Cleaning LG window air-conditioner part 2

Published on Jul 27, 2014 115,650 views

This is the second part of cleaning my LG air-conditioner

  • Jelly Blue
    Jelly Blue 3 недели назад Kalau di Indonesia AC window sudah tidak laku krena buildnya rapuh is not like on Video Build AC nya kokoh
  • ramirezn909
    ramirezn909 3 года назад Thanks so much have the same ac but not lg its weird lol
  • Lauren K
    Lauren K 3 года назад super helpful! Thanks so much for posting.
  • VS24AT
    VS24AT 3 года назад (изменено) OK, I will give it a shot probably this Friday, ours must be clogged, wife wants a new one... But this is worth a tryya know, if we are going to get a new one anyway if it fails
  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman Год назад Awesome tutorial. I don't have the same exact model but they are mostly the same. For the coils, I bought a special coil cleener at ACE but I don't know if it's necessary. One tip: for the electrical part, I ripped a shoe box and taped it over that part (left side as in the video).
  • troy
    troy Год назад thanks ken gonna try this out on my a/c unit.
  • Vgdvgdedbgbrgdbgbbf Car
    Vgdvgdedbgbrgdbgbbf Car 8 месяцев назад I have that type of ac it’s noisy
  • Ernie
    Ernie Год назад always let it dry 1 full sunny day
  • Lourdes M Banjavich
    Lourdes M Banjavich 9 месяцев назад I followed all the steps and dried mine and put it back together and now it won't work. The light on the plug shows up green .
  • whyhate liveyourownlife
    whyhate liveyourownlife 8 месяцев назад Lourdes M Banjavich hey has yours turn back on. I wash mine like an hr ago and plug in and nothing, expect the green dot
  • Gracie Sanchez
    Gracie Sanchez 2 года назад I washed mine in the morning and it's been more than 5 hrs n it won't turn on😐
  • Mayra Mendez
    Mayra Mendez Год назад Gracie Sanchez did it ever turn back on??
  • issis666
    issis666 Год назад Was surprised you left screws loose on a table - especially one that has slots in it ... better to have safeguarded them in a small container. BTW love your dog ... but again, given the force of the water and your use of a cleaner, better to have kept him/her away from the work area given the force of the water spray. Sorry to sound so critical ... and I do appreciate your posting this helpful video.
  • Main  Jk
    Main Jk Год назад halp me
  • tonka
    tonka 2 года назад so i don't have to worry about any electrical parts getting wet?
  • Ken Dee
    Ken Dee 2 года назад I did not spray the electronics directly. Mine still work after washing them. Do it at your own risk.
  • tonka
    tonka 2 года назад +Ken Dee thanks for the response.so doing that would make my ac cooler.i bought it like almost 2 years and it's not as cool
  • Ken Dee
    Ken Dee 2 года назад When I took the cover off of mine I could see all the gunk blocking the fins. More than half the fans were packed with dirt
  • vince j
    vince j 2 года назад you can cover with plastic bag if you worry.
  • Ken Dee
    Ken Dee 3 года назад This definitely worked for me. It's time to do it again this year.
  • Learnmore
    Learnmore 2 года назад Ken Dee Thanks for the video, I just bought a used frigidaire similiar to your's with an electric control feature as well, Do I have to worry about that part getting wet or not?
  • Ken Dee
    Ken Dee 2 года назад I didn't spray the water directly on it. But I had no problems after washing it
  • Learnmore
    Learnmore 2 года назад @Ken Dee sounds good, thanks alot, getting mine ready for the summer.
  • Carole Jackson
    Carole Jackson 2 года назад Are there window AC units that are <not> cleanable? I saw one instruction manual with a section on cleaning instructions that only suggested more surface type cleaning--unit surface and filter. Even with that, it warned against using a cloth that is too wet. This would risk damaging electronics. Yet, all the instruction on YouTube show hosing the whole unit. Do the instructions that come with your unit recommend taking it apart and hosing as you do? I'm wondering whether I should ignore the instructions. Mine has such a moldy smell and black moldy stuff covering the blow vent, it's likely contaminating the air. I've stopped using it completely until I learn what to do to fix the problem.
  • Ken Dee
    Ken Dee 2 года назад This was not in the manual. I would do this as a last resort. It's better than throwing it away. The ones I have cleaned with a hose still work
  • AlexandraM
    AlexandraM 2 года назад What type of soap do you use? I plan to clean my AC tomorrow, I unscrewed it already and put seran wrap around the electronics to be safe. Do you use blue Dawn for dishes or hand soap? I know probably is a stupid question :-)
  • Ken Dee
    Ken Dee 2 года назад I think I used 409 spray soap. I think almost any soap would work.
  • AlexandraM
    AlexandraM 2 года назад +Ken Dee Thank you for such a fast response. I bought 4 cans of Coil Cleaner and I hope that will work
  • marco luis
    marco luis 2 года назад Be careful, spray at the fins straight on with that much pressure or you risk bending the condensor fins. You can see you bent the top ones a bit but itll be fine as long as you dont bend a lot near the middle