MORNING ROUTINE WITH A NEWBORN! Mom of 2 under 2 edition | Grace for the day

Published on Mar 19, 2018 1,486,563 views

My morning routine has changed a lot since the addition of our sweet newborn baby! Being the mom of 2 under 2 is a lot more work than I expected, but having a flexible morning routine in place definitely helps! I try to keep everything simple and quick from my daily makeup routine to comfortable clothing that are easy to style, cute and trendy! Pink Blush is one of my favorite places to find cute mommy fashion! Thanks for watching my morning routine with the new baby! I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  • Tracey Ramos
    Tracey Ramos 11 месяцев назад God bless both of your kids they are so cute and God bless you too
  • Elli Quintana
    Elli Quintana 9 часов назад I love your videos soo much
  • Gaby Zamora
    Gaby Zamora Год назад I really love your videos. And your kids are so adorable! I also have two little ones, a 5 yo boy and a 3 yo girl. When my son turned 2, my daughter was 2 months, so I think our kids have the same age gap. Keep up the good work mama!
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Thank you so much Gabriela! Thank you, I think so too! Wow so you know what it is like! It can get hard...I find that 5pm is my breaking point so that is when curious george goes on haha. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Please tell me it gets easier when they are older LOL!
  • Iram Siddique
    Iram Siddique Год назад I liked your pyjama set .. pretty modest and you're are just too naturally beautiful as well, mashaAllah! (Praise be to the Almighty)
  • Iram Siddique
    Iram Siddique Год назад Lovely video..the calmness is too incredible for me a mother to a little beautiful girl who had a very overwhelming experience at the start of motherhood.
  • games downloader and mod apk downloader
    games downloader and mod apk downloader 11 месяцев назад lovely morning routine......are you looking beautiful ...and sweet baby....love you....I am Sunita..
  • allthingschaunti
    allthingschaunti Год назад I really enjoyed this morning routine. I love your energy 💗
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Thank you so much!:)
  • bork bork
    bork bork Год назад Your babies are so precious I truly love everything about this video and can’t wait until I’m older to get married and have kids so cute god bless u
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Aww thank you so much! Yes they are precious, enjoy the season you are in though! It goes by far too quickly! But I know you will love being a momma! Its wonderful!<3 God bless you too friend!:)
  • Love Britt Woods
    Love Britt Woods Год назад Loved your morning routine!!!! I love the NLT Bible as well!! And your everyday makeup routine is perfect I agree just brows blush and foundation lol! But yes please do an evening routine!! 💖
  • Bek Бек
    Bek Бек 3 дня назад @Asmaa Safir Паримек
  • Reborn Mom at 9
    Reborn Mom at 9 10 месяцев назад Her newborn daughter is souper cute and I also and I love not bible as well
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    chiheb Bill Год назад Love Britt Woods Qs D De Sec arab
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Thank you! It's my first time reading NLT and I am enjoying it! I will do the evening routine for sure!:)
  • Rachel Ryan
    Rachel Ryan Год назад This may be the sweetest morning routine I've ever seen! Your babies are precious, and I can tell there's a lot of love in your sweet family. ❤️
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Awww thank you! They are the sweetest little squishies! <3
  • Malinda Mocha
    Malinda Mocha Год назад Nice! Really digging that pink pillow (love mine) Love your morning routine.
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Thank you! Haha yes love our twinner pillows!
  • Trinity Clarke
    Trinity Clarke Год назад You should never leave your baby on the bed.
  • K W
    K W Неделю назад I was going to say the same thing! They will surprise you everytime. Poor thing could've flipped over and smothered herself as well.. SMH. Be careful mamas.
  • rainbowsugarnature
    rainbowsugarnature 2 месяца назад is it dangerous? Im expecting a baby.. and learning to take care a newborn :)
  • Amber K
    Amber K 3 месяца назад I know I was thinking that too. You never know when your baby will magically learn how to roll. It’s always at the most inconvenient time! Take it from a mom of 3
  • Naveen Fathima
    Naveen Fathima 3 месяца назад Hi marie...I am new subscriber....u family looking so cute...both kids are awesome....I love u r family....I don't know how the 8 minutes went off...
