no hyperthreading and i7 with 4 cores + hyperthreading). and it just gotten even more confusing. the latest gen kaby lake has an "hk" processor for laptop (it means it is like the "hq" but with overclocking enabled) for example i7-7820hk is an overclockable i7 laptop cpu with 4 cores, hyper threading and overclocking enabled. as for computers, its easier. celeron = low end 2 core cpu pentium = 2 cores no hyperthreading i3 = 2 cores + hyperthreading i5 = 4 cores no hyperthreading i7 = 4 cores + hyperthreading any i3, i5, i7 with "k" = has overclocking enabled.
  • Raggedy Exynos
    Raggedy Exynos 2 года назад If youtube has upvote system i would upvote the fuck out of this, so helpful
  • tarik jbili
    tarik jbili 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish I have TM CPU (TM???)
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад haider ali what student? and laptop or pc? for light use, even the (pc) pentium & i5 (laptop) is enough. for games go for i3(pc) and i7(laptop) for better performance. for heavy editing i'll suggest getting an i5 or i7(pc) and i7 (gaming laptop) as gaming laptop has 4 cores and 8 threads as opposed to the casual laptop which has 2 cores and 4 threads
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish what is the amd r8 m445dx equal with? 940mx?
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад công Hinh Phan if you use pc, i recommend buying some cheapo gpu with 1gb gddr5 and if possible intel 660ti
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад warre de gendt for gaming, depends heavily on the gpu. if you have intergrated graphics, you can play free to play games such as dota at medium settings 30 fps
  • OryX
    OryX 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish Hey, I got CPU INTEL I5-6402P 2.8/3.4GHZ 6MB BX80662I56402P what does the P mean ?
  • Abeghaelle Engstrøm
    Abeghaelle Engstrøm 2 года назад i know its a stupid question but why cores are always even numbers... why not odd number cores? why i cant buy 5 core cpu?
  • Man Dude
    Man Dude 2 года назад @migueloseri amd realeased triple core processors for maybe a year or so ( not really sure tbh ). U cud look dem up to find out why they aint around nymore
  • Sesetti
    Sesetti 2 года назад If I remember right, those models were malfunctioning in a way that the fourth core didn't work. They sold them as triple core processors and they were cheaper that way.
  • VivekP
    VivekP 2 года назад hey hey .. you guys here fighting on specs.. i'm stuck here in which brand to choose.. I need a laptop for programming purpose but i have a budget of only 700$approx. , i need a good gpu also but some have only Intel HD 6200 graphics.. Is here anyone intelligent guy who can suggest me something? i will always be grateful to him !
  • Andrew Hayes
    Andrew Hayes 2 года назад vivek gangwar, if you need a laptop i would go for something like this, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-Inspiron-5000-15-6-Inch-Notebook/dp/B01MU7JSPE/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1492318364&sr=1-2&keywords=laptop The specs are pretty good to 15.6 inch Screen Intel Core i7-7500U 16gb RAM 2TB Harddrive AMD 4gb Graphics Card R7 Price - £699.99
  • VivekP
    VivekP 2 года назад Andrew hayes .. i said 700 dollars not British pounds ,so what options are available for me? and that laptop you suggested me is more costly here .. why? idk.
  • Mods_o_joy
    Mods_o_joy 2 года назад Correction for 2017 - G Series Pentium (4XXX)- Solid 1080P and general content creation
  • VivekP
    VivekP 2 года назад @Andrew Hayes reply me please
  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph 2 года назад go camping.
  • E.G.E
    E.G.E 2 года назад i have Intel core i7 7500U 2.70Ghz. What does i7 7500 with the letter " U " at the end mean?
  • VivekP
    VivekP 2 года назад @Portgas D. ACE U means better battery life and low performance.
  • E.G.E
    E.G.E 2 года назад well that's shit then. is it good for gaming though?
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад American Anarchist extreme edition. those really expensive cpu that most of us won't buy and need
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад Portgas D. ACE for one thing, kaby lake on laptop has about 15% boost compared to last gen. it should power gta 5 on low (or a mixture of medium) at 30-40 fps if the gpu is good. the one that differs it from an i3 or i5 U processor is only clock speed and cache. if you are going to play triple A titles then the cheapest gaming laptop is a i5-6300hq or 7300hq. its a 4 cores but no hyper threading. then again, the TDP (energy use) is dramatically increased from 15 watt to 35-45 watt. this will worsen the life of the already small battery on a gaming laptop
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад vivek gangwar acer e5 475g(14' variant) or e5 575g(15.6' variant) (go for the i7 or i5). if you have 800 dollars you can go for dell inspiron 15 7000 or acer vx 15
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад Andrew Hayes the gpu is equivalent to what of Nvidias gpu? im a bit lost regarding amd gpu
  • VivekP
    VivekP 2 года назад kenny ricardo..are you kidding with me,,acer!!>?? can we believe on acer products?
  • Abdulnasir Mohammed
    Abdulnasir Mohammed 2 года назад Thanks!
  • VivekP
    VivekP 2 года назад @Abdulnasir Mohammed Wat thanks..? Can't you just click upvote button.. Already here Hundreds of comments !!
  • Winter is Coming
    Winter is Coming 2 года назад DreamWarriorFish what about i5 7400 on pc
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад Jhin OP simple, a 4 core 4 thread cpu. no hyperthreading, unable to overclock
  • R-0-1Ice Frost
    R-0-1Ice Frost 2 года назад Can you amd series list next please?
  • Matthew Tan
    Matthew Tan 2 года назад is an i5 good for league of legends
  • Vojislav Kovacevic
    Vojislav Kovacevic 2 года назад Hello friend, I guess then i5 is the one for me BUT, does the generation matter and how much? Please advise.
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад TheBlunt011 depends. on pc you can get even a 3rd gen or 4rd gen of i5 is the offer is great. but if you want the newest either 6th or 7th (skylake or kabylake) is good as it is only incremental improvement
  • Kenny Ricardo
    Kenny Ricardo 2 года назад TheBlunt011 for laptop, going for newest gen is the way to go since laptop cpu have gone more power saving and more powerful. even the new kaby lake version of i7 7500u (compared to skylake i7 6500u) has around 10% increase although nothing in the cpu has changed since Skylake(same architecture, just better optimization)
  • Drive Gaming
    Drive Gaming 2 года назад But now Pentiums even have HT. Pentium > i3.
  • mujjuman
    mujjuman 2 года назад thnank you