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5 kitchen design tips

Karen Sealy walks us through what you need to think about when planning your kitchen.

Construction Plans Available - Building Kitchen Cooking Table, Craft Techniques Traditional

Construction Plans Available - Building Kitchen Cooking Table, Craft Techniques Traditional

42 Clever & Easy Organizing Ideas - All Time Best

More information about: “42 Clever & Easy Organizing Ideas” 1. Layer your shoes using sturdy metal. 2. Start folding your tees and clothes so they stack vertically 3. Store your out-of-season and bulky clothing in decorative containers 4. Stack your makeup palettes in an easy-to-find row using a dollar store letter organizer. 5. Clip the hats you wear most to the wall 6. Make your own earring and ring storage box 7. Clean out old candle jars and turn them into a makeup organizer 8. Duct tape or hot glue shower curtain rings to a hanger 9. Display your necklaces 10. Store your bobby pins in a magnetic paperclip holder 11. Hang a tension rod beneath your kitchen sink 12. Slip an office-supply-store letter organizer into a cabinet 13. Whip your refrigerator into shape using bins 14. Organize your spices in small mason jars 15. Roll your dish towels or dish rags up 16. Stash lazy Susans in the corners of your pantry 17. Ditch the wasted space that you get with most silverware organizers 18. Top your toilet with a high-sided basket to use for extra storage 19. Give everyone who uses the same bathroom an under-sink drawer 20. Take advantage of the inside of your cabinet's doors. 21. Stash your hairdryer under your sink. 22. Swap your drawer pulls for card-catalog-style labeled drawer pulls. 23. Make an above-toilet storage ladder that doubles as storage and another towel bar. 24. Hang a lingerie bag from a removable adhesive hook to let bath toys drip dry. 25. Sort your medicines and first aid supplies 26. Fold your sheets and towels 27. Convert a photo album into a coupon organizer. 28. Go through the piles of papers according to Marie Kondo's method. 29. Use a three-bin "command center" for sorting mail and other papers. 30. Put together a filing bin to store all of your kiddo's best and most important school papers and artwork. intro video: REDECORATING & ORGANIZING OUR APARTMENT | Vlog by Sarah Nourse Background Music: DRIVE by Nicolai Heidlas Music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0


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This video walks you through important things to consider when planning your dream kitchen, like the best (and worse) spots for drawers and how to create a good working triangle. Don't know what a working triangle is? That's ok! This video explains it, and a whole lot more — so you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Find more help for making your dream kitchen a reality at

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