  • Ronan Coffey
    Ronan Coffey 3 месяца назад @Justine Marie hi brilliant video
  • Trinity Clarke
    Trinity Clarke Год назад Justine Marie if I am bothering you can tell me do'n be shy.
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Yes I am:) So happy to hear that!
  • Trinity Clarke
    Trinity Clarke Год назад Justine Marie well I still love your vedio and the part were you read your bible. I am Christian so. Are you a Christian??
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад My baby doesn’t roll yet...she stays exactly where I put her:)
  • Pucca Belle
    Pucca Belle Год назад Such a calm way to start the morning, I appreciate you saying the times too so it doesn’t seem like you squeeze all of this into an hour lol I’m always seeing Mommy videos where they shower at night, what’s your preference? Would love to see an evening routine, the editing of this video did not go unnoticed btw it was really good! Love the font you used too so true to your style 😊💖
  • Pucca Belle
    Pucca Belle Год назад Justine Marie Same here, for me mornings particularly before my kids get up are ideal. It gives me time to get myself ready for the day. I’ve tried night time but my youngest is the same way! She’s 1, she will be 2 in June, and if she doesn’t sense me near her she won’t fall asleep. Daddy can be there and try but she only wants mommy. Sometimes I get up early but sometimes I can’t fight it hard enough to get up so I have to shower once my girls have had their breakfast and are settled in doing something like playing or watching a movie.
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад It's not always calm, the music and no voice def helps lol. Right now my only choice is morning because at night all Chloé wants is to be with me right now, and she is literally crying without stopping till i hold her so i have to quickly change into pjs wash my face, and brush my teeth and that is it! She is not happy no matter what daddy does lol. But i think i prefer mornings anyway! When do you fit it in? Especially so i don't have to worry about wet hair! Aww thanks so much for mentioning the editing! I work really hard on some videos so i appreciate that!<3 Hope you are all doing well!:)
  • Alisha Mashburn
    Alisha Mashburn 11 месяцев назад I just got married in March and I can't wait to have a baby of my own but I'm terrified of child birth!😳
  • N T
    N T 1 месяц назад Alisha Mashburn don't worry we were made to give birth to children. You will do great! Always be and think positive for everything as well as have good positive support throughout pregnancy and delivery.
  • soodevi supparayen
    soodevi supparayen 4 месяца назад VERY beautiful day for you
  • mummy Sunshine65
    mummy Sunshine65 Год назад Oh I so loved watching your morning routine! You are such a lovely mum to your two little sweethearts!💖 I so love your channel and I love your calm, caring ways! God has blessed you with such a wonderful mother’s heart! Be blessed my friend as you are blessing many of us! Love Jackie xxx 🙏🏻❤️
  • Naushad Abdul rahman
    Naushad Abdul rahman Год назад mummy Sunshine65
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Aww thank you so much for your kind words:) LOL it is not so calm and peaceful when I leave in the audio! Thank you so much for watching Jackie! I hop you are having a blessed day!:)
  • Ayat Ali
    Ayat Ali 11 месяцев назад Fabulous Love from pakistan😍😍😘😘
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    Cupcakes and Kickboxing Год назад Would love evening routine. This was great!
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    Mobeen Mumtaz Год назад +Justine Marie you are soooo cute and your kids love your family and I really like your videos love from Pakistan 😚😚😙
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Ok, I'm on it! Thanks so much for watching!<3
  • Sbenzir Emi
    Sbenzir Emi 9 месяцев назад (изменено) I Am Italian Bangladeshi ; from Bangladesh and i Loved your morning routine ☺
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie 9 месяцев назад Grazie!
  • The Ferro Family
    The Ferro Family Год назад Hi Justine!! I just found your channel & I absolutely love it so I am subscribing right now! I am a new mama & youtuber. Your channel is so inspiring! I absolutely love that you share you faith so brightly!! I can’t wait to continue to watch your content & your babies are adorable!!!
  • Justine Marie
    Justine Marie Год назад Thank you soo much! So happy you did! Congrats on your baby!!! God bless you momma!<3
  • joshadee keys
    joshadee keys 3 недели назад I love that you read the word. I love NLT too,I refer to it a lot too.