Cleaning LG window air-conditioner part 2

author Ken Dee   4 год. назад

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How to clean window AC unit

This AC unit was not cooling and all it needed was cleaning


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Cleaning a 20-year old air conditioner with pressure washer

A 20-year old Condura Quiet Series window-type air conditioner showing the signs of usage and test of time. This AC hasn't been cleaned and serviced for the past 3-4 years so it surely needs some tender love and care. We used the mighty Kawasaki HPW-302 car power washer with water only, no other cleaning chemicals were used. So that's a plus for the environment, right!? Anti-rusting paint is a gloss black enamel for metal and steel. Also shown in the video is Church the French Bulldog taking a bath with his dog-mother, wickedying.

Duracool 22a Recharging Kit

The Duracool 22a recharging kit is the environmentally friendly refrigerant of choice and an economical solution to recharge empty a/c systems Complete kit will recharge all a/c systems using R-22 refrigerant

Build a Air Conditioner Using Peltier

How to Build a Air Conditioner Using Peltier at home - i Am Using 4pcs Peltier TEC Module 12706 - Aluminium Heat Sink and Fan - 12v 30a Power Supply - PE Aluminium Composite Panel ............................ Thanks for watching, Have a great day !

This is the second part of cleaning my LG air-conditioner

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